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tv   Klosterkuche  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] lose ah ah, this is d w. news. asia coming up today is special. look at china's growing power this year, both at home and abroad. the man behind that drive is cheating. pinged. his control
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over china's direction is nearly absolute and puts him on course to be one of the most powerful leaders in china's modern history. under his rule, china has taken a strong hand in shaping society and trying to silence those who speak out against those in power. and it has shown its muscle when it comes to its intentions for taiwan. how are your of, and germany handling a rise in china? ah, i melissa chan. thanks for joining us. 2021 was a big year for chinese liter sheeting pain at the communist parties. annual meeting this fall. he was symbolically elevated to the same status as the people's republic of china's paramount leader louder dome by a rare resolution back to my party members, the document may laid out she's understanding of china's past,
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and his vision for china's future. president, seizing ping, hasn't le china for nearly 2 years. partly because of the pandemic, but also because he's focused on building his legacy into lie ahead of the parties . central committee meeting. he made it clear that he's firmly and the driver seat at home and abroad. drawing on them, the chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to bully, oppressor and slave us. only one who dares try to do that. we'll have their heads bashed and bloodied against the great wall of steel, forged by over 1400000000 chinese people. this year marks the 100 anniversary of the chinese communist party. it's official. history is the top item on the agenda, chairman mouth, the dog, the founder of the people's republic of china, was the 1st to in shine, his role as leader his successor, dings hoping architect of the reforms that propelled china's economy to the world's
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2nd biggest. did the same she wants to show that he's an equally important leader, transforming china into a global power. he wants to make his power felt all across the chinese society as well. he has boosted the military and launched a crackdown that is muzzled the tech ty coons like ali baba's jack mar. in recent weeks, she has been stepping a pressure on the sovereign island of taiwan, which trina considers its own. but one challenge he has yet to overcome is economic had winds. growth is slowing amid an energy crunch and supply chain disruptions. and there are still concerns about china's real estate market. she's image has become so elevated and so sensitive that the communist party has sought to curve all of their alternatives beyond. it's officially crafted version of who sheeting is even to go so far as to force the cancellation of a book. talk this october about she in germany, the author of that book,
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adrian geiger's told us then why he thinks china is doing all this. but i'm feeling is and what they even told us, it's because, you know, there's such a cult of personality around she. g pin and now in china and even to portray him as a human b is sir too much and im derived too simple effect. so he was the walls or something like this. we don't care about it. you mentioned it in the sentence in the book. even this is too much because they were oh, show him in china is something like like a super sto even like like a god. and what she says goes, his government has pushed a number of reforms aimed to erode individual ism and push for more devotion of the self to the state that's shown up in the way china has dealt with the pandemic ordering entire cities to get tested, vaccinated,
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or go into lockdown. it's extended to the bedroom with china's birth rate dropping . parents are being encouraged to have more children. video gaming for teenagers now has a time limit. and there's been a clamp down on high profile, a chinese citizens. any one who comes across as defined of the state has been dealt with harshly as the world saw this fall with tennis champion punch. why? to those living in china punks. why is alive and well? but videos like this one released in november didn't convinced the w t. o, due to its continued concerns about puns. well being, it withdrew only it's tournaments from china. it c e o saying and a statement in good conscience. i don't see how i can ask our athletes to compete there when punch, why is not allowed to communicate freely and has seemingly been pressured to contradict her allegation of sexual assault. china, meanwhile,
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double down on its stance, suggesting a vendetta from the west. we'll meet you with our goal and we have already elaborated our position that we are firmly opposed to act to long distance. i suppose it's john keegan to lot welto. the senior politician pung, accused of rape john gully hasn't responded to the allegations. but while china tries to block out the issue, the w t a has been pushing for an investigation. the decision to pull out of china was its boldest step, helped by pung success as a player. china accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars for the women's tour with the beijing winter games just ahead. the international olympic committee is under pressure to do more a 30 minute video call. it held with pung, didn't assuage concerns. it led to criticism that the i o c was playing into
