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tv   Doc Film - VW and Dieselgate - Winterkorn and the Engineers  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2021 12:15pm-1:01pm CET

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ah, perhaps the best gifted year was the gift of freedom for pop star britney spears. after her fans kept up the pressure with the hash tag free brittany, her conservatorship was saw, her father control her fortune, and her life was ended in port you are watching the w nurse just re monitor the top story we're following for you today. new zealand is the 1st country to kick off 2020 to this time with a light show extravaganza, instead of fireworks, they put on a spectacular vector light show at the famous farmer bridge. as well as other by comic landmarks. says d w there's. i'm terry martin. thanks. watch. ruth. ah, internet knows all it's creators,
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foreign to everything. and we digitize everything. the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data, the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, what it was, i was sentenced to 7 years in jail out and had to pay a $400000.00 fine. that's fine. that's what this scandal costs me personally. you requested me about. i was assured that there was nothing a legal in our causal and i'll just simba. but talk globe nobody back then was thinking, fraud, clod. it was a breach of the engineers code, and your newest vendor come up, johnwooten went into corn, cold me. i told him we'd been cheating and that the cause had test detection software, and vin to corn must himself have been wondering how much he knew. and am on
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september 18th, it was on the new, the social. whose idea was it he when and who covered it up and via the who knew. and at what point? one of us got us like a whole school the diesel emissions scandal known as germany's largest industrial scandal with victims running into the millions of customers. but who exactly was behind the fraud v w, then c, e o martin ventercore on his manages and engineers years later, they are now finally going on trial. this is the 1st time that some of those involved have talked to the media about culpability innocence and ignorance. and what happens when nobody is accountable?
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this is a long story, was many chapters at it center is a secret. a trade secret kept quiet for 10 long years until the news broke in september 2015. the u. s. environmental protection agency served a notice of violation alleging that v. w had manipulated emissions test results. this is a difficult mass or challenge for volkswagen. i suspect they're in crisis mode and if you want an auto song with their money, put it in for the software that 5 of dinged hasn't of exam, doesn't apply to him. brooklyn the showroom floor of the room. but 2nd, this is jordan oliver from trish c o martin ventercore accepted responsibility for the scandal. you should shortly give me an honor form. only quinton, for the broken leg is something from the stroke littlefield hope an apology. unable
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to save the job of germany's best paid executive mopping vint, i concrete outsourced on swift from forks, park. and so before events had even been properly investigated, the v. w supervisory board absolved ventercore in of any blame the voice of our zilkey. hi, that's have in the con, kind can deceptive from the more money pulitzer full of grass we are at the same time v. w was similarly swift to blame others, claiming that a small group of engineers was responsible assess whether you filed them for an infrequent taking a gun in them at all in figure have from spartan even so vicious. with the management insisted they'd been completely in the dark. who knew what to when will now be told in court for the 1st time. well, those responsible continue to shift the blame to each other.
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cartoonish like it's only human to try and delegate responsibility for criminal action to the part you have to work with that and see what emerges in court. all and whether the story is ultimately credible and believable or not or so. so for some claim to date issued repeated warnings, while others denied ever having heard about the scamp, we gained access to internal documents and interviews and were able to talk to some of the 100 or so people linked to the scandal. we then had 3 actors read what these individuals told us, one for executives and to act as representing engineers are so says, wish to remain anonymous, but at the same time, tell us their stories as a man and what you, what you will is, let's english what is my motivation,
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is that after doing so much wrong in the past 3, o 2, at least for the people who ask themselves who these awful people are, is on this. i want to explain this as to how astonishingly easy it is to get into something. so back to my dog. dying to go out before i closed my eyes, are we victims or perpetrators? nobody shits because neither jobs give i knew, but i didn't prevent it. and i'm still mad with myself. absolutely. her. eric michelle to jennifer. one of the people involved offered to talk to us on camera. oliver schmidt. he became the public face of the scandal. his u. s. police mugshot went around the world. well, not often. you see an auto executive arrested working over night, major development in the volkswagen emission scandal. the new york times reports v w executive oliver schmidt was arrested this weekend,
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a trip to the u. s. by oliver schmidt allowed epi i agent to intercept him saturday at miami airport. haps love miss so to let her go soft. he kept the lockers off. i made it to the restroom, or dance. i was able to pull my pants up if the i bomb and then 5 f, b i, agents, and 3 airport police storm the toilet. when in vessel had was i was put in a cell because given prison clothing and when his wives, oh, it would have been all i was booked at exactly 2 o'clock when the news was on new fans. the story was my arrest progress. while i had mine of her big welcome to the cell block horses, it isn't, it isn't st huckabee hotfoot oliver schmidt pleaded guilty and spent 3 years in a prison in the u. s. in 2020. he was transferred to a prison in germany. this is the 1st time he's talked on camera about his involvement in the emissions scandal.
