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tv   DW News - News - With the German Chancellors New Years Address  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2022 1:00am-1:15am CET

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have a right to learn, sally is. this is the job of jonathan, how i feed and death is why i love my job. because i tried to do exactly that every day. my name was outing to and i work at d. w. mm hm. with ah ah, this is d, w is leih from berlin and hello 2022. a light show in concert, kicked off the new year here at the famous brandenburg gate, the sight of official new year's eve celebrations for germany. it's
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a scale down at the end due to pandemic restrictions, but the city is not a less alive with fireworks and hope for a little more normality in the year to come. ah, i'm way woke up welcome to this new year's program. and berlin has welcome new years with scaled back celebrations at the brandenburg gate. it's tamela. ah, no, i'm like, in past years, there's no crowd at the official celebrations. they are due to the corona virus pandemic, of course. but throughout the city, small groups are celebrating fireworks can be heard in every direction. the air is full of smoke. private gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 vaccine people throughout germany. and our correspond,
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manuel chase was at the brandenburg gate for those celebrations. she sent us this outlook for 2022 in germany, with fireworks and music due to how germany said good bye to 2021 and the watson event full year. he has been for the country and he had had to face many challenges, not least, the, some, not lisa pandemic. we have a way of 19, in fact, any so, so experienced a huge political turnover with all that. so it's becoming chancello after as 15 years of mandate by and go out marco, now germany and to 2022. it's off counties as well as gemini. we had d, g 7. we hold the g 7 presidency for year and the new government we love to have to tackle new cozy, 19 infection. we'll have to tackle the panoramic and you can see here tonight, there is nobody here to celebrate upon the border gate. people have been asked to
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be careful to celebrate in small circles. so ceremony enters the new. yeah. with assume the time they make inside the panoramic to try and tackle and it was get a quick look now at other spots around the world as cities everywhere. greet 2022. new zealand was one of the 1st it's traditional firework extravaganza was canceled the pandemic. but they came up with another idea illuminating auckland's landmarks with thousands of lights and in highlands capital bank on may, didn't call back. it lit up the skies with fireworks made from traditional ty, sticky rice, and elsewhere in asia, hong kong put on a fireworks display as well in their victoria harbor. accompanied by music from the city store money orchestra, and in moscow, red square got a little redder as fireworks exploded and overhead. and we life picks
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from london. of course, the home to greenwich mean time, the beginning of time, so to speak, as we count time. here around the world, london saying good bye to 2021 in this hour, just a few minutes ago, hitting midnight, some beautiful fireworks over the city with the british capital. and let's get up to speed on some other stories making news right now around the world. germany shut down 3 of its 6 remaining nuclear power plants on the final day of 2021. the last 3 stations will be switched off one year from now. germany began facing out nuclear energy under angela mac laughter. the reactor accident in fukushima, japan small crowds gathered to welcome the news fast moving. wildfires of torn through mainly rural areas near denver,
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colorado storing at least $500.00 homes. tens of thousands have been forced to flee their properties. authority say these are the worst fire the state has ever seen. there are no known deaths. you're watching debbie news live from berlin. next step. we've got german chances, annual new year's address. it's olaf schultz is 1st from the whole d, w. c. were wishing you a happier, healthier 20 to 2022. hopefully it's the year we go from pandemic to endemic. stay well, ah, even 3rd, i'm a bit hard to get on. yontsa ended us. i knew i had known, but sister bought a decline of her and knowing what to accomplish to each you boldness counsellor. deny us. i'm on the the bible slows him on to the 1st point of view, but for the bonus, li, going to 9 had who?
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n g 's on tat and goals of one for 2000 spines on fish lab. and good, susan. ah . we got some hot tips for your bucket list.


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