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d w. business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the flight for market dominance is a step ahead with the w business beyond on you tube. ah, ah ah, jerusalem city say could teach you jason islam and christianity time. and again, it has been foolish, either destroyed and rebuilt. a city that like few others,
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has long been the focus of utopian hopes and dreams, and a flash point in the conflicts that have divided the middle east. but it's also a city dotted with havens of quiet and peace, including the american colony hotel. ah, an oasis of welcome open to every one. no matter the nationality, ethnicity, or religion. time has left his marks only lightly. here. the hotel remains a haven of tolerance. jews, christians, muslims, israelis, and palestinians all look side by side and share a common cause. it's a place of encounter. both staff and guests were atman, mcgovern moses hotel, is the safest place in the area, no place open to wall,
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full door left to our liquidity mess. i think that story of the hotel is that story, one crisis afternoon and with miraculous savings. guests to book a stay in this 5 star hotel are looking for plants, the mood he is gentle and relaxed. the $94.00 rooms and sweeps in the hotel, offer a place of tranquillity, instability in a city that is often anything bought bought. it took decades to this historic building to be transformed into a prestigious hotel. it began a 150 years ago, in a distant place. in the 1870s, chicago was the home of horatio honest asset. horatio esparza was
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a prominent lawyer, and the family lived in comfort with the 4 daughters. the spaces were devout protestants. in october, 1871. chicago was devastated by fire. hundreds perished. the space it's helped as much as they could. but the great fire had claimed much of the family's investments. o 2 years later, the spaniards decided to visit europe. iron for girls went ahead. one night their ocean liner was rammed by a british vessel and sank within minutes. more than 200 people lost their lives, and a spot had survived. but her 4 daughters had drowned. lou, anna and horatio tried to rebuild their lives after the tragedy. they had 3 more children, but their only son died of scarlet fever at the age of 4. some years later,
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when 1881, the staff was decided to leave chicago with their 2 youngest daughter's bertha and grace joining a small pilgrimage that set sail to jerusalem. it was a liver. i declined that in less vinkadesh. jerusalem was a small city in a corner of the ottoman empire in a walled city. i considered wholly by all 3 monotheistic religions, highly. they all shared the belief that when the messiah returned, he would 1st appear in jerusalem annual silence. yes, count. oh, the small american congregation moved into a house in the old town in the muslim quarter. they had no desire to be missionaries. they were waiting for the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy, the 2nd coming of christ, ah, is bedford's milligan. i again as this backwards formed their very own private and personal sex and were convinced that the messiah would come the following year at
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easter to austin. they went up the mount of olives every sunday in case that christ had arrived on the mount of olives. and i think some of the community were quite prepared to right fancy running to jesus christ on the street with it. so he might just be walking around in the old city anywhere with like each other. oh my gosh. i have to say, i find it difficult to describe honest bafford show me mildred. there's something i really like about her. say, oh, been that many people were afraid of her much. i'm out of the day. she was a strong woman to be love and it will show the way the american colony developed had a lot to do with her on a lee key. lee, you say, i'd say her religious ideas slowly took hold in the community. i don't like the new york a little bit in middle for celibacy, was introduced in 1886 i li, celibacy, probably because horatio and anna had grown apart. a canoe,
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a big lunch rush over, and it wasn't purely out of spiritual motive. sinead down a lawyer. i'm me, me silly to arlington. william when enter instructed the group to top sexual abstinence one young woman lizzie page stood up to her. mm. lizzie, chicata, lizzie, who was a good friend of anna's, would not accept the commandment of abstinence. meanwhile, i said, my spiritual relationship is as sacred to me as my relationship with my husband. he mcnaly law marana did not like lizzy's resistance release even than she banished the couple from the american colony may even after lizzie fell ill. he, he thought on, but she died of pneumonia on me,
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and her bite gunmen call him after her death. her husband odus returned to the american call at 8 o'clock. on the american academy the american consul was determined to disband to commune. he regarded its members, a charlatans, accusing them of loot behaviors, but he didn't succeed. unexpected continued her philanthropic work with zeal, and her door was remained open to the needy. the next generation of the family went its own way. horatio and anna's daughter, bertha married, frederick vista, a gym, and swiss. she to fight her mother's policy celibacy, and the couple had 6 children. there was also bertha who decided to take in more visitors to the commune. in asking actual pronouncing it took off with the 1st wave
