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tv   Reporter - On the Spectrum and on the Seven Seas  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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your watching d w news has a reminder of the top story that we're following for you today. a fire has caused a major damage to the south african parliament complex, and cape town, gutting the national assembly chamber. the man is being questioned over the blaze. it's cause is a still being investigated at that you're up to date up next. well, stories joins the group of young people who all have autism on a silent trip and see how it will be here at the top of the next hour for your next news around up. i my new kids mckinnon. thanks so much for watching d. w. ah, and so he wanted to know what makes the german he just did the john love and banning thing away from that. but i'm not going to have to work my own car and everyone
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with later holes and every day getting are you ready to meet the german? then join me, rachel stuart, on d. w. for the battle against cove it, the oma variant is putting the healthcare systems around the world to test vaccination campaigns or accelerating while restrictions are intensifying. once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax data and reports release? you know, weekly coverage special every thursday on d w ah, a sailing trip for 5 young people with autism. they need space for downtime and a clearly structured routine. thing of for boys bull. usually they're anchored by
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the familiar but everything's different here. no day like the last. it's cramped on the boat. social contact is unavoidable with also all aboard the sailor's board at glenn's burg harbor on the northern german baltic coast. daniel charlotta walbert zailynn and sebastian are welcomed by skipper rollin. log on. muff often. you go on, daniel or i can't get through experience. co skipper coroner is also on board to provide support and care. they've all been on sailing trips before this is
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the highlight of sebastian's year because all other participants live with autism. so he can just relax and be himself in normal life that's often difficult. does flimsy south m must my, the worst thing you can do is treat someone with autism as though they mentally retired. has been not as i don't have to say that often because largely people just regard me like they would any one else does not. i don't notice at all or it's not as if i'm wearing a sign saying i missed it up again. sure. it will. last h manadis the crew cast soft, the following day. ended up getting on you done with that we can sit so that i'm busy that's
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carano runs through some basic safety precautions with deer and it was easily cheaper. daf sanchez reading the dance game which shows that the water is almost 70 meters deep at this particular point. or in fact, fact i'm going 0 and also wonders where the boat is currently located and asked serrano to point out the crops positional mag about my daughter. that she also wants to know about the destination of dr. and what the crew plans to do them once they've arrived at the magnolia lamb, your family here or rollo, explains that the boat will be crossing the border. we stand mock lunk, but there they lay anchor and go swimming like land value her with their last filing this so be the high point of syrians tray. i'm going to document autism comes in many different forms. that's why it's described as
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a spectrum condition. i think the breadth of that spectrum is also apparent here. the difference is a more pronounced in some than others. among clots of everyone ready about when was accept you how to accelerate not at all their lives. autistic people will never be like others or even if they're good at masking elephant ones. and that we simply have to learn things that others register intuitively, from others. in the course of their lives on by and then with things that they've understood and absorbed without thinking about it. for example, in the interaction with others mentioned why there's a certain way to talk to people in the society in which we live on monday the autism can affect communication on many levels. but i was quite a, it's just something you're born with. like to move to this day, no one knows what causing it whether it could be some sort of change and a brain during the 9 months of pregnancy, or whether it's down to external input devices or several factors together. um no one really knows like
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anyone needing some quiet time can find it below deck. when the rest of the crew are busy, it's a chance for daniel to immerse himself in his drawings, mockery, forgotten him up whenever i have a wobble, or i have to withdraw him. i don't do it intentionally. for me, i'm trying to recharge like a battery, so i can re join the group at some point and one, you know, that i'm also trying to find myself. i'm trying to see how i can be a part of the team or how can get more from myself and you're kind of not male from y'all's calling up. what is it warm? after laying anchor errands the 1st in the water, the 30 year old always has his smartphone to hand properly water grift, of course he loves the underwater world and takes pictures as
