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tv   Hotel- Legenden  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2021 9:30pm-10:15pm CET

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ah, does a moment last for an eternity time. it can be measured precisely. indeed, everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time. ah, the phenomenon a dimension. we know we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting future's past starts december 31st on d. w in ah, ah, hello, in a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe and in this edition of the show,
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we look back on some exciting, a surprising and moving stories from the past year above all, we want to revisit some of the people who made a special impression in 2021, such as young roma, women singing against child marriage and for equal rights, and animal rights activist who gives elderly cows a place to chew away their old age and a mother of 10 who is only now learning to read and bright, and the policeman who literally conducts traffic as if it were a piece of music. but let's begin with a giant sea monster and to do so will take you on a journey to the caspian sea to a remote area near the city of dare bent. and here we find a huge metal construction that is quite literally beached and elegant. j. abdullah lim off for remembers how during the cold war, it was used in theory at least to scare off enemies of the soviet union.
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ah, hello. so quit in dangerous. this monstrous vehicle part ship, part airplane is on a beach by the caspian sea and the republic of douglas done. the occasional plan or screen glider was designed for military use, presumably against the west. ah alika g up to gleam off served as flight engineer on test flights for the wing ship are grown defect vehicle as their generically known. colloquially, this one is called the caspian sea monster. what very good to go. i operated the proportion units from here. it's greg machine, just incredible. at the stopped up the 1st wing ship was designed in the 1960 s. it was meant to guard russia's coast lanes and fight enemy ships, boasting undetected by radar thanks to its lu flight. this uses the ground effect aerodynamic interaction with the surface beneath the wings creek,
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just enough lift to carry the 380 ton giant a few meters above the water. ah, but it never saw genuine service. 14 years after the caspian sea monsters launch, the soviet union collapsed and test flights were ended. the nuclear though mild. oh, you good. those are hardly words thus thorough. northstar. lucky we were so proud of our country at the time for developing such, let's call them products. unlike what any other country in the world hand, new formula. what did you, susan, at the natural, it wasn't a monster. those are but the more so the decoy thought elephant plans to used a crana plan to carry passengers in those only because it didn't need long runways or airports policy or the roman abdul gleam offs. devoted 14 years of his life to the a chrono plan. he logged
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a bit more than 500 hours of flight time, which he says is not much for a professional test pilot. but the flights were anything but easy. something always went wrong. the prototype had only been built for test flights, but it wasn't though in june we had various fire fighting protocols and the event of an accident. george in hotel is not just but to be honest, we never once had to use them. he was yet the nick was jealous to de the caspian sea monster stands near, bent a 2 hour drive from abdul gleam ubs home. the now retired flight engineer is proud to be the only dagger stanny on the team of soviet researchers. hardly any photos remain from his time with them. after all, it was a top secret soviet military project. yeah. will purely, i thought i was the only non party member they took on miss burton and she would have gone the other coworkers for communists. williams, virginia,
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when the head of her test pilots division found out about axel core. he was shocked to blow on that. how could a non party member have become a crew members? get miss, but generally, but, well, we keep us to tea party membership means nothing. the country alika g up local im off was so proud of the soviet union is history. and the colossal wing ship is destined to serve as an attraction in patriot park. a to recite planned on the caspian sea coast over in the much everything is ruined. good nor you the work of so many designers and engineers noodle awfully were of us, but at least that still standing here. don't watch that. we were rather that i'm with all of the was talk about dismantling. it's for scrap news module for emerald . i hope it will help young people understand what fantastic technology we had and what a great country reward or if there were new naga. and i hope that will help him feel
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proud of this country and it's people not oden us, the old coil. and so the caspian sea monster thesis, a very different mission entities, russia to be your witness to the one time power and greatness or the former soviet union. well what a story now on a very different know these young women are currently enjoying a lot of success with their band called pretty loud, including being invited to play in london. but that success hasn't necessarily come easily after all. they come from the roemer people, europe's largest ethnic minority. the group is actually based in serbia, a country where many women and especially roma, women say their voices aren't properly heard. all the members are pretty loud, are certainly speaking up and speaking out,
