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caused by the now dominant. i'm a crown variant. and here in germany the government has responded to, i'm a crime by announcing restrictions on private contacts. coming up are covered special focusing to day on you closing borders to stop the spread of um account. don't forget, you can always get the latest on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm in isa. thanks for watching. ah. to fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and context? the corona virus updates because the 19 special next on
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d w. and we're interested in the global economy. our portfolio d w business. beyond here, the closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes, get a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to ah, welcome to your cobra 19 special. i'm chelsea delaney in berlin. travel restrictions are tightening once again in europe. last week, germany classified all neighboring nations as high risk, while france band, all tourist and business travelers from the u. k. this,
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as the british government says it's facing a tidal wave of new infections fuel by omicron. the u. k reported a leap of 72 percent and the number of daily cases compared to the week before. and over $82000.00 cases per day. it's more than any time during the pandemic. g w correspondence, charlotte chelsea. toll reports from london midst of cheer on the streets of london. once again bringing hollow shops and hospitality may will be open. christmas party still allowed to go ahead as planned, but covert is casting its dark shadow as the days ahead. is experts warm, the omicron tidal wave is coming and it's coming at a phenomenal pace. what we know is that it reproduces very, very fast. um, a week ago us also we said the term reproduces every $23.00 days or 3 times a week. i'm putting it very simply, that means in one week you get 8 times as many sections 2 weeks, 64 times as many,
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3 weeks, 512 times. as many says coming at us like an express train. you kay's already recording record cove cases with omicron. now the dominant variance here in london resisting calls from some for further restrictions. the government's focusing instead on its booster campaign, resulting in lengthy queues at vaccine sites across the country. obviously though, micron is growing so rapidly london and we just wanted to get in as quickly as possible. so many people i thought of getting over it again from last week out of the office policy 1416 them ga cove. it clearly omicron is really spreading quickly . it's very relevant or very important for me to concur today for in 5 hours. not that i want to make an issue of it, but i live with my mother and father who, having their vouchers. i want to ideally get it done full. i went to go and see relatives. some people over christmas. i can't feel my toes there,
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but it's okay. it's okay. the government's starting the doors open to every adult in england to get boosted by the end of the year. they're hoping to offer up to a 1000000 jobs a day is early day to suggest the 3rd vaccine is key to combating on the crop. this is a massive undertaking for the health service they're being asked for another major, maxine push to try and vent hospitals like this one from being overwhelmed with our concerns. it won't be enough. as people here lie, not for that boosters. there are already people in hospital with all micron hospitalizations, all climbing, and one person's confirmed to have died with oma chron. while it's not yet clear how severe the variant is, the sheer number of cases alone could prove overwhelming. in the shadow of this vaccine center, a reminder of what's at stake, a memorial wall commemorating the 10s of thousands of lives lost to cove it. and it's with the pain and sacrifice of the past. that this weary nation is now facing
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the threat of another worrying winter to come more for more on the situation in the u. k. let's talk to julian tang a clinical ver ologist at the university of leicester julian. i thank you for joining us. the situation in the u. k is already bad, but recent models from the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine indicate it's about to get a lot worse. therefore, casting between $2575000.00 from over kind by the end of april. what will the coming month look like for the u. k? yes, of some questions about those models and they have been wrong before overestimating north. that's in cases that one of the key things about the model is that they're trying to model the severity of illness from, from neutralization studies dark in the lab as well. we know from previous attempts that subversive illness is very hard to model. and that way that i suspect that the number infections may be close to the mark with the impossible stations maybe less
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than the most predicts that in the most pessimistic scenario, even the most optimistic scenario where maybe not as many hospitalization. so just to wait and see, and those we know that these are responses are also very important in keeping people as a hospital and have more severe disease. and teeth responses are not really correlated in the model of the many fixed antibody utilization that results. but no matter what way you really look at this, the u. k, the rest of the world is facing more cases, more hospitalizations, is that avoidable and the u. k. but now is difficult as they've left it very long was you stop see the peak of these cases. now use irma con, it's essentially the horses bolted. so even though you impose restrictions, now, there are lot of viruses to lock people out there who are seeing the own con, no van across the population lockers. delta hasn't gone away either. that the restrictions will reduce both the variance in terms of infections and death. and
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hostile additions and death, hopefully. but now it's very late on to do this and with christmas, new year already upon us, the says locations now will have increased even as we speak in a even behind closed doors. we've seen in recent days that countries like the netherlands returning to locked down, do you think leisure is that strapped to a potential lockdown? are coming in the u. k. social a purely various point of view. i think that's probably what's needed if they wanted to achieve that goal of actually reducing the stove, omicron, and not just for 2 weeks, as some of said already, i think for at least 4 to 6, we're gonna have to use that kind of measure to really lockdown the virus, but then of course at the concert hostile oak hotly hospitality industry and economy in a, in a wider sense sort of social, psychological welfare. so i can be really hard to struggle balance between that those 2 extremes. one of the challenges here seems to be that we don't