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a document of his adventure. ah, the sailing trip is a breath of fresh air for every one and a break from the frequent bullying. sebastian school years were like running the gauntlet is a filtering al, moving the dish. ma hanson, those 15 years of harassment, they are having to get through them because it cost me so, so much energy. jordan, i was on the floor on his ears as a comment door there. the sailing trip really balances me out. no shit in the shuffle. cassie, and yet they get here. all i think about is where we're sailing to morrow and what we're doing to morrow. they say i can just forget all the stuff that usually both us me for getting all of this woman is mason's the home schlagel
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iran. if yet, dow, the suns their duty as precisely to the west of los angeles and all in the evenings to syrians, phone is never far away. the device helps him explore his keen interest in numbers and geography drive their non, are they is the north. it'd be in the north west now if we, if you could bring day to where in summer and so it should be there or staying on up and down like that. 011 top. then it's light in the moorhead. i'm that in september to stand or it appears like bet. yes. got any yes. look at september is that then day and night at the same every will and all i law i all in new york if it's not live in minutes past to live in a new york and permission light, i am caught. i had
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a signal just now. listen, i knew we need to buy new data again. lie. here we off came, then saw canyon plan. you'll have to help me find the signal lived. ah. the next day the baltic shows it's wild side. the choppy conditions don't suit every one. only shall alter is unfazed the weather's calm down. but on board the way our still high ship playing tonight. i shall not. and
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rollo have locked horns over housekeeping duties on board. unfortunately, charlotta doesn't want to hear. while the skipper has to say, they're going to fit in force longsville asthma deep. i've only thought about that and best shallow to says the bathroom is far too filthy but insists it's not her turn to clean it for her. it's simply a matter of fairness. it's cramped on board and the sparks flying of them one at all for the main challenge is sometimes the patience is needed and that's not necessarily my strong point to enjoy this next boy, it's visa goes tight. it's not normally something that's going to cause a huge route where you're going to say the next day. i can't stand that person because they were so out of order. it's not usually that bad with you that is an urgent and despite the route, we still look forward to seeing each other the next year. hope all of us when i reckon it's completely normal on something. you'd also experience sharing such
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a small space with parents, relatives, or partners global yet la. either at the letter from from odin, aunt does favorite one as the 5 minutes. and no one's really bothered here. is no obligation to adapt, will change herself the dots a lot. lan parties soon. i saw online and saw the large videos. i don't know what you cooking is also a part of the daily routine on board with co operation is essential and it's good. it's a challenge for the crew advocates. how can i just get in there? look, i need to wipe up the tomato juice or lin bassetti. i need to wipe up the tomato juice. ja doctors room zone, thanks dylan. then i'll rinse the cloth out. i could build a mentor with i
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know, with with case delicious. despite the problems, this is a supportive environment. here the youngsters feel understood and not as they so often are marginalized. well, no, my own camp. they all. oh, i did it. i guess corbin setting sale for the last time compulsory on the last day of the trip cleaning the boat from top to bottom. the crew has grown closer together. last night. i said that idea if you wanted water on the deck, may you have water on the day go for it does come boy,
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on the final evening, the focus is the future and the subject of independent living. let us all of us are perhaps next year, sebastian robert. and shall latter will have moved out selling you too. but i don't get it myself. i my hair turned out. yeah, i'd also like to move out of my parents' house. yes. i hope i can move out in 2024, 25 as it is. so you don't wanna live alone. but with peter, peter wanting and with a girlfriend, if i have one, hopefully idaho. and this one alternately, one or 2 in of movies or at some point you've got to cut the cord thought a bit like when you're sailing, you almost all plan at some point. you've also got to learn to grab the wheel and seize the rubber and steer the ship yourself and also lies and also push toya a saving, a large shade together, the sense of belonging that boosts their self esteem, they say, mm hm. and experience that helps them navigate the currents of that
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every day lives with eco africa, houses built out of rubbish. a great idea. can they an entrepreneur nelson bow a tang? he makes sustainable like hot breaks from plastic waste collected from the background . so i'm so excited that i got used one probably about the plastic with problem, and then you've got sample them to solve a problem and gonna be co africa next on d, w, glen grammar, and a lot of skin. just another ordinary work day at the mill. andries
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we take a look behind the scenes and enjoy the incredible shows while on the legendary milan ruse in the heart of parents your romance. in 60 minutes on w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word, hello pinnacle. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn with him a simple online on your mobile and free to shop. t w's e learning course, nikos vague. german made easy way. oh a gold mining it nickel my.


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