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oh gosh, please listen carefully. don't know how those 2 things you miss today. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. with
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can you picture a reast 3 would a one that uses its resources efficiently and recycled materials indefinitely to be on eco india. we look at how that we sion is inspiring entrepreneurs to explore new, sustainable avenues. hello, welcome. i'm fun with that. i hope as our planet's resources dwindled, the concept of a circular economy is gaining traction the mr. design waste out of our economic system. it's challenging businesses to read pink production processes and done by products into raw materials for something else. we met a fabric me guy here in india who has discovered a veto wastes solution in his own backyard. ah, ah, gala truckers is a perennial reed that can be found all of
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a sudden india inducing cure in the state of dumb and narrow. it's often seen on the road side. a few years ago, designer gory shanker and his wife, ellen sop, discovered that the natural fibers and calatrava is, can be turned into a plant bathed wool. so it intrigued me, how much of insects and birds around us, blandly and all. so i went outside, collected little bit of fibers. i saw some songbirds building a nest daughter for it, so i just collect a little bit of fibers. i came back all i showed in the video call like baby look at this is very amazing, gory. shanker came from a family that had its own weaving business. so he's well acquainted with the textile industry and its impact on the environment, the pesticides used and gotten farming. the chemicals involved in dying, the fabrics, the contaminated water and toxic sludge that are bumped into the rivers. so the
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couple wanted to approach it differently. they said their method uses no chemicals and is fully sustainable. but at 1st, it was a question of trial dinero. we started in september and you know, we were working on this boards and disappeared. all of a sudden, i know in the month of october and, and okay, we need to figure out how to do this and let's work on the stem. and we started working on the stem fibers that was 2015. the you're the founded, the company fab or. 2 2 did now produce high quality reagan wool using the fibers of the callo truck, his blonde, most of the work is done by hand people and they've done it ignore less than the waiting on that. and then if you got the stocks, we put them in the machine to extract the fiber. we then steamed the fibers on the google for a certain time, washed them, then jane, and dried them. after drying out, if we can extract the tread guy with the brother mall i,
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one little the silky threads from inside the boards are then dried. once again, at this stage, cotton is added to the mix. the found the see, the only use organic rain fed cotton, the wellness colored using natural days made from pomegranate for example, or the reddish brown cut. all ingredients are biodegradable. that's the amazing part. you're not going to have the sledge. so sledge, my eyes, say sludge, this is neighbors spoken in the industry a lot. what happens when you say defy unit when you have been a unit is certified as organic unit and 0 emission unit. the dog board, the emission one li on the water aspect of the flag she left over at fab board, is completely organ. the company uses it in part to make their own organic 40 laser rice. farmers have known for centuries that
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a color trophies is rich and nutrients before planting of their field. the farmers 1st enriched the soil with much from the color trophies, leaving it for about 10 to 15 days. so once that soaking process is done, the land gets all the new chain that is required and does not require any other fertilizer due to now the, the difficulty in doing this process is like because of the labor is very expensive right now. and it's very tricky. plan to hand him in diluted form. the fertilizer also works as a natural insect repellant. helping to keep best away from crops and people. i gave a big bottle to my friend was a big dollars and he has muscular issues and it's graded. nothing after that and he was like so happy is that he should send this. if you can just keep this,
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this is gold. forget the vote. the fabric go is in border and barton right. fabulous. gallow trophies based 40 lights, and insect repellent is now being used on 6010 days of land across southern india. that's an area the size of $8000.00 football fields. an outside company makes us both young and fabric, producing $150.00 a month or founder and in stop sees. many of the fabrics are sold to sustainable fashion labels abroad. shooting in germany. fabric has set up its own production site for dine there, fabrics. they see demand for their product is growing, because so few textile companies run a sustainable zeno est operation throughout the entire production chain. we have to start banging for our values in the end it, so not only what we do, but also like efi. if we put our own nan requirements,