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know a lot about america right now. there's still a lot of unanswered questions about how deadly it is. and how can governments, including the government in the u. k. draft health policies. when our understanding of this very, in a still quite limited. so this, the issue of the precautionary approach in effect control, if you're not sure about how severe the virus is, how fast it spreads. you put in place measures that will cover those eventualities, even at the most pessimistic level. now, of course, that has a knock in effect for him education as society and economy. but if you poorly look and control the virus or some of the sockets, asian countries have done very well as, as the candidate restriction of measures that you need to impose early on. and then you can reap the benefits of that later on. that when you open up was of ours is down to, you know, virtually 0. and then over the u. k. and other european countries, the that it was just far too high for that. so what you're looking for as a mitigation that of the peak and hopefully something we can live with, as well as,
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you know, overwhelming your local health services. you mentioned there that net effective measures they've seen in, in south either asian countries. what exactly did you mean by lacking elaborate a bit on what those have been? yes, so rather than getting the panoramic when they weren't sure about the viruses, well, the original hands train, the went to universal masking and forced isolation, quarantine of effects and contacts. there will be had security taxes on risk ankles and mobile phone apps to track. they've been what he broke, those isolation, quarantine orders that even new friends they had to, that they made. it won't stay at home and they need a written permission slip. so to leave the house for essential business that, that kind of measure, i did actually work very well to stem the tide of carrot in the 1st wave. and i was more people vaccinated and hung had baffling unity and the risk of severe disease and death is much less at the moment. but if you want to reduce the risk of over one of the health care service,
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cuz they're dealing with the things that in the winter winter months that the you may need some kind of locked down, or at least something similar to restrict those numbers. that even server that given that lower the 80000. now. so julian taking the long view here many in europe had really hoped his christmas would be different than the last. it doesn't appear that that's going to be happening. do you see a risk and this pattern every winter, just repeating itself and from now on there's a list put a lot to listing some of my colleagues. i think this versus no doubt into the human population. the number of spike person mutations, though rapid spread with less severity, from data to we had to south africa and also so early they to know from hong kong and also chambers suggest that the vice wrecked gets better than the upper or lower sparrow to track these or changes i'd expect the see for a virus, but better adapt his human population that host over next few years. i think what you can see is that a mother marta from the vice on my spread more rapidly. but for which most you can
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wait on the vaccination. that is julian tang, a clinical neurologist at the university of lester. thanks so much for analysis. you now it's your turn. here's of your question for our science correspondent derek williams. oh, my husband was vaccinated then 2 weeks later tested positive for covered 19 could that be due to the vaccine? new book depending on what kind of test he took for different reasons. there are basically 2 different types of diagnostics. the most accurate is called a polymerase chain reaction or a p c r test. now, it works my amplifying tiny amounts of sars, covey, two's genetic material in a sample, up to levels where it can be detected exactly why vaccines can't cause a positive pcr result is complicated scientifically. but more or less comes down to
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the fact that most of the currently approved vaccines don't use a full version of the real virus to kick start an immune response. they instead contain short stretches of genetic material that don't replicate that the grade fast and cells and that aren't detected or amplified by pcr. the 2nd class of detection diagnostics called androgen tests they work by revealing the presence of certain proteins that are specific to sars covey. to, they're cheaper and faster, but also less accurate than p c r. because some vaccines cause your body to produce the corona, virus spike protein to, to kick, start your immune response to the pathogen. it doesn't seem impossible that an antigen test which detects proteins, might be confused by that. however,
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to avoid any confusion, most commercial antigen tests are not designed to detect spike protein, but other corona virus pro, am in addition, vaccines are injected into the arm, but detection tests, they swab the nose or the throat, the cells, there are not the ones producing spike proteins after vaccination, so long and short vaccines don't cause coven 19 tests to turn up positive on the presence of the virus. does. thanks for watching. ah, farming and canyon. without harmful chemical pesticides, not feasible new, you can produce enough of it to be able to do it on a city of farming and uprising. because really, while the politicians are still debating,
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the 1st farmers are very successful. we will discover debris we cannot law nor did i not do own being that these no town phone to our cost are much pico africa next on e w. o was another form that according to our tradition men or was to period to women. russians believe if you beat cheesy nuts, you like the shreds of the law allows men to be they why women working was supposed to be subservient nipple. good for them. it scares me to think way. we as a nation, i had a love and sex in russia in 45 minutes on dw blue with oh, does a war and eternity
