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is primarily responsible for the safety of the food you boss, but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by plying the 5 keys to see for food use them. you also have a role to play. ah, ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, but forties on both sides of the atlantic titan restrictions to slow the spread of corona virus. new yorkers, line up, protest and shots is tough. new mandates take effect. and france announces fresh measures to rein in its highest number of new cases. since the pandemic began also
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coming, heavy flooding hammers, brazil's northeastern, but yes, state. the governor says it's the worst disaster in the states history. and poland, president vito's, a law that would have restricted foreign ownership of media. the bill had angered colin's closest allies ah and a warm welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm michael. ok. nearly 2 years into pandemic, many countries are once again ramping up covered restrictions in response to the rapid spread of the alma khan variant in the u. s. hospitals and health workers are bracing for an expected search after the holidays and across the atlantic. large parts of europe, a re imposing partial locked downs to curb record numbers of new cases.
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rounding off the year with another variant, and another set of measures to fight back. countries across europe have tightened restrictions, dampening planned new year's eve celebrations as omicron spreads. france has announced a range of new measures including reducing the wait for booster jobs to 3 months. the government will also vote on a new bill to bar the unvaccinated from entry to places like restaurants and cinema's. news of old old re today we have adopted the following additional measures. yes. read all which will apply from next monday for a period of 3 weeks. would you like to possibly, we'll finish to slow down on a crawl lodge gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 2000 people endorsed on 5000 people, outlaws national maxi mom, an excel you. across the channel cases, a soaring as omicron takes hold of the you case dominant strain. new restrictions
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have caused confusion with northern ireland, scotland and wales tightening rolls. while in england authority said they would wait and reassess in the new year. are you finding this day one of you restrictions again here in northern arden? i am slightly bewildered. i don't understand them. i've come over from scotland. and so everything's different. in the us army. kron has caused chaos for airlines. with over 200000 daily infections nationwide, crews shortages have grounded planes. but president joe biden said the vaccination dr. meant the u. s. was in a better position than in previous waves of infections. america had made progress. sayings are better, but we do know that with a rising cases, we still have tens of millions of unvaccinated people, and we're seeing hospitalizations rise. it means our hospital someplace was,
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are going to get overrun. but in terms of equip both in terms of equipment and staff. on monday, new york city brought into effect a vaccine mandate for nearly all private sector workers. proof of vaccination is also needed for most indoor activities like eating in restaurants. strict measures that officials hope will keep the city fully open as the weld crosses into the 3rd year of the pandemic. peter during hong is an infectious disease physician and a professor of medicine at the university of california. he joins me now from san francisco. dr. covered cases are on the rise in the us, and not surprisingly, hospitals are bracing for a spike after the holidays. new york is even introduced or vaccine mandate for businesses as we've just seen. sensible, sufficient moves by authorities. well, my bill, the answer is yes and no i, it's kind of like putting out a forest fire with just
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a few buckets of water, but you can't blame the bite. administration has caught them by surprise. many people thought they put all the eggs in the vaccine baskets, nowhere to diversify with more testing p. p. additional labor. it may be good for some parts of the country like the west coast, where it's not as bad, but on the east coast and may be too little to leave you with health authorities, as you well know, have eased quarantine. recommendations from $10.00 to $5.00 days is this are further hint that alma khan is a less severe corona variant. i think that's partially the answer, michael, but i think the cdc was motivated to do this really because of a variety of factors. one, there was a lot of political pressure because of whoop force that was sticking odd for probably an outdated florentine 10 days or isolation of 10 days. but it's also
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a nod to the fact that there is some evidence that the incubation period. but for army kron is much short at 3 days compared to 40 for delta and 5 for alpha, for example. but many people are worried because again, the teal and requires that people where mass for the additional 5, these after fi, these of isolation, they have to have no symptoms. and there's no testing involved. so there's a lot of sort of like you're on the honor system after those initial 5 days, right? here in europe and around the world, we're seeing countries re introducing restrictions, including new loc downs and reinforcing the imperative, basically to social distance is your doctor. so all politics aside, is that alone, what we should do to minimize, if not eliminate the spread of this variant? well, i think michael, again,
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it's so hard for europe right now because it's in the middle of the thunderstorm and you're trying to repair the roof. so it's almost all hands on deck. so one thing isn't good enough of vaccines isn't good enough. booster uptake has been quite as good as people had hoped. again, took everyone by surprise. i think testing isn't us quite as emphasize in europe. rapid testing at home c, as in some parts of the u. u. s. and of course, we can't even get testing to buy any more. they are all sold out. so i think as many things as you do, as you can, will mitigate the damage that's already in progress that said dr. peter chin hong in san francisco. thank you sir for your time and your perspective like like tougher curbs on public life also went into effect in much of germany to day. several regions have tightened restrictions on public gatherings in access to public events. ahead of new year's eve,
