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tv   Jagd am Polarkreis  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2021 6:03pm-6:31pm CET

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horton spokesman of the anti apartheid movement. if you see you wins, go humming, coming free. you're going to be jumping ah, the child and he came to destroy it. 130 dad, he's i know it back outside of south africa to, to received great recognition for his courage. in 1984 he won the nobel peace prize . o 22 was a thorn in the side of the country's apartheid government. but his prominence also shielded him. in 1985, the anglican church elected him bishop of johannesburg. and later archbishop of cape town. after the end of apartheid, came a further step towards politics. under south africa's 1st black president, nelson mandela asked his friend to lead a truth and reconciliation committee for months to to listen to the confessions of
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perpetrators and to victims accounts often becoming overwhelmed by them. later mandela thanked him, saying to 2 had protected south africa from hatred and revenge where your comp on her dar paper under long walk to freedom, help her foster smart for life and human rights irrespective of carlo religion. sharonda o. after his term as archbishop to to traveled the world using as prominence to campaign for human rights and climate protection and to fight discrimination all the while, never losing his sense of humor. in the eyes of many, he was most often relaxed and laughing. he later made friends with another spiritual leader, the dalai lama meetings between the 2 were always witty and humorous.
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ah lucy, his name? i love it. he leggy making a holy man. ha ha! does 1221 said, injustice and oppression will never prevail. and that's how he is remembered as a hero in the fight against apartheid and for justice. huh. is going to miss you very much. we're joined now by reverend allen booth sack. he's foreign president of the world alliance of reform churches and also leader of the united democratic front and came town. welcome to d, w. reverend visit. we understand that you were close to desmond to,
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to for many years. and you also delivered his 90th birthdate sermon back in october . what did he mean to you personally? well, thank you. good evening to you and your deal. so for this opportunity i'm, it doesn't have to was such a unique individual, a truly extraordinary man. we've known each other since 1976, so for over 40 years worked so closely together in the church and on other to raise internationally, especially later on. but we got to know each other very well and remain close until until today his death. he was a, he was one of those people who when he spoke because you will show authentic. and because you were so clear and so courageous both in each opposition to apartheid.
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but also in his love for all south africa. people that when ever desmond tutu spoke, it was as a child african stroke that all of us were speaking. you represented us in the most compassionate and caring way that one can think of. and so the lush is not just a personal loss of people like myself who have known him intimately. it is a great, great loss for the people of south africa and for the country as a whole. well, when you and ethan teacher had in common, of course that you're both church leaders who at the same time, worked tirelessly to help and apartheid in south africa. do you know whether archbishop, to, to considered his work in the country to be done? the work was for justice, for a compassionate, caring society. you heard him say for an open a participate free society that is inclusive. no, his work is not done. and he would have been the 1st to say show in fact,
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one of our last conversations around these birthday to read have had, he had asked me not to stop to work that we have been doing what he was terribly a shaken by what he see the corruption of the dish, honestly today of all the lack of honest and leadership of, of integrity in south africa today. the lack of vision. and so he knows that south africa stole a society in which women are violently assaulted, hated that we are still in many, many ways discriminating despite our constitution against l. u, b, u. i purses also one of the issues that he stood for. and so he would love for us who are now living and taking up the baton and going forward with the struggle to continue with this because you knew the work is not done and the work will not be
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done until all golf children have received the dignity and the justice that they deserve. and now looking back at deadman to twos remarkable life, what do you think will be his most important legacy? what will he be remembered for? he will be remembered for his courage is honesty. desmond tutu, was as honest and as clear with regard to the public system and the south african government, the old, a practical african government, as he to the african national congress government now. and so he's critique that he had and what government had done is the critique he has today, and he's not afraid to actually come up and say so his legacy will be that of honor . see, legacy will be that of courage. legacy will be that are included, is legacy will be that of looking compassionately at people,
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even though you never forget the goals of justice that you are fighting for. and his legacy will be, i suppose, one of enduring hope that he's mingled with face and care and especially yuma. and if you have the sense of humor the dismal to, to have it means that you do not take yourself too seriously. but that to the review your people with that sense that something better is coming, something better is always worth working for. and even though you cry about something, god gives you something in the lives of other people that makes you feel good. that makes you laugh. a little extra smile, and that is a legacy that all of us are now embracing the reverend allen. this act, former president of the world alliance of reform churches and u. d. f leader in cape town. thank you so very much for being anita leo. it is a pleasure. thank you. now,
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the bodies of 16 iraqi kurdish migrants who drowned in the english channel in november have been returned to your bill. capital of iraqi kurdistan. 27 migrants dined when their dinner deflated as they tried to make the dangerous crossing from france to britain. it's been described as the worst disaster on record involving migrants, trying to cross the channel. they left searching for a better life, but make the most tragic of death. relatives waited abil airport for the delivery of coffins carrying the remains of loved ones. just some of the thousands who have fled a land of little opportunity. as the brother of one victim described, allen liquid in kurdistan for more than 7 or 8 years. there hasn't been any work on a young people have no work in the government sector, or even in the private sector against director here. and all these young people left to achieve their dreams and goals, and to reach a country that provides