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time? it can be measured precisely. indeed, every one experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time . ah, the phenomenon a dimension, if we know we won't live forever and illusion about time presenting futures past starts december 31st on d, w t o i on this show we often meet people with brilliant ideas about how to protect the environment. but nature has its own forms of climate protection. for example,
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sale actually captures huge amounts of upon your site. and with that, welcome to a new episode of if africa, i am thunder tween over you reporting from compiler. here in uganda, everything is from les goes, i'm chris alliance, and i'm happy to join my colleague sandra as your host for the next half hour. these topics are we to how to women a south africa, not protecting endangered bras lens are more and more tiny for us to spring it up in germany. and how to leisure is making fish and more sustainable. or recent studies show that maze, collard greens and tomatoes from kenya are often groomed using highly hospitals pesticides that poses a big risk to humans, animals and the environment. food and environmental and jewels in kenya have been
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calling for government ban on the pesticides. the drop legislation is still under consideration by their efforts already bone fruit elsewhere prompting some produces and fertilizer industry to help rethink and come up with more sustainable alternatives. ah, the produce has to be harvested quickly. customers in europe won't green groceries in winter to weather bees. chillies herbs are fruit. most of what is going on. he miller farm here in nairobi is destined for export for a long time. why? cliff or cooling operated a conventional farm use in chemical pesticides? he's making fundamental changes, bit by bit and converted into organic methods. we will discover debris. we cannot
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run on it and not you or were doing that, that is not down phone to our customers. so that to a re, yet that ain't to get into organic farming. so he already started with the some field crops at the farm. we want to see our fight. they're going to take that sofa read doing read, read the war to react to the from his greatest concern is seen harvest destroyed by plants, disease or parasites. so he's drawing on the expertise of robin seen iranian j, whose firm rule organics develops organic fertilizers and pesticides. the men are currently trying now to paradox, intended to combat pests that infest mays. so i believe um has impressed organic products like this top down and stop. dell is a follow up with the lasers. not even up, i said better. he just ability to suffolk, it's best to def, like you can some holding some ma mrs. here which was infested by the fall,
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i know under we have just done an experimental them and they have they decently. and that's without the use of any chemicals. one solution for tackling for amy warm is made off. rabbit urine crop oil concentrates and coca knocked extracts once the ingredients some mixed. the solution is ready for application. growing demand has led to an increase in the amount of organic farming launched in kenya. according to the canyon organic agriculture network, 173000 hexes of land have already been certified as meeting organic standards. kenya's parliament has been discussed in the ban on hazardous pesticides for some time. many of the pesticides still used in kenya, the prohibited and farms in europe years ago. at the same time, the e u is continuing to tighten up the upper limits of chemical residues permitted in foods, making conventionally drone vegetables harder to sailed there. yet the government
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is skeptical whether organic farming is possible in kenya, on a large scale part of the yielded up. it requires a good at good army practice, of course that improve soil health, but also protects human health. and so we have to right into to find that i balance and sometimes things laker, danny, man, before the lasers are getting for delays that may be good for us. mom brought one erica to her guys. probably beyond that. you can talk about getting for the laser is not feasible. you, you do, you can produce enough of it to be able to, i know a city of farming and of raising the country. i've never seen it being done anywhere, but this fights all the challenge is agricultural practices in kenya are already being transformed. more and more farms, especially smaller ones, a go in organic, helps with training from experienced experts. i was trained by
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a runner from mazda and train us. i'm finding that business not to be very bored to because icon for beautiful my home. i live in for a markets like this one where you're study. keep cool you organic farmers market in nairobi may still be small and it only takes place once a week, but word is already getting around about is chemical free vegetables, that seller for more and more customers. they grew up quite a lot of sofya. and i do very, i usually even refer some of my friends garcia. i've introduced some of my friends to be coming here every saturday and they do come, he, me little farm is watching the development with great interest. this good mean a new source of income, very close to home. we want to eventually get to fully into organic farming because we're to have also discovered that these are huge market for the organic product. if kenya goes ahead and outlaws many hazardous pesticides,
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this could boost the growth of the organic farming sector nation wide. it's great that farmers and kenya are changing their approach. a grown brittany initiative is underway in gemini to space is of precious commodity in these densely populated country, this weeks doing your bit segment shows it's crucial to make to most of what you've got. ha, nothing but concrete, where ever you look, it's a sad reality in many cities, but it is possible to create micro forests in urban settings. this day care center on the outskirts of berlin is doing just bass. the saw was 1st analyzed in a knob to see which areas would need enriching with humorous and activated charcoal
