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aah! warm and eternity! time! it can be measured precisely and yet everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. tar. ah! with a dimension we know we won't live forever. and illusion about time presenting futures past starts december 31st on d, w. mm. mm. ah ah, welcome to global 3, thousands. profiting from poverty. how slumlord in nairobi exploit those
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most in need. quality pays off how indigenous people in mexico, a using top quality coffee to fend off the competition and to tell, make power. no thanks. why? germany is turning its back on nuclear energy. chernobyl and fukushima. the west to nuclear disasters in history. radioactive waste can remain hazardous for thousands of years. at many countries say nuclear power as climate friendly, because the nuclear fission reaction doesn't to make c o 2. there are currently 443 reactors in operation worldwide. most in the u. s. followed by france, china, russia, japan, south korea and india. and there are plans to build more according to the international atomic energy agency. global nuclear production is set to double by 2050. germany however,
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aims to shut down its atomic energy plants by the end of 2022 including blocked off which is the country's most controversial nuclear power station. these protestors are making their voices heard and have been doing so for decades outside a nuclear power plant in northern germany for over 35 years. now, activists have been meeting up once a month to call for the reactor to be shut down. today is the 425th and final time that they'll be here braving the elements. that's because the blocked off nuclear power plant, one of the most controversial in germany will be decommissioned at the end of the year for pastor and protest co founder hans, good havana. it's a day of mixed feelings. it's been florida's up. i'm glad it's being taken out of operation salon, but i'm also
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a bit nostalgic in because i know i won't be seeing the group again any time soon so, so. but it is mainly a sense of relief that the nuclear power plant is finally history. we never imagined back then that we'd have to hold out so long the gift in risk. it all began in the 19 seventy's and eighty's, west german students joined forces with other largely left wing groups to form an anti nuclear movement. then in april, 1986 and explosion and the chair noble nuclear power plant caused a reactor meltdown. the entire region was contaminated and to this state remains uninhabitable. west germany was one of many countries to register a serge and radioactivity. the pump doff reactor was the 1st in the world to go online after the chernobyl disaster. 6 months later, several 100000 people turned out in some clash with the police consequent ivana and his fellow campaigners were determined to protest peacefully and to continue until
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booked off was closed down. gondola in and sean cha, i have distinct memories of chernobyl. if yet my kids were still small and weren't allowed to play outside in the sandbox, there was widespread panic and this was, what is the fall out involved? and what are the effects fixed us? we were quite scared of eggs don't die if not to to go, but what helped against that fear was taking a stance and doing something so good by protesting quarters to you. oh russell, done me look. and they were right to be wary of radiation. a study conducted in 2008 indicated that children growing up near german nuclear reactors including blocked off or it's significantly higher risk of contracting leukemia. tax revenue from the local power plant enabled the village of walked off to expand and invest in a swimming pool and other facilities. but now a financial fallout looms. dom must east on dot, suzanne,
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we as a local authority will always support our commercial enterprises. the tivo, if not understood your head can i, we could have kept a few nuclear power plants running a bit longer until the right structures are in place for renewable energy on all future annoy. yep, i'm in a game or else or i can go shopping. the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster prompted germany to declare a nuclear phase out by the end of 2022. but many countries continue to rely on nuclear power. they getting in the libby, this promotional film made by the french nuclear industry depict sent as clean and above all climate friendly. a line of argument also favored by that countries president on cassette enough yet dull no. so to achieve our objectives, in particular carbon neutrality by 2050, we will for the 1st time in decades relaunched the construction of nuclear reactors in our country of nuclear will not be greenhouse gas emissions are lower than those
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from fossil fuels. but compared to wind or solar power, nuclear energy production is far more expensive. it's really clear those countries around the world that are most intensely committed to civil nuclear power. ah, either countries with nuclear weapons or countries really demonstrably cain on nuclear weapons. the use of nuclear energy for civilian purposes also forms the bed brought in a number of cases for nuclear weapons programs. the point that paris and washington make no bones about if you do not have a civil nuclear industry, the engine is the special metals. the welders, you can't build a nuclear proposed submarine. so these countries are looking at it, and their reports in the u. s. to the absolute, explicit, even if nuclear power were twice as expensive, we would still be rational to build it. it's because it helps us keep this military
