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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CET

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you feel worried about the planet with i'm neil. host of the on the grievance of coast. and to me, it's clear we need to change the solutions or out the join me for a deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do with ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, fleeing dangerous fires. in the american state of colorado,
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tens of thousands are forced to evacuate as powerful winds and dry conditions. fuel fast moving planes and locked down china's 0 tolerance policy towards coven 19 leaves. people stranded at home and running out of food and supplies. south africa lifts at night time curfew as optimism growth that it's on the cross wave has passed. the number of new coven cases has nearly dropped by 30 percent in a week. ah. our next by cert, welcome to the program. tens of thousands of residents of the american state of colorado have been forced to evacuate due to quickly spreading wildfires. the flames spread through residential areas near the city of denver, burning hundreds of homes, a shopping complex and a hotel. already said,
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these are the worst fires, the state has ever seen. ah, fake smoke fills the air outside as the fire approaches. at this diner in superior town, just outside denver, colorado panicked families tried to get out with the strong winds of finding the fire women dinah's rush to that cause, hoping to out race the fast moving blaze. gusts of a 100110 miles an hour can and have moved this fire down a football field in a matter of seconds. very little time to get out very little time to even get the most important parts of your life. and yes, it'll be a difficult process for colorado families who were referred to rush the affected to rebuild their lives. before the fire consumed nearly 600 homes,
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tens of thousands of residents and 2 towns near denver were evacuated. officials believe power lines down by strong winds could have caused the initial sparks and gross lands dried by an extreme drought offered the conditions for the wild fires to grow out of control. testing, even the most seasoned emergency crews. we've actually had no debris, sheriffs and firefighters in areas that had to pull out because we just got over run. so there was a lot of brave stuff going on today. as the fi is continue into the night, the weather service is full, costing a much needed snow full later on friday, snow that residents will be hoping can help dampen these flames. and we can speak now to us based journalist and meteorologist matthew caputo,
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who joins us from washington. d. c. matthew, a congressman for color, colorado says the wild fires have caused a level of devastation. never before seen. does that sound about right? personally i'd be pretty comfortable saying that back in just a $1000000000.00 is ashton colorado? ordinarily there hailstorm because we called in for the mile high city. you're my atmosphere, the cold air, they get hailstorm, but with fires ordinarily we see these areas that are very against the popular but this i'm around, we're seeing it in downtown areas, middle near walmart, a cosco, very dense population. so to see this in neighborhood character, at least 580 homes is berkeley unprecedented centennial state and something that we haven't really seen before. and i have a failure gonna answer by talking somehow about global warming. but i need to say that it's the middle of winter. shouldn't it be snowing in colorado? yeah, this really has been the weirdest fall on record that i remember at least about one
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centimeter, we're snowball in denver. they saw the latest personnel on record feeding out all other years. in fact, in the past, the latest person we 1000 november, the summer on was rabbit number, i think 8 or 9. so really bizarre stuff there. that we saw that when there was years on record, she was a beverage more route, really just kind of disk usage rise up the landscape. and so back to the side that your mind was very strong with this evening to upwards of 100 kilometers per hour really is the worst case scenario event. and unfortunately, we're seeing this fire spread to more than $600.00 actors. just a final question. if i may, the governor of colorado says there is very little time to get out of who's he talking about? what does he mean the, some of those enduring urban areas. the one thing that we were about now is that a lot of folks are building what's called the urban, the wildly urban interface. kind of at the border of towns is that bridge area outside of towns where long kind of the woodland areas. and lot of those in recent
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years have been billing. there were some divisions there. and unfortunately many people don't have adequate escape routes to evacuate when they need to ordinarily the roadways. we have are adequate to supply traffic, but when it talks of, when it comes to law in that situation, a lot of lead to get out of dodge quickly. we just don't have the roadways needs you to really have that capacity. and so when they say people need to back with now it's urgent, it's dire, and the sands and these flames are being fan by very strong weeds upwards of 110124 hours for our coming down the mountains right now. it really is a worst case scenario. situation is something we really haven't seen in colorado before. also really worth mentioning the top 20 largest wildfires, r c history and all of her in the past 20 years. and so climate change is written. there is one of those things we'll see manifest and extreme weather, and this is kind of latest. all right, meteorologist matthew computer. thank you for that insight. if you're,
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let's get you up to speed. now, some of the other stories making news around the world today. american president joe biden, and his russian counterpart vladimir putin have discussed russia's troop, build up near the ukrainian border bond and demanded a de escalation and threatened russia with new sanctions, but couldn't warn. such measures would cause a complete rupture of their ties despite their differences. both sides agreed that progress was made on the call. russian authorities have designated a member of the russian punk group pussy riot, just a telephony cova as a foreign agent. another member of pus pussy wright was added to the list along with several journalists, a satirist, and an art collector. the move by the justice ministry is being seen as an attempt to stifle dissent in russia. business as usual. people in south africa are streaming into cape towns, cathedral for a 2nd day to pay their respects to. archbishop desmond tutu anglican clerics
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carried his coffin into saint george's cathedral, where the former nobel peace prize lori it once railed against apartheid. white rule, 22 died. last sunday, at the age of 90 in the chinese city of shan, people have been taking the social media to complain that they have run out of food because of a major lockdown authority. say volunteers are now delivering supplies to people's homes. but just one family member per household is allowed to go out to buy groceries and not more than once every 3 days. did laura, china has adopted a 0 tolerance policy towards code 19 infections, which could be a challenge when it host the winter olympics? february 2000 and corresponded fabric customer joins us now from beijing. from war fabian, many of the 13000000 people living in shank said they are struggling to find enough food, but aging says there's enough. so what's going on?
