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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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ah, around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge ask why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d w. made for mines. ah, ah ah! this is date of the news live from berlin. a major, blaze ravages south africa's parliament building. this is devastating new
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turbo, devastating the event. south africa, president fowls, the work of the parliament will go on to spite severe. damage to the national assembly building in cape town, also coming up place and protest. this class in the netherlands as thousands demonstrate against further lockdown measures aimed at stopping the spread of the army from variant and european commission draft plants could make nuclear power and natural gas plants eligible for green investment that they proving controversial. and being criticized by several united states. ah i'm anthony. how'd welcome. we begin with breaking news this out. that being that sedans prime minister, abdullah hum, duck has resigned. he announced these quitting less than 2 months after returning to the job in a pow showing agreement with the military and ups like not. resignation follows
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a day of drama in the north african nation. sydney's medic say at least 2 people died when security forces open fire during pro democracy protests. now the 60 people have perished during a new round of unrest. spot by alternatives military who now sharing deal weeks later which returned hum. dr. power has failed to satisfy protesters and will bringing more on that breaking story as it comes to hand here on the deputy news later on. ok, south africa's parliament has been badly damaged in a major fire that has left the national assembly chamber gutted. dozens of 5 fathers were called into battle the blaze which sent a plume of smoke rising over cape town. police say man is due to appear in court on tuesday, over the place. the fire had already been burning for hours when security guards discovered it at around 6 in the morning. fire queens raced to the scene that were
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unable to stop the flames from spreading to the national assembly building, where south africa's parliaments. it is a very sad day for our democracy. people. parliament is the home of our democracy and bonnem unless also as the d. g. a key point and all lectures will be investigated, the police have started to investigate the forensic department here, public works easier. we all together, reinforcements were called and some 60 fire fighters eventually brought the blaze under control, but not before it had done extensive damage. visiting the scene, south african president, serial rama pos are also promised a thorough inquiry if somebody is being held right now. and the question. but we need to go a lot, a lot deeper into how this type of event can take place and
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what measures we will need to take going forward. only security staff are believed to have been present when the blaze began. there have been no reports of injuries or for more on the speaking cross stripe, 2 journalists selim, fired in cape town. thanks for joining us. south africa president, several rem, oppose us is a man is due to appear in court. what more do we know at the moment? indeed, we don't know much more many more details at the moment. initially, they reported that a man of a 51 years old had been arrested then they corrected the figure. they said they had the man is actually 49 years old and that he will be actually tried. he's going to court on tuesday. however, this, the police also said that the suspect to manage to enter the parliament threw up back window. he's not too clear what are the details, what was the background and how is that relate exactly to them to the fire ceiling . do we know why it was that the fire was only discovered several hours after it
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had started. there was a fail in the alarm system and that this is something that is being investigated at the, at the moment. it is not to you if someone switch that off or if it was just a technical failure or however they firefighters are right, that the scene only 6 minutes after the call was made. so the president and there was already hearing, kept on have been like raising their quick reaction with the parts of the building now collapsed, completely collapsed, and the national assembly chamber destroyed. will parliament we think be able to keep working at this point? yes, the idea is that they keep on working there also with the state of the nation address given by the president every year. it's scheduled for the 10th of february and at the beginning of the day when the player started and they didn't know exactly how, how big was the fire, the damage is going to be. they were studying the possibility of doing the state of
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the nation address in a different venue. however, the government has a confirm that the procedures will go on a, at their parliament in different chambers, though, solidified in cape town. many thanks. thank you. a place of class with demonstrate this has thousands of people, protested the dutch governments. karone of ours meshes in amsterdam. the netherlands is currently in a strict lockdown until mid january, due to the rapid spread of the on the convent there. oh, they say no to the lock down, no to the government's measures. what is their limit? this demonstrator asks, it's just the latest demonstration in the netherlands against the government's curbs. aimed at stopping amik, crohn police band. the protest that didn't stop people from turning out. many say they're not afraid of catching the virus, or i'm here because i like to live and i don't think we should be scared. a stop we're living because we're sad that we're all going to die. i like to live. i,
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my mom's name restriction measures have nothing to do with my health. i mean, there are people who want to impose control on us and take all our freedom. hey, i'm here because i think that we all must be free. well, what i most i scuffles broke out as police broke up the demonstration. it violated the current locked on rules in the netherlands, according to which only 2 people are allowed to meet at once. non essential shops, restaurants, bars and theaters remain closed until at least the 14th of january. announcing the measures, the prime minister, made clear, he had no choice. omi called straight on the current, is spreading even faster than we fear it. and so we need to intervene now to prevent a much worse outcome there as a precaution are for is worth but the measures have also outraged the vocal anti
