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beauty and dignity, making them visible to the world. ah. you're watching dw news. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. new yorkers have been lining up for testing chances. tough, new corona virus mandates took effect. and frances announce fresh measures to raining its highest number of new cases since the corona virus pandemic began coming up next is were business news with daniel winter, a michael ocho in berlin for me in the entire news team here. thanks for watching. for news at the top, the next step i shlou, where i come from, we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one tv channel and a few newspapers,
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when official information as a journey i had work on the trip up many cameras and their problems are always the same for do socially inequality. a lack of the freedom of the bread and garage would gone the for to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans on seaman. why do those who have is side to prevent trust enough? my name is jenny perez and i work at the w. ah ah, going noah airlines continue to struggle as staff call in sick thousands of flights cancelled world wide us fund, calling for a change to coven isolation. also coming up new hope for
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a new year. german businesses expecting a 2020 to uplift will look at why they're so upbeat despite the pandemic. and we'll talk turkey the countries tumbling currency, providing attractive opportunities for neighbors looking to snap up budget. and daniel went out welcome to your business update. as bookings took off this holiday season, airlines thought that their share prices would be fall flying high to but as all micron cases saw thousands more flights were cancelled on monday. since christmas eve around 8300 flights have been grounded and tens of thousands more delayed. many airlines have reported staff shortages due to on the chron spikes. more than 700 commercial flights. it's scheduled for tuesday have already been cancelled according to the website fly to wear. and with few flights on scheduled airlines, the inconvenience of covey restrictions,
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high end business travelers are looking for alternatives. being able to choose when you want to fly, as well as who you want to fly with. are obvious advantages. during the pandemic industry bodies estimate the number of seats airlines could offer passengers. harvard in 2020. that means more than 2 and a half 1000000 fewer seats. private aviation industry operators up picking up the slack and are in high demand about inside with these. and in times like these, some flight connections aren't available or out adapted to their schedules for business people or government officials. but also there are families who want to fly on holiday and can't reach their destination any other way. the so depending on the size of the aircraft, charter rates begin at around 2 and a half 1000 euros an hour. so the way the cost of a chatter jet flying $5.00 passengers from paris to frankfurt and back around one and a half hours each way. that gives a to of 7500 euros,
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fly the same 5 people in business class. and the bill's going to be around $5000.00 euros. but that comes with the time wasting and inconvenience at commercial airports both ends plus the risk of infection from other passengers. while in a private jet, there's the chance to prepare for that important conference or business meeting while on route. worldwide, the number of business jet flights in november 2021 was almost 60 percent up from the same time in 20. 20 chatted. yet operators are struggling to keep up with the demand as is implemented as really to at the moment. it's very hard because of the pandemic to get aeroplanes as an aircraft operator, as in a line in the business of aviation, we have to realize that the market is empty. secondhand aeroplanes are just not available. and even new orders take 2 or 3 years at the moment, a moment. so far,
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the major source of growth has been in the united states. but since the appearance of the on the chron strain of the corona virus demand in europe is really taking off 2021 has been blighted by all manner of supply shortages. and the end of the year is proving no different over the festive period backlogs. at ports of held up deliveries of all kinds of seasonal favorites in the us supply bottlenecks, approving a major frustration for farmers. walnuts do particularly well at gold river farm in california at the end of the year. from here, they're shipped around the world. 30 percent of the global supply comes from the west coast state. um, this load is going to germany. these in shall, walnuts are going to lebanon. ah, these loads are going to japan. but this year the boxes are piling up in the warehouses. not how should be exports are grinding to
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a halt. gold rivers president is worried or we are shipping right now. less than half of what we should be shipping in could be shipping this time of the year, simply because there's not equipment available. the port of oakland, a key export hub, see routes in major ports like this one are heavily congested due to high demand. ships often go only as far as los angeles rather than up to oakland to save time and money. they're making these decisions to try to get their vessels back on schedule as quickly as possible. and also because of the incredible import demand, they're trying to hurry back to asia, pick up in ports and bringing over to the united states. the woman farmers here in northern california are losing out the competition on world markets is fears. china
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and chile are also important not suppliers. so is europe. customers, retailers, for example, no longer necessarily look for quality in times of uncertain supply. they're more concerned about availability, which is why the californians have already lost customers. now finally, to some positive news, the german companies are expecting big things from next year, despite all the concerns about coven and supply chain shortages. that's according to the latest annual survey by the cologne institute for economic research. 3 quarters of those surveyed said they expect higher production of business activity next year. the remaining quarter say things are going to be unchanged. not a single association expects their sector to be worse off. while earlier we spoke to michelle, who took who his organization did the survey, asking him why german companies are. so a pete. i think 3 arguments make clear why the german business sector is optimistic 1st. we are still out of the way of crisis. and the year 2021 was
