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tv   Lesenswert Quartett  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 12:00am-12:45am CET

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the solutions are out there. join me for deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do with ah, ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a white x cop guilty, and a black man's killing. tim potter said she meant to use her taser and not her gun when she shot and killed 20 year old dante right. the case has re ignited racial tensions in the u. s. also coming out. germany reports. it's 1st i'm
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a cron related death. one of 3000 confirmed cases and the new variant in the country. the announcement comes as the united kingdom post another record number of daily current of ours cases. and russian president vladimir putin uses his 17th annual national press conference to point the blame back at nato for escalating pensions over ukraine. you want to promise that ukraine wont join the western military alliance. ah, i'm me a nice if welcome to the show, a white former police officer has been found guilty and the shooting death of a black motorist in the u. s. city of minneapolis, kim potter claim. she mistook her gun for a taser when she shot dante wright, the case has reopened racial divisions in the city where george floyd was killed. we think jerry, on the charge of mans in the 1st degree law, committing
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a misdemeanor on our out of april 11 2021 in handling county state. minnesota. find the defendant guilty. the jury reached its decision. after more than 3 days of deliberating, potter was convicted of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. were now joined by dw correspondent oliver salad, washington, d. c. oliver, things being with us. so why was this such a closely watch case in the us? and because of different army and 4 year than if not decades, there were no charges made against white police officer killing black people in duty. and those times might change might be changing right now, especially after the killing of george floyd in 2020 and those like lives matter of protests that sparked it across the united states and all around the world. every other case that is happening and that is similar in comparison comparable,
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is drawing special attention and that was the case with don to right as well as now kimberly porter, the former police officer, as you mentioned, has been found guilty in 2 charges twice. a homicide charge the fence argued that potter mistakenly reach for a gun while she wanted to a grab her taser. the jury did not buy into that. kimberly porter showed some remorse that is rare. and then the jury did not find her guilty for a murder, but for manslaughter instead. so the maximum sentence she could be facing would be 10 and 15 years. and that certainly bring some closer for the family and has also celebrated why the bill and movement. yeah, i wanted to talk about the closure that it's broad for a lot of people who are watching it, but especially for the family. how has dante rights family reacted and we saw the mother by the way, a white woman, a live interview right out of the room, was bred. and she said that the verdict is the result of
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a long fight for accountability. and that is essentially what this verdict comes down to, and there was also video circulated on social media showing the family members waiting outside the courtroom as the verdict was read. really, you saw the relief among the family members they were celebrating, and the family attorneys issued a statement saying that, quoting the family is saying that this killing is just another example why american needs to change in police training and protocol. and so perhaps this is another step here, this verdict in a shift of the u. s. justice system. is there a sense in the u. s. right now that things are changing in terms of police shootings? well, it's a slow process. i mean, perhaps not because of this verdict alone, but we have to look at the bigger picture and there has been police reform happening on the local level also on the state level. but it's a slow process and verdicts like this. of course, the more verdict like this come,
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the more difficult it gets, of course, for similar killings to be repeated in the future. that was impossible, essentially before george floyd or just a few years ago. so again, it's a slow process, but it's raising the question, is this the beginning of a new trend that we're seeing here? and it really raises hopes among many supporters of the black lives matter movement across united states that we're seeing change to the justice system. and it's also for sure a signal to the police that their officers will be held accountable. or i d, w, correspond oliver salad. washington, thanks for being with us. germany has reported its 1st death related to the alma kron variant of the corona virus. that says infectious with that as this highly contagious variant is increasing in alarming rate. so far, germany has confirmed more than $3000.00 micron cases of 25 percent in
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a single day. meanwhile, the united kingdom has reported a record 120000 and corona virus cases. in the last 24 hours. a study shows that the new variant may result in 50 to 70 percent. you were hospitalizations and delta . earlier on we talked a virus just muhammad minear from the university of lancaster. in the u. k. he gave us his take on that study. before we all have a modeling data, and these are one of the few studies that we have information from real life, which mean the people who have been infected with me, crohn they've been compared with what has been the situation with the delta barrier and based on that it was concluded that the solidity of the disease is very low, and particularly for the hospitalisation and for the emergency. but there are certainly copy it in this data collection is that most of the data being collected from people who are very young, 40 years old, because that is where the crowd has been pretty prevalent. and also,
