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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact will because change doesn't happen on its own. make up your room minded. w. need for mines. ah, ah. ah, this is the w news live from building a major, blaze ravages south africa's parliament building. this is devastating new
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turbo and devastating event. south africa's president vows the work of the parliament will go on the spot, severe damage to the national assembly building in cape town. also coming up, you are paying commission draft plans could make nuclear power and natural gas plants eligible for green investment as they proving controversial and of a criticized by several feet. you've member states and israel battles to control an outbreak of avian flu. it's already killed. thousands of cranes and the government has now been forced to co hundreds of thousands of poultry. ah, i'm anthony howard. welcome. south africa parliament has been badly damaged in a major fire that has left the national assembly chamber gutted. dozens,
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fly fathers were called into battle, the plies which sent a plume of smoke rising over cape town. police a man is a judo appear in court. on tuesday, over the blush, the fire had already been burning for hours when security guards discovered it at around 6 in the morning. fire crews raced to the scene, but were unable to stop the flames from spreading to the national assembly building where south africa's parliament sits. that is a very fair day for our democracy because parliament is the home of our democracy. and parliament is also as the d g, a key point em all met as will be investigated. the police have started to investigate the forensic above and here, public worth easier. we all together. reinforcements were called and some 60 fire fighters eventually brought the blaze under control, but not before it had done extensive damage. visiting the scene,
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south african president, serial rama post are also promised a thorough inquiry. if somebody has the health right now and the question, but we need to go a lot deeper into how this type of event can take place and what measures we will need to take going forward. only security staff are believed to have been present when the blinds began. there have been no reports of injuries. or earlier i asked journalist inter quanah natania how the south african palate will will malfunction. given the national assembly chamber has been completely destroyed. we know that parliament is supposed to have its meeting of february, that is the joint seating of parliament where the president delivers the state of the nation address from what we understand that wake is expected to continue. but it would then mean that in out of what needs to be done to maybe repair or
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alternative arrangements made. but as the president said, the work of parliament will continue. and he says he's in touch with the speaker parliament as well as the chairperson of the council of provinces. these are the 2 bodies that sit at the national assembly or the seat of parliament in south africa . but the commitment that we have from the president and the date, at least that we know has been set for that joint sitting is the beginning of february. and whether that will come with arrangements made. we will have to wait and see the european commission has put forward a draft plan libeling energy from nuclear power and natural gas as green sources of investment under the proposals nuclear and gas plant could be counted as environmentally friendly. they are paying commissions plan has come under immediate criticism from both environmentalists and several gum governing parties within a, you machinations it's like a welcome gift at the start of france's
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e u. presidency. the european commission plans to classify investment in natural gas and nuclear energy as climate friendly, under certain conditions. to that end, a draft law was sent to e u member states. shortly before the new year. the commission believes gas and nuclear power could help smooth the transition into a future based primarily on renewables. france, poland, and the czech republic have been campaigning for more than a year to have nuclear power classified as sustainable. it's no secret that france needs investors to fund renovation to its existing, 56 reactors and to finance new ones. the so called e u taxonomy is a classification system designed to establish a list of environmentally sustainable activities worthy of investment. mr. companies will be obliged to report not only their financial status, but their sustainability too. but the debate over nuclear powers when credentials
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has split, the u. germany's economy and climate protection minister horbeth hardback had strong words of criticism for the new bill. the course one vice receipt of the commission knows what it's doing and in my opinion, it's doing the wrong thing is not a question or forbidding francis use of nuclear power. the frank can do that, but this is about creating a financial investment market and declaring it green, sustainable, and ecological language. and that's fraudulent labeling. it comes from austria and luxembourg, have already threatened to sue the block if it declares nuclear power sustainable or joining me now to get more on the stories date of the report at matthew morgan. i matthew good have a with a switzer. the german client minister described this proposal to libel nuclear power green as fraudulent. it's a heavy statement. why does this issue? so charging well, let's remember, german is switching off its nuclear power stations. a decision that was triggered a decade ago after the fukushima nuclear disaster. so it's stunning for
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a lot of germans, that the taxonomy acts that the u commission has his is working on, which is a landmark labeling system would be used to classify nuclear as safe as green, a sustainable. and what that would actually mean for front is that they would be able to attract vital investment and from, from around the world to help it keep it as nuclear energy plant going. and it 70 percent of fronted electricity comes from nuclear. so it's really important to france, this is a big victory for france, but also a bit of a kind of kick in the teeth for the germans layer. right. and, but it's not just nuclear in this scenario is not noise, social gas am. and the other aspect of this draft proposal would allow certain gas plants that are built before 2030 and meet certain criteria to also be classified as green. know that sam? something that actually might suit the german government bizarrely because germany
