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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2021 4:30pm-5:31pm CET

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o d w the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. v ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah. a special look at a special country loan from above. starts december 27th on d w. yes. ah ah, ah. ah, welcome to global 3000 profiting from poverty. how slum lourdes in nairobi exploit those most in need?
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colace, he pays off how indigenous people in mexico, a using top quality coffee to fend off the competition and to tell, make power. no thanks. why germany is turning its back on nuclear energy. chernobyl and fukushima. the west to nuclear disasters in history. radioactive waste can remain hazardous for thousands of years. yet many countries say nuclear power as climate friendly, because the nuclear fission reaction doesn't to med c o 2. there are currently 443 reactors in operation worldwide. most in the u. s. followed by france, china, russia, japan, south korea and india. and there are plans to build more according to the international atomic energy agency. global nuclear production is set to double by 2050 germany, however,
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aims to shut down its atomic energy flounced by the end of 2022 including broke off which is the country's most controversial nuclear power station. 8 these protesters are making their voices heard and have been doing so for decades outside a nuclear power plant in northern germany for over 35 years now, activists have been meeting up once a month to call for the reactor to be shut down. today is the 425th and final time that they'll be here braving the elements. that's because the blocked off nuclear power plant, one of the most controversial in germany will be decommissioned at the end of the year for pastor and protest co founder hans, good havana. it's a day of mixed feelings. has been florida's is up. i'm glad it's being taken out of operation salon, but i'm also
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a bit nostalgic in because i know i won't be seeing the group again any time soon so, so. but it is mainly a sense of relief that the nuclear power plant is finally history. we never imagined back then that we'd have to hold out so long on the used in risk. it all began in the 19 seventy's and eighty's, west german students joined forces with other largely left wing groups to form an anti nuclear movement. then in april, 1986 and explosion and the chernobyl nuclear power plant caused a reactor meltdown. the entire region was contaminated into this state remains uninhabitable. west germany was one of many countries to register a surge and radioactivity. the pump doff reactor was the 1st in the world to go online after the chernobyl disaster. 6 months later, several 100000 people turned out in some clash with the police consequent ivona and his fellow campaigners were determined to protest peacefully and to continue until
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booked off was closed down. gondola in an sean cha, i have distinct memories of chernobyl. if yet my kids were still small and weren't allowed to play outside in the sandbox. there was widespread panic on this. what is the fall out involved in? what are the effects? thus we were quite scared of eggs don't die if not to to go, but what helped against that fear was taking a stance and doing something good by protesting quarters to you and over one done mean. and they were right to be wary of radiation. a study conducted in 2008 indicated that children growing up near german nuclear reactors including blocked off or it's significantly higher risk of contracting leukemia. tax revenue from the local power plant enabled the village of walked off to expand and invest in a swimming pool and other facilities. but now a financial fallout looms. dom most to east on dot, suzanne,
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we as a local authority will always support our commercial enterprises. tivo, it would have stood your head, can i? we could have kept a few nuclear power plants running a bit longer until the right structures are in place for renewable energy on all foody a lawyer. i'm in a game, or also i can cushion the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster prompted germany to declare a nuclear phase out by the end of 2022. but many countries continue to rely on nuclear power. they getting in the levy. this promotional film made by the french nuclear industry depict sent as clean and above all climate friendly. a line of argument also favored by that countries president pasadena. yet donal no, so to achieve our objectives, in particular carbon neutrality by 2050, we will for the 1st time in decades relaunch the construction of nuclear reactors in our country of nuclear. bondo clippy,
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greenhouse gas emissions are lower than those from fossil fuels. but compared to wind or solar power, nuclear energy production is far more expensive. it's really clear those countries around the world that are most intensely committed to civil nuclear power. ah, either countries with nuclear weapons or countries really demonstrably keen on nuclear weapons. the use of nuclear energy for civilian purposes also forms the bed brought in the number of cases for nuclear weapons programs. the point that paris and washington make no bones about if you do not have a civil nuclear industry, the engine is the special metals. the welders, you can't build a nuclear proposed submarine. so these countries are looking at it, and there are ports in the u. s. to the absolute, explicit. even if nuclear power were twice as expensive, we would still be rational to build it. it's because it helps us keep this military