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so for the fabric or live in till the end, this is so how the change can happen. gala trophies appears to have huge potential . which fabric is keen to exploit more fully. the company plans to start farming its own crop to scale up production right now. fab or only implies 5 people at its bees in the city of put a cheddie. but it will soon need many more. a such a la economy has the potential to turn food production on its head by re designing an industry that's damaging the environment. biodiversity and people's health. i report, i got a taste of an inch and system of closed loop farming. that's bringing fresh food to modern tables. what if we were to forget about conventional farming, grow our food in their own neighborhoods and reduce our carbon footprint. enter
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aqua pernix, a method, some scientists see as the way to unburden our ecosystem, monarch cultures and the excessive use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides have led to enormous degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity. agriculture alone accounts for roughly one 5th of all greenhouse gases emitted globally. at the same time, roughly half of the world's population experiences, severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. this firm in and often in the netherlands, claims to be tackling all these problems. this looks amazing. you don't expect it. oh, we'll factory. like you like you facia of action. what is it this isn't i got one a form to milford is co founder of the start up food farm in this small green house
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in the middle of the city. he grows 3 types of lettuce producing up to $200.00 kilos a week, but using 90 percent less water than conventional farming. and when are they on the contra side, yet this water cannon that she was water like woman. and so much drinking water gets lost because rest are spills. and in this systems, as it's so close and the water gets recycled, the only water last is through evaporation boy, through what the plants use. first, the seed sprout like they would in typical soil. then they grow on styrofoam plates with only their roots in the water without any soil. after 6 weeks, they're ready to be eaten. not this them having all amazing and abuse thing is it's high bar fresh. aqua phonics is a combination of hydroponics, which is the cultivation of plants without soil and aquaculture,
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meaning fish farming. together the 2 systems form an almost perfect ecological cycle. here we have cup nourishing vegetables, the water rich and fishman your is pumped up through these pipes into a tank. bacteria that occur naturally and soil and water, convert the potentially toxic ammonia from the fish pu into nitrate, a natural fertilize at that plants need to growth. the plants absorb the nutrients feel to the water and returned the clean water to the fish pond, tomatoes, lettuce, obey gene and many other vegetables and plans can be grown in this way. multi annual crops like apples oranges, tea, coffee or coco aren't growing in this system depending on the type of fish and vegetables. some of them need little or no fertilizer. we don't need to have any vessel size. so yeah, there's no natural predators coming in because it's so controlled over here.
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artificial pesticides can harm fish and upset the ecological balance when it comes to the matter of cost. the artificial lighting required, especially in northern countries, is a big factor. as is the energy needed for ventilation and pumping water, that's why using energy efficient greenhouses and renewable energy is so important . as technically sophisticated as the system is one of the 1st artificially built environments using aquatic ecosystems for agriculture actually dates all the way back to the as takes in mexico. in shallow rivers, they built chin up us floating, multi crop fields of piled up earth, and rotting vegetation in china and southeast asia as well. growing rice and fish on the same land has a tradition that goes back centuries. the method is still used in some places today
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. well basically it only antibiotics at all. no, we don't need it over here. why? because the water gets clean so well. the closed water loop and copious space makes it easier to create a healthy environment for the fish. i'm like in other equip panic systems. these coin cup are not bread to be eaten. they will be sold to coy carp collectors. after an initial pilot phase, tim l t ring and his partners may change to large scale production and edible fish in the future. over fishing is one of the biggest threats to ocean ecosystems. according to the world wide fund for nature, some 20 percent of catch is itself used as fish food in aquaculture. this means that breathing carnivorous species like salmon actually contributes to over fishing . making aquaculture more efficient by growing mostly herbivores. fish like tilapia
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and creating value rather than waste from their excrement, appears to have a lot of potential. yes, yes. tell you the so for the you can usually use a good use 2.5 gram or fish in a closed basic relations is the, is a fully equiped aquatic system. nowadays, you can go for up to 100 grams of fish, and you can at the same time of use 500 drama of tomatoes. even small, low tech set ups could make a difference, especially for developing countries in africa, asia, and latin america where resources are scarce and climate change is a major threat. or a roof was handling is why fi only have been this young man almost 70 percent off his visit. there was no not yet not yet 70