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china's hands with human rights watch calling it a quote hostage video in a recent d w interview. and the i o c. you know, it's, think about it this way. if, if you know, you're asked to participate in making, you know, helping make a hostage video, do you jump in and say yes. now, of course, you don't, you try to find ways to actually assess the person non protect your own reputation, which is all the ios is doing. here. pung has received support from many current and former tennis players who have praised the w t decision. one question now is whether other sports bodies will follow that lead d. w also reported this year on beijing's campaign against wiggers. millions of the predominantly muslim minority have been held in detention camps. but even those spirit imprisonment are subject to harsh surveillance measures. as mathias ballinger reported back in june
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the surveillance of the weaker starts at the entrance to their home. a few years ago faced scanning devices suddenly appeared and residential compounds all over the city hall rooms. they had direct dealing to the police on the outskirts of the city. we managed to film a cluster of data centers. police data and surveillance footage are processed here an app on their phone alerts. policeman, once software has identified a suspect under glo surveillance are those who have recently moved to a different city with traveled abroad. ready guar, in an official suspect data base, will use an unusual amount of electricity bows. phone is often disconnected. again, we have stopped from filming what is happening in saint john is seen by observe is around the world as
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a crime against humanity. a system reminiscent of the darkest periods of the 20th century. the poet by today's technology mathias ballinger, who files that report had to leave china after working there for several years. harassment from citizens and police while out doing his job, made it unsafe for him to remain in the country. now, we can't talk about china asserting its influence. if we don't talk about taiwan, tensions between china and taiwan are being described as the worst in decades. beijing has sent dozens of warplanes to fly repeatedly over taiwan air defense zone, prompting accusations of intimidation with she warning that quote, it has never ended well for those who betray the motherland and quote. so how does taiwan view china's actions? here's the w's tie. pay correspondent william yang. while the mood in taiwan
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remains relatively calm, defense officials over here one, china could be launching a full scale invasion against taiwan by 2025. they also set that china deployment of military aircraft in to time. once a d i z is intended to wear down the islands air defense. the sako rays on tactics is viewed by many security experts as one of the greatest security risks in the region. because they think in the event like this, if there is any miscalculation, it could lead to a unavoidable military conflict between both sides. however, taiwan remains very confident that it has the capability to deal with the rising chinese military threat. and it does not expect any countries troops to get involved, because they think that ultimately the responsibility of defending taiwan breasts with its troops and also its people. they have also laid out the plans to modernize its military weapons and at the same time also to race the combat readiness of its troops. germany will likely take
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a tougher approach to china given the new coalition government, the green parties, and lena bear, bach is now foreign minister in an interview to german newspaper taz. she laid out her vision for berlin's interactions with beijing. thing quote, dialogue is the central building block of international politics, but that doesn't mean we gloss over issues or remain silent on them. foreign policy based on values is always a combination of dialogue and toughness. eloquent silence is not a form of diplomacy for the long term, though many have believed so in recent years and quote, that's careful diplomatic language. but the greens have consistently taken strong positions on taiwan on china and on human rights. we spoke to no, a barkin senior visiting fellow at the german marshall fund for how he thinks this will play out. one area is simply on human rights. i think we're going to see
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a more outspoken german government on issues like she and john on issues like hong kong. i think on taiwan as well. we'll see a change of tone from the government. i think another area is, is euro, you know, i think bab bulk has made clear. and this is also in the coalition agreement that she wants to push for a more unified european approach to trying to. this is something that medical under, under outgoing chancellor uncle and math goal. she, she paid lip service to this but didn't really pursue it. and i think was accused by others in europe that sort of presuming, pursuing german interests rather than, than a broader european approach. and i think, you know, it's going to mean just more confidence. and burbock said this in a, in an interview this week, you know, europe has the leverage over china, china needs european markets,
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trying to needs european investment. so take more competent approach in, in dealing with china, less self censorship. bell book has said she wants to end this sort of culture of silence. that's it for today. there's more on our web site. we'll leave you today with cheating. king's a, china, this year has seen him and the party exercised greater control over people's lives, directly in pursuit of his vision of a more powerful and united china. thanks for watching and good bye thing with the fight against the corona virus pandemic.