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o d u, i was lucky samantha, in jam, a members of the girl been pretty loud. are young, proud and determined to take their futures into their own hands. they sing and rob about education equal rights and the practice of forced marriages. they're all too familiar with at all. mom is saying, well, no net roman lead, very traditional lives, say not going to talk with bill other than on at the women aren't supposed to work or go to school and all that because they marry would stay at home for their clean and raise the children bother that, so talk with no job. me and what a lot. no education, that ideally does so, but as a squalor ciocca seeks
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a different life. she's 19, anna law student. she and her sisters are inseparable when they experienced hardship early on and learn to support each other. their father lives in germany with his new family and their mother abandoned the girls. so they grew up with their grandparents who gave them the freedom to make their own life choices, agility, manosalvas, my grandparents, mean everything to me. i loved them so much and i'm glad we live with them. i call you good bye. and with pretty loud begun and 2014 and serbia. as a social project it's aim was to give young roma women the same rights and freedoms . as roman men have to women sing in 3 languages, romani, serbian,
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and english. their biggest success so far was their appearance at the women of the world festival in london. with me singing in the band has helped the young women build up their confidence and they found role models online. the roma people are europe's largest ethnic minority . their culture is being changed by social media. you know, even so nothing is more important to jessica than family. almost every day she takes her nieces and nephews out for walks. they to our growing up without a mother. this is a poor district quarter, but yoga says she likes it. the community has tightly net and people help one another. and, you know, go grab a young there quarter, mahala place a big role in this video. it's easy for young people to lose their way here. roma
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communities tend to live on the fringes of society and are at a big disadvantage. drug use is also rampant orders. the recall although the probably what i wish for most, for my corridor lay out the finesse or at least what i would change is to get rid of the drugs. here. they're all gum, one evidence of sun selma. there are lots of kids here. they and just like their parents, i'm worried that they'll come in contact with drug, other than a flush and they and ruin their lives. and. and the joke on the phone, you my, the orange. this voicemail of jessica has done volunteer work for years for the same social project that launched pretty loud. she helps children with their homework to help them succeed in school. the group has there were her so space one floor up there working on a new song. any one who wants to can join in it's about having fun, but joke as best friend, sylvia says, now there is also more at stake. says leave him. why will maha girls in this
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quarter look up to us? that's a major responsibility. and we have to take it on because we live here together and we're a major role model. that's a large responsibility i'm avoiding was that we are fighting for a quality and against discrimination. nazi and we want the same rights as men novice, so much privacy. it's a big challenge and i've got 2 jobs and i'm raising a child at the aqua. that's not easy. but if you really want something, then anything's possible wash for someone to look at the white one i. that's the energy that pretty loud passes on to their fans. and who knows, maybe one day they were the same as something very special happening there. now why you wonder, did you know that carol was, can live to the ripe old age of 25. but in farming, as it is largely practice these days, that simply doesn't happen. milk cows lead a tough old life and they often end up emaciated, exhausted,
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and down at the slaughter house. no one heartwarming exception is carrying books far on the german north coast. here animals, old and frail, can enjoy a place of peace or in fact, share a place of peace. oh, it's early morning down at the firm. oh, read me. time to eat. torn, luke is not a farmer. she runs a retirement home for animals. frederick escaped from a livestock trailer and rosa is from a fattening facility where she languished gravely ill. karen and her partner young goodess mainly tend to cows who would normally have ended up at the slaughter house after years as agricultural livestock
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at home put in land. the animals can spend their toilets years in peace. there has been for the we prepared father for the old folks from the nursing more so to speak, lead time they are suffering from arthritis, says was in can no longer keep up with a herd. had admit to love him. some local farmers think the retirement home for animals is a crazy idea. but the project now has so many supporters that it can take good care of the 38 cuddle from the donations. marika needs a lot of love and care. she stood in the stable for 12 years. the technical term is tethering. during that time, she produced over 100000 liters of milk. carton says that it's cruel, that the dairy industry often treats animals like machines. she thinks consumers
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don't know enough to skip in sophie lemaire, there are so many fairy tales. for example, that house always produce mill garcia as mine. can you people know their cows need to give birth version m and in industrial farming. they are artificially inseminated his arm to kicked us and then after they give birth, the cat has taken away so that we can drink her milk via mich. thinkin young girders had taken over his parents farm 1st, he carried out organic farming. but eventually he decided to abandon farming for good. some farmers have criticized his move, saying while they are hard at work, he is out collecting donations. but he disagrees. only ogazio vincent, but very few farmers could manage without you agricultural subsidies and mine dogs . and just to me, subsidies are also donations made by the state and our moustache. in fact, the taxpayers have to foot the bill gate,
