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tv   Arts.21 - Is our future AI  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 8:30am-9:01am CET

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for years, volkswagen deceived both customers and authorities by manipulating emissions data. who knew what about the diesel scandal and when v w. m. diesel gate, winter corn, and the engineers in 45 minutes on d. w. ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites with d. w world heritage 360. get out. now murphy mancha is that all this fear that we don't know what this new technology will bring up? what we've grown up with technology,
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with an algorithmic methods and the toward mod milestone how shocking, how transparent with artificial intelligence is pretty much everywhere and it can be helpful. but how creative can machine learning b, where are the limits and what are the dangers? an exhibition and they should gain a museum and dressed and gives us answers about a i and explains how it all began. plus a pioneer of algorithm, art shows us how creative machines can be. and a, i even makes music using algorithms and rivers to compose amazing sounds. but 1st,
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how transparent are we for a i? what do the data trails we leave behind on the internet? say about us? an unsettling experiment in the documentary made to measure the scaffolding, nanine negotiation as a feeler. that nuance it's 20 years of the was i transitions. i'm at google to get done. dementia it, we can predict the country in relation switched on from the loan and from mentioned mid november. conflicts for has adam. it's not a secret. the giant tech companies like google collect our data at how far do they really go and can we grasp it emotionally. in the documentary made to measure the artist group, la kuhn from berlin in vienna, help us experience this through a surprising experiment. rusty's a dot invoke as you go on soccer, we wanted to take a close look at our daughter being collected daily by google and facebook and what
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it actually says about us. and now we decided to explore that with a kind of artistic data experiment, where we posed the question and it can reconstruct a person's life story based on their data sets. vic without ever having met them before. that's what we tried to do. augustine hop on to something else probably it . ringback ringback ringback the film follows the artist journey from the creation of a facebook add 2 years ago where they asked for a non us data donations. ringback ringback ready they then breathe life into the stories behind the data by using an actress. the common ellen i all 3 of us have a background in theater. and our goal was to find a way how to reproduce a person just by using their data. and we asked an app just to fill in the gaps from google searches with her acting skills smithy, overcharged oh, if has luna and don't thinking it ins, washington. these look in novi. mood pleased him over the knowledge because they used dana from an austrian woman. the group pied viennese actress natalie cooper,
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as the doppelganger using the information from the dancer they created a fume sit in which she took on a new life and played in recreated scenes or non gotta sign of a gig. and then we introduced the woman who donated her donna to her double gang on . and her life story was told to her by the actress who of course never really led this reconstructed lion. but she made it sound real that down to the last detail, the others had failed at head as he escalate. business lead the type in the documentary, we see the 2 women sitting across from each other for the 1st time, a blind date with an increasingly oppressive intensity. hello dee had me done at seal it there, seek lout. thus he spin as though even i lack lanning command in the hole it upon the film follows the donors life from her 1st waitressing job to training as
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a pastry chef to her nervous breakdown, the film led to speechless and shocked. the views are to my anger the daunting sitting that the 3 artists came up with is so realistic that the embodiment of the data feels like a true story. it triggers to view as to think can such a story also be created from our data from and could we avoid our data being collected by using a different search engine, or by deleting our facebook account, they put them on the oven if one tries to escape data collection by not having a google account, because there is a very, very high probability that these giant tech companies have other ways to collect our data yet for an amazon that somebody couldn't ions on it. for example, when we open our smartphone apps, they track uses and share data with companies like google out and buy the game andes of wasn't on garden google. on the projects website,
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one can have an interactive experience. it's possible to get involved in the experiment and see how it works. a much more daring experience than just watching a film. the participant answers questions about the donor in the film. and while doing so, the website collects their data. at the end, they receive a shocking profile of themselves as him. and what we're trying to show on our website is something that is never been done elsewhere and not just being observed, but that we are also being observed. while we're observing this, read an agreeable obama, that's fine, but all button pages is denny, and part of the system. it is the interesting thing. nothing. we mislead like the system to try to design for it. that is about being able to get young decibel about ourselves. kind of like, isn't that enough trails on a data thing? she didn't even know that she had left the image and that was the scariest part. like i'm kind of, i looked at her day to renew,
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we were looking at something shandy. i'm not even i know about herself, resist vice eating disorders, depression a life in crisis. when confronted with the daughter, the participant was overwhelmed for both was, was not home for any village left. the intimate nature of the art project made to measure gives it a highly political effect. cuss the dos if degrees and does this for once? does that also al conclusion from this experiment? i know that a very, very big question needs to be put on politics in europe, because currently there is no control over dot to trade in thought. take, for example, the so called real time bidding was where real time data packages and our personal profiles i being traded to data brokers as soon as cards, nobody really knows what these data brokers actually do with this information.