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a decent life with dignity. hon gauged in verona. but you are thinking of a yankee booker. there journeys ended in the english channel attempting the perilous crossing from france to england. at least 32 people crammed on to an overcrowded inflatable boat like this one, setting off in rough weather. within hours the engine stalled. as the dingey deflated its passengers made desperate phone calls for help. rescue boats arrived more than 12 hours later finding only 2 survivors, french and british authorities have traded blame over who should have responded more than a month later, funerals can finally take place. relative say, most of the victims had used official migration channels before attempting the dangerous c route. well, let her. oh, it is. yeah, this was a family of 4. was going to the mother and her 3 children wanted to migrate and have a better life of several fans. i got approval but that'll but it was god's will that
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they meet their end at c ada, janet restaurant. and all the cards from iraq were not the only ones who lost their lives. others from afghanistan, ethiopia, egypt, iran, and somalia are also being returned to their homelands and laid to rest long. let's get a check thou some of the other stories making news around the world. i've got a stance taliban authorities have said that women wanting to travel long distances should be accompanied by a close male relative. this guidance follows the taliban decision to bar many women from public sector roles. activists have strongly criticized these moves. these really government has approved a plan that aims to double the number of settlers living in these really controlled golan heights, the cabinet and doors, the multi $1000000.00 plan that is meant to further consolidate israel's hold on the territory, which it sees from syria in 1967. all right,
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to sports now and german soccer, we have this looked back at some of the best bonus league goals from the 1st half of the campaign, while the leak is on a winter break. this you do who's, who's going to be with jerry goldman, jerry hold on, hold to friends with with
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concentrate a lloyd, would it be good. so for those of you hungry for more thrilling goals, the buddhist think a does start up again on january 7th and of course you can catch all the highlights from every match day, right here on the w news. you're up to date on dw news. i'll be back at the top of the hour with some more headlines for you. a marion. i haven't seen from me and the entire news team in berlin. thanks for watching. and happiness is for everyone. human penises are very different from primate penises. we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature, a there and david and this is climate change, pregnant sex who happiness in 3 books. you'll get smarter for pre
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d w books on you to watch the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. the ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country loan from above. starts december 27th on d. w. with this week on well stories. spain roads clear for school children, turkey, the street dog brody is an internet star,
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but we started indonesia. his beautiful landscape usually attracts visitors from all over the world. that is strict private 19 requirements at a tearing tourist, even on the island of bali. it's a magical way to start your day. hike up to 1700 meters and mount patuto and bali will reward you hundreds of tourists from across the world. used to make this trek every morning growled by the yoga before the pandemic. it was so crowded here that i had no seats left, but now people rarely go up to a volcano that it's tough to deborah area. the indonesian island is technically open to foreign visitors, but only from certain countries. and a long list of covered 19 restrictions upon arrival, as cost international travelers to stay away its domestic visitors that have kept
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struggling hotels alive. well, domestic is definitely has the strongest help for us. because we know that international border is not happening anytime soon or yet may be a few months after, ah, it is actually, we believe that even though later on when the international board is open, the domestic, it will go stronger than before. 60 percent of bonnie's g d p is attributed to tourism alone in the past, the rapid growth of the sector. let many young people to abandon farming, but that put the island on a week footing. he bought up nick it down like we put all the eggs in one basket. if something goes wrong, everything will collapse a warning. so balis should develop other sectors to buy one. and i say we need at least 3 pillars, a tourism sector, agriculture law, and a small industrial sector of companion done tick,
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not only strict seals back at mount, but tour. there are finally some customers students from the capital jakarta. ya, it's a good change for the local area. they could explain something new, the katrina that to the situation because they're too dependent to the terms of industry. right. so they won't, they won't grow. they're not trying to grow from their comfort zone, for body to diversify residents. they farmers access to markets, capital and technology will have to improve fertile. it's a long term project on an island where everybody's just waiting for the return of foreign tourists ah, following germany, his general election, the country not only has a new government, but many new members of parliament to including our test by yesses, the fast black women to represent the interests of her constituency and the german capital berlin. and
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there's a lot to do and no time to lose. so i'll wait till for yes, it has been working around the clock since the general election that secured her a spot in germany's history books. the eritrea born lawyer had been involved in local politics for years, and then a racist killing spree in her home state, shook her to the core is ha, ha ha. i don't know why, but the terror attack in her now pushed me over the edge. i thought something has to change. i can't stand this many long of the from owls. 10 people were killed in the terror attack. 9 of them 1st and 2nd generation immigrants overcome by the feeling that germany was no longer a safe place for her and her family. she considered leaving the country. so if i had got out nurses should be out in lunch, but frankly, it's hard to find a country that's free of racism, randasia by the next,