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whereas the donations we receive are all made voluntarily. because under observation, every day, the cattle total over hey, at feeding time, karen anon say the animals can express a wide range of emotions. they formed family units argue and create friendships. ah 20 hector's of pasture with the animals can roam freely, carmen and young hope the project can help change people's minds. there's another s o c shared. we're not pointing a finger at others in the sound of the supervisor who doesn't, but you're not saying you are evil because you are doing this. and that order does he a brought a good bit else that we don't go around showing pictures taken at slaughter houses or last year instead. thus, we're taking a more humorous approach and song,
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the pussy. we're trying to show cattle in a positive light in vitaly show how beautiful they are. tunes is the end and that you can experience funny things when you're around them. and like now no my plan anchor. karen feels especially close to all the ox. who was part of a wandering circus company as a calf, until the veterinary authorities intervened. allah and it appeared instead of the arbiter. now he is doted on without having to perform tricks. no, i'd like you to meet a very interesting and very brave woman. her name is osler, imre,
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and she is learning to read and write. and she's doing so at the age where many others go into retirement. illiteracy is still wide spread among women in her country. that is turkey. as recently as 30 years ago, up to a 3rd of all women were affected as like grew up in poverty near the city of van. and she made a lot of sacrifices to ensure that her children got a good education. now she too wants to make up for mist time. in the course of her life as li, emily has bait more loaves of flatbread than she can count. she had to feed at 10 children. she had no time left over for learning. she never went to school, want to show that i was married at age 15 and had my 1st child at 16 to know it's always been about surviving. it's. we only owned a single cow. now with her granddaughter zayna to help. she sits at the living room
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table every day to learn how to read and write a syllable by syllable word by word the 60 year old is exploring a new world of i'm sick of always asking other people how to get places when i can't read the signs for the buses, this will yet this weekend will come, gentle body boy. and then began. grandma came to us one day and said, now i want to learn to read, let him can understand. and i said, grandma, you can teach that to yourself. i'll help you. and so we got started, i did have it. the image family lives at the east and end of turkey on lake vaughn, near the border to iran. and one of the country's poorest provinces they're members of the kurdish minority asked me, embrace didn't learn to speak turkish until she was grown. her husband charla was rarely at home. he earned his money as a migrant construction worker. their son seemed destined for the same,
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but the deeply religious as the innovative was determined to give their children a better life. if it hasn't been, we couldn't even afford curtains. yonder this just hated under him. it was a little too young, but we wanted the children to go to school, even though we had to buy school uniforms and books for them to give you the cheapest yellows. often we didn't even have the money for a basic notebook, so they'll get this. they had to count every single lire, but they managed to put their children through school. 9 of the kids graduated from high school and went on to college. the youngest son is still in high school. now their mother wants to be able to read books too. and the strong mother of van province has been praised in the turkish media for her courage and determination. her husband is proud of their children's success. so to hook the villagers,
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we talk behind our backs because we sent our daughters to school. so we never paid any mind to that talk, love, love, talk to look. our 5 daughters of all graduated from schools will not over more than 4 of them are features other than that. and one became a nurse about not only to tell us down shooter as a youth, this on good con, had to help at the construction site like his brothers. today, he's a cardiologist at the van city hospital. he put himself through medical school, working with his father during the vacations, with a single tweet about his mother's thirst for knowledge. he made his family an overnight sensation across turkey. miss was my mother's story reflects the social and economic reality in turkey. and though that's probably why it drew so much attention was confidential. many turks see themselves on her concessions that many families have gone through much the same things we did in the office. they did some of them of had an even harder time. popular although 3 decades ago,
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wine out of 3 women in turkey were illiterate. today the right has been cut to 6 percent most to can't read and write our older women in rural areas like us, the immigrant. the images escaped poverty through education, to thank their mother. her sons have built her a modern house, but she still prefers to bake her bread in the turban or clay oven in the courtyard . the way she used to in the village the children come to visit their parents as many weekends as they can. they say that from their mother, they learned discipline piety and decency, and pride in their origins. even if that wasn't always easy. still electrical hastily for a school assembly for the national holiday. my son gurkin. when said to me, please tell the teacher, i'm sick. she william accessed the open on with him and she didn't want to go because he was ashamed that he didn't have a dress shirt. you don't forget things like that. when i toss it,
