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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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was women, especially victims of violence, and i love to take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not a guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. should nuclear power be seen as green and a g? european commission says yes and is planning to make some nuclear power and natural
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gas plants eligible for green investments, but not all you member states back to the plan. also coming up, it's usually the other way around, an unidentified person crossing south korea is heavily fortified. florida into north korea. we'll look at how they might have done it behind the best possible defect. ah. i manuscripts mckinnon. welcome to the program. the e u is planning to label energy from nuclear power and natural gas as green sources for investment about despite internal disagreement about whether they actually qualify as sustainable options. nuclear power plants do not emit greenhouse gases and they could be counted as environmentally friendly. if there are detailed plans
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available for disposing of the radioactive waste safely, the proposal comes just a day off to germany, shut down 3 of its 6 nuclear plants. the good and german environment minister steph name is cooling the project and the stake. it's like a welcome gift. at the started francis e u presidency. the european commission plans to classify investment in natural gas and nuclear energy as climate friendly, under certain conditions to that and a draft law was sent to e u. member states, shortly before the new year, the commission believes gas and nuclear power could help smooth transition into a future based primarily on renewables. france, poland, and the czech republic have been campaigning for more than a year to have nuclear power classified as sustainable. it's no secret that france needs investors to fund renovations to its existing,
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56 reactors and to finance new ones. the so called e u. taxonomy is a classification system designed to establish and list of environmentally sustainable activities worthy of investment. listed companies will be obliged to report not only their financial status, but their sustainability too. but the debate over nuclear power was green credentials has split the you. germany's economy and climate protection minister, hobbit harbor had strong words of criticism for the new bill. the christian vice receipt of the commission knows what it's doing and in my opinion, it's doing the wrong thing. it's not a question or forbidding francis use of nuclear power. the french can deal at all, but this is about creating a financial investment market and declaring it green, sustainable, and ecological, mangled up. and that's fraudulent labeling. it comes from austria and luxembourg. have already threatened to sue the block. if it declares nuclear power, sustainable and more in this draft law,
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we can bring in our correspondent max xander in brussels. max, tell us what's behind the commission's proposal to label thumb at nuclear power and gas plants as green energy. all right, so probably not as surprised that the commission chose to come up with his proposal shortly before midnight. a new year's evil every buddy was distracted. but that being said, that the commission came up with a plan to transform the blocks economy to become climate which about 2050. and in order to be able to do this, investments would be needed as phasing out of fossil fuels will be needed, as well as transferring to a green and clean technologies. now nuclear energy is seeing as seen by the commission of some kind of compromise in order to guarantee energy a within the block. hm. it has very low emissions that is correct, which is, which are that written of report, but it comes with
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a massive consequences. it's very hazardous if something goes wrong in one of those and co power plants wishing this internal boasting within fukushima. it can have a ticket, great told the environment for generations. so on. critics are actually saying this is indeed not sustainable also that the mining for you rating which is needed to power a nuclear power plant is takes a huge toll on the environment. and critics are saying this is yeah, pretty much of a yeah. of a fraudulent in a way and making a making of fun of the are making a joke of the entire you taxonomy system. and some of those critics are, of course, within the you, there are some pretty big differences of opinion on these plans between the lodge at e member states on well, that's right. it is a controversial issue. and we were seeing that the biggest you member states, the most influential france and germany are taking center stage in this argument. germany on one hand is against nuclear energy is facing out nuclear energy within
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germany, by the end of 2022. but in this matter, in the, with a whole european perspective on an e taxonomy, a germany is a taking more of us conciliatory approach, at least a german chance on of shelters. france, on the other hand, is the main driver for nuclear energy. within europe we, we just heard it, they have more than 50 nuclear power plants in the maintenance. they're building new ones. so the france is looking for investors to come in. right. and the france is not alone here. a lot of u. member states rely on nuclear energy, especially those a in, in eastern europe that are heavily relied on coal so far. and now when a transfer to nuclear energy. so there's a lot more member states actually pro nuclear energy at the moment. just a handful like luxembourg, austrian portugal with very little political weight. we're against this. okay. met sunday and russell, thanks so much. south korea's military says an
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unidentified person has crossed into the border across the border into that north korea. the army detected the person in the demilitarized zone and surveillance equipment later showed that the person had crossed into north korea. bought a region between the 2 countries, contains millions of land mines and it is one of the most heavily armed places in the world. it's more unless we can frustrate to frank smith, a journalist in sol, the capital of south korea. thanks for joining us. frank. how is it that someone can cross the border? that is considered one of the best defended in the world. how did this happen? well it's definitely not that easy when you move northward in south korea toward the north korean border toward the dmc you 1st encounter and what's called the line of civilian control. and that will be extensive fencing right across the 30th parallel here. it will involve guard pose in only people that live in small sort of