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that helps the trees thrive unless space. here 3 saplings are planted on one square meter, much closer than usual. lucas bearing a once to see a lot of tony forrest's planted in germany, we hung about sponsored for shooting the ball. we selected 20 types of trees and shrubs based on a vegetation analysis under them is that they're all native species on, but we want to try and recreate what happens naturally in a mixed forest up through an escape oxygen which so that we also get different levels of vegetation office in the car must lay on a more of a shrug layer on 2 main layers of trees on it. and that's why i help bomb shift. he set up the meal organization to develop these tiny forests. it's named for the japanese man who came up with this method. akita me a wacky, funded by donations $600.00 saplings, with a total of $15000.00 heroes will be planted here at the daycare. the organization
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created its 1st micro forest, 100 kilometers north of berlin. after just one year, the bushes are bearing fruit. there are more insects to without of these young foresters. it's hoped a new many forest will soon flourish here too. ah, and how about you? if you are also doing your bid, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories. those ecosystems can absorb an to store huge amounts of couple into your site. well, not your cub. one syncs a key in the fight to cobb global warming. santas said mitchell can't do this massive job on its own. so, improving agriculture practices could be
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a big help. we need to remove billions of tons of c o 2 from the atmosphere, fast the technology to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at the source of its production. so it can be reused or stored already exists but it's not that simple. a potential offer don't play out as big as the anticipated. so there's still a lot of and research needed. also we don't know m how well we can really skate it up. why it's still being cheap enough that it's worse and it's these 800 cheap on the other hand, do a good job without even trying simply grazing. they help promote soil carbon storage without expensive technology, thanks to their work. humorous forms in the soil and humans consists of 60 percent carbon. the sheep are one element in farmer tino lose overall concept. while most
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farmers leave their fields fellow after the harvest, he's shown several catch crops. one year was as they grow, they bind further c o 2 in the soil than it's susan horton. when the in to crop starts to fly. all the power goes into the flower as it were neutral and pulls out the nutrients that it previously stored in the soil. thus would have been to prevent this. the sheet now come into play. it wasn't anything that they graze in this area and their urine. and excrement fertilizes. the field for us is equality cleared sequence in august. 8 years ago the farmers switched to regenerative agriculture, mainly because of climate change. longer droughts alternating with short, heavy rains, made it impossible for him to continue conventional farming. to day he mainly use his natural fertilizers and does without his plow because plowing destroys the humor slayer. and let's the seo to escape again. there are still very few farmers
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in germany. you work this way, yet in arable farming, small changes have a big effect. you could increase the size of carbon by leaving a more acidic on the fields, but also by a know a low tillage which would lead to less disturbance and the size. and therefore, unless of a decomposition by the microbes of the plant material that is left on side trees are the best known carbon reservoirs, but world wide, far so under threat, often illegally cleared or destroyed by pests and fires over the past 30 years. more than 4 percent of the world's forests have been lost that way and more still being destroyed than re forced it from all the nitrous oxide, natural solutions forests are the ones that are probably have the largest potentia . this is simply because it's large areas that potentially could be as far as that
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. and for us to have a rather high carbon density, so not of carbon per square meter. peak lands also bind c o 2, up to 44 percent of the carbon sequestered in soil world wide is stored there. but in germany alone, more than 90 percent of the country's p lands have been drained for agriculture. but if moisture is removed from a bog, the peat bog dries out and carbon dioxide escapes into the environment. in the long term experts are considering re wedding germany's peak lands. su to accumulation of p glance, is something that occurs at the time scale of centuries. which is obviously not quick enough for the solutions we need here. tina rills, regenerative agriculture with his sheep and catch crops works faster. good soils smells a little like carrots, he says proudly. the growing humorous layer ensures
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a loose soil so rainwater can penetrate and is stored by the roots. he got from water and my toll was said that roots form soil and soil forms plants. that's the way it is here. if you reach in, it has a crumbly structure. humanist look to hear. you see a flag of the root of the flax and the whole route network will give late on the on routes act on the ground like the steel reinforcement in concrete, which strengthens a structure that we own. and it's the same with the soil. woocommerce, the fortunate isn't born australia. about half of the human layer worldwide has been destroyed in recent decades due to intensive farming. tina ruth wants to get more farmers interested in his approach and promote it on his instagram channeled in the southern hemisphere. mangrove far so, particularly effective in store in carbon experts estimate the benefit at more than
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$65000000000.00 per year, primarily as coastal protection against erosion. and as a nursery for fish, they have a very high carbon density. so a lot of carbon per se, graham ito, of mangrove forest. a lot of that is in the city mens not just in the bio mass that makes sense. looking at the monroe forest. it's not a m, all that's big compared to a tropical rain forests like that. but in the sediments in the soil that they keep their, with their roots, that can be a lot of carbon stored. there is no one natural carbon st, extracting carbon dioxide, out of the atmosphere. but nature provides us with a number of options. and 1st and foremost, we need to reduce our c, o, 2 emissions. well for us all important coupling seats up to 40 percent of the odd salons is covered with grass land. these under.


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