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he had good connections with us, environmental alsera teeth being economical with the truce, cost him everything. line ashley, discuss, i'm thought. and if my crime was flying to the us and talking to bureaucrats in good eat, it is how i spoke with them in a way i shouldn't have related him as needed. i didn't tell them everything i knew lesion hobbyist, alaska zak was. he forced an emission that landed schmidt in prison, but who else was accountable in the end, every one claims that innocence, which is exactly how the story began. years ago, v w executives wanted to expand in the u. s. and devised a plan. they called it to you, s o 7 clean diesel. the executives wanted to take over the u. s. market and eventually become the world number one ca maker. this was in
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2005. the call maker began working on a clean and economical diesel engine to win over new drivers in the u. s. called the e. j 189. it was designed to conform to the strict to pollution standards in the u . s. small remaining relatively cheap. the engineering involved, however, was beset with problems from the outset. for that is to as well joe gobble. sheila declared exact um, reduce plenty of engineers said it would be too difficult to meet the u. s. 07 standards with the 1st engine always but, and they were ashamed but didn't know how to make their project happen. this leave you with the shop door. but the pressure was on the e a $189.00 was stated to be ready for mass production within 2 years, as opposed to the 4 or 5 normally. doug keeps done it bizarre. then there are the ones who like to up sell for cough. i will manage it,
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i'm going to meet those standards with my fantastic engine. these glance will, to a full, that was one of the key mistakes or another time true was models or the technical reality. the engineers were not even close to reaching that targets. and the required emissions levels. there was growing consternation until one of the engineers told his colleagues about an interesting software software that could detect when the cars were undergoing emissions tests. test cycles are always based on 3 factors, acceleration, speed, and time. the software could detect the parameters and then reduce the nitrogen oxide output said that the car's passed to us emissions standards during physical tests with inspectors. but back on the road, the cars emitted a much greater amount of nitrogen oxide. the engines
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developers insist they never saw that would break laws or cassandra to stick and on. cuz for all did was test detection was no question to say we wanted to detect when the car was on a test rig. and when it wasn't on these a test, a lot of people found this test detection a tad unethical legality. but i didn't know whether it was illegal or not because i hadn't read the emissions legislation either. it's gibbon, literally. according to the engineer's every step and every decision was approved by the relevant superior, which gave the team a feeling of security other zips in for yards weitel in the spring of 2016. i still couldn't believe at least in what am i the world? i always thought i hadn't done anything wrong. it's young's was this. the hor, i forwarded. whatever i had done and found strained by the to the bosses discolored
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hover. the result was a tendency to say it's, it's not that bad, everyone does it, and we'll just carry on. and you may have either bestowed one unit, but the story till by the executives who supposedly gave the go ahead is a very different one. from his answers or havoc, the 1st i even heard of this issue was in 2015 us human. that if someone had told me 3 years earlier that we were cheating and breaking the law by using tricks, i would have taken them to task and demanded an explanation. that the 2nd was one person's word against another's. did the engineers actually warn their bosses and did those buses really no nothing . this is where everyone gets to tell their side of the story. bound strike the civic center in the same german state as v w. headquarters has been re purpose as a courtroom. prosecutors have been preparing their case for 6 years. the 1st trials
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are now underway. the defendants face charges including organized commercial fraud and tax evasion. good unclog, relatively stuff and all the stuff or the under clock and puzzle are indictment, assumes the defendants worked as an inner circle and knew everything was lower and that there was large scale cheating from the outside designed to consolidate and, and expand v w 's, diesel car market jazz are marked anti lock, not osborne velocities long it among the 1st defendants to high ranking engineers identified under german confidentiality laws only as hannah j until austin day. they claim they repeatedly warned their superiors also in the dark to former managers. hence h and heinz jak nicer. who insist they had no knowledge of the manipulation. senior criminal activity over a 10 year period cuz we have a huge number of witnesses and other evidence in other words altogether. and it
