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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2021 7:15am-7:31am CET

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me look, set to suffer for the foreseeable future, opening the way from o puppies, and what kind of is across these fields. and when acoustics on the streets vac, i'm stunned neighbors. you're watching dw news use. a reminder of the top story. we're falling free readers. social i killing manual has been found guilty of learning teenage girls to be sexually abused by american millionaire. jeffrey epstein, the new york jury founder guilty of 5 counts, including recruiting and gloomy teenage victims, and the most serious defense trafficking. a minor for sense coming up next is your business, new john, michael oke, who in berlin, thanks for joining me. you watching w. ah. listen
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carefully. don't know how those 2 things you need to do go. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, europe's 1st home grown battery facility begins production will look at what sweden's north full could mean for european carmakers and just how charged up wall street investors are over all things. electric cars. also want to show germany near
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the end of its decades long relationship with nuclear power. some of its neighbors say they plan, however, to build more reactors. and turkey's economic woes are turning books into a luxury. publishers and customer say they can barely keep up with rising prices. hello and welcome to the show i'm seeing busy in berlin was being held as a milestone for europe. the swedish battery cell maker, north vault has officially begun production at its facility in the countries north . that makes it the continents 1st homegrown battery cell production line for customers like volkswagen, volvo, and bmw w. that's good news for their plans for the coming years. just 200 kilometers south of the arctic circle. this factory in which they all produced its 1st battery cell . this week, the location was chosen because it's near important sights of renewable energy production in northern sweden, including hydro electric power,
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intended to compete with the u. s. electric car giant, tesla and asian producers of lithium ion batteries. the site is expected to produce enough batteries to power $1000000.00 electric vehicles every year. north vault expects to make its 1st deliveries to commercial customers. in early 2022. the company has already secured $30000000000.00 worth of orders from european comic as including germany's b, m, w, and folks vegan, and sweden's volvo with which it plants a 2nd european factory. tesla is due to launch its 1st factory in europe soon, and asian rivals have significant operations in poland and hungary. but no european firm had opened a major facility until now. well, 2021 was a big year for electric vehicles and electric infrastructure. companies like ford and g m announce ambitious e v production goals. investors meanwhile search for the next tesla,
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while elevating firms with a focus on electric infrastructure. among the biggest winters was electric vehicle maker revene automotive. now it raised over $12000000000.00 in its market debut in november, a munich based sono motors, a small developer of solar powered electric vehicles, had a bit more of a humble i. p. o, but still beat expectations. raising $150000000.00 in it's to view a charge point, a company that manages electric charging networks when public in march and raised around $615000000.00 in cash. though it stock has fallen lately, and we should mentioned that none of these companies, however, is actually profitable thus far. right for more, let's go to james sweeney in new york. james, good to see you. this has been a big year for electric vehicles. so far all things. electric on wall street, a lot of appetite from investors. what do we expect for the next year? let me put it this way. 2021 is the year e. b. startups made their name on wall street that we all heard of them. 2022 looks
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to be the years that dominate the headlines on the street. and we're not just talking about startups here. we're talking about all around electric vehicle production, especially from the big companies. while she was enamored or you were tesla caribbean, even lucid recently. and you look at living really is that the man is there the 1st day, the 1st 5 days went public, the company's market cap surpass volkswagen. and don't forget like you said earlier, $150000000000.00 as evaluation in november with 0 revenue at all. then it's been one and a half months now, and that excitement, it's not cold down, test look, front and center, and the man isla must tweets, grabbing the headlines. we also have the big boys about getting with forward releasing its f 150 lightning electric vehicle pick ups. where say the, the a, m g e q, s tesla cyber truck is on the way. we can put it to rest electric vehicles. enthusiasm is only just begun that's going to be big in 2022 or so one of the things that could, however, slow down the automotive industry in that next year, even as that excitement for electric ramps up is the supply of chips. we've seen
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that the real problem of the past year is going to get any better in this next year . well, the funny thing about the chip shortages is that before this, investors were worried more about the man than ships. but now that's not even a concern because the demand is there. so regarding computer chip supply, we can see some relief in 2022. but we need cove it in on the chronic ease because that's what's key to ensure that these producers and ship plans can get back to work healthy. that's why reopens voters allows shipments of products, research and development for improve computer hardware. and we also need some more effort on behalf of global political leaders to reach trade agreements. that won't keep our computer chips and general cargo sitting on ships off the coast for a month at a time at different prices. so can we see a trip shortage relief next year? yeah, we can definitely, but there's a lot of pieces to that puzzle to put it all together. all right, james sweeney in new york. talk about the car industry and the i'll look for next year. thank you. thank you. and out of some of the other global business stores making headlines, trouble,
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chinese property developer ever grant appears to have missed another bond payment deadline. the due date on $2.00 bond coupons went unpaid, potentially complicating evergreen's ongoing efforts to restructure offshore debt and complete housing projects. every grant has a 30 day grace period before the debt is declared. in default, more details have emerged of chinese ride hailing giant dds plans the de las from new york and religious on the hong kong stock exchange. reuters, according to sources saying the company plans to use a mechanism that will allow it to list without raising capital or issuing new stock listing by introduction, as it's known would allow holders of its u. s. shares to gradually transfer them. apple has placed an indian fox con i phone factory on probation over work conditions. the plant which employ 17000 people was closed on december 18th. after more than $250.00 women who worked there had to be treated for food. food poisoning an investigation by apple and fox con,
