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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2021 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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children safer, barcelona has been expanding its bike lanes network, but competing needs are taken into consideration by city officials, including those of pedestrians and motorists, dusky a that garza alice water from your home to school is already an option or there is no problem there. everything and now cycling is being added for school children of ahead of them were working to improve the situation in school neighborhood when and were adding by pan diligent but i'm just glad it illegally a few and they lost carolyn with the idea is to build wider more family friendly bike lanes, clearly separated from the other traffic sick. a theater. ok. the plans are promising and the city council is working on them. let me stay on, but it's going to take a long time until there is actual change. yes. come yes, i'm willing to until then children in barcelona will keep cycling to school on fridays with a beefy boost project. great stuff. now in the
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shrinking world, in which we love those increasingly frenzied international competition for key resources, one of which is board and one place to find out her this market works is c free roles. in belgium's southern were lonia region where chinese buyers snap of local wood that goes on. so it's an annual market to then sell it back to european purchases with a significant markup focus a highly sought after natural resource, especially if it's one or 200 years old, like these logs to reap his own runs. a saw mill in belgium. it's a 4th generation family business, but this year has left him worried about the future. oak is becoming increasingly expensive and hard to come by. elizabeth rocha wo wiggle. i still have some trees left over from last year and some from the year before the cuckoo crew are low, so we still have all it we can process now. so not only for the next 7 months or so
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. and then that's it said we warm up popish the planet base for his son to take over the saw mill. but now that future is uncertain. the economic situation in while lonia in general is difficult. unemployment is high here and following the decline of heavy industry wood was the only natural resource left. now that's also under pressure. we made cop into eileen go, blay. he says that although he has plenty of clients, his business is facing trouble. he's been trying to secure as much timber as possible, but pi it rachelle come on, our costs are rising up. we're finishing orders where we are selling cheaper than we're buy. it was going to shit. the price of wood is rising faster than we can whirl is going up. wilma fed, a double previously business here had been good in times of climate change. high grade would like, oak has become even more precious and even lower grade log cell. very well.
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the wood from local forests get sold once a year at an auction held by the municipalities. this has always generated considerable sums. but this year, the modest civically hawes auction had a surprise in store to trade has bought 95 percent of all the wood on offer for record some to be exported to china le duberry reject will of his t mailed. we earned twice as much as what we had estimated earlier in the year, which is huge as she 2nd thing comes up. the problem is that if this continues, there will be no more competition in a few years. because if record sums of money are pumped into the market, is that people and sol mills here will go bankrupt. there's no way they can compete with foreign buyers, who, especially from china, is also present italian, not a machine. china ships the logs back home to be processed, undercutting european so mills wood. is it desirable commodity in china? but the government also wants to protect its remaining nature. president she ging
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ping has banned the looking of chinese forests for 99 years. ah, go minutes a sheila is tish jan dunn. the chinese state has a lot of funds and it subsidize as companies to buy wood abroad because they're not supposed to cut down chinese oaks in google at this creates unfair competition and could quickly destroy the european belgian french and german timber industry. oh, badge of wholesale, more global demand is thus taking over belgium's local timber markets. but china is buying of wood all over europe to protect its own native forests. so what should be done? should there be a fixed quote for the european market, or an export ban on unprocessed would. and should these measures only target china? off to roll demand for wood has spiked all over the world. emanuel
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defeat is a forestry expert who was awful norco. he cautions against any rash, ill considered actions in for bah, who called on the lashing on block, we should not condemn china across the board. how much we need to recognize that for many years the china bought our low grade would and was our valuable ally, daughters. but this ally is also a threat you for if you did, we shouldn't offend the china doctor you for in fact, we should maintain good business ties. oil the cog so to speak, the myth, to further boost trailer dollars organizer. it is a delicate matter to withhold wood from china, a resource that wants so much to do them actually because it's true that chinese demand hasn't caused european forests to disappear. align lamar shows us which trees will be exported. saucers, supper horton, or la people that are often sick or damaged trees are selected in the interest of