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of tourists beginning in 19031904. when the american company clark tours brought mostly wealthy american travellers to jerusalem yesterday that m. m. the financial groundwork for the hotel had been laid several years earlier in 1896 more than a 100 sweets drawn in by an spf, it's vision and ideas joined the community. the sweets contributed much needed practical skills and help boost to communities, economic prospects, agriculture and handy crafts became an important source of income. the american colony began to flourish and cross blue by then the community had more than a 150 members. the american colony was bursting out of its household city after the sweets had got there. they were very wealthy at the time they were
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looking for somewhere that they could expand and somewhere they could farm by now they had, they had pixels at cows. they were looking for gardens to grow things. looking for space with the group moved to a large estate which would later become the american colony hotel. ah, at the time it was situated in the midst of olive groves outside the jerusalem city walls. a former palace, with many rooms, a shady court yard and a magnificent garden. an estate with a special atmosphere continues to this day. the move did not change the guiding principles behind the american colony. the members continued their charitable work and were valued as gracious hosts. they quite quickly became
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influential or just that people came to them in the muslims and jews and, and, and christians all came to sing with them even if they didn't speak the language. and they were very good singers, and they sang a lot and they sat around and they talked and they talked about life and they talked about how to lead a good life and, and they were not missionaries, they weren't proselytize. and so that people were not threatened by them. small signals offers on the beginning, they use their ability to speak arabic to network with the neighborhood. they initiated social project select. they founded a school that also accepted muslim children as well as jewish children who wished to attend i. so they were striving for integration from the starting ins, fattano from unsung unclear for them. it doesn't matter what you were because they themselves was strangers. they probably knew what it was to be a stranger,
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so they were the ones who took the men. when you have a philosophy of openness, then of course, does the precursor of hospitality, isn't it? because he tent is open. so i think probably the hotel was a natural development of the philosophy in under best, his guidance, the hotel flourished. she tastefully blended furnishings from europe in the mid laced, which lent the rooms a distinctive flare. she also had a passion for culture and guests enjoyed evenings of music and excursions to the surrounding area. original buildings still standing today. the ottoman architecture, the round arches and the stone walls have been preserved over the decades with careful restoration work. the original character of the state remains intact. there a subtle nonce to the path throughout the building. ah,
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the da, cool off is the sense of comfort and ease. even the largest suite has a bathroom that is modest, an unpretentious in design. history is still visible here. oh, tell trademark the hotel even has its own archive which has tended to with care. it's opened guests who want to delve into the history of the american colony hotel . the swedish arrivals founded a professional photo studio which took tens of thousands of photographs. ah, the expansive collection is one of the kind document of the past. ah,
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weed of the studios quality work spread quickly at the time. he sal good man. yeah, we'd him should me be killed kaiser vill helm. the 2nd the german emperor visited jerusalem in february 1889. by that time the american colony had already gained experience in photography. so young, it was an extraordinary opportunity to say golf and they accompanied the kaiser from the landing in haifa to his arrival in jerusalem. he actually jojo, who shall i, may it be they sent the photographs all over europe a that was the project that brought them recognition, their hope of mary gazette moskowitz, m lay afflicted soon. move to photography studio was not their only selling point by 1900. more and more
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wealthy americans began to visit jerusalem for the 1st time the american colony began to charge for room and board. ah, the american colony also began to attract visiting writers. ah, m one was sam allowed to live today? you see also of the wonderful adventures of neil's whole gazande. ah, similarly for gabriel, shall i embrace selma love. alice visited jerusalem with her friend sophie elkin in march. 1900 a whole lot more. some say they were a lesbian couple. so less be in the spirit. a evey selma had heard about the story of the swedish immigration and thought that it might be a good subject for a novel. sheila, a and the she, me knows,