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these a data broker engagement isn't for months, we're the only advice the artist could give us about our online behavior. windsurfing is to minimize cookie settings. to the bare minimum. we don't really have any other alternatives, at least not yet. ah, how was a i developed questions and answers about its beginnings, opportunities and risks at an exhibition, in the deutsch, as he gained museum, this chauffeur never speak. nor does it swear. this is a computer that can make practical decisions. left writes, don't pull, go based on calculating countless scenarios. an autonomous vehicle. it's decision making process is better than any humans. it's not witchcraft. it is simply a, i say we are taught at the center hygiene museum into the artificial intelligence
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is a technical nerd. in the sense that a machine and a i system can solve a certain task in a very precise, cheap and quick manner. oscar under certain circumstances, it can even do it much better than humans, but it can only do that one task, im no design off color. the exhibition a i machine, his men, human dreams explores how humans have been searching for clever servants for centuries. the automation chance play was an 18th century fake chess playing machine, maneuvered by a clever man hidden inside. oh, after the exhibitions introduction, we enter the exercise room. the red neural network connects artworks and installations that show how a i is created. busy the benchmark is the marvelous brain. busy the method is machine learning the computer with an enormous memory lens to link information, almost like a brain, as if it were thinking independently. oh, extra lot of it does from so in this exhibit to principal object recognition and
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yellow networks is as play out of the act. won't i become up? for example, when we put an object under the camera, we see how the object is detected by the camera and pass through the different layers of the neural network. doors lived. this results in the ability to detect the object. there is of the exit come to the it. so it's a training station. intelligent system has not yet finished learning. this any straits that a i can only do what it has been taught, but still, it's becoming more common. this is marvin, a friend. as a luke personality at you and i why johnny's a cat over here, my phrase caused entry and using is interactions to determine patterns and a barrier itself. cleckley, i can react to need some feelings, but this kind of uses in no way comparable to deep fakes, which are much more sinister. i am a fake bear,
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a deep fake to be precise. and as you can see, even ivy prime minister can be affected by them. there's the unregulated power of technology is like this risk fueling, this information eroding trust and compromising baghdad. democracy is chance, what a i can do and what's more, it is a i, this is led to the disruptive revolution that we are not quite yet aware of featuring names from amazon to sunday. and that in capital is a concentration process is stronger in dot to capitalism than it is in finance, capitalism, or industrial capitalism. uh huh. there's a close connection between the fact that companies with the greatest wealth of dawns and also work well with a i. and also the world's most successful companies hang on to this angry. and i'm that suzanne. the data are the most valuable resource for value creation to day for the voucher for the us and china route local ai powers. china
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has used facial recognition to perfect surveillance. so let me ask that jim and law enforcement also relies on it in special cases here a i learned to recognize jess jones, typically for assaults and sounds the alarm when it shows up in permanent surveillance. so with, well, well, we're considering surveillance systems for humans, for example, it's justifiable that we must view this technology from a critical perspective. in any case, i order and we've got to put a great deal of work into regulating this technology and developing awareness for when we want to use it or not. what was the and vancouver and whooshed we love to express ourselves on social media and reveal things about ourselves. in
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the digital age, we can have many identities. now, an artist has created a fitting artwork and recreated herself literally blue skin face body. at 3, the body scan based on the oddest louisa claimant herself. encoded with an algorithmic simulation of her personality. home communication is the basis of our existence signs. my name is louisa. my chinese name is faith. may i? very, i mean, i'm from the future. in today's world, we see ourselves reflected in social media every day. how does that old to al perception about body? our appearance have we basically become our own double ganga. just conditions once i find interesting is that i don't think why, what sets me apart on that rather than how i adapt in order to fit in does that i'm and feel sad one minute on the month. but then ethan, who am i as oh,
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what i want makes me unique. oh, what makes me different from every one else sunday, another louisa claimant likes to go beyond the glossy surface of social media in her quest to explore issues of identity based in bon, this former student of the renowned photographer, andreas gorski, is a rising star. in the international art world dulls and avatars make frequent appearances in her work. oh, work. during new york's locked down, her video installation not lost in you was displayed on times square. a piece about touch and human closeness. what happens to us when we can only communicate via whatsapp and zoom? they allow but as us what i think it can lead to intense loneliness of from so far, i can sit on the same, my post stuff online and when right stuff over my info. my life that way and in the