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peace villages. there's one or 2 of those in past the line of civilian control. and then there's a couple of kilometers there before you even get to the d, m c. and then there's a really extensive fencing and anti tank trenches. and as you mentioned something like 2000000 land mines within the dmc. relics of 950 to 53 korean war and the period after where the 2 sides really dug in to prevent any cross border skirmishes at that time. so it really is a challenging undertaking to, to try to get into north korea from the south say an incredibly elaborate system. how can the south korean bought a car? it's not noticed that this had happened until several hours later. well, that's the subject, certainly of the investigation that that's taking place at this time. they do have
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extensive electronic monitoring equipment, including intra infrared, a cameras in you know, possibly even sound detectors, motion detectors. and what you know is presume perhaps happened is one of these subsequently was discovered to have to have monitor the person crossing into north korea. if we, if we drive toward north korea long, a popular highway here, the runs along the han river, you can see guard posts in fencing because there is a concern that north korea could infiltrate the south in many submarines up the very wide hon river. and it's kind of a really boring deployment, if you're a soldiers serving your mandatory military service at the same time, it's very stressful. and eyes are on the north. they're not necessarily on south koreans trying to get to north korea. extraordinary store
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a frank smith and cell. thanks so much. all right, let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world today. a major fire has broken out in the south african parliament building, and cape town. fire sizes are still struggling to control the fire and parts of the building. witnesses have reported cracks, appearing in the walls of the building. there's no indication so far of what may start at the blaze. 5 people have died and more than 20 people have been injured in a buff crash in russia. 2 children are among those injured. the accident happened in a region south of the russian castle. moscow us president joe biden will speak to ukrainian president vladimir zalinski about escalating tensions on the russia ukraine border . ukraine says one of its soldiers was killed in fighting with russian backed forces on saturday. on thursday the president biden discussed the growing numbers
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of russian troops along the border with russian president vladimir putin crane residence hit by freak weather. in the u. s. states, colorado have received the nation portable heater's. heavy snowfall followed wildfires which destroyed maybe 1000 home, 3 people missing and fed dead. president joe biden is declared disaster those and now as we head into the new year, let's take a look. what am on this striking stories of 2021 lebanon's economy has been in free full for much of the year. a collapsing, currency, and soaring inflation destroyed the value of wages, leaving millions facing financial ruin. even those charged with defending the country. he w rebecca written, witnessed 1st hand what some and the armed forces were doing to make ends meet captain hussein's through and never thought he would come to. this is
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a highly trained military pilot for more than a decade. he now spends part of his working day as a to a guide was we are facing on economic other price, the smaller let on, i saw the army wanted to, to lessen the impact of this crisis on the liberty citizens. the autumn. and i was seeking to be a productive army. that means taking tourists on site seen joy rides. he normal times he'd be using this chopper to train the next generation of pilots. but now the armed forces are trying to make some cash. i wondered if you, if you didn't see lebanon above the money. good. what makes haiti another like, bought it from above. the country is breathtaking. man, on the ground. life now is hot. we've hidden this soldier's identity because he fears reprisals for speaking up. lebanon's 2 year old economic crisis has heard people's
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incomes and everyday lives. but for many soldiers, it's also a test of loyalty. i was just on a pub, what owner? i joined the army because i love my country and i wanted to secure my future. now i force myself to get out of bed and arrive at my workplace, all depressed. and my wife asks me, why are you so angry? that is all my teller. life is unbearable and the markesha i left as a beloved ha issue. before the crisis george and the equivalent of around $800.00 euros a month. but chronic hyperinflation means he now takes home less than a 10th of that. so he has to spend all his spare time moonlighting doing anything that will pay in order to still deliver it to where we are constantly looking for work with others really. i would collect garbage if i had deal just to survive with my family. yeah. understood. now he just wants out of the army, but the policy is no one can leave. she some
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a doing it any way across town. i mean, infantry soldier, ali, not his real name. who's on the run? hello and look on the phone. i'm still not fully convinced of my decision either harlan anderson panel in the beginning. i didn't want to leave bill robinson. i feel that it's been 2 years in this situation. my shania much i'm in this tough situation. i don't have the capacity to survive any more if you been there. yeah. and i in the and i have a family and this is a responsibility will look, look, ali made several official applications to leave, but each time he was rejected. so he says he had no choice now fees for his life, her muscle and colors living at home, all anxious at the sounds of cars. all mother in law will marshall bar. when i go to check to make sure no police or carney cars are around to come catch me with what if they do and i can go to jail along a lunch with what mistake have i done to deserve that was my mom lot of the default
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hums, just one of the many men and women in lebanon, who signed up to defend their country, that now feel they're being left to fend for themselves. some bonus, think at football news now and by and minute, captain manuel noah and 3 of his teammates have tested positive for corona virus. germany goalkeeper will sis out the star of training with the season resuming on friday when the stake a champion spine by and say all that play as and staff will take, he see artists fit for now coming up next. paralympic athletes. seeing the taliban find refugee in europe is coming up in world stories. i. many groups mckinnon on behalf of the whole team. thanks for watching. c w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series
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continues. 3rd of all episodes, oroville.


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