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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2021 10:15pm-11:01pm CET

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to lights and lots of have a good day ah, awe every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do
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we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? and what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smarten solutions overseas said in our ways, is truly unique. and we know that that uniqueness is one allows us to live and survive global ideas. the environmental, susan, global $3000.00 on d, w, and online ah, intel is in the eye of a chinese social media storm. the chip giant has apologized to its customers and the general public for a letter to its suppliers will go to new york for more detail. also coming up, europe's energy crisis deepens as russia supply of natural gas to the remains in
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question. is moscow playing politics with gas deliveries? we take a look and we take you to the canary islands, where hotel operators are once again facing a wave of canceled bookings due to travel restriction. welcome to g w a business i'm chelsea delaney. thanks for joining us. joe. biden has signed a law banning imports from the chinese region of jong and already one major company is facing retaliation in china. that is in tell the u. s. semiconductor manufacturer that has apologized for angry. the chinese government offered call the suppliers to avoid goods and services in the john region, the company set, its intent was to comply with the new u. s. law. the united states therapy in union and other countries have accused china of a brutal crack down on the muslim, weaker minority, and the use of force labor camps. and john, now for more on this,
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i'm joined by our correspondent young corridor in new york. no yen until has apologize. they said, and i quote that it isn't their own intention or position to ban products from john . but are those just empty words given that intel does have to abide by this law or? well, i mean, it clearly said diplomatic tip toeing at this point. i mean, the u. s. senate has just passed a bill in the last week. so we really have to see how the companies will deal with that in practice. so it's really a bit to, to, to tell if it's just empty words from him. tell how difficult is it for american businesses to cut this entire region from their supply chain? well, i mean, radically, the bill says that when you can prove that no forest labor is use, you can still produce in the region. you can still work with suppliers from the
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region. and clearly, i mean with the supply chains. everything being so collected an hour to day cyclical. well, that is definitely not easy to make changes from one day to another. the and we've seen a lot of companies get hit by backlash is on social media and china over their statements regarding ash. and john has not had an impact on their businesses. well, i mean, it's really always a tricky to tell what precisely it's hurting sailed. so because we did see a couple of companies, them having some trouble in china, but also because the inventory is low in general, have all those supply chain issues. so it is a bit tricky to really pinpoint it to it for if social media and china, for example, does cause some chinese to confuse consumers to stay away from usaa corporations and abroad. i mean,
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one thing is for sure it just take intel as an example, they make about a force of their revenue in china and hong kong. so that also definitely tell to how important the chinese market overall is for intel. and for a lot of american companies as well. absolutely. that's the core to new york. thank you so much. now to some of the other global business stories making news, a key measure of us inflation has risen at the fastest pace and for decades. personal consumption expenditures climbed 5.7 percent and over november, year on year hitting the critical holiday shopping period. inflation continues to run well above the federal reserve 2 percent inflation target. the us health regulator, the f. d. a has approved of berks covert treatment molded, molded pure of your merc drug inserts tiny errors into the viruses, genetic code to stop it from breeding. producing a similar treatment from pfizer was approved a day earlier european natural gas prices have sort to do all time highs. in recent
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days, that is due in parts of questions over the reliability of the european union's biggest supplier, russia. some you politicians accused moscow of using its gas supply as a political weapon that the charge that russian president, vladimir putin has emphatically denied. jess from the jamar pipeline, usually flows from here in siberia to germany, but volumes had been falling since saturday. on tuesday, the guests stopped and began to flow back in the other direction. the more than 2000 kilometer long jamara pipeline links natural gas fields in russia with poland and germany via billers. it's one of the major routes for russian gas to europe. some western politicians and industry experts have accused russian president vladimir putin, of withholding deliveries to europe amid political tensions over ukraine and nod stream to something that he denied during his annual press conference and give the