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really is a trial of a different dimension linked martin ventercore is the highest profile defendant that has for now been exempted from the hearings while recovering from hip surgery with this supposedly small group of reckless and, and he has since mushrooming into an army of accused lounge by can look forward to a long series of additional trials. in total prosecutors have been investigating around $100.00 individuals. even his bookish varnish vices me. when dazzles on his all screen. i don't know how many it really was our conference mom, and i wouldn't just look at ventercore, but possibly what did people the next level down? no, but be out and who issued the instructions to take who covered up and who knew what and when helpful. i have this bile with about 50 witness statements covering all areas. just think from your regular engineer up to the departmental heads office to
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their statements. we're all about trying to save their own skin, who will hutsel at night? mm. this is a tale with a variety of truths for every episode, including a meeting in november, 2006. that said to be the genesis of the emissions fraud. it was the 1st of 3 key situations in which v w staff had the choice of voicing in favor or against the deception. the engineers made a presentation for the then heads of engine developments, showing how the e, a 189 could pass this straight to u. s. emissions tests. the software developers provided a detailed description of the cheat feature, assuming their bus would then ban its deployment. they claim one of them would lay to testify. i was clear about our plan. i was expecting the boss to throw us out. except he didn't
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via bow handy his. we need this function to assist the launch for the 1st 6 months . and we'll de install it as soon as possible, at vida, we'll carry on working to improve emission on slide the fall. we'll get it done and it will be gone again inside 6. mommy's i. so off the engine chief says to day that his staff failed to make it clear that it was a cheap device and that he gave no approval for the test detection. after the meeting, one of those present sent an e mail to to colleagues. what i understood was, if we are to use test detection, then in a way that we don't get caught the meeting is now considered the beginning of a gigantic fraud. at the time it was perhaps seen as just a bit of industry standard. fiddling the volatile,
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the satish fraud on east, and that's not what i had in mind as far 1st because it was standard practice to have functions like that. so 2nd, because nitrogen oxide was not really an issue back then levant. well, that is a part dish that was basically a green light listed there was no real feeling of wrong doing like it was seen more like j walkers or even a lot of people do it even if it's not allowed of those want lots of trees and that was the sent him out to the symphony. when done and what a claim, they'd never seen it as fraud or a can. we have a different opinion as our investigations progressed long, which ones like at the center findings. the results on the evidence that we've gathered tell a very different story for her. the function originally envisaged is the 6 months jumpstart, became a permanent fixture. over 10 years, it was fitted in 11000000 cars, sold all over the world,
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january 2007, a few weeks after the engineers meeting with the engine development head, voice gang hats. martin ventercore was promoted to the position of ceo morgan under his management, v. w would enjoy a record breaking success. he had an engineering background himself and was known for his attention to detail. oh he was we possibly, what is the city just leave a large on field the here a little shout 0 him father. this is alice is elderly life. he is the since we're $500.00 north. didn't miss most muslims, although he was, was going through the v w. diesel engine had yet to hit the market. even with the cheat software on board. it was not ready for mass production with progress impeded by clogged particulate filters and test car breakdowns. the new head of engine
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development needed a lot more money for the e. a $189.00, which required the approval of vin to cohen define disaster. it was a desert certain a lot, plus the biggest development cost hike ever. and v w o. v e e e g. again, matt at the end of 2007, the engine chief talked to vin to cohen, who had seemingly been previously unaware of the problems besetting the diesel engine project. does not go so fiasco, so hobbies, winter condos, as i told vince corn big, the big fiasco would have been seeing the cars break down on mass in the u. s. due to faulty particular filters, dissing over, but simply protecting the filters via software could mean big trouble with the authorities or heard of it's is pulling the salvage him gazette. i told him, i remember very clearly, and he said to me to mir and no one ah, the engine chief insists he was talking about problems,