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how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and context? the corona virus update the coded 19 special next on d w. then gentleman with are you at any time i am he plays easing means video to velez. we have a question, so move the thing along to the is the combo t from super thief, once eats a interactive exercises everything is online, mobile and interactive and gym and for free. with d, w o . germany now has some of the world's strictest rules for people who are not fully
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vaccinated against coven. 19. the country also has a vocal minority who refused to get the jap many subscribe to conspiracy theories and call themselves queer dangers or transgressive thinkers. they have been protesting against the increase rules in germany, and now many or so fed up, they're leaving some anti vaccines are now looking to get away from the locked downs and restrictions of their home land, even to places as far off as south america. ah. hello and welcome to deutsch rose cove in 19 special, i'm see from beardsley in berlin with every wave of cobra 19 illnesses in germany comes a new backlash from those strongly opposed to the health measures taken in response, including vaccination protests and refusal to wear a mask in public places or the actions that most commonly take. some however have gone to more extreme measures. olga and vala cone
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came to hoa now in december 2020. it's a small town with around $15000.00 inhabitants in the south of paraguay. it was founded in 1900 by german settlers. the cones appreciate the peace and quiet here in the countryside. make me boil the cones emigrated from stuttgart and south western germany to paraguay together with valez brother and his wife. they said they can lead a free life here without cove restrictions. is also labor staying healthy for many more years. yamma we have more time for ourselves. that's what it looks like. well, without fear keeping animals growing our own plants but vague in the science. langford, for i live just living freely. that's to plan more than 1000 people have moved from germany to paraguay in the last year. the cone brothers want to set up a business repairing cars like they did in germany. they hope they can have time
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for their family life outside of work. i english long the alibi, the in germany, both of us were employed. we both worked in the long haul active iraq. the kids were in school and in kindergarten. there were vis. elton olga. we hardly saw each other, but i thought a little run it more sometimes for 2 or 3 days. because i had to work more to earn money. pennsylvania and some of those who have emigrated here are turning their back on coven restrictions in europe. vitaly folks who now works as a pastor for the community and whole anal explains the ha, number of migrants with his religious perspective. the law begin parkway, in red, gothic, and then i found paraguay on a world map. coleman and gaunt said by the time has come and he will be there he was. and as it was said, bob. so it came to pass. i also lead an online forum more and my subject was
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a wave of migrants to paraguay. my team, iowa. i novilla also on that, not paraguay other members of the german community in holland l. like in a honda who arrived a few months ago from the us are much more forthcoming about their rejection of the coven measures and vaccines. all of that isn't something paraguay should go along with she says, a cabin. thus i decided to come here because we noticed that through this heroic virus situation, everything was tightening up, becoming more difficult. because more and more people actually had to flee germany, austria and switzerland. i mention, we think they lost their jobs boys, and soon they won't be able to go out shopping. the funnier i bite stella, and now they're announcing a vaccine mandate type. it's couldn't be the sean island info slung and it still remains to be seen just which coven measure is paraguayan will implement in the
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course of the pandemic until then, the emigrant families will try to find their new home here. address sick is professor for socialization and conflict research at the university of bill of health. here in germany, professor, thank you for joining us on the show. would you ever have imagines that it would get to this point where people would actually immigrate overseas? because of coven 19 measures? no, the immigration of groups, especially feminine, is not a new pet on members of the protests have already emigrated and support us live abroad. they have emigrated to reasons of conviction as well to to escape prosecution. so we have in class we have some in class in canada where former journalist office, real estates, we know that one of the most critical spokesman is now living in turkey. we know the formation of the us book community historically it's,
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it's one of the strategies of the protesters and the denial to co hope with the situation. but what, what is now relevant is to observe what happens in these colonies. is there further radicalization are they producing propaganda so and we need to link it to the multiple forms of protests in the immigration. it's one part of the social media offer a lot of of possibilities to create these parallel societies and communities. you said that it's just one part of this protest. it does it tell us something important about the intensity of the opposition here in germany and other countries, or is it french, how would you look at it? no, we would say that this is one element and may be the last step in the process of radicalization . so the one group is leaving the country. the other group are further red colliding in 2 into a polarized ideology and into violence when we speak about radicalization. i speak about
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a radicalization into ideology and violet and but this immigration is one part. it's a central element. why? because the disc tensing the distancing to the former system, the distance thing 2 o 2, they form a networks. so the distance to traditional and majority norms, andrew is one of the most relevant elements in this radicalization and it's growing every we saw in the last week. we saw around 50000 people in germany in the streets . we have over 33000 right. wingers who count themself among them. we have network of corona deny us the study spied by the university of vienna and edinburgh estimate that nearly 9 percent of the population in germany belong to the ice and it's a very heterogeneous group. and the distance is the central element. not too long ago, in fact, we saw a torchlight march and from the house of the health minister in saxony. that's
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a german state. do you expect to see more violence, especially as we near this debate on a vaccine mandate in germany? nace lacy clear evidence of her the radicalization when we defined radicalization as extreme ideologies and violence with an increase in public statistics in a group based and and racist based hate crimes. and we see many protests, it's not, it's not that the amount of people is increasing. so. so the corona protests in 2022 that we saw huge protest but, but now it's going very much low color. and uh, the people who are now in this movement become very extreme. and the mandatory vaccination. this, the topic of monetary vaccination was always the bridge to the center of society.