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world to him in what way them they lie. all the time they mix everything up gas prom supplies, all the requested gas volumes, under current contracts. and not only that much, but it's also increasing the volume or, or when the issue of the contract. spokespeople for our w. e and univer, which are among as promised. biggest gas buyers in germany, said the russian company was still meeting delivery obligations. but measurements show that gas volumes flowing through the jamara pipeline have indeed been reversed . some western politicians believe put in wants to put pressure on nod stream to. it's another pipeline which is set to deliver gas from russia through the baltic sea, directly to germany. the e u has not approved the pipeline yet. some experts believe the kremlin is deliberately reducing flows to drive up gas prices in europe, and speed up the approval process. experts warn that consumers in western europe
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need to brace for even higher prices. more cold weather over the coming months is going to drive up demand. now hotel owners and the canary islands had high hopes for this winter season. just a few weeks ago, some were operating with occupancy rates of around 80 percent. now that's all changing due to the omar con variance. the mag, i already hear 10 a reef tries to make this time of year beautiful, but not even christmas as suitable for exuberant celebrations this year. the island is reporting record numbers of new cove infections for hotel owners. the outlook is spitter. letter said i sent him the booking sa, getting shorter and shorter a week or 2 at the most. in january, i won't even be at 60 percent capacity, nanina yoseph and beth hotel owner. paloma molina took out loans to get through the
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pandemic. she was hopeful that things would finally get back to normal, but instead of travelers insecurity us back in the get out and you have to ask yourself again, do i invest? do i buy things? do i improve things that blocks you? it blocks me wrong. ha ha. the problem is not only the tense corona virus situation on the island, but also where the tourists come from. great britain in particular, is struggling with high incidences. and the british tourists have to take 2 p. c, r tests on their return journey is particularly affects manage a heavier capero. british tourists make up 90 percent of guests at his hotel, several $100000.00 euros, and revenue are gone. as thomas in and got a smoking, sat down at this point, looking at the next 3 months, has cancellations and cancellation fee on kentucky and comfort of him. the outlook is not only dramatic for tell spot for the entire economy on the islands, but even canada tourism is a major factor in g, d, p,
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and jobs in dublin. doyle in blue. the new situation affects the jobs of monica, ernest, 2 and one manuel. and not only them, 80 farmers supply this cheese theory with gold and cow milk every day, but sales are faltering because restaurants and hotels are buying less product. boss candelabra go to vegas wonders, what will happen next? in a certain level, hamilton, when we pick up milk from the farmers, process it and then half no sales, that's very stressful for the entire sector. if we now go back to where we were last year, that would be very bad for us. airline uva. so if we mail it in the, for the currently there are about a 100 tons of cheese in the warehouse. 10 times the normal amount. the high season on the cannery islands goes until easter vacation. so there is still time to catch up, but no one knows how long this current wave of infection will paralyze here up. now
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in less than 2 months, beijing is going to play host to the 2022 winter olympics. an already interest in skiing has been exploding across china. but what happens if you don't live near the great outdoors? if you're in shanghai, you can head to the shopping all 6 year old li, wench one already moves like a pro. she drains irregularly. but lee is not on a mountain side in the great outdoors. it's an artificial ski slope on a giant conveyor belt in a shanghai shopping mall. i love ski. i come to ski 6 times a week. skiing here makes me feel the same as skiing on real snow leaders. she wants to win gold at the winter olympics. the games have brought winter sports to the forefront in china. and here sports fans can ski the slopes,
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regardless of whether and without having to leave this city. the entrepreneur ye guy wants to take advantage of this growing enthusiasm. he opened his indoor alpine simulator business with ju austrian partners and wants to expand further woman in the next 5 years. we're in the mail and we plan on expanding into china's top 30 cities. put on woman that the number of locations will reach more than 300 day away. lighter will nearly melman them a desert tissue. so and the number of indoors scheme, michelle michelle, will be more than 1000 to see. so can i wait? i thought you changed and because they're here in the shopping center, shoppers become spectators who later might want to join in on the fun. and a reminder of the top business story were falling for you this hour. you the,
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my conductor giant intel has apologized for angering the chinese government after it called on suppliers to avoid goods and services and vision john region. the company started intent was to comply with the new u. s. law banning imports from the region where chai, china stands accused of birds, brutally depressing the weaker minority and you're up to date with you w business. i'm healthy delaney in berlin for me and the whole business team stay healthy. and thanks for watching the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say information and context? the corona virus update the code 19 special next on
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d w. ah ah, what people have to say matters to us. m. that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d. w. welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and and after 911, he says, after 911, the clubs came off. were organized crime rules were conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our