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but likewise knew nothing about any fraud. vin to cons, memories of the conversation appear limited to the cost increase with no recollection of any details. not long after approving the multi 1000000 euro project funding, he presented his company's showcase diesel engine. you're charging our competitors. i re plan to so i $100000.00 folks logs a year in the us by the year was all excited the lead video i that i saw a strong side of our commitment to the clean diesel engine was finally launched in the us in 2008, one manipulated muddle was even crowned green car if the year at the 2009 los angeles auto show. the engine was a resounding success. even if there was still serious problems. car off to car in
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the u. s. ended up needing repairs because of the cheat software. on longer journeys, it just seems a car was on the test rig. the system switched to low emissions, but the filters became clogged. the engineers solution optimized the software zip. now it could even detect whether some mom was at the wheel when now in the year 2012. this vague huffman, even the next mistake was the decision to add the steering angle factor he and does it. and for me, that's also the tragic bit of the so a bit like the ghost, it's called by curtis sorcerer's apprentice. of course it was massey, which is why the entire hierarchy was again urged to make that decision happens, a few that would leave. but ultimately, what is the decision was taken? thus mothers homes,
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senior managers had again decided in favor of manipulating the diesel palate cars. again, a major strategic decision. and again, nobody challenged it. meanwhile, the circle of those in the know continued to grow. oh this is martin ventercore at the time. did he know what was going on in his company? there's no documented evidence to the affirmative. the seo was busy celebrating one triumph after the next with v w increasing profit almost tenfold under his leadership. martin ventercore was by now germany standouts, chief executive. he rub shoulders with world leaders, his annual salary, 17000000 euros, and v w is set for further success. but in 2014 developments to can you turn you to the work of another group of engineers?
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researches here at the university of west virginia began using a different testing method. they measured emissions from cars while actually out on the road instead of in the lab. and to their surprise, the v. w engines, nitrogen oxide levels were up to 35 times higher than permitted we saw a vastly different performance between the tassel and the on the on the highway than you know, then we knew that there, the vehicles must be exhibiting some different behavior while scientists and inspectors were baffled. nobody yet was thinking fraud. they informed v w. we fully anticipated the derby a voluntary recall. things have been fixed and we heard nothing more about. the virginia study was commissioned by the international council, unclean transportation or i. c. c, t. the developers at v w h q involve spoke new. it contained all the pieces of the
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puzzle to expose their machinations. an engineer remembers the increasing anxiety. we knew we were busted. we had 500000 vehicles in the u. s. and in the worst case scenario would have to buy them back. ah, the result was a growing tower of one lie after the next night with a high price, as is now clear from internal b, w reports punish or $10.00 beam d i. c, c t studia, i'm unable to say who was aware of the i c c t study in full detail back then. i was talking thus to what i can say is that the main reason for the us authorities punishing us so harshly was thus not telling the truth. after that ish to her to go hide. caserta lay 2014 martin ventercore in his 1st told about the
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study. a close, confident spent, got vice, wrote him a note that landed in the brief case of inter kohen would take home every weekend, num dusty and amazing else on the counter. that was the weekend mail as reported in the media. it's an important point because it enables us to assert that from this moment on up to mr. ventercore knew that the vehicles in the u. s. at a defeat device device, i english don't cotton. so named because it's designed to defeat tests bent, got vice, remembered the gist of the note didn't text for yvonne and i consulted oliver schmidt about the wording of the weekend mail defeat. it even included defeat device. everyone knew what we meant me would have, has it? i was assured that there was no logical explanation for the nitrogen oxide
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deviations we have our i knew we had to take action missile, not because we cheated, but because it was dangerous. and our lack of an explanation by this cassandra on their connect leon been 0 at russ and yvonne and post as this was in the weekend male, i was preparing for feedback about i didn't hear anything, not from ventercore either or didn't accomplished that reference was a red alert. well, not actually referring to test detection. got fi, state warned ventercore and that american inspectors could look for it. the exact wording, it's likely that the authorities will then search the v w systems for evidence of test detection being fitted in the engine control software. a defeat device. but did