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abdul salam speaks from experience. he keeps tilapia fish and grows his own papayas, overseen spinach, okra, and oregano on his rooftop. steven with a simple $100.00 system. he can produce a lot. i burgers for ross. yeah. and one of the shrug piece, you know, when i to 7, you know, fish and we can have all was talking 40, you know, basically the 2nd and often the letter says are harvested on the same day. they needed and delivered directly to organic foods, stores, and restaurants all over the city. they prices are competitive. food firm has not yet making big profits, but demand is picking up and they already have plans to increase production. worth $600000000.00 annually. the global market for acro upon ex product is still
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relatively small. profitability depends in large part on location and design of systems, as well as the local food industry. major hurdles to starting mass production include high initial investment requirements and the need for specialized knowledge . i think for, for food security, for all of us, we need some big facilities and that's my vision. you will not have a systems just put using one part or the other, what part on the fish or plans so that we will have really a big combination systems on that note, if you're interested in farming, social media is full of tips on how to build your own equip panic system, whether in your apartment or outside on a balcony or in the garden. kitchen gardens, of course, gone satisfied the global appetite for milk and meat. the un says farming anamosa
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wants to move from the same amount of greenhouse gases, as all the cars, trucks, claims, and ships in the world combined by the increasing demand for return, it is prompting start up to develop new, valid, pleasing protein. we visited one in berlin. o, what distinguishes these cheeses from these ones. this is the difference there. miss dairy production is exceeding its biological limits. industrial farms are exploiting animals and require pastureland, water and energy. globally, milk production alone accounts for almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the livestock sector ref failed vogue and seen as a cheese afficionado from a swiss proceed family with a long standing lump of dairy products for him saying no to traditional rac listen
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fun dude doesn't come easy. he's want to find cheeses, the replicate the taste, experience, and texture of cow milk based ones. but with no animals involved. 2 and a half years ago, he founded format of food biotech company based in berlin. he wants a cheese that can be eaten with a good conscience, thanks to precision fermentation. we instruct micro organisms to convert the nutrients sugars and nitrogen that we feed it to convert that into milk proteins and make proteins already to the basic building blocks of all the products that we love. when it comes to dairy, they are responsible for the functionality of the products, and we are producing them bio identical the same way you would find them in milk. what without the cars, and if you get real the cows in this whole value chain, then you're also able to get rid of most of the, of the downside 3, whether that's sustainability, ethical, or, or health. it is. unlike cows, microorganisms aren't picky about their food. informers,
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lavin bon funky east and bacteria fed into fermenters with by products from the regions beer and potato industries. then they program to produce organic molecules . these micro organisms a 10 times more efficient than cows in converting to feed to proteins. plus, they'll a pretty much anything organic. this technology can adapt to what's available locally all over the world, such as coco or corn plantations. currently, former is making cheese products with a short maturing process. recada and mozzarella. in this food lab at the technical university of berlin, vulcan's ng on his colleagues are experimenting with various flavors and textures. they aim to serve not only weakens but true cheese lovers to i super nice creaminess. this is a bit more crumbly. no. you can already. yeah. you can tell like how it
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lies. health tons cool for most cheeses aren't available in shops yet. the company is in the pilot production phase, and the technology is being validated on a small scale volt xena once for mo, to become a leader, implementation based daily in europe. 52030, with the world's growing population. conventional food production can't satisfy demand, bought, new technologies and diverse ingredients could help increase sustainability. taked algae commonly found in asian cuisine, but largely overlooked elsewhere. hamburg based diva, mars is bringing alvy to german dinner tables in the form of the beloved breakfast sausage. but these are vague and an nutritious thanks to the marine component, mix with spices, potatoes and onions. i ran in that so from calgary will go increasingly important in the future. she the growing population and they give us so many minerals and
