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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 7:00am-7:15am CET

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aren't devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking our every move? are we headed to a futuristic utopia? poor but digitize nightmare? the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, ah. ah . this is dw news live from berlin. first wildfire than heavy snow, parts of the american state of colorado are devastated by eerily opposing conditions. hundreds of people have been left homeless. search missing is underway
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. also coming up, france takes the reins of the european union for the next 6 months. the government in paris is under pressure as coven 19 cases surge ahead of elections in the spring . and remembering one of hollywood, best love actresses, former golden girl, betty white dies just days before her hundreds birthday. ah, i'm next, spicer. welcome to the program. hundreds of people are now homeless in the state of colorado and the us, after a wild fire, fueled by gale force winds toward through 2 communities outside the city of boulder . the fires destroyed a 1000 homes but were put out in large part by heavy snowfall. at least 3 people are missing and fear dead. president joe barton has declared the area a disaster,
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so it's a new twist in colorado is battle against the elements. just days ago, heat, raging wild fires was for problem for people here. now is for cold volunteers, handout heaters to help those of our power keep warm while we thought 2022 might be better. c and then we had omicron, and now we have this and it's not starting out very well. for this look at to get warm and get our water turned back on here. soon. the arrival of a snow extinguished for flames. saving hundreds of homes. it was cold and new year's miracle. now it's presenting new challenges. authorities shut off the water supply to stop pipes from freezing, leaving residents with nothing on top of the cold came too late to save nearly 1000 properties. residents are now returning to see if anything can be
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salvaged, store or food. we can go back something, but there's just so much lost. i was gonna come back to this residence or no closer to knowing how this all started. authorities haven't ruled out arson as the cause of a most destructive glazes in colorado's history. and let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world today. israel has launched airstrikes against what it calls militant targets in the gaza. strip rockets were fired earlier from the palestinian territory, which is controlled by hamas. a ceasefire has largely held following an 11 day war
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between the 2 sides. last year. italian authorities have allowed a german rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants to dock on the island of sicily . she watch rescued. 440 people in the mediterranean. interior ministry says nearly $70000.00 migrants landed in italy last year. the european union wants to label some gas and nuclear projects as green investments. nuclear power plant investments could count as environmentally friendly if there are detailed plans for disposing of radioactive waste. safely. france has taken over the 6 month presidency of the european union at a difficult time for the government in paris. total corona virus cases have top 10000000 in the country of fewer than 70000000. and there's political uncertainty ahead with national elections in the spring likely to see strong challenges to president a manual, michael a new year and
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a new start. as monuments across paris will lit up in blue to mock president emmanuel mac chrome taking over the rotating presidency of the council of the european union. many already seen micron as a natural success to angela morocco as effective leader of europe. and i had both yielded me so from midnight let franz will take over the presidency of the european union. and you can count on my total commitment to make this moment mama, which only occurs once every 13 years, a time in progress for you. full in miss micron is expected to run in the presidential elections. this april though, has yet to formally declare that. but there is also strong support for you or skeptic. candidates including leader of the right wing national raleigh, marine the pen. she said, no patriot can accept the downgrading and dilution of the nation and criticized
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micron for swapping the trickle off for the flag under the auditorium. as france buckles recalled, breaking covert 19 cases. will microns you optimism cut through or will his role as europe's air presumptive be brought to an early end and did a review correspondence around the world are looking ahead to the issues likely to dominate the year ahead. our chief international editor richard walker, focuses on the deep divide between russia and china and the west. 2022 brings in a world that is deeply divided. the u. s. and china slipping further into a new kind of cold war that will go on to define this century and force the rest of the well to decide where it stands, tie one and ukraine or both dangerous flash points. where this cold conflict could turn hot and all this division is a tragedy for
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a world that needs to focus on common threats, like climate change and the pandemic. here in germany, the new government finds itself in the thick of things. charing the g 7 and desperately trying to salvage the diplomatic route out of the crisis over ukraine. south africa has said farewell to the last great hero of the struggle against apartheid. the funeral of archbishop desmond tutu took place at cape town, saint george's cathedral. the church where for decades he railed against south africa's white minority, racy awe in death. as in life, desmond teacher requested a simple ceremony with a cheap coffin and donations for charity. instead of floral attributes ah, grown of i restrictions meant only a 100 guests could attend, but millions watched from home. his daughter, naomi, that the family had been overwhelmed with messages of love and gratitude for to