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concluded that dining rooms as well as dormitories did not meet required standards . free forwarding company, flex port, says is dispatching 3747 aircraft loaded with potatoes to help ease a french fry shortage at mcdonald's restaurants in japan. now, the scarcity had led the restaurants to limiting orders to only small fry orders. supply chain problems have been blamed for the scarcity. well, less than 2 days now, germany will say good bye to its 7 decade relationship with commercial nuclear power. reactors representing almost half the countries remaining nuclear capacity will be shut down before the new year. was the final step in a plant begun 10 years ago to assure germany out of a power source that has long been controversial. in the meantime, neighboring countries have taken a different approach to the power source. take a look. ah. these protestors are making their voices heard and have been
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doing so for decades outside a nuclear power plant in northern germany for over 35 years now. activists have been meeting up once a month to call for the reactor to be shut down. to day is the 425th meeting and the final time that they'll be here breathing the elements. that's because the broke off nuclear power plant, one of the most controversial in germany, will be decommissioned at the end of the year for a pastor in protest, co founder hans cont vanna. it's a day of mixed feelings. as you have each kid is mainly a sense of relieve that the nuclear power plant is, find the history to we never imagined back then that we'd have to hold out for. so long's, that's about on the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster prompted germany to declare a nuclear phase out by the end of 2022. but many countries continue to rely on nuclear power. how long this promotional film made by the french nuclear industry
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depicts it as clean and above all climate friendly. a line of argument also favored by the countries president, yet dondo the subject to achieve our objectives in particular carbon neutrality by 2050. and we will, for the 1st time in decades relaunched the construction of nuclear reactors in our country and on the copy. that's why the greenhouse gas emissions are lower than those from fossil fuels, but compared to wind or solar power, nuclear energy production is far more expensive. it's really clear those countries around the world that are most intensely committed to civil nuclear power. ah, either countries with nuclear weapons or countries really demonstrably cain on nuclear weapons. the reactor will be shut down, but the radioactive waste will remain in storage there for decades to come. there's still no permanent disposal site anywhere in the world, which is why the activists plan to continue their fight over to turkey,
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where the economy remains in crisis. rising inflation and a plummeting layer have undercut wages and made staples like food increasingly more expensive. well, books have not escape the pain. rising prices are posing a problem for customers. and the publishing industry alike. turkey is debilitating and raging economic crisis is increasing prices across the board. and the latest victim seems to be the publishing industry where some books have increased in price by over 50 percent is i just asked about the cost, and i was told that the book i want to buy now costs 38 lira today. i had bought it before for 24 lira. i used to buy books in several copies because i like to give them to my friends is presence, but the prices have become too expensive. they say that this is due to the lack of paper on the market, which doesn't surprise me. in turkey, everything is imported now and i see the imported paper is
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a big part of the problem. global supply chain issues had already made the raw materials for book paper more expensive. but turkey's unique inflation problems aren't helping when the value of the lira falls, so does the purchasing power of turkish buyers for foreign goods. as a result, each book becomes more expensive to produce. meanwhile, sphere pick you print the 1st run and let's say your book is doing well. you've calculated all your costs and decided it would cost $30.00 lira the book sells. well, you do a 2nd printing in the same week, the price goes up to $35.00 lira. then for the 3rd or 4th printing, only god knows how much it will cost not to go left to publishers said they're already planning to put out your books in the next year. it's an effort to minimize risk as the turkish economy teeters on the edge. and finally, 2021 has been
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a year of supply train problems while a cold spell in the sea of japan has caused a different kind of back up with merchandise check us out. dozens of cars have been caked in ice, up to half a meter thick on their way to the russian port of lot of our stock. the japanese ship experience high winds with minus 19 centigrade temperatures, waves flash over the cars, which were on the deck and froze in that cracked wind screens and caused other damage. it's going to take more than an ice scraper. all right, that's it for me and the, the, the business team here be lead will be back shortly with little bit more. in the meantime, check on our website, doc. com slash business. i'm seeing beardsley watching their importance to the economy is huge. but getting hold of them is often a dirty business. critical commodities make us mo bile make our
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smartphones smart. how can today's global hunger for lithium cobalt and more the satisfied made in germany on t w. o. finally, learning to read at 60 for her entire life osley emory has invested everything into education for her 10 children. she herself is a literate, like many older women in turkey. but honestly, embry knows that learning always pays off. the focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d, w. o,
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every day counts for us and for our planet. building ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities, reader, how can we protect habitat? what to do with them all our ways? we can make a difference by choosing smartness solutions, overstaying said in our ways global ideas, the environmental series in global 3000 on d, w and online ah ah ah ah.


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