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tv   DW News - News - With the German Chancellors New Years Address  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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ah, what is true was it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people . we should light on the opaque world. who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? oh, peak world starts january 5th on d w. ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, south africa bid farewell to an anti apartheid hare. president cyril rom,
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oppose delivered the eulogy at the funeral of archbishop desmond tutu in cape town to, to was awarded the nobel peace prize for combating white minority rule. he was called the moral conscience of his country. also cutting off around the world concerts like shows and fireworks kick off the new year. new york welcomes 2022 with its annual bull drop on times square. and unlike the previous year, thousands of people join in the thought. many saying that hoping for a better yet. ahead and remembering one of hollywood best loved actresses. tv legend, betty white dies just days before her 100th birthday. ah i'm and you kept his mckinnon a very warm welcome and a happy new year to all of you. africa has said good bye to the last great hero of
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the struggle against apartheid. the funeral of archbishop desmond tutu was held in the same place, used the pulpit for decades to rail against a brutal white minority regime. motor ceremony, family, friends, clergy, and politicians gathered at cape town saint george's cathedral president sir, rub, oppose, delivered the main eulogy of the official state funeral describing to 2 as a crusader and the struggle for freedom and justice around the world. and for more we can bring in and lisa fontaine, a south african journalist and filmmaker and lee. thanks so much for joining us now . you met archbishop to to when you were a young journalist and you made a documentary about him, how will you remember him now? thank you for having me. i think you know, i'm not alone today that i would certainly mess in miss. he's so chuckling loft her because he had this ability to, to, in any, in a difficult situation in a diffused,
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difficult situations. by just using use in humor. and i will remember him as someone who was really small in stature, and beth has a huge presence and to the archbishop of canterbury said, today that's investment to, to lit up the world. and i think that is the best way to do to describe him. and he knew that dislike his fearlessness, that he wasn't scared to, to speak out about the injustices, no matter where it was in the world where they it was in palestine and had the palestinian call shaped. he adapted to where they towards like m l g, b t q i writes towards the end of his life, which i don't think many men of his generation, you know, would take up those types of courses and villains. obviously, a huge influence and a very warm person, very human,
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a term that comes up time and again in connection with desmond to his legacy is his invention and practice of restorative justice. could you remind us what that is exactly? well, you know, that was off to democracy, came in 1990 4 am and both it actually came from the it from nelson mandela that they decided to have the, the truth and reconciliation committee, which was a 1st and a world way bitter enemies and came to get there and put everything on the table, told shag killings and own of that, but it was also a cleansing process. and it was created, m to sort of in the, in the, in the hope that both to price and the children of the perpetrators could find a way for would to bo this new nation. am. it has been criticized and recent used
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by younger generations. and, but i personally still think i haven't seen anything like that anywhere else in the world. and it certainly helped and to, to sort of a bring people together in bolding the nation. you mentioned a little yamaha. rosa mentioned that the day to, you know, like it was an important legacy of to, to, sorry, his, you mentioned the younger generation that will desmond to tis what continue to have an impact on the younger generation. i think that this week they, it's been agree discovery by young people here now who was see and what did he stand for? and that, that many of the memorial they were young people laid, which was quite sort of the hardening. but he also certainly has a huge influence on many of the younger clergy that in neighboring countries
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slackened symbolically. and it's a thing in the churches they follow that sort of like trying to be a meet mediator between the political parties, but staying out of politics. so in some ways he's led, an agency also being followed em and other parts of africa because i mean africa and like europe, many people, all religious and listen to the religious leaders, journalist and filmmaker and lisa on time. thanks so much for speaking with us. thank you very much for having me. in other news countries around the world have been ringing in the new year with fireworks gatherings and celebrations. new york held its annual boulder up and this time time square was full of confetti and good chair. even though the pandemic has forced many places to scale back the parties, people are greasing 2022 in the hope that it might be year when life returns