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there is no cool hard to all of vaccinated people because most of the time the micron has been vaccinated or previously exposed people. but all in all, the overall trend is that it is miter compared to the delta variant. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. hundreds of women have protested in sudan over a legend, recent sexual attacks by security forces on at least a dozen women and girls. several western countries have condemned the troops use of sexual violence as a weapon and demanded an independent investigation. belgium has agreed to shut down its nuclear power plants by 2025. as long as certain conditions are met, the ruling coalition reached a compromise deal after long negotiations. but the prime minister caution that he might still decide to keep some reactors open. if the countries energy security cannot be guaranteed. german foreign minister on atlanta burbock has pledged to do more to resettle thousands of local staff left behind enough canister in after the
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country felt the taliban. she says she wants to reduce red tape and open up evacuation route, the afghanistan neighbors to help some 15000 people leave the country, women from union. well, vladimir putin has welcomed a dialogue with the u. s. s. fierce mount in the west, over russia's military build up near ukraine. but he says meetings alone won't be enough to cool things down. the russian president use his annual press conference to repeat his claim that its nato, that's raising tensions by encroaching on russia, borders. tensions between the kremlin and the west are stretched almost to breaking points, but there was little sign of strain on russian president vladimir putin's face. elegant as he opened his annual press conferences. yeah. if you're familiar with russian troops still massing on ukraine's border. he blamed the situation on what he sees as ukrainian hostilities and reiterated his support for pro russian separatists is good at right now. we're told war,
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the ukrainian government is preparing another military operation against the separatists. and warning us beforehand is that do not get involved. do not defend those people who are you. he also blasted nato. did you say in the military alliance was forcing his hand by encroaching on russia's borders, which you'd much look philip, my reading book yet. no, we're doing. we're not one inch to the east is what we were told in the 19 ninety's . and what happened? we were duped. we were brazenly duped. lee brought the mag ala money. there were 5 waves of nato expansion, or should in another. you have to understand. it's not us who are threatening them who graham wish to live briefly to the we didn't come to the borders of the u. s. or the u. k. america, you came to us cannot previously met with talks, as when russia and the us plan for early next year. you russia said the ball is now in washington's court, taking it earlier. we spoke with cod relief. she's
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a senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations. we asked her whether president couldn't really believe's the west is willing to go so far as an open conflict with russia. i think he understands that there are no evil in pensions, miss abbe russia, but i think his fair ease, that thrushes cold away, your crane is at ro, with ink. and while your crane might not become nato member, western military health will actually still be available to your crane. and that is, of course, some think that defense planner is in, in russia, would pay attention. so hence the escalation and, and hence he has made that any seal. and now when president biden has offered putin to discuss res, things, he has dramatically widened their chanda to include everything his better about including made a large meant than all the things he mentioned today. that was country leak of the
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european council on foreign relations in football news, and the english premier league has postpone 2 more matches due to outbreaks, and coven 19 the class between liverpool and leads, as well as the one between wolverhampton and watford will not take place on boxing day as scheduled, the premier league has now postpone 12 games due to cove it in the last 2 weeks, but has rejected breaking off a season over the holidays. german artist anselm keifer has devoted much of his work to the atrocities committed by the nazis during world war 2. and a new exhibition of large scale works in paris. kieffer place pays tribute to the german language poet palsy law and his suffering during the holocaust lines. of verse scribbled in chalk on paintings next to a bunker everywhere. the dedication to paul salon, the poet who used verse to process his memories of the holocaust, is the artist anselm keeper's personal hero. oversized work stand like proud panels
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in the sparsely illuminated space. then obviously the, the i thought i could write a poem up on the slate up there. go, well i think the skies like a big, slight void of i don't think most of all i wanted the audience to concentrate in ceylon, not the painter to is wagner. i'm good when nathan new stood there than is tamala, the pieces are dark, but also shed light on war persecution and death. the elements include straw textiles and stones, national socialism and the importance of never forgetting. these are reoccurring themes for kieffer. the show is a wake up call for europe. you mustn't of, we have to be careful because what's in our past, what we think is in our past it could very easily happen again. can we to so for da, side common ground rather than confrontation,
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learning from german history. how does that play out in france? so paul girl says it grabs you. the exhibition is very, very intense. new with the large scale pieces, the venue, which is really magical and compliments everything very well. i was very moved about his eval. it works by an artist who lives in france, but his german heal. it shows the strength of the bond between the 2 countries. this is the young headphone twisted and i saw his, his, the i bought a book by the poet. it would have been even more moving. if the verse written on the paintings had been translated, the wrongful visitors even get a glimpse of kieffer studio and his materials, ranging from shards to ash. the paintings are on wheels easily movable from one place to the next. everything is fluid including the artist's creative process, even as he squinted. i'm always frantic because my pictures are works in progress.