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venture colon even read that reference in his weekend mail? did he understand what its contents might entail for the company? he would later effectively say that he hadn't read the alarming notes. all he could remember was having been informed of the study this same account, ventercore would repeat later on the record as a parliamentary committee of inquiry in berlin. according to his version of events, nobody mentioned manipulation or cheating. what i wanted to know was whether it was a genuine problem. i was told, no, it's a technical issue. i cannot understand why i was not clearly informed earlier about the problems in the us. of course i asked myself to whether i missed or misinterpreted particular signals. only at the very end he says, did he realised that the issue was an illegal defeat device?
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as i'm out put her form does a long social stout, merely because i found his appearance before the committee of inquiry, frankly appalling. his own on zillow. martin ventercore presented himself as someone who understood the engineering day and new v. w vehicles to a t portal. it's yet a ye this and there he is at the committee pretending had never heard of emissions control system as it was station looking on the vascular within tickle and says he was oblivious to anything untoward. for almost 10 years, he knew nothing about the defeat device. and nothing about the growing risks for v w. is that plausible? embodied type. he was a stickler for detail. although he was a boss for many decades as easily. you're in charge of technical issues that cannot have detailed comprehension of everything due to the sheer scale. and as he can, you can't understand every single detail, no way. look, the sister in man, this is
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a man with a wide range of different interest child moods. and he had his people everywhere in the company. the fun didn't go, i reckon also knew what was involved in what was into corn as a very clever man in my eyes to see a show and one interested and detailed it hides into see it. i really would be surprised if he hadn't noticed any things in all those 10 years. you could click tut ah exactly what he did know back then remains unclear, but he evidently, and massively underestimated the scope of the problems. vinto combs, wild, revolves above all around the customer and their satisfaction, fuel economy safety and driving enjoyment. all evidently more important than emissions was gotten caught young guns, cloudy, didn't. the company's approach was quite clearly customer satisfaction has top priority. wooden animals with customers being satisfied with their car was vital for vin to corn, and the spirit of into corn as it were,
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was at the core of company culture. up you missions are not customer relevant, as long as the car isn't pumping out dirty. rancid fumes fucks fog and was not alone in its willingness to outsmart the inspector's. once the v w emissions scandal hit, the headlines, other carmakers were also investigated, resulting in fines' claims for financial damages and recalls in germany as well as the u. s. among the new suspects, mercedes benz feet, w subsidiaries, audi and portia. but also chrysler, theat and auto parts supplier bosh for $12000.00 fulton gaps, la gazette, gabe only of prior to 2015. there was legislation that was evidently not enforced. that it had a cross and obvious loopholes. these exit and this legislation was simply not enforced across the board vote. volkswagen came clean. the others didn't argue. so
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this one sided focus on folks bargain isn't fair either. for the law disputes v w was the tip of the iceberg on the part was the most brazen offenders. it's all tied up, but you need to remember that v w was far from the only company involved the name bar. as it turned out, it was not, as is often reported a v w scandal, and it was a scandal where the car industry in general, used illegal method me to circumvent environmental regulations of gunboat. in 2017 oliver kyesha was deputy chairman of the parliamentary inquiry into the emission scandal. he says that germany is road transferred agencies checks when either strict no independence. the agency has rejected the claim as absurd. that krisha insists he's right. that outcast and outside said i'd lisha, that's the all the emissions scandal shows very clearly how the car industry is