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private lives to surveillance. opaque, secretive. what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hope people. we should light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us? all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. ah, the corona virus pandemic has also become an inequality pandemic. never before have we seen such a single tanius increase and the gulf between the haves and the have nots around the world. the virus has exposed fet off and increased existing inequalities of
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wealth, gender, and race. hundreds of millions of people are being forced into poverty. while the richest, both individuals and corporations are getting even richer thanks to soaring stock prices. the crisis has exposed the inability of our deeply unequal economy to work for all. at the same time, it's revealed the vital importance of government action to protect our health and livelihoods. this is your coven 19 update? i'm chelsea delaney, in berlin. no part and the world has been untouched by covert 19. but the effects have not been evenly shared. the world's poorest had been hit, especially hard by lockdown school closures and disruptions to health care. this next report take this to the suburbs of calcutta, india, where internet poverty has worsened throughout the pandemic. for 20 years to buy, as folk has been working with the 8 organization german doctors in the suburbs of
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calcutta, he saved countless lives during that time. but now covered 19 has made life here even tougher than it already was. masks and disinfectant, too costly for most and it's virtually impossible to stick to. corona virus health regulations. jamini not yet. you should get those in, in the inner city areas where we work at 2000 and the, and family of 710 square meters of living space, etc. and that means the already have to sleep on bunks and then shift they start. if on top of that we say now please keep your distance from each other. it would almost be cynical to demand something like that fossil sunni. so it asses on to bias, fogged knows how tough life can be for people. here in 2020 india's economic growth dropped by 23 percent. the corona virus lockdown had disastrous effects and overwhelming majority of the population a day laborers. according to a study by action, aid, 80 percent lost their employment as
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a result of the pandemic. here lockdown means starvation. the situation is not that different in many latin american and african countries. in early 2021, the international aid organization oxfam published a study called the in the quality virus. it showed that since march 2020, the number of people living in poverty has risen from 200000000 to 500000000. on top of this, 621-2000 people die each day from starvation. less english isn't feeling. and i'd say at the end of the day, how many governments in the global south have been forced to make some very difficult decisions. unlocked ons that because of the non effects of lock downs are far more serious for people. there's more than we in the global north can really
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imagine you buying online foster. additionally, any improvements made to providing access to education for children have been negated by efforts to curb the pandemic. according to unesco, more than 880000000 children worldwide have suffered educational disruptions as a result of partial or full school closures. built on that education is the key factor when it comes to helping people escape poverty. and we now see that as a result of the pandemic, as many as 33000000 school age children are not returning to education. researches like debt left molar man from the university of bon have been collecting data on corona virus regulations and africa. fact is, africa is young. people over $65.00 who are the most at risk age group make up just 4 percent of the population there. that's in contrast to 20 to 25 percent in the global north for didn't want to send a visit,
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raises the question as to whether the tough corona virus regulations may end up having far more serious consequences than the pandemic itself. as the pending museum during the pandemic, agriculture and trade have suffered prices for staple foods have more than tripled . farmers were not allowed to sell their goods at markets. rural medical staff were recalled to the cities nicole last on os. i'm one of the ration from a project i am involved in in ethiopia. he says that the government's actions have resulted in a disruption of relationships on 2 levels in lenses and 1st of all, between rural communities and neighboring small towns and large cities and the capital of this size. and secondly, deal to a certain extent between the rural population and state institutions. soon former german development minister, gout mila, has said, quote, far more people will die from the consequences of the locked downs. then from the
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virus itself, we talked to murphy. i flocked spots for my parliamentary state secretary to the federal minister of economic cooperation and development. we asked her, what long term damage could come about? from the pandemic restrictions, equality i showed napoleon, the worst consequence of the pandemic has clearly been hunger. asked estella, those and a formal jobs don't mollify for government relief spending. so by nor do they have health insurance, as usual, get the 2nd direct impact is not only the effects on health from the current of irish to salvage billing, but rather the interruption to wider vaccination distribution of all kind in 9th and pos, for example, to vaccination programs against measles, yellow fever in whipping car mazda get feedback. inquiry was on the african continent alone, experts are predicting an additional $400000.00 deaths due to malaria, and h, i. v. along with another half