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we can get it. tricky that will be our mother will write a book i haven't yet. she has gone through so much and accomplished so much. daniels, think of what they were mostly hard times. but what value would memories have? what if they were only about happy data? if as lima, they had gone to school, she would have liked to have become a judge. now at least she plans to learn another language. for that, she says it's not too late. definitely not. and we wish our so all the very best in her studies. now there are those who say that drivers in italy don't always respect the rules of the road that things can get pretty chaotic. well, just try going to rome central piazza vanessia, and there's little sign of such chaos which might in large measure be down to this mountain, fabio agree low. he's dedicated himself to directing. or perhaps, i should say, conducting the traffic flow at this busy hub, with all the applause of a great maestro,
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tirelessly directing traffic. aah! with white gloves. elegance, and at the concentrated gates. for almost 20 years now, piazza vanessia has been in the workplace. if that be okay, it isn't yesterday, but it's the most important thing is the precision of the movement, elegant, accurate, and decisive. bennett. this is the only way the driver understands my signal. i commit that i will, if i make a mistake, if anything can happen, it was jesse goes, ah, due to roadworks on the piazza drive, as have had to do without fabiola conducting scales for almost a year. now the human traffic light is back on his usual podium. romans love that vigilant traffic officer. although the job in the center of the piazza is not suitable for every one new york. so you definitely need
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a lot of enthusiasm to do this job. love it. it's not just about traffic controls and these are the up either this podium and it's conductance. have even made it into italian film history. program. them 1000 annoying level. it's yeah, the film was shot here. you got to, did you do with us offices in this piazza in our workplace? was a little doctor. it made us famous. when y'all, as a model, as that the more the bed looked at that time, only men filled the my strange position at the crossroads. but rome has since moved with the times elia, noah ludovico, she has served here for 3 years. as a woman on the podium, she believes she even has an advantage over her male colleagues for this one on cognition. women that may be because dr. is a more impressed by a woman, they show more respect, at least they follow my signals closely. they don't offer any
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a nora remembers all to well how during the knock down no traffic directions when needed in the otherwise bustling and crowded piazza. innate sia said i withdraw yano around the veto rianna monuments that were hardly any color solid. i can fit them. everything was empty to silence. felt surreal. events even. oh, you could even hear the birds singing about it, but i think there is no semblance of that now on the piazza. but the traffic offices, glad to be back. they left sylvia. she just, even though you're breathing in fumes on the podium, it's still nice to be up there. at that level, it's a symbol of everyday life. i love you. obviously. they love this city needs us up there because we are synonymous with life. i sit on him on the visa as the podium rises, a little bit of normality returns, as well as the old elegance of the room and metropolis.
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well i hope and i trust that i didn't promise you too much. some great people though, stories to day, lots of courage, lots of positive energy and i do look forward to plenty more in the year to come. so stay safe and to join us on focus on europe in 2022. for now though, bye bye. when trucks ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah, with
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ah, with other respects ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the latest surge in cove at 19 cases is worrying governments around the globe. many are imposing new restrictions and looking for ways to stop the rapid spread of the highly transmissible. omicron varies. also
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coming up, glean maxwell found guilty of helping sexually abuse young girls for a decade. the survivors say it's a step towards justice for the victims, jeffrey epstein. and coming up we miss you. we love you. we thank you. people south africa remembering nobel peace prize, glory in human rights activists. desmond ah, infections are worrying governments around the globe. many are hastily introducing limits on new year celebrations in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus official say the highly contagious omicron barrier is driving the latest search. despite a shortage of tests, the u. k has been reporting record breaking case numbers just like denmark,
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many countries in europe we're seeing unprecedented peaks amid the rapids spread of the omicron variant in germany. case numbers are also rising, but for now still comparatively low isn't in schools. and overall, we're a bit more disciplined than some of our european neighbors nation masks are especially effective against omicron that sets germany apart. we cannot forget that england and denmark barely had social distancing measures in place recently, and masks were not born. that is certainly different here in germany, just as in bought one sandwich sensual, unless the end of the year come, may be deceptive. few tests were administered during the holidays and numbers reported more slowly. health minister car lauterbach says the actual volume of cases could be 2 to 3 times higher, and a spike may be seen quite soon. queues at test centers are increasing. this location in berlin carries out over a 1000 tests a day. this and we feel it's coming up that the numbers are slowly increasing on