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the fleet i has russia live in will settle late and she spent 2 weeks interviewing the swedes in jerusalem. be able to line elaine out of your should buy them better . why mean v a not hard to question one year after returning to sweden was she published the novel to jerusalem taylor all based on the ocean 9 jerusalem. it was a best seller in 19 o 9. so monotonous became the 1st woman to be awarded the nobel prize for literature. the american colony hotel welcomed many prominent guests. john steinbeck and graham green stayed there for weeks at a time. the hotel was also popular with hollywood celebrities, the measure, the ama thurman, and now when, oh, my thurman came. it was all last minute. there was no will room left for her because she was travelling with her nanny and child alien that we sent the hotel manager to a friends place. and she got his apartment civil,
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118 would year. the history of the hotel is closely into woven with the history of jerusalem. its conflicts, competing interests and claims to power. jerusalem is wholly to muslims, christians and jews. the city has long been both covetous and contested. oh, in the 19th century, jerusalem was a walled sissy in the middle of the ottoman empire and a turkish royal. ah. during world war one, palestine also became a battlefield. the british wanted to put an end to turkish rule in the middle east . jerusalem descended into chaos. many people were injured or lost, their lives. ah,
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the american colonies warden with also the american colony was assign tasks by jama pasha, who was supposed to defeat the british in egypt, iowa knuckles. ellen with both pa, he came to jerusalem and ordered the establishment of the red crescent to care for wounded soldiers wounded toward him with a fan and the center of the organisation was at the american colony, had the american colony. ah, the commune provided humanitarian aid to the red crescent, took his largest relief organization, members of the religious community care for the wounded. they also organized soup kitchens for the population. after feminine epidemics began to sweep through the city, the american colony avoided all political engagement and insisted on remaining neutral, especially amidst the war. the community followed the lead of anna spafford and her
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daughter, bertha, who later wrote. it was a tense moment in which i asked for guidance. my answer was that we had offered to nurse neither friends nor foes, but humanity. and that our offer held good. mm . mm. in late 1917, the bush took control of garza. jerusalem was surrounded, the ottoman troops surrendered without a fight. the turkish governor, he was passing, the american colony was told to put out one flag, which was very nice except he didn't have a white flag. so he went into the mar calling. they took sheet from one of the beds, tore it into 2, and walked out to find some british men to surrender to which he did. and the british who took it had no idea what to do with it, because they'd never been in a position of accepting a surrender. and bearing in mind that one was a cook,
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a bush officer, accepted the surrender. the historic moment was recorded by an american colony photographer disclosure graph is the only surviving document of the moment that spelled, the end of 400 years of ottoman rule was captured before the british should officially announced victory. ah, the mission now made miasma. in the end, it was mayor who seine, who informed the residents of jerusalem that the turks had surrendered shields, and it was larson, of the american colony who documented it was amy valasics with everything which is general. edmond allenby and to jerusalem was deliberate understatement. dismounting and walking through the jaffa gate on foot, on april 25th 1920,
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the victorious allied palace transferred administration of palestine to britain. blue under the british mandate, jerusalem developed into a modern city, attracting ever more tourists and business people, as well as our than jewish immigrants. edmond allen b who'd been promoted to field marshal, became one of anna spotted welcome guests. business at the american colony hotel was booming. the colony had, by that time more or less for commer toe, you can imagine coming him from england. you defeated the germans of the turks and you find, oh, these people are living a slightly westernized style life. at the american colony, the cities cultural classes rub shoulders ah, one of the most famous guests was thomas edward laurence, best known as lawrence of arabia and astute observer, brilliant writer,
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an ever teller of tales. lou 93 and especially died lulu vigil. she carried on her spirit through his work and faith, bringing people together and creating places of refuge for her biggest concern. went to the cities, disadvantage children. in 1925, she opened an orphanage. was the orphanage would later become spafford children's center, a charitable institution that still occupies the original location in yield city. the foundation provides health, social, and educational support to palestinian children and families in east jerusalem. the seats of the charity were planted on christmas eve in 1925. when beth spafford,