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vitamins that are important for the body. you know, i am of the time, you know, that's how we came up with the idea of making products where we incorporate algonquin off to come around my whole village for dr. over design integration to give the body, all these minerals vitamins and all the essential nutrients him crop. what sushi of the algae come from an aqua farm of the norwegian, north sea coast, where viva. maurice works with local fishermen. they know the see like no one else and a perfectly equipped to harvest the algae. the company uses 2 types of micro algae, red and ram, and one type of nico, althea, they're unassuming organisms. all they need is a clean oxygen rich see to flourish up to 2 meters in 4 to 5 months. the harvesters must be careful not to damage the roots. then the algae rapidly grow back again. one harvest usually yields around $5000.00 kilos. lever maurice produces sausages at this factory once a week to keep it vague and production starts at 6. i am before any animal mate has
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touched the machines. the founder believes that the new alternatives for sausages and other foods we love could help reduce over consumption of meat and fish. al gay is the perfect ingredient, and not only for sausages, riley bure shots of the the problem didn't have bio shots and also give the body a lot of vitamin austin. how about am pure alvi? like the red dolls algae? it can be eaten straight as a salt substitute outside or it can be deep fried. and then it takes like begun a bank in substitute for ligan's. trixie, i'm not sure was unchecked as absolutely gonna how the sausages are more expensive than the meat variety. but these don't have flavor enhances or food coloring, and they're reagan, ultimately, it's to the consumer the fashion industry as come under intense pressure
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to mend it's wasteful with, with the new generation of consumers demanding change labels both big and small are looking for ways to reuse and recycle in delhi, one designers quest for sustainability, god helped preserve a centuries old craft this deli nebo, dealt the story of a dying industrial sunder luxury was once a thriving ha of and bloom beavers. but mass production has pushed it croft to the brink of extinction. to day, they can barely eat out a living the flight was one of the more to ridding fact is behind the creation of by one the studio. it's nail is drawn from the indy frame, where one logan meaning to fetch up a bit. it aims to employ traditional rivers and make the textile industry more
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sustainable. momma not sure this working on the soft furnishing fabric. it's 5 meters long, and live and die of silk waste. no shod belongs to a family of traditional weavers. he moved to daddy with his wife and child in 2019 to be a part of this a student. i've been to her said nick, another girl back in my home down. i had to worry about every little thing cuz he suppliers how to utilize fabric delivery, et cetera. a lot, a lot of focusing on f as him to her really bit of my focus here is on breathing and creating new designs that's on his vehicle. no design is going on here. me doesn't and he goes up the chase by one. the studio was founded by fashion design and social entrepreneur, or she does single, a business upside was fabric, wrist into flat, yon to be sold back to design houses, or making new garments when it will be collaborated when the design, how is it
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a fashion done? this and best of these, it is in keenness, ordered us for different colors in fiber dice. it is and got into strips and then a woven into a new foggy that he pope was. fabric is then sort back to was design or so i'd ohio value. so then they can create the sistine range don't fun, day at line game. so the process is a circular, so either source overall mcdavia is also was finely planned by one's customers at an cottage to it on the old product instead of discarding to the can be lipa. in the last 2 years, the studio says it has upside, can 1500 close of scrub produce or 3000 meters of up cycle fabric and save more than 3000000 litters of what it's annual done. oh wow. is around rupees, 50 locks of 56000 mules. for me, designers about solving problems and the biggest problem to days of climate change
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. and i saw an fashion lay contribution to large woods of what to pollution and pollution, and or guns, options and line pollutions at berwin water is only used for cleaning purpose. and since the company only uses west materials, it can award dies and chemicals and died. the bigger challenge is converting raised into, well designed products, medical, simple anonymous, and i enjoy creating fabric samples the most. it's challenging, which is what i like about it. it's not easy to design it scraps, but above all this work is useful because it helps protect the environment. the whole thing was came in today, parent has 6 han looms and 5 beavers creating the sustainable business model with customers playing an active role has given beaver's hope. it also provides a blueprint for the crafts people who work in india's textile industrial
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the concept of reuse and recycle has been culturally inhabited by people all over india. my grandmother, for example, has always found a way to turn old clothes in the good looking pillow covers. i'd reap up it's dealed food into a delicious new dish. the button is now in our hands. i'll leave you with that thought and see you again next week. thanks for watching. with blue. ah, with
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awe. with the issues shaping the continents dw news africa
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