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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2022 2:15am-2:31am CET

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here's best known for her emmy award winning rolls in the television sitcom, the golden girls she played the loopy but lovable rose and the man crazy tv hostess on the mary tyler moore show. but more than that, she was a beloved public figure and remained in the spotlight until her death. white would have been a 100 in less than 3 weeks time. and that is all we have for now, but we'll have lots more coming up at the top of the hour. you want to stay with us . of course. always get the latest at d, w dot com or instagram in social and twitter at d. w. news. and everyone here, the w news is wishing you, your family, your loved ones, are happier and healthier. the 2022 will see you there. for adult tooth pulled up. sh her. i'm scared that i think that's hard. and in the end is a me, you are not
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a lot us to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with the smudges were lions of the what's your story. ready and he was numbers, women, especially, and victims of vine and seen a lot of them take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, ah, good by 2021 and what a year. it was despite volatility for some stocks due to the pandemic. the american
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markets recovered rapidly by the end of the year. power will speak to a correspondent in new york to find out also coming up. property prices in chinese . cities have sold to become among the highest in the world. we'll meet some of the winners and losers and one year into bricks. it hasn't been the disaster. some predicted, we'll check in on the relationship in the u. k. and as the universe. this is your business update. i'm daniel winter in berlin. wall street has ended a dramatic year on a high with a december rally that's following a year, which punished travel stalks and saw tack, saw to new heights all while the pandemic eased off in the summer months and came back with a vengeance. and a new variant in the winter and james sweeney is in new york forest. thank you very much for being there for us, james. and this by a rockier us stocks rally to the end of 2021. touching close to record highs. how
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come? well, to be straight forward with you. 2021 has been one for the record books because the average is the rollup double digit this year. and if you're honest, see what you want to figure out why the answer simple. the marcus took such a beating in 2020, that there was pretty much no where else to go, but up in 2021. now sure, there was shakiness, as at times as you mention. but the global economy began to finally open up in 2021, and that could not be said in 2020 businesses. they re open their doors. all this places the employees were coming back streets for beginning to fill up again tourism returned. and your team that with a combination of global central banks, maintaining support of measures, strong corporate earnings, and very importantly the roll out of mass cobit vaccinations, shipping public health protocols than you have yourself. what you're seeing today. optimistic investors throughout wall street and the global markets, the s and p 500 up 27 point one percent this morning for the year on piece words 3rd street, positive year. the dow and nasdaq heading towards their 3rd straight annual gain as
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well. so massive government stimulus vaccine roll out, strong retail consumption investors are optimistic, but what exactly are the soothsayers of the financial weld predicting for 2022? well that's i called the financial nostradamus question. i wish i had the answer for that cuz i wouldn't be here on tv with you. i'd be somewhere else. but what the soothsayers are saying right now for the year 2022, they're saying it's going to be an interesting one because there's a lot to keep an eye on. there are some saying that the good times will continue to roll. the u. s. markets are going to reopened, like the old times, fully open their doors. the global markets will follow suit, and there's others that expect over conditions next year. as the fed tapers off, it's easy monetary policy and as it continues to address rising inflation. so here's the broad answer. nobody really knows, but there's a lot to keep an eye on. you have fed tapering interest rate, hikes, coven covariance electric vehicles, inflation, energy, prices, unemployment, geo, politics, travel, tourism. and even here in new york city, we have
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a new mayor coming in and his policy alone can change how big businesses, small businesses and even wall street reacts. and he's also a big fan of crypto. so there's another topic to keep an eye on as well. plenty to look forward to our nostradamus, james sweeney in new york. have a happy new year. thank you very much. i be new you now to some of the other global business stories making news. president ottawa has urged tucks to keep their savings in lira and said recent exchange rank volatility was under control. that there was loss any 45 percent of its value. it's washed year. in 2 decades. the turkish president also asked for trust in his unorthodox policies of slashing interest rates. despite soaring inflation and germany has shut down half of its remaining 6 nuclear power plants is part of the government commitment made shortly after the focus sheeman nuclear disaster in 2011. the final 3 nuclear plants will close next year. the move has recently proved controversial as energy costs rise
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due to dwindling gas applies. and she ging ping has warned of challenges to economic growth in the world's 2nd largest economy. unlike in previous years, the chinese president did not talk about gross domestic product in his new year's address. oh, sure. china has come under increasing pressure from a range of forces including covered outbreaks, a debt crisis in the housing market and weak consumption. and speaking of that housing market, chinese cities like hong kong, shanghai, and chin gen have some of the most expensive property in the world with residential prices. sometimes dozens of times higher than the average household income and rising. beijing is fighting and expanding property bubble above beijing's glittering facades shine proud symbols of the chinese economic miracle. the people who clean them though, live in the basements of those buildings. people like one cham wrong.