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vesta encountered a bedouin, his sick wife and their baby hospitals were closed. and the family had no place to stay. ah, as beth elisa rose in him and was he before me stood a rustic madonna and bab and metaphorically speaking, no room for then in the in beth arranged for the family to receive medical attention bought the next morning. the father came vis his baby and said, my wife died and i don't know how i can take care of this baby because i live in a case. oh, so go down to take to baby and barrett apples said he moved. of course she took the baby golden ears, but all did he had in this building in one or 2 weeks time war babies for coming
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because a story like this gets around fatty fast. mm. mm . so this became a baby and especially baby home. ah . oh, also supported mattress offering help wherever it was needed most regardless of the recipient's background or faith. mm. with the health of the nurse and donations faster soon expand to the orphanage into a children's hospital. busy ah
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900 cities tensions began to rise. the british had promised support for national home for jewish people and also promised the arabs independence. both sides felt betrayed. ah! the escalating violence put the american hotel which did not want to take sides to the test? the situation became increasingly tense. in 1936, the arab revolt began palestine was on the brink of civil war, caught a false exit, isaac this line from 1936 to 1939 during the arab revolt. the american colony, which was right on the border, was very anxious to maintain strict neutrality, can avoid conflict or trouble with any party. and an conflict gotten over the aca
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to become. in 1933 jews began to flee germany for palestine by 1939. some 200000 had arrived. arab nationalists began to carry out attacks against the jewish immigrants in the british administration. the american colony hotel found itself in a precarious position during the 2nd world war. there was fighting here in the courtyard and to hand fighting between the arab legion and the israelis. i was and there was more to us, blew up part of the lobby, noted entrance lobby and rated the old palm tree that we had in the in the summer. barstow had bullet holmes on it. at the same time, i mean, the bertha was still going out to bridge parties to laugh spafford vesta was widowed in 1942 by then she was well known as
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a hotel manager. but the hotels hopes for revival after the war were dashed. the conflicts in the city remained unresolved, and visitors stayed away. ah, on may 14th, 1948. the british mandate expired. that same day doth had been good and proclaimed the state of israel. i am. ah. the next i admitted tree coalition of arab states attacks jerusalem again became a battlefield. the american colony hotel was turned into a field hospital situated directly the frontline ah bat us
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baffled cut in standish, the out ob bertha's bafford bag, the arab army not to occupy the house. they didn't want the house to be considered arab territory because of course they never knew what would happen next gate. and the fact that their request was complied with. must have been due to their good relations with the arabs in court of appeals. if it hadn't been for those good relations. neither side would have granted any consideration to the request. oswick fished cannon, venice, which to the point of it soon became heter. ah, in 1949, a truce was reached between israel and the arab states. the holy city was divided. israel received the western parts. jordan, the east border controls, became commonplace in the city. the american colony hotel fit for its future as a night, the hotel was cutoff from israel. it was in the arab part of town. and the wool
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made things very difficult for it because it was a war zone on the american economy was on the edge of the was it? so all of a sudden it became a rather economically bad thing for the american economy. the fact that this a new border, how to rotate, plus of course it lost all its contact with these whitey site, which was probably at the time the site was doing more business with by now. the american colony was a business, lost a lot of its clients, so out of its suppliers. so it was a big show shock and also a culture show. the face of the city, anti tell when linked in the coming years. the hotel was on the brink. oh, the problem was that we weren't and that reached ahead in about 1960 and that's when my father had to come out when the hotel was faced with bankruptcy. ah,
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beth his son horatio vesta was living in london. he decided to return to help site . the hotel horatio had grown up in jerusalem, but left to london at 17. he became a lawyer and married a high spirited actress. when he returned to jerusalem, the ratio promised his wife valentine that he would stay only 6 months. he reorganized the whole structure of the hotel and he started to try and build it up as a, as a hotel with more commercialized facilities. and he convinced my grandmother that we should have somewhere to have drinks a kind of bar because before that your, your career allowed alcohol. but only if you had it in your room. when the sunsets
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in jerusalem hotel turns on its lights, in the summer, the garden bar is a favorite gathering place. it welcomes israelis and palestinians, locals and tourists from all over the world. at the hotel, the mood is one of hospitality to all. with fresh vista managed to avert bankruptcy, but he felt he was still needed at the hotel. his wife joined him with a heavy heart living in the living. our hair is great for horatio as a native arabic speaker and just felt was coming home. and it was not such fun for thou, who didn't really like it here and was very fond of england. so as tough valentine refused to give up. eventually she found a new passion. the hotel's garden. oh, she plunged into her project with enthusiasm, designing the landscaping,