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i'm constantly reworking them. but apart from that, i'm generally cheerful, and johnson and whose damage works in progress. they may be. but this exhibition makes a lasting impression. well, santa claus has visited rio, rio's villa cruz era fellow to greet children and distribute food. santa arrived by helicopter for the 1st event, for the event hosted by an india called cooper, a grassroots organization created by young for valid dwellers to promote development. cooper has been working in brazil's fidelis for over 20 years. wanted to present a more socially representative santa. this year the food distribution efforts are taking place throughout brazil and the final days before christmas, nearly $400000.00 food aid packages are set to be handed out to families and need. 2 your watching d. w news. here's a reminder of the top story. we're falling for you. a jury in the us city of
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minneapolis has convicted a white, former police officer of manslaughter, and the death of a black motorist, kim potter said she missed, took her hand gun for a taser when she shot 20 year old dante wright, the case as rekindled racial tensions in the same city where george floyd was killed by a police officer last year watching dw news. business news is up next with chelsea, delaney don't forget you can always get more news and analysis on our website. that's d w dot com. i mommy and he said thanks for joining us. ah sh her, i'm just kinda, i want that tag into endy to meet you. i'm not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this
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smudges when lions the what's your story? ready i was women, especially and victims of violence take part and send us your story. i always understand this new culture. so you are not the visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah. ah, intel is in the eye of a chinese social media storm. the chip giant has apologized to its customers and the general public for a letter to its suppliers will go to new york for more details. also coming up, europe's energy crisis deepens as russia supply of natural gas to the remains in
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question is moscow playing politics with gas deliveries? we take a look and we take you to the canary islands, where hotel operators are once again facing a wave of canceled bookings. due to travel restriction, welcome to g w a business i'm chelsea delaney, thanks for joining us. joe biden has signed a law banning imports from the chinese region of jong. and already one major company is facing retaliation in china. that is in tell the u. s. semiconductor manufacturer that has apologized for angering the chinese government after it called its suppliers to avoid goods and services. and there's and john region. the company said it's intent was to comply with the new u. s. law. the united states, the european union and other countries, have accused china of a brutal crack down on the muslim, weaker minority, and the use of force labor camps. and john, now for more, unless i am joined by our correspondent young corridor in new york,
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no yen unto has apologize. they said, and i quote that it isn't their own intention or position to ban products from john . but are those just empty words given that intel does have to abide by this law or? well, i mean, it clearly is said diplomatic tip toeing at this point. and i mean, the u. s. senate has just passed a bill in the last week. so we really have to see how the companies will deal with that in practice. so it's really a bit to, to, to tell if it's just empty words from him. tell how difficult is it for american businesses to cut this entire region from their supply chain? well, i mean, see radically, the bill says that when you can prove that no forest labor is use, you can still produce in the region. you can still work with suppliers from the
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region. and clearly, i mean with the supply chains, everything being so collected and our, today's, the global well it's, it's definitely not easy to make changes from one day to another. the we've seen a lot of companies get hit by backlash is on social media and china over their statements regarding ash and john has not had an impact on their businesses. well, i mean, it's really always a tricky to tell what precisely is hurting sailed. so because we did see a couple of companies, them having some trouble in china, but also because the inventory is low in general, have all those supply chain issues. so it is a bit tricky to really pinpoint it to if, if social media and china, for example, does cause some chinese to confuse consumers to stay away from us, the corporations and abroad. i mean,
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one thing is for sure it just take intel as an example, they make about a force of their revenue in china and hong kong. so that also definitely tell to how important the chinese market overall is for intel. and for a lot of american companies as well. absolutely. that's the end of quarter, new york. thank you so much. now to some of the other global business stories making news, a key measure of us inflation has risen at the fastest pace and for decades. personal consumption expenditures climbed 5.7 percent and over november, year on year hitting the critical holiday shopping period. inflation continues to run well above the federal reserve 2 percent inflation target. the us health regulator, the f. d. a has approved of berks covert treatment molded, molded pure of your merc drug inserts tiny errors into the viruses, genetic code to stop it from breed. producing a similar treatment from pfizer was approved a day earlier european natural gas prices have sort to do all time highs. in recent