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amount of the town to mckee, i'm alone on the sofa. i'm not sitting in a cafe around the corner lavishly. i think you can experience the reality check and start wondering what the minus alice when his sharing your life online and getting loads of likes happens when actually you're really just on your own. you meant a by but these days zoom conferences can't be avoided. the oddest is talking to researches at the university of sa, broken, they've developed a chat, bought that allows the doll to talk her out. official intelligence system is based on 2000 and personal questions. the doll responds and learns according to who is talking to her and about what as a, in a hyped a dental visit. the donna said with information that we selected with louisa. i the space in i didn't give you that, but the chat bought command. in addition to the chat box components that company which continues to develop and might no longer conform to what louisa wants to say,
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it missed mid evening. the dawn will still be like her voice, the message you left him as an experiment that involves a deliberate loss of control in order to explore the ways we unwittingly succumb to prussia and nomes. louisa claimant is stringent with her subject matter but lavish with her visuals. she creates a universe steeped in references and allusions, nude photographs of the doe, not the artist, madame full quantity of a mac, the doll allows me to do that with her and allows me to add a certain brutality without him on the i got directness that i might not have with my own body, i can cover like, oh which i might not want to show to the public on it. yet, i can clarify if they can vote for now, there are 3 of these avatars. 7 more will be made and sold to museums and
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collectors. sandra, are you interested in history? yes. because you can learn a lot from the past and the present. and they'll each have their own experience, and with each of them, the oddest will be giving away a little pace of herself. at some point, she plans to bring them all together for a very unusual sort of family reunion learning and self evolving machines. can they also be autonomously creative? a fascinating question for artists. mario cling amount is considered one of the pioneers in the field of algorithm art. from an auto di jacked to one of the world's most popular digital artists. mario clingman has had a skyrocketing career and a i he's everywhere giving lectures,
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holding workshops and showing his works. and exhibitions like here in madrid, his work is called memories of past by it's the dont have tens of thousands of portraits painted from the 17th century until today, patiently programmed. now the eye is creating new faces, apparently on its own, on the left, the more masculine, and to the right, more feminine. in woman with his nose at the moment, i would still say that i am the artist is one and the machine is just an extremely complicated tool. but one that unlike classic tools brings in its own ideas. i agony a day in mit building right now. he's working on a new installation with a robot. are it scans slides? said the artist has brain space for globally networked vision. perhaps how
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a i i might look in the future. yeah, i love it us. that's it. yes, i think that a, i will at some point give us the impression that it's actually independent and is motivated to do what it does and what i'm not saying that it will really have that motivation. but it will make that impressions in the hut of us, but an angled of it weeks and months at the computer to prove that i art is painstaking business. just look at hieronymus bush's complex work, the garden of italy, delights maria kingdom and has digitized it. and built in little transformations, those in madrid who have sharp eyes will discover images that dissolve all gained contours. it's a major artistic effort on the part of man and machine. but what's the point? thus it in his back. so what i wanted to show with this work and in a kind of simulation lexia,
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is that i feel that the world around us is constantly changing. and in a way that we don't even perceive eliza as it has gone his bond. even. what does i do if you give it a 125? let is, and feeding quotations. i systems and known to be self learning. so can they actually formulate new intelligent sayings? just ask. take place at the nila to switch on the computer and preston. i begins to spout bits of wisdom that are actually pretty philosophical ah ah, does it feel proper there's funds and it could be that i chosen neela for praying for an appropriate response interface. it naturally plays with the quandary between the reverence that we have for a i on the one hand. yeah. and on the other,
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the fear that we don't know what this new technology will bring this unless on said is annoy picnic blinked the i exhibition hygiene museum and dressed in is interactive as well. mario clingman has loaded in countless photographs. visitors can use a touch screen to choose to, for example, pop art and design a fashion. and then ai goes to work using algorithms for similarities and patterns implanted by the artist. and he would guess is a logical chain of relationships between old vases and own min maggio calling him and creates his works with artificial intelligence mainly to surprises. oh i, i is also driving innovation emusic, beethoven's 10th symphony completed with the composer couldn't do in his lifetime
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a, i has accomplished other programs. let forces of nature create melodies, music composed by a river scape or to be precise. the river's many bends are analyzed and transposed into notes. the rhythm is set by the forces of nature. oh, and when the river has lots of bins or has a more complex visual structure than the musical structure is also more complex one and when the course of the river changes, then you also hear that as acoustic feedback huffman, of, as a kind of live re, interpretation based on the data acquired by the i then from the cookie, the blue it's. ready algorithms are fed with countless examples which teach the ai what turns sound into music. it can then suggest what the, the melody could embark on next. music made mathematically. but is it creative?