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lou. i'd like to show you where i live. hello thought. tell ella. she is a so called a i one of 1500000 housekeepers in the capital. i've been living here for 7 years. boone one cham wrong lives in a small storage room. it's green and dry and above all, it has a bit of daylight. above her is the 1st class apartment complex. renting in apartment fair costs around $2500.00 euros a month. one chung rung could never afford that. she works 10 hours a day and earns only $670.00 euros a month. oh no matter how much you wish for something, it won't make it come true, william. well hi, cynically. as long as i can earn a living and put a little money aside, i'm happy so high. she would. those with enough money on the other hand are greeted
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at the front door by the sound of violins. tongue. rito is a real estate agent and shows us a 325 square meter luxury apartment, which goes for 5000 years a month. the 6 room still need an occupant, but remain empty for now. oh, conger imagine my e g. people prefer to buy single room apartments at which are located on the outskirts of the city that last and if i ever ha, ha ha, the credit conditions aren't favorable at the moment her. that's why a lot of people can't afford big apartments like this man with ya. if the real estate prices are way above their budget since the lift, huh. the apartment looks like you museum gathering dust. the corona virus crisis hammered the real estate market to the point of collapse. pung, rusito has been looking for occupants for months now. in august, we still sold more than 10000 apartments. but in september,
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it was only 4000 real estate sales or vital to china's economy and account for around 25 percent of the country's g, d p. but the housing market has been derailed and it's causing real estate companies to go deep into debt. now the chinese government is starting to step in and take control of the sector. wow, that's had over to europe and it's a year since breaks. it took full effect when the u. k. left the e. u single market and customs union. that 8 came with predictions of disaster for the british economy. 12 months later, how as the country coped in december last year, as britain ready to itself for a hard brag that prime minister boris johnson addressed to parliament in his typically confidence dial absolutely no doubt that from january the 1st this country is going to prospect marching this year,
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but the reality is the country's woes began almost immediately. britain's chemicals, electrical equipment, machinery, metals, minerals, and textile sectors became hopelessly entangled in the trade deals, so called roles of origin. any goods arriving in bra and from abroad, and then exported into the e. u. incur accustomed levy and britain supply chains rely on a vast number of parts source from outside the european union. thousands of trucks trying to exit the u. k. were tied up in the red tape. there is no good in this situation as it is full man's too much. you paper walks too much way words all the time is right. this is not not good. then in september the u. k. is petrol palms ran dry fuel deliveries from the e. u stalled. in a shortfall of european drivers who had left britain contributed to the perfect storm, the results, national shortages of foodstuffs and other retail products. independent economists
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expect the u. k. gross domestic product to drop by 4 percent as a result of regs, it in the coming years. exports have already fallen. whereas e u country to actually expanded their exports to the rest of the world. the u. k. has not, we've been performing very badly. so in that sense, at least so far, at least break it has, has clearly failed to deliver. so far, the british government has not been able to deliver its brags, it promised. that's why some bold show 60 percent of britons believe brags it has done more harm than good. australia's government fails to set out concrete plans earlier this year for reaching its climate goals. disappointing international observers at the cop climate summit. still many businesses, their c carbon neutrality as an opportunity, australia successful wine sector is no exception. the tub milk winery in the
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northeastern part of victoria has been around for a 160 years, and the winery is actively shaping its own future. being certified organic has been a major plus in the sector for a while now and has been an important marketing tool. the next step for todd milk is carbon neutrality. topics vineyard is part of a growing trend among australian wineries to be certified carbon neutral, which means all the cabin they produce is offset. great growing and mon making is, is very influenced by the climate and we're really saying the effects of climate change. at the moment the winery still needs to buy carbon credits to be carbon neutral, but the owners aim to offset all of their carbon emissions naturally by 2025. using solar power and tree planting, the winery says it's managed to cut 45 percent of its emissions in the past 10 years. we want to take my were 97 percent of the way in our journey to being actually balanced carbon neutral. so we're hoping in the next few years that will
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be outta achieve that go through more rehabilitation, the auditor that monitors tar bilked carbon emissions, believes more companies in australia, will follow in the wineries footsteps. i think if you're a business and you're not doing these types of things, then you're really missing out for the future generation. and a reminder, the top is the story we're following for you. this our, the pandemic made for a volatile year for stalks, but u. s. market is recovered rapidly by the end of the year, and not stop a few fresh recalls. and you're up to date with d. w. business. i'm daniel winter in berlin from me and the business team. good riddance to 2021. here's wishing you a happy new year old girl, africa house is built out of rubbish. a great idea. can they and entrepreneur
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nelson bow a tang. he makes sustainable, like hus breaks from plastic waste, collected from the streets of back rod. so i'm glad i did that. i got used one problem, doug replugged with problem, and then you've got sample room to so problem and gonna go africa next on d w v w is on trial for what could be the biggest fraud in the history of german industry. for years, volkswagen deceived both customers and authorities by manipulating emissions data. who knew what about the diesel scandal and when the w and diesel gate winter corn and the engineers in 45 minutes on d. w. oh,
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