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tv   Shift - Digital Fashion  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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male characters, a most impactful, tried to lift the stigma on h i v and aids as an episode where betty whites character rows. actually, i'm not naive, very naive, not promiscuous. she thinks she's contracted h i v and one of her lines are it's not a bad person's disease. now this was in the mid 19 eighties when people were blamed for their having a's blamed people that it was their own fault is still regarded as an example. of brilliant comedy acting, and brilliant comedy writing. today, the list goes on and on. what a long listed is for betty water later. thanks so much and that's all the news for now. after a short break, shift takes a look at the digital fashion and how the coping pandemic has changed that business in a big way staging for that. and we'll be back and forth product literature invites us to see people in particular. i to see myself as the kids
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find the strange grown up world. my only objective and is to share what a thing beautiful. did you books on youtube? sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free and shift special on digital fashion clothes that exist only virtually a number of designers are creating clothes,
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exclusively tailored to computers. digital fashion is revolutionizing the way we can present our virtual cells. deceptively genuine looking silk and leather digital fabrics and designs are posed to radically change an entire industry. what we've seen now in session industry, i believe, is very much a repetition of what has been already there. i believe that within the digital world biased is whole frontier that we haven't discovered yet. fashion designer, amber j slot, and co founded the digital design studio. the fabrication in amsterdam with a team spread across the world. the company creates designs and visualizations for
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big brand, completely digitally. only now you can actually simulate what it is like to for as the breakdown. so you say i want to silk. it will calculate what the silk sort of move like and what it does. and width, that's the 1st time you're able to create carbon before ever needing to have them in real life. and we even go a step further than that. we say we never really need cause and reality anymore. because we think there's enough in terms of environmental impact, the fashion industry is one of the world, major polluting industry. as a question designer, i felt a huge responsibility to do something you know about this situation because it couldn't no longer continue. and i felt like i had nothing to bring with more clothes. so how can you know, but then i would start questioning like how can we still create stuff without
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having to use all of these materials. and that's when i run into reading software. it was while studying at the amsterdam fashion institute that floatin decided she would no longer make physical clothing and physically to touch it, you need to feel it. and to me, it has never been about that. it has always been about identity, which is the deeper aspect of it. and whether you express that via or gord, digital, it is still identity and it has its shape and purpose. choose sustainable consumption and up cycling support. the move toward less has more. but production of superfluous garments needs to stop, even if it's unrealistic to imagine giving up clothes completely. digital fashion could be part of the transformation in
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2019 the fabric and provided a glimpse of how this could look at an auction. this exclusively digital dress was sold for over 8000 euros using the block chain. ah, the buyer now owns an image of his wife wearing the dress. but why pay so much for something that doesn't even physically exist? a lot of times the value of the digital product is not seen as highly as that of the physical while in games. if you are the 1st one to collect this one super rare item is actually also value. so i think we're currently trying to define what value means, initial fashion, digital clothing and video games, so called skins are already generating millions and sales. is this what our digital selves might look like in the future? today,
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there are already labels that offer fashion for our digital identities. the clothes are tailored to fit an individual's body, but without using any resources. brands like all of our are already selling digital hoodies for 40 euros science, tech, fashion house or ho balls created this feather dress and diamond necklace. at the 2021 london fashion week. the designers presented their 1st digital ready to where collection is, is still very much in his infancy. i think it's mindset shifts that he's happen. amber. j slow tens goal to have digitally dressed at least 10000000 people 520253 d design, artificial intelligence and augmented reality have allowed the world of fashion to shift from the physical to the digital world.