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the old. so the next option was staying ah, and doing everything possible to fight against discrimination and racism until camp . here in a rural area of the state of hesser, a woman of color on the ballot is the novelty. but the lack of footsteps to follow was all the more encouragement for the 47 year old to her, it's very clear. you can't be what you can't see. then on slush, well bird or a quarter of else. oh children have an immigration background. why are we not saying that proportion among teachers as we should mission, as a school go? i want to see myself reflected in my agency. same goes for the authorities and now parliament and also unknowns on parliament. but as german society grows, more and more diverse statistics revealed that institutions are only catching up very slowly from a small town constituency, straight into berlin center of power to her. the reason it took until 2021 for
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a black woman to get a seat and the bonus tag is clear and functional toy, because as a structural racism in our country, we miss agnes. and if we say it doesn't matter that i'm blacks, we're ignoring the structural problems him, then that means we're not ready to acknowledge that as a black woman, i'm presented with different circumstances and obstacles than a woman who is not plow. denise, not a how qualified i am fits yet ish been good know than you m p has many plans, but the biggest of them all is to serve to others as the role model she herself never had it's an experiment, but it might catch on the spanish city of barcelona is making his streets car free every friday morning. this enables children to safely right to school on their bicycles. liam grand is focused, it's a special morning on friday's going to school is different. he won't be on the back
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of his mom's bicycle, like on the other days, the 4 year old is riding his own bike, along with dozens of other children here in barcelona. they're taking the bc bush, an organized bike tour to school. but it was, i'm which of the children love it. it gives them autonomy when i is. and it's something different, something new that if i didn't, they none of it as it's a party on wheels with music and applause. while the little once they've got the whole street to themselves, normally there would be many cars that would scared, and now they don't need to be afraid. every friday, the way to school is blocked from cars for around an hour. so the kids can cycle that bc was, is a project organized by parents who want a change to lie there? that is the idea to make this street more peaceful and other streets in the city.
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even if they're a bi claim, be for children like them who are 5 or 6 years old. it is still a little difficult to maintain the direction and the bank lay mind. there are lots of scooters and bicycles or 2 people pass by very quickly. and that's sometimes a bit dangerous for the youngest ones, isn't book or barely get also brought up, but i love my spectacular district counselor, paragon salus, supports the initiative he has just given permission for another root of the bc bush left. you guys will? yes, it is very hostile for the boys and girls. this is a way to gain space for them so they can cycle on the streets and go to school full sky. yes, gordon shows me the glad betty sweet alkaline. he hopes that soon families can operate the route on their own without the help of the local police to kiss a loving it because we're all together and we like going by bike fighting leafy is that leave in. it's really good that the children can now cycle without faring the
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cars. us glitches the parents also want less cars in the streets to reduce you to emissions. barcelona is in the midst of extending and improving its bike lanes. but the city council needs to take into account all road uses be pedestrians, motorists, or cyclists. lafleur yet those gay that garza or the routes from home to the school are perfectly walkable is and the bicycle is just another way. that's why we need to treated as another element for this. and this is why we are working and making the school surroundings less busy, and also increasing the bike lane and see a feeling villarreal as we feel wider and family friendly. bike lanes that are separate from call traffic may pop up in the future. but sick as theater. okay, i'm good. i applied even if there are plans that go in that direction and if the city council supports this view, the changes are very slow. yes. come yes, some winter until then the party on wheels continues. and with more and more
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children joining the beefy was this here to stay. ah, though g the street doug from is stumble, became famous. last summer, he regularly travels through the tuck, his metropolis by train and bus, and now has tens of thousands of fans on social media. people on their way to work. and posey a completely normal day on public transport in east amboy boise as a stray dog. but he loves travelling around the city to day. we meet him on the european side in the historic ballot district. eventually he loves it stumble. he sees more of the city, them we do, and he doesn't have to buy tickets. that's a bit unfair. if you meet him in the metro on the bus,
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he is always relaxed and in a good mood ready to vote. i saw him for the 1st time today, but of course i knew him before it in south on so course tre. animals are part of a stumble because we share alice treats and parks with them or that so why not our tramps to renew, but no one really knows how long body has been making his way around a stumble. about 3 months ago, more and more people began posting photos of their encounters with him. the dog now even has his own social media accounts and tens of thousands of followers. big city workers are now regularly taking bashi for health checks. they also gave him a collar with a g p s tracker clinical that up to some talk. we are tracking his route and always
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no way he is even at night. he travels 30 to 40 kilometers every day, but he also takes brakes along in m a new new for example. that's one of his favorite stations. and then sometimes he takes a ferry to cover touch and watches the sea for a while, thought in say to do so it's easy to find out where body is running to catch a fairy. but to this day, no one can for you safe. why he's on the go so much. he doesn't seem to be looking for anything specific. never has a clear destination. he wanders through a stumble like a tourist. and if he just barely misses, a train? bushy patiently waits for the next one. ah
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