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sustainability, but occasionally a healthy tree is felt to be sold and that hurts her. yeah, wookey shell am kiana, sir, fern would see. look, this oak is thriving again. it's going nowhere, i don't want any one cutting it down. i prefer which trees are fell than which is sped. that still decided by the people of safari, hans, or something else of value are these chips. why? well, because there is an inspiring story behind them and because they can bake all the difference to people living on the streets of the city of bristol, in southwest england, giving them a hot drink or something decent to eat. the scheme behind the chips was the idea of megan r, bethany hope, who wanted to do something, to support the spiraling number of homeless people in her hometown while at the same time paying tribute to someone very dear to her. one thing meghan abernathy hope learned from her brother billy was to not just walk by people
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in need. that's why she regularly sets off to bristol city center to hand out billy chips to people like laura. the chips can be used to paper food or beverages when you get back code late levy going with the nase, get train trying capable, it's a kind gesture and an opportunity to talk. i think you need a bit of courage and if it, if humanity because it's just like having a chat with anybody out. and i think that fair and worry of approaching people is what stops that love in that transaction. and i'm positive for megan and her father john. it's also a way for them to pass on the love they had for billy who died 3 years ago in a motorcycle accident. he was only 20 years old and had just completed his training to be an ambulance driver. even as a child, billy was deeply troubled by the hardships faced by homeless people and once asked his father why he didn't distribute all of his change and billy said,
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why don't they just invent a token that you could buy and then exchange for food and drink and i think he saw that that would reduce the barriers because people would know it was a safe, secure thing to veil. and then people would also, you know, communicate more with homeless people because that was something that been really struggled with was that people just ignored homeless people and they thought become invisible after billy's death, his father and sister decided to realize that idea they developed chips that people can purchase which homeless people can then exchange for food and drinks and cafe. i all right. yeah, yeah, good, thanks. good. just thought we come in today and chat you about the ne billy chip star to pack. we've had some are currently 52 cafes and bristol, and the surrounding area participate in the program and sell so called billy chips for homeless people place for them to come in. our feeling is that some people are
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very happy to give money, but others might be a little bit conscious about, you know, how the money's being used, and knowing that it's going to towards something that will seed all those kind of sustain kind. the person that i gifting it to somebody came in that for 10 to give away presumably as part of their christmas giftings. so yeah, it's really popular and we have regulars. we come back again and again to, to buy by chips to hand out to people one chip costs to pounds and can be traded for at least one hot drink with an offer have changed and more so. and, and, and i think it bears something about the reassurance of how we spend, which is good as well. aid organizations estimate the number of homeless people in england has doubled in the past few years. in bristol, many people are now familiar with megan, her father and the billie chip. right. both of you the so anyway. yeah, they're really good get a free coffee is absolutely fly or to have
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a warm drink through the cold night. if you're on a visa one phenom void, you need another called a money. a megan and her father say one reason for the chips is that they show homeless people. they are part of the community to and that they are welcome. in cafes we poured our love that was our grief. we could no longer poor into billions, and we put into the billy chip. we created a legacy. we've in a way, immortalized a key values that billy had as a human being that we love to buy him and that we feel everybody should kind of hopefully take a leaf out of his that with megan and her father. think that if billy were still alive, this project would never have come to be,
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but they're certain that if he knew about the work they're doing, he'd be proud. real inspiration, that story. and if you've enjoyed the slightest edition of the show as much as i often do, join us next time round until then seasons greetings for me and the rest of the focus on your team. for now go, i buy and trucks. ah ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian a dispute about fishy, where i can judge of my goodness, crossing from bronze to britain, consigned anglo french relation to the free my guest and comparison, bruno by now,
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and then paid a much coffee. this michael foreign policy enough to woo, right swing voters conflict in 30 minutes on d. w. with it about time it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time ah, phenomenon, a dimension and illusion. about time starting december 31st on d, w. well, go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was
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a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who is behind the benefits and why are they a threat to us? all opaque world starts january 5th on d, w, a frankfurt a have a lot international gateway to the best connection, south road and rail, located in the out of europe. you are connected to the old world experience
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outstanding shopping and dining office and johnny alice services. all be all a guest at frankfurt a bought cd managed by frappe waterloo. ah, ah ah, ah, this is the deputy news live from berlin. the number of cove at 910 cases in the u . k. reaches a record high passing 100000 in a single day for the 1st time. but new studies suggest all micron is less severe than built up. also coming up.


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