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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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the only criteria is worked will hook people. we should light on the opaque world who is behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? ah, oh, pick world starts january 5th on d, w. mm. ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. should nuclear power be seen as green energy? european commission says yes and is planning to make some nuclear power and natural gas plants eligible for green investment. but not all member states back the plot.
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also coming up with lebanon and economic pre full, we have a special report on what length members of the armed forces are having to go to, to make ends meet and german football giants by and munich. hit hard by cove at 19 infections. we'll take a look at how the pandemic is affecting the school's top flight. ah, i man, you can mckinnon. thanks so much for being with us. the you is planning to label and the g from nuclear power and natural gas as green sources for investment. now that's despite internal disagreement about whether they actually qualify as sustainable options. nuclear power plants do not admit greenhouse gases, and they now could be count said as environmentally friendly,
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if there are detailed plans available, the disposing of the radioactive waste safely. the proposal comes just a day off to germany, shut down 3 of its 6 nuclear plants. the good and german environment minister named is calling the project. a mistake is like a welcome gift at the start of france's e u presidency. the european commission plans to classify investment in natural gas and nuclear energy as climate friendly, under certain conditions to that and a draft law was sent to e u member states. shortly before the new year. the commission believes gas and nuclear power could help smooth the transition into a future based primarily on renewables. france, poland, and the czech republic have been campaigning for more than a year to have nuclear power classified as sustainable. it's no secret that france needs investors to fund renovations to its existing,
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56 reactors and to finance new ones. the so called e u. taxonomy is a classification system designed to establish a list of environmentally sustainable activities worthy of investment. listed companies will be obliged to report not only their financial status but their sustainability too. but the debate over nuclear powers green credentials has split the u. germany's economy and climate protection minister horbeth hardback had strong words of criticism for the new bill. d course shown vice receipt of the commission knows what it's doing and in my opinion, it's doing the wrong thing is not a question of forbidding francis use of nuclear power. the frank can do that, but this is about creating a financial investment market and declaring it green, sustainable, and ecological valuable. and that's fraudulent labeling. it comes from austria and luxembourg have already threatened to sue the block if it declares nuclear power
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sustainable. and from one this draft law we can bring in our correspondence max under his, in brussels max, tell us what's behind the commission's proposal to label some nuclear power and gas plants as green energy. right, so the main reason behind that is that the commission wants to achieve climate and tragedy for the block by 2050. and that's still a long way to go on in order to achieve this, to transfer the economy, to green, that fossil fuels to be phased out. and it has to be a transfer to clean energy such as solar energy. now nuclear energy is already largely available across the block, and it's seen as some sort of interim solution and a proposed as some sort of compromise by that you commission here. and it's right. it has very low emissions or note greenhouse gas emissions of that sense. but it still remains at hazardous and has all the downsides, such as the mining for uranium which is necessary for to in order to power nuclear power plant is bad for the environment. and also that one of the larger issues
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remains the issue of radioactive waste. what to do with it, there is no tangible, sustainable solution for that. so a lot of critics are actually accusing the commission of a yeah, engaging and green washing here. and they're risking the reputation of the you taxonomy tool as a whole. okay, so even though it's being sold as a compromise, there is some pretty big differences of opinion on these plans between the launch at e member states on that's right. if you have a look at the, the biggest, most influential you member states, germany, and france, here, i'm germany on one side is against a, a, against a atomic energy. it's facing outside nuclear energy in germany. france, on the other hand, is, is the main driver here, and they get more than 70 percent of their energy from, from, from nuclear. and they are at, they have a more than 50 nuclear power plants that need to be maintained. and there needs that needs to be investment and in terms of that. and also they are constructing
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more nuclear power plants in order to generate to, to have energy security within france and, and francis france is not alone. there are many member states that are looking towards nuclear energy, especially those in eastern europe that used to be, are, are still our coal reliant and are moving away from coal. they are i nuclear energy and there are only a very few you member states left that are really totally against against this. so is this and all of this lightening path? um this sir proposal now are this draft law am is the marks the beginning of a 14 day consultation process than in 2 weeks time. there will be a final proposition on a proposal by, by the commission to which will be voted on both in the counsel of the u member states and then later on in the parliament. and at this time, it does not look like that this will law will be vetoed. it's very likely that we will have a green label for nuclear energy in the future in the next sunday in brussel. thank you for that. all right,
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let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world . today. a major fire has broken out in the south african parliament building in cape town, firefighters are still struggling to control the fire in parts. if the building witnesses also reported cracks, appearing in the walls, as still no indication of what may have started the place, 5 people have died and more than 20 have been injured and a bus crash in russia. 2 children are among those injured. the accident happened in a region south of the russian capital. moscow. u. s. president joe biden is set to speak to ukrainian president of the modem. is the lensky about escalating tensions on the russian ukraine. florida. ukraine says one of its soldiers was killed in fighting with russian backed forces on saturday. on thursday, president biden spoke to russian president vladimir putin, about the growing numbers of russian troops along that border. and south korea's