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commitment. the blocked off protesters take pride in their activism. the reactor will be shut down, but the radioactive waste will remain in storage there for decades to come. there's still no permanent disposal site anywhere in the world, which is why the activists plan to continue their fight. but for now, they can at least claim a victory after a 35 year long campaign. clean and sustainable environmentally sound. most business sectors of focusing more and more on these requirements agriculture to needs to become more sustainable, depleted soils and widespread deforestation. mean farmers need ever more fertilizes and pesticides to grow crops. research suggests that small scale farms tend to be more sustainable and more resilient, but this tough competition from agribusinesses. in mexico, some coffee produces a pouring their energies into quality. are reported,
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katya dana found out more. it's early morning, n nueva progresso, a village in the mountains of vera cruz this way. the alta who are tis echo family live their napa and at home they speak not wattle. no one in black below are nearly near at m listening to what i just said means greetings to the german viewers. oh, mexico is home to some 2000000 napa, which makes them the largest indigenous group in the country. right now. wattle is one of over 60 indigenous languages spoken in mexico, which along with spanish are recognized as national languages that families laughing about a recent incident. a bittersweet story. me said one nathan,
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if you so cleverly lawanda, my sister had overslept and was late and my father mentioned that he'd seen a commercial on tv for some radio device that cost 5000 pesos. he will not bug what the incident to the compressor. and i said, you can't even afford to put food on the table and you want to buy an expensive radio device yet is confirmed on the number with the altima was grow coffee. every member of the family owns about a hector of land. so their coffee plantation spends about 5 hector's, they've been growing coffee for generations, but coffee production has never been a reliable livelihood. the family has now joined up with an organization called cafe color, hoping it will help them earn a secure income. and finally, lead a more comfortable life, which was the last from yes and little referrals go many families that work in
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coffee production live in poverty. it's unacceptable that they have to live in these conditions. when coffee is such a valuable commodity go, just because there are certain aspects of the production process, they aren't familiar with of samples, process the order. the 1st step is to grow better quality, coffee being a coffee call. it buys that families, harvest at a higher price than the going market rate and then sells it on the coffee. farmers are given advice in the fields and they beans are analyzed to see how they can be pleased with in the coffee call headquarters. and shall apa, the capital of the state of vera cruz. the beans are examined and sampled in the laboratory. so most if with yearly that we're socialists and quality control at this point,
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we're examining the actual appearance of the bean. the point of our analysis is partly to give the farmers feedback so they can optimize the production process. florida, this is the is and i will oka, as you can see here, we found coffee bore beatles a type of past that has infested the crop on the throat. so we have to do something about that eco nice, but that means we need to tell the farmers that they have one problem blevins. so it's very important for them to keep their fingers clean in order to get rid of this past. but i gave them was just a deposit of the coffee beans that aren't infested or then processed for sampling, roasted wade and ground. the experts gather for a 1st round of aroma testing. initially, they keep their opinions to themselves. while glucose are very of anything you say might influence the others, the law. so no one speaks while we're sampling and does he no,
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not over this too. oh no. mr. at this stage, identifying the best tasting beans isn't the main priority terminals. the law salute underneath the health and safety aspect is important that mozilla or a coffee beam, it's been roasted too long, isn't healthy. i mean, we'll do booker on gov. we also need to identify if any contamination occurred during the processing was over for over fermentation or fungus infestation a minute important to so victo the experts also share their findings with the coffee produces. the goal is to improve the production process so that ultimately the product can fetch a higher price. kathy cole has also set up
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a fun to help families, such as the altima was they paid in advance on their harvests, which means they're no longer under pressure to sell their coffee to the 1st distributor. they can find the fund is backed by, by a thin a project launched by the international climate initiative in mexico. most coffee has grown knotted mano cultures. but in traditional shaded coffee plantations, which benefit the environment, the alter, if our family had almost given up on the coffee cultivation was good, but with the support of coffee co lay more hopeful, now that it can provide them with a secure livelihood. come your me mentally. that my perspective has changed that our home was a lifesaver. the am i used to think there what will be will be, is familiar though. boston. i didn't know anything about the quality of my coffee beans. cafe. he thought, so this is a success. and we're going to continue growing our column hook off hook. so far,