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commitment or the blocked off. protesters take pride in their activism. the reactor will be shut down with the radioactive waste will remain in storage there for decades to come. there's still no permanent disposal site anywhere in the world, which is why the activists plan to continue their fight. but for now, they can at least claim a victory after a 35 year long campaign. clean and sustainable environmentally sound. most business sectors are focusing more and more on these requirements. agriculture to needs to become more sustainable, depleted soils and widespread deforestation. main farmers need ever more fertilizes and pesticides to grow crops. research suggests that small scale farms tend to be more sustainable and more resilient. but this tough competition from agra businesses in mexico, some coffee produces a pouring their energies into quality are reported,
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katya donna found out more it's early morning in the wave of progress. so a village in the mountains of vera cruz. this is where the altar white, his echo family live. there knock while and at home they speak not water. no one in black below are no eric near at l. m. m. listening to what i just said means greetings to the german viewers. oh, mexico is home to some 2000000 not law, which makes them the largest indigenous group in the country. right now. wattle is one of over 60 indigenous languages spoken in mexico, which along with spanish are recognized as national languages. families laughing about a recent incident. a bittersweet story with me, said one nathan,
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if you so cleverly relevant that my sister had overslept and was late. and my father mentioned that he'd seen a commercial on tv for some radio device that cost 5000 pesos. he will not book the incident to the comparison. then i said, you can't even afford to put food on the table and you want to buy an expensive radio device yet is contract only them with the altima was grow coffee. every member of the family owns about a hector of land. so their coffee plantation spans about 5 hector's. they've been growing coffee for generations, but coffee production has never been a reliable livelihood. the family has now joined up with an organization called cafe color, hoping it will help them earn a secure income. and finally lead a more comfortable life. which was the last from yes and little referrals go many
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families that work in coffee production live in poverty. it's unacceptable that they have to live in these conditions. when coffee is such a valuable commodity go just because there are certain aspects of the production process, they aren't familiar with samples, but i'll certainly be out of. the 1st step is to grow basic quality, coffee being a coffee call. it buys that families, harvest at a higher price than the going market rate and then sells it on the coffee. farmers are given advice in the fields and their beans are analyzed to see how they can be pleased with in the coffee called headquarters. and shall apa, the capital of the state of vera cruz. the beans are examined and sampled in the laboratory. so moses with yellow that were socialists and quality control. at this point,
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we're examining the actual appearance of the bean. the point of our analysis is partly to give the farmers feedback so they can optimize the production process or does it. and this is, there is no whitaker, as you can see here, we found coffee bore beatles a type of past that has infested the cropped. i'm one of those. so we have to do something about that. honest with them is we need to tell the farmers that they have on the problem blend. so it's very important for them to keep their fingers clean in order to get rid of this past. but i gave them was just a deposit of the coffee beans that aren't infested or then processed for sampling, roasted wade and ground. the experts gather for a 1st round of aroma testing. initially, they keep their opinions to themselves. one, clinical zachary, of anything you say might influence the others, the law. so no one speaks while we're sampling. does he no,
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not over this. oh, oh no. mr. at this stage, identifying the best tasting beans, isn't the main priority. the minerals, the la salute onions, the health and safety aspect is important that must hold a coffee beam. it's been roasted too long, isn't healthy. i mean, we'll do importer. gov. we also need to identify if any contamination occurred during the processing was over for over fermentation or fungus infestation a minute important to so victo the experts also share their findings with the coffee produces. the goal is to improve the production process so that ultimately the product can fetch a higher price. kathy cole has also set up
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a fun to help families, such as the old here was. they paid in advance on their harvests, which means they no longer under pressure to sell their coffee to the 1st distributor. they can find the fund is backed by by of been a project launched by the international climate initiative in mexico. most coffee has grown knotted. mano cultures, but in traditional shaded coffee plantations, which benefit the environment, the alt, if our family had almost given up on the coffee cultivation with them. but with the support of kathy cole, they're more hopeful now that it can provide them with a secure livelihood. come your me mentally, that my perspective has changed that our home was her laser, the m, i used to think there what will be will be, is familiar though. boston. i didn't know anything about the quality of my coffee beans. cafe. he thought. so this is a success and we're going to continue growing our column hook off hook. so far,