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military se an unidentified person has crossed the border into north korea. the army detected the person in the demilitarized zone. the soldiers could not find them. surveillance equipment showed that the person had crossed the border. the border between the 2 countries is heavily protected and patrolled greed as we head into the new year. we're going to take a look at one of our most striking stories of 2021. lebanon's economy has been in free fall for much of the year. a collapsing, currency, answering inflation destroyed the value of wages, leaving millions facing financial ruin. even those charged with defending the country. he w rebecca written, witnessed 1st hand what summoned the armed forces were having to do to make ends meet captain hussein through and never thought he would come to this. a highly trained military pilot for more than a decade. he now spends part of his working day as a to
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a guide was we were facing on economical price, the smaller let on, i saw the army wanted to, to lessen the impact of this crisis on the liberty citizens. the autumn. and i was seeking to be a productive army. that means taking tourists on site seen joy rides. he normal times he'd be using this chopper to train the next generation of pilots. but now the armed forces are trying to make some cash. i'm wondering if you have a lot of money guys. what make katie with from above? the country is breathtaking. mad on the ground. life now is hot. we've hidden dis soldiers, identity because he fears reprisals for speaking up. lebanon's 2 year old economic crisis has heard people's incomes and everyday lives. but for many soldiers,
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it's also a test of loyalty. i was just on a pub, what owner? i joined the army because i love my country and i wanted to secure my future. now i force myself to get out of bed and arrive at my workplace, all depressed. and my wife asks me, why are you so angry? that is all my teller. life is unbearable on the market regularly as a beloved ha issue. before the crisis, george earned the equivalent of around $800.00 euros a month. but chronic hyperinflation means he now takes home less than a 10th of that. so he has to spend all his spare time moonlighting doing anything that will pay in order to still deliver it to where we are constantly looking for work. we will, this is really, i would collect garbage if i had deal just to survive with my family, out of the still. now he just wants out of the army, but the policy is no one can leave some a doing it any way across town. i made infantry soldier ali,
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not his real name. who's on the run, oliver low and look on the phone. i'm still not fully convinced of my decision either harlan anderson panel in the beginning. i didn't want to leave. but robin feel that it's been 2 years in this situation. my shania much i'm in this tough situation. i don't have the capacity to survive anymore. you've been there. yeah. and i in the and i have a family and this is a responsibility on what lou ali made several official applications to leave. but each time he was rejected. so he says he had no choice now feels for his life or muslim colors, living at home, all anxious at the sounds of cars. all mother in law will muscle bar while i go to check to make sure no police or carney cars are around to come catch me with what if they do and i can go to jail along a lunch with what mistake have i done to deserve that was my mom, lot of the default hums, just one of the many men and women in lebanon,
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who signed up to defend their country that now feel they're being left to fend for themselves. some bonus, think of football news now and by a munich captain. manuel neu and 3 of his teammates have tested positive for current of iris. germany. goalkeeper will sit out the star training the season, review me on friday, on the think a champion by and say all the players and stuff will take matters from dw sport to here to tell us more about how the current virus is pummeling european football mark. let's start with by and the positive cases that the club is dealing with. yes, i mean, as far as the oversee manual noise, the captain and coach, he picked it up, flying back from the mold eaves on holiday kings. the coma was in dubai. he's come back, positive con, con to lisa was in these native friends. you've got the english defend omar richards and also assistant coach dino. talk more all positive. now the bonus thing
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has been a 3 week break is due to resume on friday with by and facing glad back up. we assume the game's going to go ahead at this stage of as he by and have a big squad. we don't actually know that these plays definitely out of the game because we don't know what situation they're in, in terms of a quarantine or how long they've been infected. but it's fair to assume some of them are going to mr. game, at least, and these aren't even the 1st cases by another. indeed, i mean we have union now, guzman, the coach, he missed 2 weeks because of kobe. he was basically coaching from home. obviously, the famous one, as usual, kimmy, who didn't want to get vaccinated. then got covered as now said he might end up getting vaccinated. we don't actually know if he'll be available on friday because he's a low problem caused by covered. we don't know if that counts as long coded yet, so there's lots of uncertainties. i think what's different is that those infections were obviously within the club it's, it's hard to stop when you get all the players together. these new infections are
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players being allowed to go on holiday and then sort of bring it back. and i think some buying fans will find a bit odd and also we don't know about other bond as legal clubs and they, in a similar situation with is coming back from holiday. that could be chaos. could that be the sorts of postponements receipt in the english premier league? i mean, the bonus league has a new boss from to morrow. it's donna to hop from. she's a 1st woman ever to run the bundles they go. and she's going to have quite a busy in tray. now you mentioned england, liverpool, a coach, young club. he's the latest infection there, isn't he can, can they even complete this season? it's gonna be tricky. i mean there's so many gains been called off in the premier league. they might have to think about playing and champions league weeks, which you a for hate because they want the champions league to be in the spotlight, not the premier league. we also have a world cup in november, december this year, which means they might be able to push the season into june if they had to. but it's not just england, leonor messy, the p g star, he's tested positive today. and there's also lots of cases at barcelona, so it's chaos to be honest and dropping like flies on meadows. thanks so much
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watching t. w news. his a reminder of the top story that we're following for you today. a proposal from the european union could see some nuclear power and natural gas plants labeled environmentally friendly, making them targets the green investment. but to not remember states back that that, that you're up to date coming up next in sports life, a german hopeful joins the world really ascii race. i'm and you can see mckinnon the half the holes in there. thanks for watching italy. nice.


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