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composing the flower beds oh, if it's paid off. today the grounds are known as one of the most lovely of the world's hotel gardens only, but the maggie now in war shall geena blew her, but i knew nothing about gardening. when i started here, go over, they were only olive trees here, telemachus there, but val was very tough. she explained everything to me, or she gathered all the seeds myself behind him. she loved flowers and collected them from all over the world. come vance and avowed told me to use lighter colors so you could see them at night. i am at lunch time seemed report white, pink and bright red. any assist? let me come out of limbo la mama chromosome knox of mort. boyer
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in 1967 at the situation again, grew tense. the arab states began to mobilize, fearing an attack on 3 fronts. israel decided to launch a preemptive strike. on june 5th, 1967. israel began an air attack against its neighbors, egypt, jordan and syria. during what became known as the 6 day war. israel also captured east jerusalem. the marine. no earlyhood differ. i lowell, that the, the hotel was right on the front line visit. a few rockets hit the square in front of the hotel. i mean that there were no casualties who i am. let's read them as you, as my country a giraffe. well,
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but when the israelis captured east jerusalem ready and there were no problems for the hotel. and here, man, everything went on as normal. a muscular ladder to lumala over to o. israel had secured she tree. it now rolled over a 1000000 palestinians in the west bank garza and east jerusalem. the american colony hotel remain neutral. lou. oh, there's this. beth advanced to died in 1968. the hospitality in warmth had succeeded in transforming the american colony into the american colony hotel. ah. ready son horatio and his
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wife valentine, took over the helm slowly, transforming the hotel into a luxury establishment. they installed a swimming pool and fitness room to accommodate the wishes of a new generation of tourists. ah. busy restarted to get a reputation for food. and so they both started to come juice started coming out from tel aviv to non cursor food with the only place. so we were, we were importing lobsters. so these rallies could culminate lobster. the american academy. i asked when she asked my father cuz they used to keep the lobsters in the fraser. and i asked my, i said water, nobody, it's a lobster. i knew his i said, how did you deal with the loves? he said we get it out of the freezer. we got 2 out of the fraser every day. and i said, well, what if nobody, it's a lobster,
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though we put it back in the freezer these days, there's no re frozen lobster on the menu. but you won't find haute cuisine and 5 star shifts in the kitchen. he either the menu is unpretentious in international featuring fresh fish and vegetables. med sir and club sandwiches. for now, planning to add more organic products to the menu. the hotel news with the times and the wishes of the guests. in the 1980s, the swiss hotel, yet became general manager, perhaps yet another not to the principle of neutrality. lord god, dexter geopolitics. login with your a to spit and see during the geo political context, especially here in jerusalem. so i think it was very wise to turn to swiss management because switzerland plays
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a neutral role all over the world news holiday aquarella more ursula belmont, many events were held in the hotel book, including many meetings of diplomat will in all of their book with hawk also, uncle motel, a gun warming the lead glasses a swiss i tell group, took like the management of the american colony hotel for the spafford is who remain involved in all major decisions. many the hotel staff palestinians. they weren't prospects in jerusalem limited. and any one lucky enough to find a job he intends to stay. ah, ah, the hotel exists amidst a state of uncertainty. israeli military road blocks and violent unrest unknown uncommon when egan done for follow that this bank up get eagle food when there was
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any sort of incident and the west bank was sealed off. i had employees who had to travel 3 to 4 hours just to get here for c vada, stuff for them. it was really critical because they weren't supposed to be here. she had to meet, he is on duty than if they had been caught and they would have been legal consequences at su list should consequence. and he gave no, they take a lot on themselves to keep the hotel running. will allow from to the american colony hotel has succeeded in what remains elusive elsewhere in the country. a peaceful coexistence and they bothered her with another daughter who no, i can really say that the management takes very good care of the entire staff of yahoo . it doesn't matter if they're jews, christians or muslims, did them all. they care about us. the also about our economic situation was of the i $900.00. hm. so you can go many employees live under difficult circumstances.