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choose life dead. he would say the love the world has shown has wronged the cove of alcohol. and he then you would say, i don't know what a police, but whatever it is, it had been wound alcohol. ah mall. the front of the cathedral was illuminated in the color of teaching ropes, his widow, leah, also dressed in purple. ah, the man affectionately known as tata, or sometimes simply the arch risk his life and his freedom to speak out against appetite. archbishop desmond, to do too, was without question a crusade in this struggle for freedom, for justice, for a quality and for peace. not only in south africa,
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the country of his birth, but around the world as well. his friends with sometimes writing often can never re and so did with voice boy right up to old age to, to fought for his vision of a rainbow nation in which all races in south africa could live in harmony, often, eco friendly. coronation. his ashes will be interred at the cathedral ah. the entertainment world is mourning the passing of the american comedy actress betty white, best known as one of the golden girls she died on new year's eve. white made her 1st television appearance in 1939. she planned to celebrate her $100.00 birthday this month. the grand dame of american television had the longest career of any
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woman in the entertainment industry spanning more than 6 decades. betty white saucy charm gave life to numerous memorable and quirky characters that she earned to emmy awards for her role on the mary tyler moore show in the 1970s as the snide lusty sue and live in display. i'm sorry, but this is a very critical time. well, i'm sorry. this is a very critical time, please. ah, ah. but she was best known here playing the dim witted rose nyland in the golden girls a 19 eighties sit. com, that broke boundaries by featuring for senior women living together in miami. you haven't even touched you, mister ha dawn. when asked about her decades of success,
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white chalked up her long career to good health, good fortune and loving her work. i've been working in this wonderful business for 63 years now, and i'm so lucky to be as busy as i am out. i'll say no when they stop asking me. so if you want me to retire or stop asking. the news of betty white's death sparked an outpouring of tributes with fans, gathering it a makeshift memorial over her star on the hollywood walk of fame. us president joe biden tweeted his own tribute, saying betty wind brought a smile to the lips of generations of americans. she's a cultural icon who will be sorely missed the beloved and groundbreaking actress dine just 18 days short of her 100th birthday and it's time for sports now. still not clear whether the world's top rank tennis player, novak joker, which will play in there strictly an open server,
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fuses to say whether he's vaccinated against coven 19, which is a requirement for taking part in the tournament. raphael the dow, however, cheered the organizers by turning out to practice in melbourne. the spaniard looked fully recovered from a recent injury. competition competition, pardon me? begins in just over 2 weeks time. in the english premier league, liverpool coach juergen clop will miss his size class with chelsea after a suspected positive corona virus. test. liverpool says the german manager is isolating was mild symptoms. club earlier confirmed that 3 players have tested positive and we'll also miss the game. several coven! 198 outbreaks have hit the english league in recent weeks. back here in germany in the boonies sleva byron unit, captain manuel lawyer and 3 of his team mates have also tested positive germany. goalkeeper will sit out the start of training before the season kicks off. later
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this month, byron or the bonus league, a champion, say all their players and staff will take pcr tests. after the parties and fireworks of the night before january, the 1st was a public holiday for much of the world offering some welcome relaxation. near stay also brings its own traditions, many involving water. but god, oh wow. many swear by it, the dip in the ocean to kickstart your new year swimmers near the portuguese capital. lisbon was suddenly up for the challenge. so i'm told the so brings good energy. we'll see if it works at bear ira. c across the atlantic, swimmers in boston took to the water too. oh, he they, we even serenaded my pipes on the beach. a sporty
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start to the in russia to of to be accepted at the festive season. locals in the city of yara level, turned out for the annual sobriety run, followed by games in the snow or anything to keep warm in room, the new year plunge was a little more dramatic. full people dived into the italian capital tiber rhythm in tradition, dating back to 1946 in london dance troops representing coaches from around the world for the best of color to a gray new year's day after a virtual show last year, the annual new year parade was back in all its glory in japan. worship is got it. before dawn tokyo's my flashing that hockey shrine to pray for good here. and then watch the 1st sunrise of 2022 over the japanese capital aah!
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and new year's day would not be complete without that additional vienna new year. concept. this year conducted by daniel barren boy. ah, you're watching deals. you news. here's a reminder. the top story we're following for you. heavy snowfall has helped put out wild fires in the american state of colorado. at least 3 people are missing and feared dead. fires destroyed around a 1000 homes as well. joe biden has declared the area a disaster zone has all the news for now coming up next week. go join a group of young people with autism sharing and experienced on the c. spicer, thanks to watch with.


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