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a disappointed mom grows and we faced all the supply side problems you mentioned already. and this year and the next year 2020 a will be a year catching up again. and we will hope to come to the pre conference level again. so it's still year of catching up. second, we have a lot of more in the other statistics of jeremy. they're nearly on the historical level on the highest level. so there is no demand side problem. the only problem we have the only maybe micro but if it's the supplies that you mentioned. so we expected the john business as john will expect, that they will tulsa problem next year. so all this is base is a basis for optimism, but more most important, we have no demand side problems and heading to asia. now, china is seeing its highest numbers of corona virus cases since february of 2020,
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though over 200 reported on sunday, most of the cases are in the northern city of shyanne. almost all businesses have been ordered to close. residents must stay confined to their homes, while authorities carry out what they call a full disinfection. the usually bustling city of $13000000.00 is more like a ghost town. only one person from each household is allowed out every 2 days to buy household necessities. all non essential businesses have been ordered to close . they may not like it, but 2 years into the pandemic, people are getting used to it. stocking their fridges and preparing to sit it out. that is shanda. or you may want me to look now with experience. we know that locked down a large scale contact tracing, and investigations of infected cases as well as quarantine, are very effective. he, that's our china has been able to curb the spread of a pandemic. what might be in such a shorter time or you go by in the true. so now i'm not scared. i think all we have to do is follow quarantine instructions home and the pandemic will go away soon. if
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you might have a good china has implemented a strict 0 covert strategy since mid last year. using tight border restrictions targeted locked downs, lengthy quarantines and population tracing technology. managing to slow new cases to a trickle. the country is implemented even stricter measures as it braces for thousands of international athletes for the winter olympics. in february, foreign spectators are mostly banned. all participants must be fully vaccinated. and once they enter, the olympic bubble will undergo daily virus tests. but with the virus expected to become a part of normal, everyday life. elsewhere in the world, china's total lockdown strategy is coming increasingly under question i t. i show you shifting youngel at what global one turkeys currency has fallen. 60 percent against the dollar this year. the government offers of president edwin has
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struggled to make its unorthodox economic policy work. lowering interest rates despite inflation spiraling out of control that hits the pocket of the average turkish person. however, for a tourist from neighboring bulgaria and greece, it's a chance to snap up products at bargain prices, including here at the border city of a dinner. ah, it's a smooth process crossing the turkish border. here's a deer. now. the border guards are well used to day trippers by now. 20000 visitors come to a deer and every week by car bus or train, especially the weekend when they pack out the bizarre. she will maze guadalupe. this group, it's more convenient for me to shop here, a buy clothes and food and whatever we need for the children and grandchildren for christmas. bulgaria is much more expensive than here. if you ask how much love we exchanged, i exchange $500.00 left. it's plenty for all of us. the name lisa to the subdivision, stevens, a, c h t gloves. one lab is worth almost 9 lira just 3 months ago. it was only 6.
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the back lava bakeries around the bazaar also busy. the turkish suite pastries, also popular bulgaria to baker's advertise their goods in turkish, bulgarian, and greek youlowa. yet, but a little lou on the bulgarians, come to a darren and big groups and shop like crazy. sometimes they buy 5 or 10 of the same items we're planning to sell it on or thinking they won't find these again. we'll have another salt lake and they really do some serious stocking up. take the products back to bulgaria yogic on them. disposal ja verola the unit im lewis, i actually in the supermarket, it quickly becomes obvious who's turkish and who was bulgarian, while turks can afford less and less because of the falling currency. the bulgarians and greeks are cashing in the shop or tourist spend an average of $500.00 euros per person according to the university of a dinner many by enough goods to last several weeks. the city is currently trying
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to persuade the day trippers to stay longer. not with even lower prices, but by expanding what it has to offer next year, they'll even be a christmas market. quite a novelty for predominantly muslim turkey. and a reminder, the top business story we're following for the our airlines are continuing to struggle as the staff colon say can thousands of flights have been cancelled worldwide. meanwhile, us firms, i calling for a change to cope it. isolation rules to reduce the impact on your up to date with dw business. i'm daniel winter in berlin from me and the business team stay healthy . state site continue against tax hikes, vermillion areas. one millionaire is demanding just that her wealth could help others, especially during the pandemic. but that doesn't mean that the rest of the super
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rich are ready to pay out. there are different views as to who should profit the most from their money. germany's wealthy elite after corona close up next on the d w. the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. the ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country iran from above. in 45 minutes on d, w. o. o
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does a war and eternity time . it can be measured precisely. and did every one experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time? time? ah, the phenomenon a dimension. if we know we won't live forever, an illusion. about time presenting, future's fast. starts december 31st on d, w. mm hm. so if there's the bag, it's more bolton than you. it is. it's step on such a big step or yeah, i someone go come on. yeah. did yoga yesterday. he had to show him i was always
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