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able to dictate stipulations o'bonham vastly fod saga by hand. that the point was not really monitoring vehicle emissions on the road that you and aligned the home. it does so focused was solely on ensuring that the official tenets appeared to pass . and it was designated quite blatantly as industry oriented testers into ski now poor besides unit for 2015. following the suspicious emissions readings in the i c c t study the u. s. l thirty's were unreal and saying in their perceived why your diesel so dirty? how do you explain this? the v w. engineers continued to equivocate, while keeping quiet about the defeat device. ah, our plan was to stall for time. ah, when questioned, we were not to say a word about the technical background,
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an internal email in march 2015 said words to the effect of b. w is on thin ice in the u. s. and further, if i say what i know fell, the red face is all round. but i thought that was now obvious that the people also in the u. s. had no idea what to do any more and were at a complete loss for tried to shock was free, it was an awful atmosphere. god should i. we realized that they were sweating. the fans were at their wits end midway from loosen. eventually v w faced an ultimatum from the u. s. so sorties, either you provide an explanation or we won't certify your new cars. with disaster looming v w held one crisis, meeting off to the next vin to con himself faced damning testimony from his
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confidant bent. got vice vendor columbus jungle when vinegar called me, i told him that we'd been cheating. thus that the cause had a device that could differentiate between test bench and road. crossel decided ventercore would lay to challenge that accounts while confirming the cool had taken place. he denied he'd been given such a warning not long after that phone call assert, and crucial decision was made on july 27th, 2015. the v w had courses involves book was the scene of a product failure analysis meeting at which martin ventercore and finally sat down with the engine designers for the 1st time, reportedly on the agenda. what were they to do about the u. s. diesel engines? what about the authorities?
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as for the rest of the meeting, one story with various narratives. oliver schmidt was among those present dusty milady fog of us. what i didn't chavez tish pullin. what it was discussed at the meeting was to have cuz often listened us offline and was met him. do you believe my version, where the board said, we had to clarify this with authorities on what it was awful for. do you believe us prosecutors and my claim b, w management ordered a blanket smokescreen to the authorities to the, to the, to van the 3rd version of fun related by executives to the parliamentary committee, to tea at 4 that the board said nothing at all. socials was auto w, o. p. scott, ah, evidently there was a presentation which apparently referred to as a half a 1000000 vehicles being affected on the american market. and the prospect have drastic penalties for v w couple. i nicole its own volume and in fact, somebody apparently did a calculation and just multiplied the maximum penalty by the number of cars written
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down on a slip of paper. and that was discussed at the meeting. yeah, yes. winter coons account of events is a very different one. according to him, the meeting was not about any legal defeat device or potential fines, or indeed whether they were to tell the truth to the authorities. minutes from the meeting however, reveal talk of only a partial disclosure of information to the v w. inspectors did not subsequently claim that vin to con was lying, but they did accuse him of negligence and a failure to take action a leash. oh, tom, i advised, no, they said he did not properly pursue illicit software functions in the to later t d. i after july the 25th 2015. and that he failed to
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ensure that the enquiries from the american authorities were answered completely. and truthfully until 12 the man tasked was talking to the u. s. so sorry, t swiss oliver schmidt, his job to get v w out of trouble. at the same time, there may have been the prospect of using the opportunity to give his career a boost. what they chose me because of my contacts with the u. s. authorities, there was a list of instructions, a script of telling me what to say and what to madam. but i was not to say the words defeat device on my on doing one. in august 2015. schmidt flew to the us where he told some of the truth, but not all. regardless, the american investigators refused to relent. the show was over. a v w engineer was tired of lying and admitted to the scam. it was now a matter of not if but when the disaster would happen. but v w executives was still
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confident that things wouldn't turn out so bad. ventercore would lay to say that the engineers confession was likewise news to him. he made a high profile appearance that germany's biggest car show it would be his last day care. not even francois little of spotlighting would come of the pistol isn't always lago forks, fog light in drive. elsie, 2 days later, the american environmental agency went public with the scandal. the global headlines now made clear the gravity of the situation. m asi, on september 18th. it was on the evening news and that was when i knew, oh, this is batches of as well as to shim as each to folks wanted to come in. when i arrived at volkswagen,