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needs to fall of at the gap left behind by the the decision to close down nuclear power plant. and i actually, the gas aspects of this has been welcomed by the f d p. the other coalition partner and government. so which gives you an idea of the kind of the debate going on in berlin at the moment. but energy experts are not happy about it because they're saying i'm one of them actually, who advises that the commission on the rule says that this basically has put a head above the parapet to raise objections to the she said she went on linked 10, we can actually so sure, the clip here, the statement you put on there, her name is astrid mathis. she's a senior economist at the german environment agency. and she said that, that the proposals contradict the very purpose of the green deal and the taxonomy, the conditions under which both technologies, nuclear and gas, theirs are to be included are far from ensuring that we reach the parish claim. it targets. and do no significant harm to the environment. so this is the deter. oh and some of the reaction i think that's important, but also the timing of this, matthew, it was published at midnight on the 31st of december told me is that normal and not,
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not normal at midnight? exactly. it's kind of acidic, might say it's a good time to very bad news in the austrian claimant. minister certainly think so she said it was kind of done under the cover of darkness and said that that actually the timing kind of revealed. the commission was unconvinced by the proposals and one of the experts on who's on this panel advising the commission told me that he felt that the timing was unreasonable. it was disrespectful. and on the content he said the proposal was devilish. and the washed greenwashing, he'd seen in years some harsh words in there, and many more to come. you would think that the more, thanks so much now energy policy and the challenge posed by the climate emergency is just one of the big issues. germany's new government will tackle this year. they double check political editor, mckayla kutner. looks ahead now to the challenges facing or left shots in 2022 new
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chances you see get a 100 day grace period, but no such luck for all. i've saw it in 2022. the army chron variant will already determine success or failure. his very ability to govern climate policy will be another such test. all of sorts will have to prove his claim that he can transform germany to a green economy and create wealth at the same time. all along salts will also need to prevent fault lines within his governing coalition, from becoming all out cracks. he and his green foreign minister, and alina burbock, have already made very different statements on how understanding germany should be of russia or china, for instance. only if salts can afford a joint line in his coalition. can germany live up to those expectations within the
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european union and beyond? all right, let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world today. 5 people have died and more than 20 people have been injured in a bus crash in russia till children among both injured the accident happened in a region south of the russian capital, moscow, sudanese medic say, at least 2 people died when security forces opened fire during put pro democracy protests, nearly 60 people have perished during a new round of unrest there. it began when the military re took power in 2 in late october the pam sherry deal. it later agreed with civilian politicians has failed to satisfy protesters. the charter flight has returned nearly 100 people from the lithuanian capital than the us back to the iraqi cities of air bill and baghdad. the migrants reportedly agreed to lead voluntarily the baltic nation has seen an influx of migrants entering from a neighboring, beller bruce, after its leader,
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alexander lucas shenker vowed to retaliate against you. sanctions you as president joe biden is set to discuss the escalating tensions on the russian ukraine border with ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. ukraine says one of its soldiers was killed in fighting with russian backed forces on saturday. on thursday, president biden spoke with russia's lead of vladimir putin about the growing numbers of russian troops along the border. cray, southridge military say an unidentified person has crossed the border into north korea. the army detected the person in the demilitarized zone, but soldiers could not find them. surveillance equipment showed that the person had crossed into the north. the border between the 2 countries is heavily protected and patrol. great. a bird flew outbreak in northern israel has killed more than 5000 trains. the environmental protection minister says it caused the most serious
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damage to wildlife. in israel's history. as authorities try to contain the spread of the disease, farmers in israel had been forced to slaughter hundreds of thousands of chickens, hula lake reserve. and israel, it's a stop over for most birds migrating from europe to africa with the changing seasons. an estimated 500000000 birds passed through the valley every year. but a new mutation of the bird flew is now tearing through the migrating flock of leaving authorities struggling to control the large outbreak. to the poorly bertha my al sheila, we declared a quarantine in the area and began collecting the carcasses. m a clearly little. could we do an untouched a dying or injured birdsall? not only the dead fool whistled in the out of the rug. lovely. the flu was 1st discovered in europe in october. officials fear it could eventually be passed on to
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humans. so far, no such cases have been recorded from the new type of bird flew and is earl. the virus causing the flu has however, already been detected and farmed birds in israel alone. more than half a 1000000 egg laying chickens have died or been cold. as the government tries to limit the environmental damage. on the mac, alicia logically with it. i hope it won't continue spreading, because as of now one we don't know on caller la cautiously. well, by live a blue shield on mute saloon, the former the outbreak means to popular sheila park is currently closed for bird watchers and hunters and will likely remain. so for the rest of the bird migration season to some sports now and paris, sun, shaman star lino, messy has become the lightest foot bullet to test positive for the corona of ours. the forward got the news while on holiday in his hometown of rosario, in argentina. he is among 4 p s g pliers to test positive with civil other top
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european clubs including bind munich, livable and barcelona. also badly affected on the slopes. we go now and the snowboard slopes dull world cup has concluded in calgary, canada, and the chip japan's coco mm hm. would as a one, the gold in the women's competition for the 17 year old morass, a, this was her 1st ever slope style victory on a world cup circuit, and the men's vent canadians. sebastian, 2 ton took the top prize. 2 tons had previously won gold. at the 2018 winter olympics at saint you're up to date moneys coming up in 45 minutes. touched i with happiness is for every one. human penises are very different from primates. penises
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we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view later.


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