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misha withdrawal from my home and, and noticed very sure high up about a year. ah, the situation to palestinians grew more difficult in the 1980s. young palestinians resolved to fight against east wally government and the occupation in 1987. the 1st intifada, which was soon dubbed the war, the stones began, the conflict brought with it violence and death. ah. in 1993 secret talks began between the 2 hostile parties in norway, which became known as the all slow peace process. bought negotiations will also held in jerusalem in room 16 at the american colony hotel.
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these us to him of this were to give to us citizens. this room was booked as a meeting room we have on us. but i cashed out of the we noticed when the cars pulled up that it was a mixed delegation, the commission delegates, yuma, israeli, palestinian and international into knox. hello, one of the journalist lea a norwegian cast. invite a car came over and spoke to me. come down so me on south and you know what's happening was, had no clue. ah, it's historical negotiations in room 16 continued for days would began to get out. ah knocked him by the ugly humidity for after that we became the local meeting point
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to fall to warner. i made my private apartment available for board meetings and, and we became very close unconscious. as in our son, it was an incredibly exciting time when it's a time of hopes and dreams for your health. toppled the gland after. and merlin, my opened the back door of my shaw of it and made my carpet storage room available . every feller, few again is to me on the sat all the negotiators gathered there for 2 to 3 hours that it was happening right before my eyes. janet i live in america and adam. she had a new of many secret things about tyler the and we had the strong feeling that the results would be good for both people. the love, the law can assess how in or cooler there she in a day baby. the shabby in awe on september 13th, 1993. the eyes of the bold we're watching is really prime minister,
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yitzhak rabin and yasser arafat head of the palestinian liberation organization, met in washington dc. ah, yes. arafat and shimon peres than israeli foreign minister, signed the interim agreement of the oslo accords. the 2 sides had come together, piece seemed within reach. anybody else does the during the oslo accords we palestinians were very happy because we thought the piece would happen and conditions would improve. grass silhouette, the ha club. those hopes have yet to come to fruition. the dream, everlasting pace is still but a vision. the political situation remains fragile, changing from one day to the next. for the american colony hotel, a hotel spanning 2 worlds. there is only one choice to remain a place of hospitality and welcome open to every one. the environment li,
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live in is changing all the time and the was the outside can change and if people don't trust each other on either side, we can't help. we can only hope people continue to trust us and people will continue to come to the hotel knowing that we're above it. ah ah ah ah finally learning to read at 60 for her entire life
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osley emory has invested everything into education for her 10 children. she herself is illiterate. mike and men older women in turkey, but honestly, in but i know that learning always pays off people to focus on europe. in 30 minutes on d. w. enter the conflict zone with to sebastian greece, 27 migrant parish in the english channel. will this now force europe to commit to safer migration policy? give a huff stop in brussel, member of the european parliament and the former prime minister in belgium. one happened to lose much more value and what performs a new conflict on 90 minutes on d w. i, the fight against the corona virus pandemic now has the rate of infection in
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developing what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information and context with the corona virus update. the coding scheme, special monday to friday on d. w. ah, business data, but news line from berlin record numbers of cobra. 19 cases as armor crohn becomes the dominant variant in countries around the globe. germany's health minister,
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