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days, that is due in parts of questions over the reliability of the european union's biggest supplier, russia. some you politicians accused moscow of using a gas supply as a political weapon that the charge that russian president vladimir putin has emphatically denied. guests from the yemen pipeline usually flows from here in siberia to germany. but volumes had been falling since saturday. on tuesday, the guests stopped and began to fly back in the other direction. the more than 2000 kilometer long jamar pipeline links natural gas fields in russia with poland and germany via billers. it's one of the major routes for russian gas to europe. some western politicians and industry experts have accused russian president vladimir putin, of withholding deliveries to europe amid political tensions over ukraine and nod stream to something that he denied during his annual press conference. if the vol
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to him, it would buy them, they lie all the time that they mix everything up gas from supplies, all the requested gas volumes, under current contracts. and not only that much, but it's also increasing the volume or when the issue of the contract spokespeople for our w. e and univer, which are among gas problems. biggest gas buyers in germany, said the russian company was still meeting delivery obligations. but measurements show that gas volumes flowing through the jamara pipeline have indeed been reversed . some western politicians believe put in wants to put pressure on nod stream to. it's another pipeline which is set to deliver gas from russia through the baltic sea, directly to germany. the e u has not approved the pipeline yet. some experts believe the kremlin is deliberately reducing flows to drive up gas prices in europe, and speed up the approval process. experts warn that consumers in western europe
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need to brace for even higher prices. more cold weather over the coming months is going to drive up demand. now hotel owners and the canary islands had high hopes for this winter season. just a few weeks ago, some were operating with occupancy rates of around 80 percent. now that's all changing due to the omar con variance. the mag, i already here. 10 a reef tries to make this time of year beautiful, but not even christmas as suitable for exuberant celebrations this year. the island is reporting record numbers of new cobra infections for hotel owners. the outlook is spitter. letter said i send an infancy in the booking sa getting shorter and shorter a week or 2 with the most. in january, i won't even be at 60 percent capacity at nanina yona office and beth hotel owner.
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paloma molina took out loans to get through the pandemic. she was hopeful that things would finally get back to normal, but instead of travellers insecurity as back, if they get out on it, you have to ask yourself again, do i invest to i buy things to lay, improve things that blocks you, it blocks me wrong, ha, ha, the problem is not only the 10s corona virus situation on the island, but also where the tourists come from. great britain in particular, is struggling with high incidences. and the british tourists have to take 2 p. c. r tests on their return journey is particularly affects manage a heavier capero. british tourists make up 90 percent of guests at his hotel, several $100000.00 euros, and revenue are gone. is tom or sin anchor smoking, sir down at this point, looking at the next 3 months has cancellations and cancellation fee on gonzalez young to view the outlook is not only dramatic foretell spot for the entire economy on the islands. but even canada tourism is a major factor in g d, p,
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and jobs in dublin. doyle in blue. the new situation affects the jobs of monica, ernest, 2 and one manuel. and not only them, 80 farmers supply this cheese dairy with gold and cow milk every day, but sales are faltering because restaurants and hotels are buying less product. boss candelabra go to vegas wonders, what will happen next? in us at the level hamilton, when we pick up milk from the farmers, process it and then half no sales. that's very stressful for the entire sector. if we now go back to where we were last year, that would be very bad for us. and then you fell in love at another. currently, there are about a 100 tons of cheese in the warehouse. 10 times the normal amount. the high season on the cannery islands goes until easter vacation. so there is still time to catch up, but no one knows how long this current wave of infection will paralyze here up. now
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in less than 2 months, beijing is going to play host to the 2022 winter olympics. an already interest in skiing has been exploding across china. but what happens if you don't live near the great outdoors? if you're in shanghai, you can head to the shopping all 6 year old li, wench one already moves like a pro. she drains irregularly. but lee is not on a mountain side in the great outdoors. it's an artificial ski slope on a giant conveyor belt in a shanghai shopping mall. i love ski. i come to ski 6 times a week. skiing here makes me feel the same as skiing on little snow leaders. she wants to win gold at the winter olympics. the games have brought winter sports to the forefront in china. and here sports fans can ski the slopes,