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somewhat back to normal. ah, pandemic on milton demick. the world welcome the new year in style. in new york city, the clouds went back at times square, though a much smaller than before. the corona virus. good, fran. time no more. no more pole. if you just see people taking a more tough approach to it, like yeah, i'm going to get vaccinated, but i'm not going to show everything else out. i've got to keep moving forward. i gotta make this work. press sales world famous called cabana beach. once again, did not disappoint ah
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in sydney fireworks weaved through the air and revellers flocked to massive beach parties in india's coastal region of go on. moscow's red square got a little redder, as fireworks exploded overhead. ah, london's traditional celebrations were cancelled. people did not want to go without a party. ah, been to lynn that one good gate and other landmarks were luminated. despite restrictions and fireworks and gatherings, thousands came to celebrate my plans with an of i land. i'm a cheerful person. that's why i want my life back. i believe you still have
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a right to live on highest despite everything that's happened. it's wonderful to be here today and be able to party a bit of i shouldn't even put them on the rest of libby ah, in the united arab emirates, hundreds of multi colored light drones and thousands of fireworks sit to guineas, world records, creating stunning images. and celebrating the end of what for most of the world was another difficult year. i didn't have any correspondence around the world are looking ahead to the, to it, to the new year. and d, w chief, political correspondent, mikayla casner, has some insights for us and to where germany will be placing its focus. as 2022 gets underway, new chances you see, get a 100 day grace period, but no such luck for all. i've saw it in 2022. the army chron variant will already determine success or failure. his very ability to govern climate policy will be
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another such test. all i saw it will have to prove his claim that he can transform germany to a green economy and create wealth at the same time. all along salts will also need to prevent fault lines within his governing coalition, from becoming all out cracks. he, in his green foreign minister under lena babcock have already made very different statements on how understanding germany should be of russia or china, for instance. only if salts can afford a joint line in his coalition. can germany live up to those expectations within the european union and beyond? will be bringing you the new year's address by germany is new chance let will have shall. it's in its entirety. that's coming up at the end of this news bulletin. now one of germany's leading viral adjusts is cautiously optimistic about the pandemic
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. for the coming year. kristian boston says that the data indicates the on the chrome variant is less dangerous than initially fed and could actually help corona virus become more like the common cold. but he warned that the high number of unvaccinated people in germany still pose a challenge of ambulance. because if we look at the major industrialized countries of europe, germany has the highest percentage of people who haven't been exposed to the virus and who haven't been vaccinated by stuff. and we don't know what that means for us . and even if the disease severity is bearable for the vaccinate, which seems to be the case, we still have to worry about a large section of the population. and that will certainly have a political influence on most on do. you shall, is johan, be cinders political 100 on mit? pushed invert, and 2022 is also set to be a bump, a year for sports and mot. meadows from d w. sports joins me, announced take us through the next 12 months. happy new year to you, mark. and we have to start with the pandemic. of course. what sort of impact is it
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going to have in the early part at the new sporting year? well, let's look at the australian open tennis which starts on january 17th. we still don't know if will number one and defending champion novak joke of it's will be there organizer said you have to be jabbed to come. he isn't revealing his vaccination status. one for you is there is rough on the dow. we actually saw him training today. in melbourne, now he got cove it in december, essentially less than 2 weeks since he announced he had it. so he's been well to, to get there. and it's a good job actually, that nadal is there because it's not just grown of ours as loads and loads of injury pullouts as well. so at least one big star in melbourne, we can turn to football. we have the african nations cook coming up in cameroon. very soon that is taking place despite loss of speculation that it wouldn't because of corona virus. it's a big problem for english clubs though of us. we have lots of corona virus in england. lots of premier league games have been postponed because the routing of players to play teams at liverpool are now going to lose players like mohammed
