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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2021 9:00am-9:15am CET

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we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? oh, peak wolf starts january 5th on d w. ah, ah ah, this is d w. news alive from berlin. authorities on both sides of the atlantic tightened restrictions to slow the spread of ground. a virus, new yorkers line up protests and shots is tough. new mandates take effect and france finances fresh measures to radiate its highest number of new cases. since
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the pandemic began. also coming up heavy flooding, hammers, brazil's north eastern by yesterday. the governor shall it's the worst disaster in the states history. and both artists and activists. sonoma. holy is iconic photo shine, a light on black and for your culture in south africa. and exhibition in berlin features ma holly's groundbreaking. ah, welcome to all viewers round the world. i'm michael. ok. nearly 2 years into the pandemic, many countries are once again ramping up covered restrictions in response to the rapid spread of the alma khan variant in the u. s. hospitals and health workers are bracing for an expected surge after the holidays and across the atlantic. large parts of europe are re imposing partial locked down to curb record numbers of new
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cases. rounding off the year with another variant and another set of measures to fight back. countries across europe have tightened restrictions, dampening planned new year's eve celebrations as omicron spreads. france has announced a range of new measures including reducing the weight for these 2 jobs to 3 months . the government will also vote on a new bill to bar the unvaccinated from entry to places like restaurants and cinemas. news of old old re today we have adopted the following additional measures result which will apply from next monday for a period of 3 weeks. would you like to possibly, but then it will be to slow down on a chrome. all large gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 2000 people indoors. on 5000 people, outlaws desolate, mac mall, an exterior. across the channel cases,
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a soaring is only chron takes hold of the you case, dominant strain. new restrictions have caused confusion with northern ireland, scotland and wales tightening rules, while in england authority said they would wait and reassess in the new year. are you finding this day one of new restrictions again here in northern arden? i am slightly bewildered. i don't understand them. i've come over from scotland. so everything is different. in the u. s. army crone has caused chaos for airlines. with over 200000 daily infections nationwide, crews shortages have grounded planes. but president joe biden said the vaccination drive meant the u. s. was in a better position than in previous waves of infections. america had made progress. things are better, but we do know that with the rising cases, we still have tens of millions of vaccinated people. and we're shane
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hospitalizations, right? it means our hospital someplace was gonna get overrun, but in terms of equip both in terms of equipment and staff. on monday, new york city brought into effect a vaccine mandate for nearly all private sector workers. proof of vaccination is also needed for most indoor activities like eating in restaurants. strict measures that officials hope will keep the city fully open as the weld crosses into the 3rd year of the pandemic. peter king, hong is an infectious disease physician and a professor of medicine at the university of california. he joins me now from san francisco. dr. covered cases are on the rise in the us, and not surprisingly, hospitals are bracing for a spike after the holidays. new york is even introduced or vaccine mandate for businesses as we've just seen. sensible, sufficient moves by authorities. well, my bill,
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the answer is yes and no. i, it's kind of like putting out a forest fire with just a few buckets of water, but you can't blame the bind administration is caught them by surprise. many people thought they put all the eggs in the vaccine baskets, nowhere to diversify with more testing p. p, additional labor. it may be good for some parts of the country like the west coast, where it's not as bad, but on the east coast may be too little too late. us health authorities, as you well know, have eased quarantine. recommendations from $10.00 to $5.00 days is this are further hint that alma khan is a less severe corona variant. i think that's partially the answer my code. but i think the cdc was motivated to this really because of a variety of factors. one, there was a lot of political pressure because of whoop force that was sticking odd for
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probably an all dated parenting 10 days or isolation of 10 days. but is also a nod to the fact that there is some evidence that the incubation period, but for army kron is much short at 3 days compared to forty's, fidelity, and 5 for alpha, for example. but many people are worried because again, the teal and requires that people where mass with the additional 5 these off to fi, these of isolation, they have to have no symptoms. and there's no testing involved. so there's a lot of sort of like you're on the honor system after those initial 5 days, right? here in europe and around the world, we're seeing countries re introducing restrictions, including new lock downs and reinforcing the imperative, basically to social distance is your doctor. so all politics aside, is that alone, what we should do to minimize, if not eliminate the spread of this variant?