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regardless of whether and without having to leave this city. the entrepreneur ye guy wants to take advantage of this growing enthusiasm. he opened his indoor alpine simulator business with ju austrian partners and wants to expand further woman in the next 5 years. we're in the mail and we plan on expanding into china's top 30 cities close on woman that the number of locations will reach more than 300 day away light a long alley, male woman, them a desert she she so and the number of indoors scheme, michelle michelle will be more than 1000 to see. so can i wait about you change that? and because they're here in the shopping center, shoppers become spectators who later might want to join in on the fun. and a reminder of the top business story were falling for you this hour. you as the my
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conductor giant intel has apologized for angering the chinese government after it called on suppliers to avoid goods and services emission john region. the company started intent was to comply with the new u. s. law banning imports from the region where china, china stands accused of brutally suppressing the weaker minority and you're up to date with you w business. i'm healthy delaney in berlin for me and the whole business team stay healthy. and thanks for watching into the conflict. zoe with sebastian. a dispute about fishing where i could judge of my goodness, crossing from bronze to britain, consigned anglo french relation. that would be free. my guess is who comparison
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bruno by now and then pete of the rules are much party. is president of michael home policy, enough to woo right when voters conflict. so next on d. w. farming in kenya without harmful chemical pesticides, not feasible. you don't, you can produce enough of it to be able to do that. and it's cbs forming, end up raising because really, while the politicians are still debating, the 1st farmers are very successful with degree. we can now notice that you are doing that. that is no time phone to our guys too much detail with 60 minutes on d. w. o. o does a for an eternity
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time. it can be measured precisely. and yet everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time a phenomenon, a dimension. if we know we won't live forever and illusion about time presenting futures past starts december 31st on d. w. a very stubborn. as all the french must be, what it breaks it of the success of britain prosper. oh, can you bear that idea eating the european country as a price to pay for your party getting desperate ahead of the elections next year? it has nothing to do next. your selection is re asked to do with the principle of
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a deal that was signed with a dispute about fishing, right from a surge of my guns crossing from france to britain, confined anglo french relation to the deep freeze. have both sides lost all sense of perspective. my guest this week from paris is bruno banal, and m. p for the ruling are much party. is president michael. tough foreign policy enough to woo right wing voters before next year's presidential election? boomer but now welcome to come pick zone. let's not if we made the fishing dispute between france and the u. k. step back a moment. we have only 2 nuclear power in europe. allies joined by countless number the project share in common values. and there is now a major diplomatic spat over fishing,
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haven't you got better things to spend your time or? well, you could look at it as a minor issue, but in fact, it's a symbolic one. and that's why'd say, becomes a political one. when, when did in a, that kingdom decided to go for the bricks, it or we respected this choice. we didn't like it, but we respected it. and a contract, a deal was set. especially in this deal. some obscure corners were cleaned with a specific contract and the one regarding the fisherman was very important because we know that the this dispute of the waters and is it is a long, long dispute that up and far before you. it was important to clean up. i understand, but why are we, what, why have we gone to the stage where the threats of a trade war threats to cut off or limits electricity supplies gunboats facing each other? this is become a bit hysterical, hasn't it? i mean, listen to your junior. he listened to your junior minister for european affairs
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klemmer bone. now we must speak the language of force because i fear that unfortunately, this british government understands only this a bit melodramatic, isn't it? you're not talking to moscow. it's only the london you must go, must be enjoying leonor mainly and we do talk to friends and allies. there is no issue. but the fact is that if you start breaking a piece of the contract between you and you k, then what is going to happen with the other parts of the contract? for instance, the water in the northern island are all this, all this issue. so the fact that after months and months, 10 months of negotiation, we couldn't find a deal where the french fisherman could have those licenses through to fish in the u. k. waters. ah, if we had to come to a point where, where to put a stick in the ground now it reopened the negotiations. and as usual like brothers, you fight hard. busy then at the end of the day, you find a way to still love each other. yeah,