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yeah, it's really crucial to talk to as many local residents and because and yet they will give you a quite a different picture compared to what's been reported in state media. the people from c on that i talked to some of them, they are receiving a foot delivery by the government. many others, however don't, and what they are doing, a se, rely on their neighborhood, for example, with their neighbors. they form chat groups and then she are cooking spices, eggs, meat, et cetera. so, and they rely on themselves m however, most vulnerable are the people that will live quite under privilege, for example, the migrant workers or, and people who don't have a refrigerator, refrigerator at home to store food. and they are, of course, most affected. but compared to the lockdown last year in will, hon, and there is no panic and it's a relatively orderly and erm. what is of javion china doing to prevent the spread of, of the arm across very, but striking it the entire planet where they already have
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um, one of the most severe restrictions in place and the board as a defacto closed or even for long term residents, not easy to get in and outside of the country and. and when you do and come back then immediately at the airport, you're carry to a centralized hotel, karen teen or get tested every day and then stay there for 2 to 3 weeks. and that doesn't, or make sure that there cannot be any local infections as we see now. but am the government has to stick to they are a recipe of locked downs and mass testing because the only approve fixing the chinese ones don't seem to help um, in terms of protecting from amazon and just to return to the people of she and is there any and to the lockdown and site yeah, i'm health experts, tell me both from inside china and outside china that and probably the infection cluster will be under control a maximum by february because the restrictions are really very severe. however,
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it doesn't mean that i'm yeah, there will be a lot another local infection cluster, any time soon. okay. did it is 5 in customer in beijing, thanks so much for that insight. and finally, some up lifting news on the pandemic from south africa. government officials have lifted overnight, curfews there and say it's possible the country may be over the peak of all across the very it was detected in the gao tang province at the end of november. sick patients were expected to overwhelm the health care system. that didn't happen, instead, rates of hospitalization decreased despite the more contagious nature of on the con . now ahead of the new year, south africans are feeling hopeful. this was the epicenter of only crone, but infections have dropped. and residents of gutting province a basking in the relief as our local health care workers, me grown woe at fat at prominent healthcare level. definitely for the
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average patient cause as much mild as symptoms than even delta. if i look at my own personal experience of a 110 patients, we had to admit it from 3 to 4 patients. i'm not very severely you. the probability of landing in a hospital with only chron is 80 percent lower than the delta infections. experts say the reason is threefold. olivia a great many people in south africa already have some immunity against the virus due to past infections. secondly, the new variant is weaker, and thirdly, vaccines have helped. almost 40 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. patients who nevertheless need hospitalization, are not severely sick. very often they should go after 8,
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listen. we monitor a cause. and that's that he seemed a nurse with some south africans wonder if micron is a blessing in disguise. those who fall sick, i'm not too sick. and the infection act of natural boost in new york city, new year's eve party celebration preparations rather are in full swing despite record numbers of code. 19 infections in the city organizers illuminated and sent up the famous times square ball several times to make sure it was all working. ball contains thousands of lights and crystals on friday night they will lower the ball during the count down. new york city will ring in 2022 in time square with a scale back celebration. and with all the problems and challenges of
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2021. the year also brought us many uplifting moments of hope, creativity and joy. before we go, we have this looked back at some of the good news we could report on over the past 12 months next. spicer, thanks for watching. ah
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