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the same thing by mid january. that should be a more realistic picture of the situation. but the number of confirmed omicron cases is increasing at a faster pace in northern germany as a safe entirely possible that the proximity to scandinavian nations is a factor. omicron is very dominant there, so the virus may be traveling over the border. i think everyone understands that a virus will not stop at border sounding. he's just the was fun again finish. i had mother federal and state officials in germany a do to meet on the 7th of january, to map out a strategy to combat the spread of the virus. earlier i spoke to epidemiologists and senior fellow at the federation of american scientists in washington, d. c. dr. eric fielding, i asked him what was driving the latest surge despite plenty of resources, like booster shots, booster shots work, but booster shot role as you know is very inadequate. is incredibly slow. many places they take time for to work. and con, increases exponentially. well,
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you can only roll them out, logistically feasible as you can, but this is a virus on current is $5.00 to $6.00 times more contagious than delta, which was already twice in stages of the move stream from last year. so we're talking about stream potentially 10 times more contagious than before. nothing we do right now is enough to keep up unless you think of something on a blanket decide scale. and that's why when the mitigations were used to p, i'm across delta and other barrington check will be sufficient enough against all crime. and with high cases you're going to boom, the number of people infected and ultimately overwhelm the hospital. let's catch you up on some other developments. independent mac, the us centers for disease control is advising americans to avoid cruise ship travel cars, regardless of their vaccination status, saying it's too risky with the highly contagious on work on varian. frances banning the consumption of food and drinks and cinema feeders and sports by news as well as
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on public transportation. all of it is part of their efforts to stop the spread of the virus. and new york city will ring in the new year in time square, despite record numbers of cove. in 1900 infections, the event will be scaled back with smaller crowds and visitors will be required have proof of vaccination. now, roundup of some non pandemic headlines. russian president vladimir putin and his u. s. counterpart joe biden have been talking on the phone about possible diplomatic solutions to tensions that are mounting over ukraine before the call. washington warned that the massive russian troop build up near the ukrainian border may signal invasion moscow. meanwhile, accusing nato of an eastward expansion. police in hong kong are formerly charged to senior editors from the online news outlet stand, news with sedition. they've been identified in court documents as former stand news chief editor, sean juan quinn and patrick lamb. it has been comes
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a day after authorities rated stand news is offices jury in the united states has found british socialite galena maxwell guilty helping the sex offender jeffrey epstein abuse under aged girls over a period of years after 5 days to deliver deliberations. the new york jury found maxwell guilty on 5 counts, including recruiting and grooming epstein's teenage victims. the verdict could see the 60 year old spend the rest of her life behind bars, recruiting and grooming teenage victims and trafficking a minor. these are the heavy charges of which british socialite galle maxwell was found guilty by the new york jerry. the road to justice has been far too long. but today, justice has been done. no one, no matter how powerful or well connected it is above the law. jolaine maxwell is the daughter of british newspaper. baron robert maxwell,
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in court accuser showed evidence of maxwell's close relationship to late fine and sheer and convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. epstein was jailed in 2019 based on charges of sex trafficking minors, but he committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial. in the current court case of killing maxwell, she was found to have helped epstein systematically procure young girls some as young as 14. the charges against maxwell were brought forward by 4 victims, but many more feel they have been served justice. this is a victory for all the victims of miss maxwell and abstain. moreover, i think this is a victory for all young children, boys, girls, women, and men who are victims of abusers like this. it will give them the needed push to step forward and to speak their truth and to hopefully get justice like these young girls have with respect to miss maxwell,
10:08 pm
the defense as to 60 year old is being used as a scapegoat for other people's crimes. i. we firmly believe in glens, innocence. obviously we are very disappointed with the verdict. we have already started working on the appeal, and we are confident that she will be vindicated everyone the healthy, have a happy new year. how you doing, maxwell now stands to spend the rest of her life in prison. if she receives the maximum possible sentence of 65 years, it's get more now from heather driven a. she is from the rape abuse and incest national network. it's the largest non profit anti sexual violence organization in the u. s. thank you so much for being here to talk about this important topic. what does this mean exactly, for the survivors this verdict has come out. thank you for having me 1st to are so relieved to see the guilty verdict and this trial and for the survivors you have