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been according to the president of the ports of care, lion boulogne, he caught this a drop in the ocean, said the route was ridiculous, and it was all about some small sum. 40 small boats. he said, 40 small boats were licenses for them. you are going to look back in a few years time on back and think you've all taken leave of your senses to get to this stage over the fate of licenses for 40 small boat. it was $240.00 boats to start with. and i don't know what i'm talking about for the, i don't know, but what i can tell you is that those discussions where, where after this, this agreement, this non agreement on 240 boats. so anyway, it's another question, the number of boats in the question of, as you said, after a couple of years, what are we going to look back? look back at rec, city is a big deal. is it going to be good for you? k, which is going to be good for you if you don't have this trade on the clean plate on
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the clean agreement that might be really providing for the future. and that's what our government is trying to preserve. okay, but always seems to stem from your governments insistence on telling the rest of europe, but leaving the union, the european union must be a bad thing. what if brett's it is a success in britain prospers or country by that? my dear, well, we'll, we'll convince that all the big challenges of the future can only be analyzed through a continental lens. meaning that the u. s. or the china, the r g is so strong, so powerful that if we will remain single countries with the big challenges of the future space ocean, probably protection from the big question, climate change, all these issues of to be at the content level. so leaving the you is not just the perception of a country making its own decision. it's the,
12:36 am
the idea that this continent, this european continent will be a little weaker to really phase the challenges of a future, which means growth, employment, economy ecology. so, so we believe that we are strongly european and yes, leaving the european country as a price to pay for. yeah, but you know, i come back to my question, what if it is a success? you look at the recent note from your prime minister john caustics to the commission president of on the line. he said it's essential to make clear to european public opinion that leaving the union is more damaging than remaining in it. why is it so essential? i you so afraid that other countries are going to thought running for the exit as well as britain? well, looking at the position of certain government in the european union, yet you may be concerned by the fact that people could be tempted by exceeding your you. and again, we try to protect you as much as we can and,
12:37 am
and they're talking about if wrecked, it is a success. i just can't the can't wait for the next 10 years and see effectively if all those challenges i just mention can be just faced or i at a single or country level. or if you need the bow of europe even look at the recent sanitary crisis that we faced up at the agreement between or the european countries making possible, made it possible to really or quickly find solutions that single countries by themself could and fine. and didn't have the means to really invest in to make this sell disgraces, sir, as a, as, as, as smooth as possible. if i can, these says you're, you're talking about the pandemic, you're talking about cov, it, the pandemic? yes. yes. the pandemic while you did it, you, it was a very slow start in europe, wasn't it? and these country went for its own interests. and ursula vander line, pointed out at the beginning, this wasn't a, a satisfactory state of affairs. a by any means for the european union. so i guess
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you learned as you went along, but it was every country for itself. when the pandemic started wasn't, it wasn't much european unity on show then was her. yeah, but you look after 18 months of this dramatic pandemic, it read those strengths and coordination of europe that really makes possible now to, for instance, protect most of the countries from a 5th wave, if any. and again, for a growing solo in this situation was probably not the right way to go. if you look at the numbers at the end of the day, after 18 month, to going back to the fishing dispute, plenty of people in your country don't think much of the war. or the threats that you made about banning u. k. cholos from unloading and transport. john mark, we saw the president of the ports of gala and move line, who i mentioned earlier, he won the french government against imposing sanctions on the u. k. and he told the b, b, c. it would be terrible for both sides of the channel for you, for us,
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for the ports, for the fisherman and your country, and not country and all that. just for a few little boats that aren't allowed to fish in your country. did you really think that threatening britain impressed your voters ahead of next year's elections? was that your aim? you know, frankly speaking that it has nothing to do with next election is re, as to do is the principle of a deal that was sign of commitment taken by the u. k. that he's not respected. and not talking about this man that you mention from the port of kelly, i understand is locally shoes for the local trade and, and the difficulty that report may face. but when you talk about protecting you, you have to swallow some pain, some time to really show that they are some much more important subject than just your local issues. and i do, i do call them local issues, but the jobs that you're talking about jobs jobs. in addition, i see food sector jobs in blue line and cali, which you've been warned,