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thousands took to the st. overnighted protest covered restrictions mostly in germany's ease classes are opted in a number of cities with at least 10 police officers reportedly injure. but other people have been flocking to vaccination centers for their booster shots. germany's or government is urging people to get vaccinated as the viruses. i'm a con, variance branch. even during the festive season, thousands of people are getting their job like at these vaccination center in berlin. at the moment, more than 70 percent of the population is fully vaccinated and around 36 percent of all germans have received the best a shot. the booster info. most importantly that either google jo, both the as in right now, we are barely giving any 1st shots in vaccination centers, up to 98 percent your booster jobs. people who come here are already pro vaccine and have actively sought out a vaccination underwood broken people,
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turning up here for a booster shot. believe it's the key to ending the pandemic. noah's i think it's good. the more people who get vaccinated, the better it is for all of us, that's why it's also very important for me to work. it's super important and i think it's very, very important. and i'm a bit worried and that's why i am here that i've been here for the oh, i got it because my job is important to me and i come into contact with a lot of people. the booster and my health are important. germany has introduced new social distancing measures and restrictions under the so called to t rule only does vaccinated or recently recovered may enter many venues and events . and at a to d plus through. people also have to show a negative test result on top of that. thanks to these measures, gemini has managed to have the number of infections per 100000 inhabitants between the end of november and the end of december. oh no, yeah. we'll also be here over the new year to vaccinate people. because we're in
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a really critical phase. we're in a situation where every day counts fear and where it's better to be vaccinated to day, rather than to morrow. i'll authorities fear a new wave of infections due to the army crime variance. we not only hit to population hard, particularly the unvaccinated, but could also affect to running of critical infrastructure such as hospitals and other public services. let's get a round up, but 1st some of the other headlines now. a u. s. cruise ship carrying more than a 1000 passengers is returned to port after an outbreak of covert 19 among crew members. the holland america ship were supposed to dog out a port in mexico, but was turned away by authorities talks aimed at salvaging. the 2015 ran nuclear agreement have resumed in the austrian capital, vienna and you diplomat warn that difficult work lay ahead for the negotiators. the
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aim is that the united states will rejoin the deal after the trumpet, ministration unilaterally withdrew in 2018 somali as 5 minister has called on security forces to follow his orders and accused the president of an attempted to president mohammed abdulla. he mohammed earlier suspended prime minister mohammed hussain mobile from office on allegations of corruption to leaders have repeatedly clashed over delays to somalia parliamentary elections. praise was that while the death toll from catastrophic flooding in north east, brazil has risen to 20 with the governor by yes, stayed calling it the regions, worst disaster ever. the flooding has been caused by heavy rains following a long drought. the situation worse and when to dams burst forcing the evacuations of thousands of people. ah, they called to comes to the rescue of a man who fled to his roof to escape the floods. he's one of the lucky ones. this
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is the site of a dam, burst in huge a pay in the southeast of by a province. the city released this video with a warning about flash floods. and in the city of its been a further down stream, one river rose by 9 meters. the water flooded streets, homes and shops, leaving residence in shock. for us. my point though only it was crazy, there was a to me to high wave. we met these are the worst floods in buyer in 33 years. the authorities have declared the state of emergency in about 70 cities. 35000 people have lost their homes. experts blame the extreme weather on tampa from the amazon and the latin india weather phenomenon. governor re costa is promising aid, drinking water, food, and shelter. but the logistical challenge is immense. many roads are blocked, neighbors are helping each other to his ability. i've seen
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a lot of videos which show people taking risks to help weaken people like children . of the health ministry is sending 90 doctors to the region and the threat of flooding is still severe with rain set to last another week. back to europe, the polish president due to has vetoed a controversial media law shane. he could not shine the bill in its current form, it would have ban companies outside europe from holding a controlling stake and polish media companies. demonstrations against the law attracted thousands of people with critic saying it would have curtailed press freedom. o linz president has put his foot down with a widow. he has halted the government's plans for a new media law and sent the issue back to parliament. the legion up of not him was i appealed to the parliament to find better solutions with the opposition. sorry, sir, that shares of foreign owners can be reduced in the future. let us go to but in
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a responsible society contracts that have already been signed, have to be respected zigler on each net sport. and so the only private t v station that remains critical of the government will be allowed to continue broadcasting. t v n belongs to the american media group discovery. both the u. s. and the you had criticized the law after all, americans would have to give up their majority shareholding. it could even lead to a hefty lawsuit on the streets. tens of thousands of balls have been demonstrating to feel that the law, curbs, media freedom and must be withdrawn from the opposition. this is a win visible because the president does not want to sign up to a project with a government in decline. so he wants to preserve good relations with the americans is american army as the president cast as vito he also said that many polish citizens do not want more conflicts. they are already facing rising prices due to inflation and setbacks from the krona virus pandemic. but the media law could be
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back in parliament to be debated all over again. you're watching g w news. here's a reminder of the top story we're falling for you. new yorkers have been lining up for testing. shots is tough. new corona virus mandates ticket to take effect. and france has announced fresh measures to rein in its highest number of new cases since we've grown a virus pandemic began coming up next is your business news with rob wants to stay with with how long does a moment.


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