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a 1000000 deaths from tuberculosis. although these numbers are very high, few people were paying attention to the problem of tuberculosis. the same thing is happening in india where all the focus is on cove at 19 as i understand, you know, when i started 20 years ago, around 500000 people, a year died frontier berkey los in india. and that has be slightly improved. it's about 350000 or 400000 people die from annual yacht indiana to book with all these figures. they're on the rise again, and yet they are really reported on one side effect of the global fight against covered 19 has been that the overall global help situation is deteriorating. tourism has also largely collapsed world wide. 25 african countries are on the verge of national bankruptcy. germany's foreign development minister called for
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a 50000000000 euro sterilization program made up of european loans and emergency aid aid organizations like oxford, i'm calling for an internationally financed global social security fund. time is of the essence, is often mia, get it, we need more money and the more people to commit to fighting both the immediate and long term consequences of the pandemic of ignorance. otherwise they will come back to haunt us. that is of once we did select, that's because the worst the situation gets, the more people will try to flee poverty and disease, leading to more migration without much needed aid. the global south may be sit back decades in its development. but right now, industrialized nations are busy with their own crises, that inequality virus will likely cause long term damage around the world. now it's time for you to ask us to answer shares of your question for our science
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correspondent derek williams. oh my, are vaccines still not universally available? many of the experts i've read tend to talk about 2 different aspects of this issue on the 1st is vaccine shortages, which are caused by factors rooted, mostly in logistics. for instance, i'm the fact that production of any medical product is going to be limited by bottlenecks in upstream feed stocks of the ingredients that go into it. it simply takes time to ramp up the entire production chain of these highly specialized vaccines to the kinds of scales that we need to fight a global pandemic on the challenges surrounding vaccine transport and distribution also contribute to shortages. but at least the vaccine shortage problem is
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theoretically solvable, right? i mean, we just have to get production up to speed and we're doing that. but the same can't be said for other factors that have gotten in the way of universal availability. they're what the experts mean when they talk about vaccine inequities on the program that was supposed to prevent them. the kovacs initiative has struggled from the beginning to meet distribution targets for poorer countries. not only because the logistics are hard, but because wealthier countries quickly snapped up nearly all of the available stocks for their own populations. according to the w h o. vaccine manufacturers are currently churning out around one and a half 1000000000 doses of vaccine every month. so the issue has now become
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a lot less about shortages and a lot more about ongoing lopsided allocation. and that's continuing, even though we know that the fastest way to end the pandemic is to make vaccines universally available. how scientists are still learning about the i'm a chron variant of the corona virus, but already there is evidence that it may be evading as existing vaccines. also worrying, research indicating that important therapeutics called monoclonal antibodies might work poorly or not at all against the new variance. monoclonal antibodies which are produced in bio react us mimic the naturally occurring antibodies made in the body . often infection with sas cove to if given to patients whether they are still in the early days of the disease, they can help mitigate the cause of cov 19 and prevent it from progressing to
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a more severe stage. at least with early a variance they did. but the latest results conclude that in the case of omi crohn 2 of the 3 mono clonal antibody treatments regularly used in the u. s. those manufactured by fama giant eli lilly biotech summary generally, would not help prevent serious illness in leapt tests on cells, only them monoclonal antibody therapy made by black. so smith klein continue to have a significant impact on, on a crohn's replication. thanks for watching to be your own health advocate. by turning into your own expert queen or your coach without any fiction and lots of
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facts. be active in a clever way. with aunt d. w. o. o. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word, alex pinnacle. nico is in germany to learn german with why not learn with him? with the chef, it's simple online on your mo bile and free t w's e learning course, nico speak, german made easy. ah, people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away, order families. and the reason for these credit is with demonstrate people seeing extreme
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ross getting 200 people from the june around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines ah ah ah ah ah, the football world cup will come to katara but for more than