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kathy call is working with 180 producers, but hopes to increase that to 600. the project will help secure the coffee farm is the steady income, and ensure that the local climate friendly plantations can thrive. o v t is on the rise across the globe, thanks. in part to the many crises facing us, including the pandemic, poorer districts, are expanding in cities, take the slums of nairobi, for example. more and more people are moving that out of financial desperation or because drought has devastated their villages. many slumlord see it as a business opportunity. they rent out substandard housing to tenants who are already in dire straits. my tare is one of kenya's biggest slums. landlords such as peter chica,
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offer the cheapest possible housing with no kitchen or running water and collect rent with violence if need be. they take in a lot of money and have the reputation for exploiting kenya's poorest with. i've got 30 houses here and matter that i've been building them since i came here and i want to expand. my big goal is to have 40 houses. it's good to be a landlord when you're getting money from all these households. you can make a lot and expand faster than the income let's you build a lot of new houses that go in to your business. but the housing market is not regulated here. tenants have to pay whatever the landlord demands. people share living space to make it affordable. an average $2.00 people live in a one room shack which costs the equivalent of $30.00 euros a month. peter ciocca usually collects the rent himself on camera. he makes an
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effort to be friendly. m. hi. how are you? he got something for me gone la? sure, i'll fetch it. okay. okay. it does what are, does your husband home? who, braga? no, he's not. there. no problem. when he gets in, tell him hello from me. we'll go. when tenants don't pay the rent on time, this landlord's hire gangs to collect it. gangs who can be quick to resort to violence for about 10 euros. they'll strong arm the tenants or throw them out of my chair. and from now, you know, this is up because we're there who is one of our landra crushing a bit and someone will incentives of them was maintenance. was written up. i myself, i've written some people looked is, yeah, you,
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you have to be doubtful. denton who renovated soon to have that gosh, you must be tough so that he, they both soon see that a good job, elijah sunday, the bolivia, the had the tougher you out of there will you become. 6 6 agnes lavetia has been living here in maternity for 18 years. now. when it was any other cousins, i came to the slum of my tare, so my children could go to school. or there's no work for me right now. i used to get by and dain labor to pay the school fees or hook ups. the corona virus made things a lot harder, but there are no jobs any more in the class. i don't have money for food or rent. everything's become much harder because there hardly any chance is left to earn money. you know, sometimes i'm so stressed, i get sick one, the gold her plight is a common one here. life in the city can quickly become a trap. the informal economy as
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a strangle hold on the slum food, water, electricity, and rance all cost more than in the countryside. peter che, keeps meticulous records. those who pay get a receipt. those who don't can expect a visit from a street gang for continue administering flu. another one of the young gangs know the locals here even better than the police. so when you have in your door to do a go and are always willing to collect the rent, ladonna accardo. but if you go to the police, they'll ask you for a pile of money. first of your business means you, you end up paying more than 6000 shillings. the tenant owes you the redundant now already or they did over the apple outage. if some agnes knew, heavy,
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she lives with her husband, children, and grandchildren. 8 people in a one room shack with no kitchen, bathroom or running water. if they can't pay the back rent soon, they could be out on the street. since the pandemic hid, a lot of people here can no longer pay their rent. so many of peter take his houses are standing empty. come, no, i haven't been able to contact the tenant of this place for 3 months in this apartment. the tenant has been out of work for 3 months so far. i can't get anything from him yet. allow this rent or moved out after not paying for 6 months because of the corona pandemic lacroix, a place has been empty since then. enters. enters peter che got might be complaining,
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but he's doing very well compared to his tenants who faced extreme hardship. he's a man of 2 faces. he might leave the tenants alone for a few months, but then he'll send a gang around to settle, matters by force. meanwhile, the residence of maternity remain at the mercy of him and his fellow slum lords escaping poverty can seem almost impossible. one way is through a good education and that doesn't necessarily mean a business or medical degree. deafness and imagination, for example, can be very useful. and then very much in demand in one rather magical place on the outskirts of cape town. ah, and to vote. love counselor, calling back in the school,
