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tv   ZDF Reportage  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2021 3:45am-4:15am CET

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pasco times has called at the start of his sexual revolution. a big kinky party is taking place in a few days. an event that's created quite the bows among moscow's young trendsetters. the night before the big event grisham pays tanya, of is it? they've been together for a year. unlike most russian couples, they don't plan to move in together. oh, get married. she's a tanya, a business woman wants to remain independent. but that was so i'm, i'm not really an ideal russian woman for this. i had a phase when i tried to cook traditional dishes like bush no yup and wash it, but i realized pretty quickly that wasn't for me. jen, how do you cope with not having an ideal traditional russian woman courtesy. oh, it doesn't get better than these frozen dinners. 66 percent of russian women walk
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outside the home. so tanya is no exception. grisham, on the other hand, is no ordinary russian man. watch local dis. yeah, sure. oh no, i'm not some macho guy. you, i was raised by strong women and studied in canada, where i became aware of issues like patriarchy, unlike most russian men was little foster, ah young, who with her father, grace you called tanya. something special for the party to morrow. the 1st i bought you something for me. yes, but i lash try it on. i don't have a white collar yet. he doesn't know the delegate. no, no, yes. procedures, which a fantasy? you good. we live out our fantasy and give each other pleasure. looked at the
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exquisite alyssa said, sir, mother, she's shy, but she loves me very much. i love her very much to the leo which was in with . ready it's tanya's big day. the monthly kinky party starts in just a few hours but yeah, as i was 50 percent, why are they sending me the list that the last minute? sure there shall be between 750 and 800 people back. it's the most people we've ever had at the kinky posse until x musket. edwards, the political good of it us. the party will take place in a rented loft in moscow's business district. the program will include erotic shows, a dance floor and small private corners for couples, with tickets costing the equivalent of 80 euros. this party is only for the wealthy
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wall. i'm grandma, can we pull that to parts a little bit more? why shine it's all wrinkled in so i'd be afraid to hang on to that. are you sure? is it? yeah. yeah, sure. it doesn't matter if the guests are poly, amorous, heterosexual or homosexual, the party attracts young people from moscow and beyond. any one who's happy to flout rushes, strict traditions come on. here's the s and m area with the latex beds. this is our hospital where you can play, or your medical fetish fantasies. there with me, viviana or so, and i'm not a lot of this is much better to me. you can chill on the balcony woods this messy them with what i sent them just okay, we're open the event is completely legal,
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but there are strict rules, no photos, and each new participant must be interviewed beforehand on skype. the security measures are designed to keep out extremists and prevent sexual blackmail. but this show is like a homage to love. oh, it's great. these events help us liberate ourselves and feel good for you, but i wonder if they'll actually change anything in russian society. it's primarily the privilege to enjoy these evenings of freedom elsewhere. many russian women, a still bound by patriarchy, and off, become victims of violence. ah, a russian proverb says that if your husband beats you, it's only because he loves you. many men have taken these words to heart
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when ah irina petra cova is the survivor? ah! if to ville visual to you, tomorrow you have school. do you have a lot of homework? ah. oh, down if you oh, the motion of flesh upgrades. yeah. you know, play, i'll tie up the dog. sit okay. was shut. let's take, the dog is here to protect the corporate. god forbid, something should happen to us named william, but she had problems with my ex husband too. we moved out here to, you know,
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do i bought this dog when i realized that the police wouldn't help me with a year's arena, suffered violence at the hand of her husband, even the in front of her children. her son was 5 when she called it quits because i'm like junior, i knew i still remember how we were going to leave died . oh, my mom had chosen a batch. he hit my mother. he wanted the keys to our new apartment. lots and i were you know beds and heard everything but sure. sure. oh irina and her children have already moved full time to escape the violent acts to day they live in this 20 square meter apartment. this much much could he have mass i'm work. oh, i've seen you and russian when no flames much clinton did math. everything seemed
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fine in 2000. and 6, irina and alexi had been together 3 years before they married. but when irina was 5 months pregnant, he beat her for the 1st time. after that had happened regularly, she endured the violence for 6 years. miss young don martin, look at the big bruised on my face. jack's girl took there also, alden, bruised is on my neck near. i managed to escape to the neighbors just in time. i see a figure shop and then i called the police. the neighbors didn't want to get involved and promotional doctors found lesions, bruises and a concussion. but even this evidence wasn't enough to convince the police irina filed a complaint 8 times to no avail. when her husband began beating the children, she decided to leave. she's been divorced since 2016. alexei was never brought to