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a decade now many have been calling for a boycott, especially in the western world. to say it's a controversial issue is probably an understatement. my daughter mentioned refusing to clinton with cutoff loves football. so let cutter half this will come time for a reality check as to work. i think guitar is no longer just a plan, but basically happening tomorrow, shook the woke up and guitar really be boycotted if so why? and what for or was this just pick talk to ease the conscience. and in the end, we'll all sit in front of our a t, v. 's because football is awesome. in case you're wondering, but all the uproar is about guitar is often called the richest country in the world . natural gas and oil bound money teams is not the most pressing issue. katara has invested this wealth and to multiple activities in the world of sports. that didn't
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want to go on as a lot. katara deutsche development for translation, which tends to nila dish. and by red massage, often once a week and so forth, of the global abundance, which was he won't mit deaf was my read master chef is seniors class that was of off gallon had the airways, is i and goes out from the other one from ven, bye to nealon out is of it to let's with the under than, than the other ones or there. oh, i hope i my social so hey, but what's wrong with wanting to promote your country, especially if you're not short on cash. well critic say that's not always kosher. for example, when you buy features votes with it, ha, corruption is inseparable from the 2010 decision to award katara the world cup 11 of to 20 to 50 executive committee members who voted on this. have since been fined, suspended, banned for life, or prosecuted for corruption. in 2020 the u. s. department of justice claimed that
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katara had indeed bribed fifo officials to secure hosting rights. so as this world cup the wilk up of corruption, we've always complied with the rules and regulations of people to the strictest offence. when people say, how did you in the world cup? it all the simplest answer and i, and i assure you, and i promise you, it is not said in any way with any arrogance. we were the best bit. now, whatever the truth may be, one thing catches my attention here. according to that same investigation, russia allegedly bought the 2018 world cup. and in a more distant past, there is quite some evidence that the 2006 world camp here in germany was bought to the stadium right behind me, was built for that tournament. and today, house champ is leaking. in this stadium, plenty of fans enjoy watching our be leipzig take on p a g. and i wonder why all the fuss about guitar. if every country buys to welcome katara gets an unfair
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amount of criticism. says my colleague, mark meadows, i think it's western european arrogance really to say that these are the sorts of countries shouldn't host well cups. we know they'll put on a great wilco. we know every stadium will be fantastic. we know every ph will be fantastic. transport will work, and we want to spread the game. so let's spread the game more. let's tell the arab world. yes, you are part of the football family and cat. i have shown that commitment to football not only buying parish such a man, but also sponsoring barcelona. they have by me there for winter training every year . they really have put their money where their mouth as well, but not all fans are happy about that. money is their criticism, western european arrogance and is katara purely interested in promoting football. other say it's about sports, watching both watching have katara called the perfect target. the kind of, i don't get kind of classified the register for the homeless x,
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and then that was what you say that mark, let's look at russia. russia isn't friendly to alma central's either. but there wasn't such a big, who about the 2018 local containers had bought it for mission money, which is a live on the brought it up. why do we point to our finger at guitar and not so much at, let's say russia human rights issues on many levels plus and invaded neighboring ukraine. and what about the u. s. a. one of the 32026 world cap hosts a country where the death penalty still exists. is it what mark calls, western arrogance, possibly even bordering on racism? is this about double standards or does it have more to do with the fact that katara abuse has so many? right, so blatantly one of the main reasons for international concern about the world cup
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is how many people had to suffer and die to make it happen. katara is mainly a desert, but soon it will be a desert with a tightly modern world cup stadiums to its name. in addition to a dozen of other major projects, including a new airport roads, public transport, hotels and an entire new city that will host a well kept final. but it's how all this was built, that rates a lot of eyebrows, internationally. british newspaper, the guard, and claimed that 6500 migrant workers have died in katara. most of them employed on well cub related infrastructure project. cpanel. so statistical it is like the model of instant holland out them chavez. captain woodson, senior dogs and am as if fully owncloud me believe of if you will say that you like them to the moment i battled albert's bidding shed in his room is about us to tyler,
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letty for us. and the business of nice people tend almost here, these are would have had a nice alpha cancer and it's not just the dead workers that lead to concerned it's the conditions for migrant workers in general. and the top is that's just about done in monday i by the mention was hi stuart to skip kind of key my luggage skipped council. can augusta by the 29th and can get on top of the hard to get katara said it has reacted to improve the situation for guest work because it now has better laws the amount of work that went into legislation and the amount of work that went to the improvement of workers conditions, rights have, have, you know, in my, and my opinion a precedent that the speed of the way things have happened here from flight. i would say it would have been cut off. i gave would be $5000.00 seats. and i'm been nice because even on site dozens, it's in it's cut. have a nice,