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opens its doors every saturday with a bit of juggling a bit of balloon swallowing. and all the classic magician tracks by teaches in a timber which he 1st came here as a student himself, 16 years ago. it teach me a lot of things that goes dodge best would have to start discipline to love myself or to, to, to respect other people are to work hard in life and to be honest as well. that's what he taught me. magic. so from here, yep. and her hand, you go up is gone, and then suddenly opened a hand slowly. and then you put your hand behind on them. and then you roll the ball, roll the ball. so this from the side underneath here, the roll the ball. i,
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a bunker to 40 is one of approximately 200 students at the college of magic in cape town or group they once a week training and take 6 years old. in many of them go on to work in theaters or as performers, the children's birthday parties and corporate events. legit it's mind blowing. that's why i love doing magic. i love to see propose, amazed by me. like i a banga to footy. most of the students come from the townships where poverty has been further exacerbated by the pandemic. he's an ambitious young man. he wants to be an engineer. magic is mainly a hobby, but it also teaches him useful life lessons. when it comes to minutes, you have to practice every day also. and if you need to be good, also magic if you want to because you have to try again,
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try again that i had meeting the same team, then you'll find yourself good enough. his family probably won't be able to afford to pay for him to study engineering. he'll be graduating from the college of magic in a year and hopes he'll then start to make some money himself. oh yeah, i met you can day turned on now was i think and that he can do magic i in clean obasi is didn't that was you can help us have a better life. some dam glad know. tindy cool big. and i a longer has told me that how guy asked what we need when he starts to perform and get paid. the rest of us are unemployed. as the pun, gailey, we are gone. the young magician practices every day. he doesn't have juggling balls, so he uses potatoes instead. his teachers in a timber wood, he comes from google letter, another township. he says that magic helped him stay on the straight and narrow in
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these neighborhoods. it's all too easy to be led astray. to see god that you are growing up doing to drugs and then they're doing that stuff. and then if you're bad, you know, and, and you look at them and, and would affect your life, is that, thank god, you know, i'm still here today. and then you look to some people to say, no, no, no, no, no, i don't wanna be like, you know. so that's why we, people like me must keep it really is what i witness by young kids. so they don't fall for the same with other people for he performs at corporate events and for children in hospitals. but wherever he is, he always has a trick of his sleeve, almost double. it didn't. well this is 10 random rolled up the board and fold it again. yeah. when i'm done holding it will turn into $100.00 range. oh, i oh, his body's of him can't believe their eyes. a,
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it really is 100 ran a students from all sorts of social backgrounds take part in the 6 year training at the college of magic. it costs the equivalent of $350.00 euros. the year sponsorships and grants are available to students who can't afford the fees. everybody hands up in the sky with offering us on the calendar for you. don't forget to set a magic word. oh, there is no holding i. oh, not all. the students will go on to make a living as magicians, but still, they will have learned many valuable lessons here. i feel juggling and then drop
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the ball. it's you must been and pick up the board. is a leslie in the teaches you as well? ah, once, once you're for the life, you have to pick up a soft and, and continue because this, this is a still a long journey and also you cannot just give up. so that's all listen ah. 5 that's old from us at global 3000 this week. do you drop us a line with your feedback? you can reach us at global 3000 at d, w dot com, and we are on facebook to d w global ideas. see you next time until then. take care ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, she fantastic, beautiful and pristine. so culture, a remote island off the horn of africa. an unusual part of him and on touched by
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the civil war, discovered by just a few tourists. the forgotten paradise. so who trumps? 30 minutes on d. w o. the fight against the terminal. no virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what measures are being taken? what does the latest research say? information and context with the korean is update the cobra. 19 special monday to friday on d. w. well, go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was
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a before 911 and after 911, he says after 911, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive working through what's vague. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hope people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all open world starts january 5th on d, w
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ah ah ah, this is d, w is coming to live from berlin. germany becomes the latest european country to tighten corona virus restrictions, chancellor, olaf shawl to nelson new measures that will come into effect after christmas. they include a limit on social gatherings or to be no large scale new year's eve.


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