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my impression was more that they had massively underestimated the consequences of what had been done. funding natal massey fontas. it's like being seriously drunk and doing 250 kilometers per hour on the highway and expecting to get a smaller fine launched off like for a parking ticket. if i could park volkswagen is being told to recall. nearly half a 1000000 vehicles were emissions software they did what this is a difficult master challenge for volkswagen. i suspect very crisis mode data roseborough doesn't apply to hinder calling the shortest those obstacles. the 2nd this is jordan, i was often to she was know, currently sh, conspired village via leon. gus off that week. that cost of who has the biggest blame the engineer, who did the programming to know like his superior yes. as, as to who knew but didn't stop him. yes. have bigger boss. yeah. who knew but
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didn't do anything either on so vita, the, to the job guns feet, as he, of course, a lot of them pledged ignorance and said, no, i never heard about any acoustic function, acoustic fun tool wise, is any kind of it must have been hundreds of people, this would then maybe for 10, saying it was me. i was very fires in being just leaving fella. are you really go to halter, put alia albert, from 600000 pension. look at an article document. the social class was shocking. flucker that you're thinking, what are you talking about? women done and as an engineer, you think 2 thirds of the entire development of an engine plus x number of suppliers. and what have you, invest that dawning if you add it all up and look at the total number of b w employees side, if of is this just handful of engineers? no, no. v w insisted that 100 people constituted
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a tiny group compared to a workforce of 600000 that the company had taken appropriate action to resolve the affair. yahoo, i'm a lawyer disco, sewell's, crew to wine. and i, if you look what we now have a different culture that uses of openness and addressing mistakes swung the diesel affair, will always be part of volkswagens history. and there's no way around that canal of your like many of my colleagues, i've always acknowledged that this was the biggest case of corporate fraud in post war german history and arch lungs are not concrete. ah, as 2021 dawned v w was eager to put the scandal to bed before the trials got underway and lounged like the company had already made its own verdicts, dismissing engineers without notice, while others continue to work for the call maker. v w said martin vinto khan was
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guilty only of negligence. and that after the crucial meeting should have been honest with the american authorities. but the call maker did then sue him for damages while of into cons. executive insurance covered the majority, he was left to pay 11200000 euros out of his own pocket. a lot of money, but less than an average. he is pe oliver schmidt was among those who attended the emergency meeting. he was the man assigned to talking to the u. s. l. sororities, but did not tell the whole truth costing him 3 years in jail. he emerged a free man, but one who had since been sacked by v w. bestbuy. for almost 20 years, my life revolved around the company and the factory when it feels weird coming back here as well. ah aah! schmidt went to court to challenge his dismissal. but has yet to reach his
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settlement. there is no progress now. why not? no interest from the other party to d. w refuses to comment on individual cases. the pounds strike, prosecutors have charged 20 plus v w employees, a for the 70 or so is still under investigation. the diesel emissions scandal is the story with no witness. west, some have lost almost everything and others little mm ah ah, in good shape. what is the secret to happiness?
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scientists have been researching that easel question for century, and they still are today. good hormones to promote happier life. so how do you stimulate them from sunshine to talk, let's the stepping stones to being happier? good shape in 30 minutes. oh, wow. my 1st vice i was a sewing machine. ah, when i come from, women are boned by their social goals. even something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my own, but it took me years to monday bye. ah, finally gave up and went on by me on my side and returned with a sewing machine. so and i suppose was more appropriate for guns than writing
1:00 pm
a bite. and now i want to reach out to those women back home for bone to buy their duties and social rules and inform them about their basic rights. my name is deb, i don't think we're home and i work with this is dw news coming to live from berlin. people around the world, a different time zones bring in the new year among the 1st to welcome 2022 is new
1:01 pm
zealand which east korean virus curbs and time.


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