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lockdown protesters. and as long as the government measures are in force, they say they will continue to take to the streets around town to take a look at some of the above stories making headlines around the world today. and israel's prime minister natalie bennett, says a 4th covey. 19 vaccine does is now approved for people over 60 and health care workers. authorities are battling a search in the underground variant infections. nationwide, daily cases are expected to start hitting fresh record highs very shortly. charter flood has returned nearly 100 people from the lithuanian capital vilnius back to the iraqi cities of abil and baghdad. the migrants reportedly agreed to leave voluntarily baltic nations in an influx of migrants entering from neighbouring belarus. after its leader, alexander lucas shinto vowed to retaliate against you sanctions he was president joe biden is said to discuss the escalating tensions on the russia
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ukraine border with the crowning president flooded mister lensky. ukraine says one of its soldiers was killed in fighting with russian back forces. on saturday, thursday, president biden spoke with russia's leader vladimir putin, about growing numbers of russian troops along the border. of the european commission has put forward a draft plan labeling energy from nuclear power and natural gas as green sources of investment under the proposals nuclear and gas plants could be counted as environmentally friendly. the european commissions plant has come under immediate criticism though from both environmentalists and several governing parties within you member nations. it's like a welcome gift. at the started francis e u presidency. the european commission plans to classify investment in natural gas and nuclear energy as climate friendly, under certain conditions to that and
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a draft law was sent to e u member states. shortly before the new year. the commission believes gas and nuclear power could help smooth transition into a future based primarily on renewables. france, poland, and the czech republic have been campaigning for more than a year to have nuclear power classified as sustainable. it's no secret that france needs investors to fund renovation to its existing, 56 reactors and to finance new ones. the so called e u. taxonomy is a classification system designed to establish and list of environmentally sustainable activities worthy of investment. listed companies will be obliged to report not only their financial status, but their sustainability too. but the debate over nuclear powers green credentials has split the in you. germany's economy and climate protection minister, hobbit harbor had strong words of criticism for the new bill. the christian vice
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receipt of the commission knows what it's doing and in my opinion, it's doing the wrong thing is not a question or forbidding francis use of nuclear power. the french can deal at all, but this is about creating a financial investment market and declaring it green, sustainable, and ecological language. and that's fraudulent labeling. it comes from austria and luxembourg have already threatened to sue the block if it declares nuclear power sustainable. or joining me to get more on the stories de doubly reporter matthew mor good. i matthew and we just heard the general climate minister described this proposal to libel nuclear power as fraudulent such strong words wise, this is an issue. so charged or less from amber, germany is in the process of closing its nuclear power plants. a decision triggered the decade ago after the fukushima nuclear disaster. so it's stunning for a lot of germans to see this landmark labeling system of use, which is designed to encourage investors to invest in green projects,
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wind energy project. it's stunning that that would be used and to label nuclear as green and sustainable. and that's a decision that will help france the most the country with the most nuclear power plant in europe. and a country which relies on 70 percent of his electricity from nuclear power plants and they're old and the need investment. and so this would allow them to get international investment for their power plants. but it's, it's angry is angered act of a 2nd, you know, because they say it's going to take away money from, from renewable and green projects. so when a francis staying with nuclear, what is germany getting them? i yeah, that's right. i mean, we've heard obviously that there can the complaints of the green party in germany. but the other aspect of this draft was about gas power plants and it would a low gas power plants that meet certain criteria to be considered green. and that might just suit the german government because they're looking to fill the gap
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that's left behind from the decision to shop nuclear. but energy experts are not happy. one expert advising the council, the european council on these rules. astrid mattie, who's a senior economist, that the, the german environment agency went on link 10 and said, we can see it here. if we bring up. she said that the rules, the plan would contradict the very purpose of the green deal. and the taxonomy, the conditions under which both technologies that gas and nuclear are to be included are far from ensuring that we reach the parish climate targets and do no significant harm to the environment. right? so some context them some reaction there as well. i'm interested in the timing, it was published at midnight on the the 1st of december. that's not where you go when you want something to be widely discussed. is that a normal time to release such information? well, i wouldn't say so. i mean, acidic micies a really good time to very bad news. and the austrian climate minister said the
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decision to release that proposal under the cover of darkness court should the commission was with the on convinced by the proposals. but the panel of experts who know how to, who have got 12 days to look at this, i spoke to one of them today and he said it was unreasonable. it's disrespectful. this is a holiday time in europe. but he also said on the content the, the proposals were devilish, and i quote, the worst greenwashing he's seen in years has words, is this just quickly before we goes, it's a done deal? well, you've got all that opposition bout meant lay for that. you still got france, italy, and other european eastern countries that are for this. and so i think it, we hard for germany or other countries that are not in favor to steve. off of the 2, you might see some compromise on the wording of some of the policy, but i think nuclear and gas will probably still will be considered green energy in the future. we wait and see massy more. thanks so much. and finally, some sport news before we go in paris, sasha monster lino messy has become the latest footballer to test positive for the
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corona of ours. the forward got the news while on holiday in his hometown of rosario, in argentina, he's among 4 p s g placed test positive with several other top european clubs, including by munich, liverpool and barcelona, all badly affected black iran of ours room. and that is all the nice for now up next world stories joined a group of young people who will have autism on a silent trip that's coming up after a short break. come, anthony house for me and the team here in berlin. many think to be a company, an avenue her.


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