12:40 am
are at risk or were at risk. if you went ahead with your threats, you have said you're right, they talk about jobs, they talk about the jobs of the fishermen, while losing today between 25 and 30 percent of the business because of this non agreement being signed. so, so jobs against drugs at the end of the day, again, a contract has to be respected, and that's really the core of the discussion. you didn't get as much support from the rest of the european union as you'd hoped for, didn't you? any 10 other states supported your so called joint statement, criticizing britain, and they even watered down your text and the final version, didn't they removing references to an unsatisfactory and contradictory response by the u. k. are you surprised that you only got such lukewarm support from the rest of the you? well, i'm not surprised because you know, building something as complex as you is a step by step process. and the fact that some countries are disagreeing on some
12:41 am
topics seems to be like, absolutely normal. you came out yes, a long time. you've been trying to build this unity for a very long time. yeah, but we are very stubborn. as all the french must be to really, if we believe in something we do believe in you, we have to convince you of on every single topic to be strong together and the end to join forces to gather their forces. if they decide to, again, to play solo, like, like if you decided with bricks it, yeah, it will be some consequences. and the relationship between ship between this territory, u. k, u is now dramatically changed and it will have impact on the economy on social, on social workers, on immigration. we'll see a list of impact by the very fact that you're bricks. it was decided and respected by the you, but would decided by the people of, of the united kingdom. you not on the,
12:42 am
found your anger against the british over this fishing dispute. you started blaming, knowing your well seemed like it you started blaming the man who negotiated the fact that dale for the you michel, bonnie, a you seem to want to blame somebody for something here. the president of your party's parliamentary group and the national assembly christ off cost, and i spelled it out on front sample. we said those who negotiated the breakfast treaty told us, don't worry, everything's fine. now we find there instances of imprecision. if the u. k can find the loophole in the text. it means it wasn't negotiated in the best way. i thought you were happy with what michelle. bonnie: a did present a macro heat praise on him back in 2019. you've gone off him as well. now have you? well, you know, is there now we're talking about the french election. the coming one michelle body is one of the, of the pretenders to go for a,
12:43 am
for the president's the alley public. and so you're just finding a stick to beat him with. you just want to stick to beat him with it. well, well, let's say that in this political world that i now facing every day i've seen a, i've seen action that sometimes are more like a, almost like like, like, like putting a little law. but the law pointing fingers on little details, but globally speaking, the brakes. it negotiation when extremely well, we knew that we would have an issue with this fishing activity. we knew we are, that we will laugh probably an issue with another nyland border at one point in time. i don't know when and, and effectively you case shouldn't take advantage of the loop all of these discussions. because globally speaking, everything was trade was treated fairly fairly. all right, mr. by now, the other big bone of contention between france and the u. k. of illegal migrants crossing the channel from the coast of france in ever increasing numbers. in the
12:44 am
2nd week of november, 1200 people slipped through your security patrols and crossed the channel in a single day. you're not being very effective at stopping them or you that you then well come on. i mean it takes 2 to tango here, right? a 30000 people try to pass the channel and 40 percent of them succeeded. so if you look at the story from my side, we 6, we re successfully, ah stopped 60 percent of the people trying to pass the channel. if you look and the other side of the channel, the u. k. border, right? they are some measures to be taken as well. so please again, if we start playing with this numbers and the migrations to accelerate or intensify the tension on a very, very sensitive subject, i think that nobody is going to win a win win situation is to go on with the agreement between the french authorities and the u. k. authorities to find a way out of this
12:45 am
a permanent migration. and by the way, a significant numbers of this migrants actually coming from belgium and we not blaming and pointing finger. i would like to say they are $77.00 out of 10 of them are supposed to be coming from belgium. why do you let them in? if you know that a large number of them are going to transit illegally or tried to transit illegally to the u. k. because well, you know, the problem is that the most of them are coming from africa as you know, through spain or through italy as, as we are controlling the, the spanish and italian border. they usually go through germany and then move to belgium, back to francis. cuz the ultimate goal is, is the u. k. i don't know why, but it seems that they feel more comfortable working. what he activities in the u. k. and, and, and that's why did they put this.


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