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is it art? oh ha. almost. it's another approach that's the way you need to imagine it. and i don't think enough. i belong to a whole generation of new composes of and also artists who have grown up with technology with algorithmic methods that mission metal. and what a i has now opened up, or machine learning to put it more precisely is a kind of sparring partner is on a hot springs papa. a partner that helps in the composition process and react to suggestions at the r's. electronica future lab in linds use. ition aline crohn has been developing a program for 10 years. that can write sophisticated compositions was this written by a man or a machine? simple to tell. his big breakthrough came with a program, muse net which can compose pieces in the style of everything from mozart to
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chappelle, ah, to those and feeding. if the listen to a piece of music that is composed by me, isis them, and it is able to, to gamma responses in us because of the exact in all day i, system has no understanding of our emotions. classical pianists, glenn gould's performances, were emotional and unconventional. ah, though he died in 1982, his style is still alive and well, thanks to a i. okay, so what we're doing is we're analyzing language audio recordings to see how he interprets a given piece of music and try to teach to an a i system so that the i could play in expressive style of mr. girl. i'm bringing language back to life. ah, it's, it's lynn gould's ghost is sitting at the piano. those who knew him are stunned.
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ah, christian was that doesn't just want to imitate human creations. he wants to explore unknown dimensions through his art. with help from ai, he's collected some other worldly signals, transcriptions from space, interpreted by ai, using familiar harmonies. it's a bit back, a bit bizarre, yet somehow sublime ah, you enter a question and get
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a reply. you never would have anticipated that can move things forward in the composition or creative work, which allows it to take a turn you simply couldn't predict. i heard of it. that's quite exciting. let us have fun. and that was all today from arts 21. we hope you found our show on a i just as captivating as we did. here's to a new year full of energy and optimism. in 2022. everything is possible, but luckily only of humans and machines work together. stay healthy and happy and join us again next time. ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah ah
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ah ah, ah ah ah, with you a v w is on trial for what could be the biggest fraud in the history of german industry.
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for years of volkswagen to see both customers and authorities by manipulating emissions data. who knew what about the diesel scandal and when the w and diesel gate winter corn and the engineers in 15 minutes on d. w. the 77 percent on a matter of life and death. this week we want to talk about the global inequality around the cobit 19 back loud. why is the number of vaccinated people in africa still so low? don't have access to vaccines? at least we don't know when we'll get access to them. what is the master plan to increase immunization coverage the day? so percent? i mean they don't appear to have a 90 minute. not on d. w. ah . he's
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a master of the artist confrontation. this is wrote a veteran of verbal combat. i mean, you're going to really, i try the undisputed champion of tough political talk. you're trying to frighten people who are so far. everybody on the side that you enter the complex zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account. this is a big failure, whichever way you like to spin conflict zone unit on d, w o. d, up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d, w dot com highlights ah, the internet knows all its creators point to everything and digitize everything. the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data smart devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking i,
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we're every day we headed to a futuristic utopia or a digitized nightmare. the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin. first wildfire than heavy snow, parts of the american state of colorado are devastated by eerily opposing conditions. hundreds of people have been left homeless.


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