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tv   DW News - News - With the German Chancellors New Years Address  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2022 12:00am-12:15am CET

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of the famous brandenburg gate, the site of official new year's eve celebrations. berlin rings in 2022 with live music and a light show. but no spectators, due to pandemic restrictions. ah, i'm william blue croft, welcome to a very special new year's eve program. much of europe is about to join other parts of the world that have already slid into 2022. let's take you right over to the count down at the brandenburg gate here in berlin. i see them die. and happy new year to everyone watching from berlin may be where you are. you have
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already had new years, but we are just bringing it in right now. ah ah ah mm. and our very own d, w, correspond at manual shows is right there. where are the parties happening at the brandenburg gate and happy new year to you 1st of all and how are things going down there? how could you yeah, well yeah. well,
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you can see behind me just a tradition in germany, that's a gate. this has been decades, we've had a few hours here. you can either fire back, but you can also see all around me. the pub make wasn't allowed for the 2nd year. you know, because of that pandemic, people that are just stay at home tonight, not celebrating be good even mesa. bob made an appearance. it's easy up here and here to tell people to back please remain small. good to tell them to be visiting them to get back to me if you haven't already done so. but for now you can see behind me says the traditional site over going on here in that copy. so bad a very loud as you can still hear the music as well and 70 is ready to come. what
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we've just sent that 2022. it's all quiet here in the studio, but i know all around us here. up in berlin, there's probably people firing fireworks every which way, regardless of restriction. so that's what the restrictions are like. what is germany trying to do to preserve some of the celebratory feeling, despite this pandemic that we are still living through well, from what i hear around me from the fire that i'm hearing, right? no, i can tell you that the very 1st is there. it's and i just 2 people out there in the streets, even if the government had, i said not to use fireworks and that was not to kill the factors. i was tempted to not over nodes, hospitals with head injuries, for example, hot because i'm already trying to co please be with the patients infected with cozy 19. so a lot of restrictions are still in place. of course, the majority of people celebrating us home in la goose,
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but also still people taking the trees, being in those trees, enjoying the night. and you know, i think also does quite challenging. yeah. here in germany, that's been the floods in the summer just in several ways of code 900 infections. people also want to enjoy that night tonight. he is to hold that they've doing so sensitively. yeah. as we know, anyone who lives in berlin knows that fireworks injuries are also a tradition. unfortunately, here in the city, emma less and on a personal note. what are you looking forward to in this new year? well 1st of all, 2021 had been a very eventful year for germany asked us 16 years in power, agen america didn't there? would you like to know that shows became germany's test. that is a huge turnover for germany. and now germany starting today we had to g 7, president people over a year. that's
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a big thing to the forward to. and of course the biggest challenge in government tends right now will be to deal with the pan. then you can to try to catch the infections is especially in light of the new variance, which is making cases of infection for the moment. all right, and manual is right there live where it's all happening in berlin. brandenburg gate wishing you all the best this year. i look forward to seeing you and maybe we can talk together while you get a free chance. happy new you. and let's take a quick tour of spots all around the world as cities everywhere. greet the new year . one of the 1st up was new zealand. it's traditional firework extravaganza was also cancelled due to pandemic. instead, it illuminated auckland's landmarks with thousands of lights. also, not so shabby, but thailand. they didn't hold back
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a capital bangkok lit up it skies with fireworks made from traditional tides, sticky rice and also in hong kong fireworks display in victoria harbor, accompanied by music from the cities fillum philharmonic orchestra. and in moscow, red square got a little bit redder, as fireworks exploded. overhang. this is debbie news live from berlin. next step, we've got german chancellors annual new year's address. that's olaf schultz is 1st . and from the whole d w. news team. we're wishing you a happier, a healthier 2022, hopefully the year we all finally get back to doing what we do best being together . thanks so much hulu. live in mit burger. mit burger. hard to get on. yontsa ended us i ne, of, and known, but sister bought a decline of her and long or to absently to eat at you boldness counsellor. deny?
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