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well, i think michael, again, it's so hard for europe right now because it's in the middle of the thunderstorm and you're trying to repair the roof. so it's almost all hands on deck. so one thing isn't good enough of vaccines isn't good enough. booster uptake has been quite as good as people had hoped. again, took everyone by surprise. i think testing isn't us quite as emphasize in europe. rapid testing at home c, as in some parts of the u. s. u. s. and of course, we can't even get testing to buy any more. they are all sold out. so i think as many things as you do, as you can, will mitigate the damage that's already in progress that said dr. peter chin hong in san francisco. thank you sir for your time and your perspective. tougher. curbs on public life also went into effect in much of germany to day. several regions have tightened restrictions on public gatherings and access to public
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events ahead of new year's eve. thousands took to the streets overnight and protest covered restrictions mostly in germany's classes erupt it in a number of cities with at least 10 police officers reportedly injured. here's a round up of some more developments in the pandemic. china has expanded locked downs with hundreds of thousands more people ordered to stay home in northern areas . the measures come as beijing prepares to welcome thousands of overseas visitors to february's winter. olympics. australia has recorded another record surgeon cases as an outbreak of the highly infectious american variant disrupts the plan. reopening of the economy and turkey is likewise seeing a spike in infections. the health ministry says new cases rose by 30 percent on monday. that's the highest jump in cases this year. let's give you round up of some
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of the other headlines at this hour. a man has opened fire in the us state of colorado, killing 4 people. authorities in the capital, denver sat, the suspect rampaged through at least 7 locations across the city. 3 others, including one police officer, were injured before the suspect himself was killed in exchange of fire, with police talks aimed at salvaging. the 2015 ran nuclear agreement have resumed in the austrian capital vienna. an e u diplomat warned that difficult work lay ahead for the negotiators. the aim is that the united states will rejoin the deal after the trump administration unilaterally withdrew in 2018. some aaliyah's prime minister has called on security forces to follow his orders and accused the president of an attempted coup . you president mohammed abdullatif homage o' earlier suspended,
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prime minister mohammed, hussein, robed from office on allegations of corruption. the 2 leaders have repeatedly flashed over delays to somali as parliamentary election daughter samaya. the jest, wholesome, catastrophic flooding in northeastern brazil has risen to 20 with the governor of by your state, calling it the regions worse disaster ever. the flooding has been caused by heavy rains following a long drought. the situation worse, and when 2 dams burst, forcing evacuations of thousands of people ah, the helicopter comes to the rescue of a man who fled to his roof to escape the floods. he's one of the lucky ones. this is the sight of a dam burst in huge a pay in the southeast of by a province. the city released this video with a warning about flash floods. and in the city of it's been a further down stream. one river rose by 9 meters. the water flooded streets,
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homes and shops living residence in shock. my point though it was crazy, there was a to me to hi wave. we met. these are the worst floods and buyer in 33 years. the authorities have declared the state of emergency in about 70 cities. 35000 people have lost their homes. experts blame the extreme weather on tampa from the amazon and the latin india weather phenomenon. governor re costa is promising aid, drinking water, food, and shelter. but the jessica challenge is immense. many roads are blocked, neighbors are helping each other with i've seen a lot of videos which show people taking risks to help weaker people, like children, of the health ministry of sending 90 doctors to the region. and the threat of flooding is still severe, with rain set to last another week. now to a story on empowering gender ambiguity, south african photographers,
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anela mo holy is known for portraying sexual freedom and black queer culture. now museum here in berlin is dedicating an exhibition to the artist and activists. it's an insight into south africa is l g b t q community and a reflection on apartheid. ah, proud, powerful, sometimes vulnerable, or even royal. these are some of the faces of xin alamo, wholly whose work also confronts trauma. for almost 20 years, molly's been documenting south africa's l g b t q community have some discrimination against sexual minorities has been illegal in south africa since 1996. but in day to day life, gays lesbians and transgender people here are still at risk, as well as non binary people. like molly i think you live with that threat every
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day, but i cannot stop doing what i'm doing because it made sense to me. and it forms part of the south african history. post up update. molly's exhibition and berlin shows survivors of anti queer hate crimes, including so called corrective rape. but there are also images of love and care. molly's photos are a collaboration built on trust between the artist and the subjects. gaze out at the viewer with confidence and dignity for the series, faces and phases, behold, followed subjects over several years. in that we put all the fear is a continuing journey in life of building visual history with the community. and so they also invite their friends and associates to look fearless,
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to be bold, to be desiring to be unafraid of the camera. holy self. portraits often make reference to the toxic legacy of apartheid. this photo recalls the massacre of 34 mine workers and 2012. others pay tribute to the artists mother who worked for 42 years as a servant to white families in order to feed her 8 children. sonoma, holy says these stories neat telling to it's about time that we undo that 3 shall erasure and also to take ownership of our voices to take ownership of al applique archives. and also for us to say that we are out of we are as black people, confident and empowered selim holies haunting images. celebrate queered beauty and dignity, making them visible to the world. you're
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watching d. w. news. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. new yorkers have been lining up for testing chances. tough new corona virus mandates took effect. and frances announce fresh measures to raining its highest number of new cases. since the corona virus pandemic began coming up next is were business news with daniel green took a michael ocho in berlin for me in the entire news team here. thanks for watching for news at the top. the next m shlou where i come from, we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in the me.


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