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seller of egypt and saudi money of santa go to the african nations cup. so if you add on the corona various absences, they might not have a team to field, but it's great that the african nations copies happening after a year's delay. k. extraordinary times, that center the, the winter olympics, and the u. s. is leading a diplomatic bike of the beijing games or the human rights concerns. what's china stance is it bothered at all. they're not bothered at all. as long as the athletes come, they really don't care. and shanna is actually made the point who said we're going to invite joe biden anyway, especially given the very tight corona virus restrictions there are for this games . oddly, vladimir putin is invited, even though russia officially as a nation, aren't actually allowed to compete at the winter olympics. but beijing is basically made fake snow on the piece because they don't actually have enough proper snow. the piece a quite a long way from beijing, but even so they still know know that it's beijing showing it's technological
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prowess, and beijing will become the 1st city ever to host a winter and summer olympics. now also lots of political concerns when it comes to the ethical. well captain guitar in november. yes, i mean lots of controversy. lots of people are very upset about the number of migrant workers who died building the stadiums. but there is no chance of a boycott from the teams. they will all be there in november and december, the 1st mens will cook to be held in november, december. it's not the 1st winter we'll cut though there have been 5 southern hemisphere. we'll cups, we shouldn't forget that, but if you're looking for your football fix in, in, in june or july with the woke up not being there, we do have to women's european football championship in july, looking forward to that. not that is thanks so much. now there are various traditions, of course, around the world to mark the stars of the new year. but this one in rome is definitely not for the faint hearted have a look at this. i think what are oh, fearless divers,
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jumping into the frigid waters of the tiber river in the italian capital, now a team of fire fighters interest ski boat while standing by to pull a mouse again. the tradition is said to have originated in 1946 after an unemployed life, god leaped from the ponti cabal bridge to show of his skills as a stump man. since then it's become an annual new year's day spectacle on getting goose bumps just by watching it. now the entertainment world is morning, the passing of american comedy actress betty white, who died on news eve. she made a television debut in 19311939 excuse me, and she remained in the public eye until her death. and she had been planning to celebrate her 100th birthday. this month. the grand dame of american television had the longest career of any woman in the entertainment industry spanning more than 6 decades. betty white saucy charm gave life to numerous
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memorable and quirky characters that she earned to emmy awards for her role on the mary tyler moore. show in the 1970s. as the snide lusty sue ann evans, i'm sorry, but this is a very critical time. well, i'm sorry, this is a very critical time, please. ah. 6 ah, but she was best known you're playing the dim witted rose nyland in the golden girls a 19 eighties sitcom that broke boundaries by featuring for senior women living together in miami. you haven't even touched you, mr. ha dawn. when asked about her decades of success, white shocked up her long career to good health, good fortune, and loving her work. i've been working in this wonderful business for 63 years now
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and i'm so lucky to be as busy as i am out. i'll say no when they stop asking me so if you want me to retire or stop asking. the news of betty white's death sparked an outpouring of tributes with fans, gathering a makeshift memorial over her star on the hollywood walk of fame. us president joe biden tweeted his own tribute, saying betty wind brought a smile to the lips of generations of americans. she's a cultural icon who will be sorely missed. the beloved and groundbreaking actress digest 18 days short of her 100 birthday. you're watching dw news live from berlin up. next we're bringing you the new german chancellor. annual new year's address from the whole dw new team. we wish you happy on the very healthy 2022. ah, i live in mid,
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who, a 77 percent on a matter of life and death this week we want to talk about global inequality around
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the kobe 19 back. why is the number of vaccinated people in africa still so low? don't have access to vaccine? at least we don't know when we'll get access to them. what is the master plan to increase immunization coverage? the one to 77 percent. i mean, they don't agree with w player. how long does a or an eternity time. it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type, type a phenomena, a dimension, and illusion. in 25 minutes on glee, w ah
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ah, the internet knows all its creators for to everything digitize everything, the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data smart devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking i work every day we headed to a futuristic utopia or a digitized nightmare. the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, hello and welcome to the 77 percent with me. let's show today we have 26 minutes of the street debate where my colleague, edith kamani will be discussing about vaccine inequality. you all.


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