10:09 pm
been so great and gone for so much to reach this moment to finally see someone being held accountable for what they experienced. we know that for survivors of sexual violence, the odds of having a perpetrator held accountable are very low on. so this is a strong message that people can be held accountable even years later. and even if they are powerful and well connected. exactly. so because that so often is not the case, do you think this verdict, is it a turning point anyway? will there be more accountability to perpetrators or more protection for survivors and victims? i think this is part of the positive pattern that we've been seeing. you know, we've seen several high profile, very powerful individuals from harvey weinstein to maxwell now being held accountable for their crimes. and that sounds a powerful message to people. we know that the statistics are low for how many people actually get justice through the justice system. in these kinds of cases,
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particularly when they are stacked up against a perpetrator with financial means with powerful connections, a lot of survivors feel that it might just not be worth it to subject themselves to the reach harmonization that often goes with the legal process. if they don't have a chance of justice, hopefully people are seeing that that tide is turning. that was heather drive now from the rape abuse and incest national network. speaking to me earlier, adam oil service has been held for the late archbishop desmond tutu in south africa . the anti apartheid fighter and nobel prize laurie died last week and at the age of 90 is funeral sets take place on new year's day in cape town, people across south africa had been paying their respects just a simple wooden coffin for a man whose being remembered as a humble hero, school was gathered in johannesburg and cape town to remember archbishop ameritas desmond to to one of the rainbow nations most revered voices for human rights.
10:11 pm
his successor embraced one of 22 daughters. she's grieving her tata her father, has to, to was known to so many south africans is like a daughter really in pain, cry, or bereavement. i think you need to pray for her religion or so have us. we love her, and we will continue to support her, even when the daughter is gone to to didn't want to be remembered with pump. so inside the cathedral, a small ceremony was held. leaders and ordinary south africans alike laid flowers. and those gathered performed songs and some of to twos favorite hymns. ah,
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his grandson spoke and thanked manas for helping his family through a difficult time. we've been reassured by the outpouring of love and prayers in support that a port in from around the world that he will not be out of mind just because he's out of sight. we miss you. we love you. we thank you. as tutors coffin was carried out, members of the public sang songs and celebration of his life and legacy. oh, born under apartheid, he dreamed of a different south africa. and through his ministry, he helped bring that nation into being at least 4 people have been killed in sudan after security forces opened fire on protesters. the violence came as tens of thousands of people defied a security locked down to rally against military rule. sudan is seen
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a 2 month long campaign of st. demonstrations against the military coup that took place in october. i another day of violence and cartoon was, crowds marched on the headquarters of the military government processes throwing stones. the security forces responding with tear gas and life fire another day of death and injury in this to month uprising. bob, i know we came out today to bring down this ruling military council and to get a civilian democratic government after that it probably a lawful another law. we came out to bring down abdul fat alto, hon. and the pro is the miss regime moment law. we are looking for a civilian government for the sudanese people, the sabbath, who done after seizing power in october, the military then ostensibly re appointed. the deposed prime minister in late november protest is dismissed that deal as
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a ruse. and what the military out of politics completely white and young probably today were demonstrating for the fall of the military power and against the political deal, which was supposed to stop the bloodshed. john, what happened? but unfortunately there is still debt and violence. that means this agreement is not the right one. how come with demonstrators run? i don't thursday, despite abandon protests authorities also shut down, telephone networks, internet connections in another vain attempt to stop people organizing. for 2 months after the military took power, the streets still belong to the people. i was 2022, just around the corner. a sweet new year's tradition in japan as taken on gigantic proportions. have a look at this rice cake. that's weighing 700 kilograms. it's been offered at a shrine into g, perfect jordan,
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north of tokyo. it's an annual tradition marked by prayers for a good harvest the rice cake or may not display until january 20th, and broken up and given to visitors. to watching dw news stick around, we've got the very town, steven beardsley up next with dw business. so don't want to miss that. well, a lot more news for you. i'm william gulker. if that's all for me, thanks very much. take care. see you soon. shlou where i come from we have to fly for a fleet with and was born and raised in the military be.


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