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justice. said commercial flashing. oops, nations believe if he beats you. he loves you. a choice. contingent on me in that the husband can just do whatever he wants to try and women a worthless, but he was supposed to be subservient. jason doesn't pacina. ah, in russia perpetrators like irina's husband are rarely prosecuted in 2017, the russian parliament passed a law de criminalizing domestic violence. only acts of violence resulting in hospitalization are considered a crime. in vladimir putin's ruling party, only m p. oksana pushkin are opposed. the new law this is kizzy in you come with the glove. yes, it's a tragedy. it. the law allows men to be there. why by the him fucked it yet. now
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all they have to do is pay a fine at me, which has taken out of their joint account guys avoid again the women think a $100.00 times before their report. anything to the police asked by don't wish to leave. let the meaning as a research by leads. members of the orthodox church often attack her for her views . what they keep is huntley hoard. if bus thought bus loopy does harlem and gets up to $150.00 letters like this each day on a bush can lose game each year to pull a bed a month that i be removed from the committee. yep. that was on way you need it scares me to think way. we as a nation are heading. yeah. you got, you'll oksana pushkin, a remains determined to fight discrimination against women in from moscow we had back to far in the southern urals, victims of domestic violence throughout russia. visit this to to studio. they hoped
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to heal the scars left by past relationships. hi, why should i go? you can sit here. today's client is a woman who survived brutal violence. what's your name? goodness. show me. i would be the ms. williams was established. even did the surgical scar, could you say had to cut me open to clean out the inside? i just didn't. i pledge a lot of my blood pressure dropped to 50 over 35. i was dying. oh did it was good and my husband, if she doesn't, pasha will cover her scars with her to, to go. nass has chosen as 7 peddled rose as a symbol of renewal and hope tissues be white will work with them. as the day you need help on watch. and now in the to to studio belongs to gina.
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she came up with his project to help survivors of domestic abuse. she has 300 photos of these women on her phone. they've all suffered similar fates. i would read the vicar would feel, he is beaca who was tied to a tree. xhylia nikolai became and that she was pregnant and someone told her husband that it wasn't his child, i even should am on the cell. don't go in the evening. he went with a friend and picked her up from work is a little tighter to a tree. and tortured her with the knife, trying to make her confess who the father was, especially a cheery bonacre's sketch it. there was a cruelly barbara covered up her scar with the beautiful butterfly. first of them press your boots minutes. burbridge. the 2 session also serves as a kind of therapy girl. nass talks about what she experienced while her scars disappear beneath the ink. what happened,
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richard postilion, it happened after dinner almost from my husband, came back from work drunk as usual zone. he grabbed a knife and said on good his, i'm going to kill you was a when he stabbed to me. i didn't even realize it at 1st. i pulled the knife out myself. is alexia from my room with the showman? i was sure somebody here, by the goal here, is not only to help women process their experiences leafy race. it's also to show them that not all men are monsters. you shoot them, you feel. ready that you just a few hours later go nass can admire her new tattoo. sonia serrano more scars. it's the beginning of a new life for me. when i look in the mirror, i wouldn't have to think about the terrible things that happened with the one
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a bye. thank you. from crockett. does this mean as long as pu tins, antiquated notions, that the model russian family and his demographic policies continue to receive popular support? women like coolness will have to fear for their safety. ah ah, animals, i'm clever. and some of the smartest pigeons. their visual memory is outstanding. can you memorize $700.00 images and recall them at any time?
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for a pigeon. it's a piece of cake. to morrow to day. in 30 minutes on d. w. champagne as perfect court festive occasions. ah, but not everything that sparkles may bear this exclusive name. what makes champagne a premier, a sparkling wine. ah, we uncover it secret euro max. in 90 minutes on d w. o . you stay, it is pull a news fest goes to could have and now i'm sure that it was ice viet out so soon or the emotionally window. oh, oh, what say the,
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what say we got a few books on you. mm . ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the pandemic overshadows. yes. now the holiday season, the surgeon, the only cron variant of the corona virus is disrupting christmas. travel airlines are facing a shortage of staff and that is leading to thousands of flight cancellation. also on the program. a massive fire sweeps through
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a fairy and bungler dish. killing dozens terrified passengers leap overboard and many are still unaccounted for. and that is christmas eve mass. pope francis urges everyone to look beyond the lights and decorations and remember the world's needs. ah, i'm jared braid, merry christmas. and welcome to the program. a surgeon cove at 19 cases, driven by the alma crohn variant, has been disrupting holiday travel plans all around the world. more than 2000 flights have been canceled globally because of the impact of the corona virus, on airline employees and on passengers. despite all these people are trying their best to maintain the christmas spirit. twas the night before christmas.