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so for example, in spring this year we run a representative, sorry, in germany and 70 percent in this representative survey. agreed to the statement. corona's use 3 vaccination and 18 percent party agreed. and this, this mandatory vaccination is not perceived by the protest. us as something which is good to fight the grown club iris, but it is a complete, complete giving up of their freedom and it's increasing the idea we have to show a resistor. and so right now we are losing all, all rights. all right, andreas sick as a professor of socialization and conflict research at the university of feel, felt here in germany. thank you very much. thank you very much. now it's time for you to ask and us to answer. here's of your question for our science correspondent derek williams. why do i need
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a cold id 19 vaccine if it doesn't prevent me from catching the disease? oh, i think that this question more than any other illustrates how governments and health care authorities have have really struggled with messaging in this pandemic. i'm to answer it. let's go back over some of the stuff that they could have probably communicated better. at 1st, i think, is the fact that despite really great efficacy numbers from clinical trials, the vaccines that we have are not perfect silver bullets. and we should never have expected them to be. what they have so far proved to provide is some very effective short term protection from serious illness and death caused by cove. it, it would be great if that protection were indefinite but, but there are indications that it might be less long term. and then we'd hoped one recent model based study that's gotten some attention,
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posits that if stars covey to becomes an donek, then re infection and people who got once could on average, occur again in just 16 months now. if correct, that obviously has implications for durability of immune response in vaccinated people as well. but that's just one prediction. and over the course of this pandemic, it feels like those have proven wrong a lot more often than they've proven right? so i would encourage people to focus more on what we really do know now. um, like the crystal clear data based statistics published by the c d c and the u. s. they've showed that, although vaccines haven't prevented coven 19, or it's spread complete lay there,
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unvaccinated people are still 5 times more likely to test positive for the disease than vaccinated people are. and more importantly, unvaccinated people are 10 times more likely to end up in the hospital and 10 times more likely to die. so does being vaccinated guarantee you won't get covered 19 or, or maybe even die from it. no. but for at least a while may be a long while back seen. certainly do stack the deck a lot more in your favor. boone or science correspond derek williams. there i'm seeing bears in berlin. that's it for our show today. thanks watching the healthy
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with who i she's known for his venus sandra, but
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a tele renaissance genius. but she also had a dark side for years he painted hel, just as masterfully in the seriously as the poet dantes depicts bought italy's inferno in 74 on d. w. how long does a moment last year and eternity time. it can be measured precisely ended everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time, a phenomenon, a dimension, if we know we won't live forever, an illusion. about time presenting futures past starts december 31st on
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d. w. on the green. do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm mil, host of the on the grievance uncles. and to me it's clear we need to change the solutions are out there. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me to do with people and trucks injured one, trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families. and the reason for the credit on that is we like it and straight people fleeing extreme $200.00 people
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with around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines ah, with this is dw news live from berlin. the latest surgeon cove in 19 cases is worrying


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