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nice form for f listed on happy off the piano because it's in their praxis, is the bavarian, who said him, the veterans understand? where should the football world draw the line? should it draw a line at all? after world cup comes closer, football themselves are standing up for human rights. norway, the netherlands, germany here in march 2021 ahead of their well kept qualifiers. but what they not play when it's time to go to car for the world cup. would that go as far as finished international recruiters ski he missed out on a friendly against sweden planning cutter in 2019 and protest at katara human rights record. in 2021. not just this norwegian comedian, but also norwegian fans and clubs. representatives put pressure on their if a to boycott, the work up at
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a congress held in the summer of 2021. a majority voted against a boycott. though an executive committee member of norway's f. a had said prior to the congress, you need a critical mass behind a black cotton, an opposition that calls for it in the country to v for says not boycotts, but rather, inclusion drives reform in a country. awarding the well kept. katara has opened the door for a social progress there. it says mother, look at that fee for president infant dino praises recent reforms, allegedly improving migrant workers rights and cotter is it dialogue instead of boycott that helps? the way of, of, of, of changing the mind of the tutorial forties is to kind of bring them in my mind more into the phone and say, look, if you like that if you like the work that we've given you and you want to host other things in the future olympics one day, then you have to be
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a bit more modern and you have to allow homosexuality, am, etc, etc. there is reason to believe that this won't work though china hosted the 2008 summer olympics hopes were high. that the event would have an impact on human rights. there have things changed? well, they have gotten worse. be for the oppressed muslim, we go to minority or for civil rights activists in hong kong. back in germany, these football creative students can be bothered about guitar 2022. they will organize their own world cup with 16 inventory teams from around the world. when smithy about this, steve, in dought mentalism recently created by the time for 50 dangly by the managed in dublin management taylor from the mother says miss dusta. singe what osman or in death being a moons. good. at the moment police near you, both of whom was said close open until sight and shut for they won't watch the
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games and car no semi final, no final, nothing only the live stream and post match analysis of their own tournament. but it can make them and also he does come with his gave him new, if cayden for bundled or should some lo, others for them love the stones. emma wooden ramesh beauman and gazande had her mail. so i hope not hope you not have been with us thrown than not us and osmond dublin viet ended mazin at ativa beaten barrage diminished against him to him. assembled. jennifer spoke about the matter, but i mean, aunt em. summer shouldn't obstinate at ativa to harden and ran. so cannon and bus monday, the agony investment ange, transmit most of us will probably end up in front of our t. v. 's. once the ball gets rolling in katara, the world cup is simply too powerful, correct me if i'm wrong, yet this doesn't do anything for the terrible fate of katara migrant workers. or that if you're almost sexual or a woman in a country, you don't enjoy some basic human rights. katara needs to do much more if it wants
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to live up to its claims of reform. pfeffer simply lacks clear rules for accepting world cup beds. if you had, i guess, as early as i was, they still india d v l on them. i don't know the depletion for different ab i mentioned to from plots names. so why not have clear requirements and put all those nice principles from fif as a website into place? what do you think about the controversial work of and cut hard? will you boy cut it or really just watch the games? are there maybe aspects i didn't even touch upon like this one, for example, 3 lions fans. listener. the other aspect of course is there is no vendor kicker. i don't think that's a problem. as an england fan, i think it might be actually quite good because england players are always completely naked. when he comes to june. he play in the middle of their season. they're probably in top form. or will it come home to katara minute they are the
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raining asian champion? ah ah ah ah, with
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who are into the conflict zone with sebastian? a dispute about fishy, where i can judge of my goodness, crossing from bronze to britain, have consigned anglo french relation to the free my guests into comparison, bruno by now, and then b, a coffee. this brenda, my call phone policy enough to woo, right? swing voters, conflicts on 90 minutes on d. w with
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these places in europe are smashing all the records into a venture. just don't lose your grip. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you wykard break on you tube. and now also in book form ah, the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages o. e. ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. that april. yeah, i saw the scenery is magnificent, but people are warm and are cuisine is exemption ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above. starts december 27th on
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