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but instead of the usual last minute christmas rush, the streets here in london have fallen silent. the u. k broke their record of coated cases for the 3rd day in a row, recording about 122000 infections. numbers have climbed so high that some estimates predict one in 10 londoners have the infection. the surgeon cases has dampened the christmas cheer and left many industries struggling with staff shortages as sick workers. a forced to isolate it's a problem that has hit airlines particularly hard some 2000 flights around the world had to be cancelled on christmas eve. adding another layer of stress to people's already precarious holiday plans. we were really concerned last night when i saw on the news that they had can't thought a 100 white and i'm like, oh my god, we won't be able to get home. luckily we kept checking the white bear to chicken,
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the white that has got here and everything was fine. so we were really grateful for that. in spain, you don't have to be traveling far to face disruptions to everyday life. just stepping outside your front door now means having to wear a mask. the prime minister announced the decision after 2 consecutive records in daily cases. it's come as an unwelcome surprise to many wears when the more when we got off the train and i saw every one wearing their mask. i remembered that it was the 1st day of the mandates and i thought what a drag again with the mask. it's a bit suffocating, a bit claustrophobic. i'm not very happy before we go. no, nothing. we're gonna linda glen nova. though it may not be the coven free christmas, that so many had hoped for people a doing their best to make sure some of the festive spirit remains. and earlier we
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spoke with dr. eric fagel, dean in washington, d. c. now, he was one of the 1st medical professionals in the united states to raise the alarm about the corona virus back in january 2020. so we asked him whether he agrees with the epidemiologists who are saying that or mc one is more transmissible, but less deadly than the alpha beta and delta variance. thanks for having me. i. that is generally with understanding, but actually i think where people are not understand correctly is that much a little and missile. but it is actually about 5 times more transmissible. and i think that will actually translate to exponential more cases. the interim me institute estimates 3000000000 people will potentially be impacted in the next 3 months. basically, 2 years worth of induction so far in the world. compressed the 3 months and milder it's actually
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a mis information because in many ways it's intrinsically about the same as delta. it's just that now there's more reinfection, that those with vaccines and a previous infection. so it looks milder, but actually intrinsically not much. my elder in india and when you balloon the total number of cases infected through several 1000000000. well number of people, that's when you're going to overload the hospitals. that was dr. eric cycle doing that, and we asked some more of dw correspondence around the world to give us an idea of how the surgeon on the current cases is being dealt with. now, here are the views from spain, poland, france, and china. well, looking at the high figure of new infections, a lot of people are probably unfortunately spend christmas and satisfies a lesson or even with cove it symptoms. whenever you look at you hear about people being tested, positive, even in my own family, that i've been some positive cases. recently, the rest of the spaniards,
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they will probably be quite confused because they got a lot of mixed messages from, from the government and from the authorities to there have been some restrictions, for example, concerning the number of people in the restaurants. but to be honest to this, have been really soft in comparison to other countries. and even experts who give advice to the government as said they are not being taken seriously by the government. and the government doesn't hear what they say. so, and to be honest, they, there has not been much being made, ah, to make the situation where they're entering. mander, there are a little bit more than the how half of the people in poland fully vaccinated. so which means hello. i am not and allowed to have of course, a very difficult christmas time. now here. the government, of course, is under pressure to react to these raising numbers. next week, a present. macros government is holding
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a special cabinet meeting mainly to discuss tightening restrictions on unvaccinated people who are estimated to be at about 6000000 in france this morning. the french, a health regulator said that worcester doses could be administered as early as 3 months after the full course of vaccine. and this week, france also opened up vaccinations to children, each between the a $5.11. so i think francis strategy so far has really to be a to bet on expanded booster and vaccine coverage along with restrictions it to put in place earlier. and hope that this would be enough to tackle the new variant and make it more manageable on the chrome was a game changer. m researchers and hong kong said that even 3 shots of the domestic chinese vaccines don't offer enough protection against army crohn. so of course they are developing new of ex scenes, but so far the authorities here have not approved any a foreign vaccines. for example, pfizer medina, that is not available to the population here. and yet it's basically really bad news because for the foreseeable future,
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china will not open up its borders and that could last, at least for another year, possibly even longer. in other news now at least 39 people are dead in bangladesh and 70 injured after an overcrowded ferry court fire. many passengers, including children, are still missing. the incident happened on a river near jello cattie, which is 250 kilometers south of the capitol decker. the ferry was close to its destination when the blaze broke out. sleeping travellers woke to a fiery nightmare. the fairy turned into a floating inferno. terrified passengers leaped overboard to escape some drowning in the frigid waters. most of the victims were trapped inside the burning boat. what the luggage happened? because if she a negligence, the fairy was coveting curtains, all the heat from explosion was trapped inside. and he made everything burn.