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many famous brands are already starting to show their physically existing clothing and digital realm. italian high and labeled gucci presents designs and a game setting ah, including the popular video game, the simps ms. omar jealous, winter collection was presented in animal crossing. ah, louis we tom designed clothes for league of legend and valencia aga presented its collection in a digital 3 d show room in times of the corona pandemic, digital space is, are becoming increasingly important as an alternative to live fashion shows at london fashion week. visitors could browse new collections and augmented reality shops or delve into the fashion world of british designer. richard quin this a,
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our experience on instagram, which replaces conventional pattern shows, was created by the london institute of digital fashion. you haven't got the limitations about physical well, you can really speak to your audience in a new way. that means that it's beyond clo, then you deliver your brand universe. they're looking to break new ground to day technology opens up a range of new possibilities. and social media allows the fashion industry to address customers directly to influence consumer behavior and to set new trends. we had billboards that were wrapped around london scan. that knit he straight to a digital triumph, which means on your phone when you look into your thigh and you will wear in the
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garment. and that was extraordinary to see people on the buses, people, you know, walk in the street, all of a sudden, in performance, you know, like the, the models on the catwalk, according to the german business data forms that he sta. 2.4000000000 people will be using augmented reality around the world by 2023. david riper helps fashion brands develop and implement a are elements. he says the fashion labels are increasingly interested in reaching younger users online. they have been using the phone all their lives. they're interacting with content, they're willing to gaming. so those luxury bronze and fashioned bronze have to be talking to the audience and go where they are, which is less and less physical, retail and more and more digital on entertainments and e commerce. and that's how virtual fashion could bring the digital and the physical world together.
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digital models even compete with real models and influencers, top fashion labels are increasingly interested in working with these new stars. they look beautiful and can be booked for several jobs simultaneously. but they're not real people. digital models like shoe do, graham created in britain or no, nobody who hails from germany have been causing a stir in the fashion and influence are seen in the possibilities. are endless about that. i can portray her under water. i can have her dancing on a volcano. i can put her on a planet. that's what makes it so fascinating. in munich, based graphic designer yog zuba, created now new re the manga style avatar made her 1st public appearance in 2018
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ford. zuba nunnery is more than just a digital model. he's given her a back story. she's 21 and lives in paris. you have to have a really struck a chord nori is currently your most successful virtual model on instagram fashion power houses like versace, jerry moo glare, or tommy hilfiger have booked her for ad campaign. international top models like naomi campbell and heidi klune her vote with her british fashion photographer and 3 d artist cameron james wilson has also set his hopes on digital fictional characters. his agency, the digitals only works with avatars. his 1st creation was schoo do. graham, a deceptively real looking figure that attracted worldwide attention in 2017. when i 1st posted to do online, i posted it to facebook and i had no idea what was going to happen. everyone was
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asking me like, who is shooter, who is shooter on and it just, it just grew and grew from there. you know a lot about some people shadow tire bank shad alisha key shadow. lots of famous, famous accounts were sharing this image to do might not have a fictional biography, but enjoys enormous success online together with other digital models that she appears in a social media campaign for french luxury fashion house. but mom, one of the great benefits of working with digital moles as you can send them anywhere in the world. and i think that is probably one of the best advantages, right now, although a 3 d is still quite expensive because doing a photo shoot for a fashion spread with to do involves a tremendous amount of work. real models 1st stand in front of the camera and simulate her movements. then the human models are digitally replaced by pseudo,
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but she is rarely booked to take a virtual walk down the runway. it's incredibly difficult to animate, she do on because she so realistic. ah, we did to a show, we did our and show for miami swim week, and we produced a minute long presentation in collaboration with lobby by lobby by c k. swim. but a lot of the fashion brands, i think, that they're not really ready for the kind of level of 3 d that you know that i want to reduce but will digital avatars become serious competition for human models and influencers? fashion editor, maria hun, still doesn't think so. it's included for this is definitely an art form in its own right. and that's how i see it. i do think this is a lasting development. i text you. but i think that once pandemic restrictions ease, people will look forward to going out more talking to others and seeing close unreal people. and i mentioned levin,
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but whatever the future brings digital models are here to stay. ah, the 77 percent on a matter of life and death this week we want to talk about the global inequality around the toby 19 vaccine. why is the number of vaccinated people in africa still so low? don't have access to vaccines? at least we don't know when we'll get access to them. what is the master plan to increase immunization coverage? the 77 percent? i mean, they don't appear to hide next. on the d w player, they show that that was the issue is shaping the continents of dw news africa
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were gone with what's making the headlights and what's behind with the way on the streets to give you in the, on the inside. all the trends don't matter to you. in 60 minutes on d, w, at these places in europe or smashing all the records. step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form. hello and welcome to the 77 percent with me. let's show today we have 26 minutes of vestry debate where my colleague, edith kamani will be discussing about vaccine inequality. you all.


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