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i was travelling with my father, my sister, and my 6 month old nephew. when the fire broke out, i gave the baby to a man, he was trying to say that, but now we can't find them. please let us know if you learn of their whereabouts. how many hundreds of the injured were taken to hospitals. many passengers are still on accounted for. authorities said the fairy may have been carrying more than twice as many people as allowed. it took fire cruise several hours to extinguish the blaze. by daylight bodies were retrieved from the charred hole to investigations or running into the cause of the accident. order with the engine had been running for about an hour while on fire. later, the fire probably spread from the engine to the oil tank and it stopped with
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a loud bang of his spot where we are standing right now was begun. this river river varies or a common mode of transport in bangladesh and a frequent source of tragedy. this is the 4th deadly fairy accident in less than a year. okay, here are some of the other stories making headlines this. our beijing has denounced the law signed by us president joe biden banning imports from china, shins, young region over allegations of forced labor. the chinese foreign ministry says the bill coin violates international laws and interferes in china as internal affairs. military commanders in iran have said that this week's war games in the persian gulf were meant to send a warning to israel to iran is concerned about possible israeli plan to target iranian nuclear side with efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. continuing,
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iran insist that it's nuclear ambitions are peaceful and according moscow has fine google and meta, which is the parent company, facebook and millions of dollars for their repeated value to delay content that russia deemed illegal. russian authorities have increased pressure on big tech companies in what critics claim is an attempt to gain a tight control over the internet to spain's canary islands. now and authorities in la palmer are expecting that the islands, 3 month volcanic eruption will be overseen. this is its longest ever eruption, forcing thousands from their homes, destroying buildings and wide swathes of farmland compress via fell silent last week. ah, it's tough to bake to the world for over 3 months, with its billowing smoke and spectacular lava flows. but despite his
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ban, deniable beauty is called chaos for the residence of la palmer. hundreds how to be evacuated and won't be able to return home for months. and almost 3000 buildings have been destroyed. with homes and livelihoods among the wreckage. many of the islands, banana plantations, vital to the local economy, have been devastated by ash. but as blankets had vast swathes of la palmer li, dramatic lava flows have expanded the island by faulty hector's. almost the size of $120.00 football fields. locals can now breathe a sigh of relief with hopes of
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a less turbulent new year with that. but for now, the clean up continues month with the images of the last 3 months. see it in their minds. so pub, francis has celebrated the annual christmas eve mass in st. peter's basilica despite a shop rise in cove. at 19 cases. the traditional midnight mass was actually held at the earlier time of 7 30 in the evening. and it focused on the plot of workers and the world's pool. ah, the choir echoes over a reduced crowd to the 2nd deer in a room. an estimated 2000 people attended the pope's traditional christmas eve mass compared to only 200 last year. the 85 year old pontiff focused his message on addressing global poverty, saying that people who are indifferent to the world's poor offend god include
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saying you that is the sign. a child, a baby lying in the dia, poverty of a manger. humans had just a poor child wrapped in swaddling clothes, with shepherds standing by monday by 30 i thought that his way god is in little noisy. ah, francis also used his 9th address to remind people that serving others is more important than spending a lifetime in pursuit of success. but the corona virus pandemic still cast a shadow over the service. ah, just minutes before the mass began in italy announced another reco daily talley of new coven 19 infections. because despite the shop rise in cases, the fateful outside would just happy to be celebrating. again. this is the 1st time in the last 2 years that we've been able to gather both as
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a family and to attend mass. because at that point i make so we are very excited and grateful. unlike last june, the pope will once again deliver his traditional irby at all the message from the balcony of saint peter's basilica on christmas day. ah! until news update his our alcove at 19 special is up next. i'm tired reading fairly merry christmas. thanks village ah! the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest.


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