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kathy call is working with 180 producers, but hopes to increase that to 600. the project will help secure the coffee farm is the steady income, and ensure that the local climate friendly plantations can thrive. o v t is on the rise across the globe, thanks. in part to the many crises facing us, including the pandemic, poorer districts, are expanding in cities, take the slums of nairobi, for example. more and more people are moving that out of financial desperation or because drought has devastated their villages. many slumlord see it as a business opportunity. they rent out substandard housing to tenants who are already in dire straits. my tara is one of kenya's biggest slums. landlords such as peter chica,
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offer the cheapest possible housing with no kitchen or running water and collect rent with violence if need be. they taken a lot of money and have the reputation for exploiting kenya's poorest got on. well, i've got 30 houses here and matter that i've been building them since i came here and i want to expand. my big goal is to have 40 houses. it's good to be a landlord when you're getting money from all these households. you can make a lot and expand faster than the income let's you build a lot of new houses, dell it, you know, you're busy now. but the housing market is not regulated. here. tenants have to pay whatever the landlord demands. people share living space to make it affordable . an average $2.00 people live in a one room shack which costs the equivalent of $30.00 euros a month. peter check, i usually collect the rent himself on camera. he makes an effort to be friendly. m
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. hi, how are you? he got something for me gone la? sure, i'll fetch it. okay, okay. it does what are, does your husband home walker? no, he's not there. no problem. and when he gets in, tell him hello from me. we'll go. when tenants don't pay the rent on time, the slum lords higher, gangs to collect it, gangs who can be quick to resort to violence for about $10.00 euros. they'll strong arm the tenants or throw them out of my chair. and from now, you know, this is up because we're there who is one of our landra crushing a bit and someone will incentives of them was maintenance, was written up. i myself, i've written some people out. looks is. yeah, you,
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you have to be done to linton who got admitted. so to have that gosh, you must be tough so that they both soon see that a good job, elijah, sunday, the bolivia, the had been tougher you out of there will you become. 6 6 agnes lavetia has been living here in maternity for 18 years now. clinic was on the other cousins. i came to the slum of my tare, so my children could go to school. or there's no work for me right now. i used to get by and dain labor to pay the school fees on workers. the corona virus made things a lot harder, but there are no jobs any more in the class. i don't have money for food or rent. everything's become much harder because there hardly any chance is left to earn money. you know, sometimes i'm so stressed, i get sick one, the gold her plight is a common one here. life in the city can quickly become a trap. the informal economy as
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a strangle hold on the slum food, water, electricity, and rance all cost more than in the countryside. peter che got, keeps meticulous records. those who pay get a receipt. those who don't can expect a visit from a street gang. for christina, the minister variable, another one of the young gangs, know the locals here even better than the police said when you had to be in a your, i'd like to do a go and are always willing to collect the rent will do an actual guardian. but if you go to the police, they'll ask you for a pile of money. first of your business means you, you end up paying more than 6000 shillings. the tenant owes you who are within an hour or 40 other these other other avalera g o. some agnes who have isha,
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lived with her husband, children, and grandchildren. 8 people in a one room shack with no kitchen, bathroom or running water. if they can't pay the back rent soon, they could be out on the street. since the pandemic hid, a lot of people here can no longer pay their rent. so many of peter take his houses are standing empty. come, no, i haven't been able to contact the tenant of this place for 3 months in this apartment. the tenant has been out of work for 3 months so far. i can't get anything from him yet. allow this rent or moved out after not paying for 6 months because of the corona pandemic. lego place has been empty since then. enter enter. peter che got might be complaining that he's doing very well compared to his
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tenants who faced extreme hardship. he's a man of 2 faces. he might leave the tenants alone for a few months, but then he'll send a gang around to settle, matters by force. meanwhile, the residence of maternity remain at the mercy of him and his fellow slum lords escaping poverty can seem almost impossible. one way is through a good education and that doesn't necessarily mean a business or medical degree. deafness and imagination, for example, can be very useful. and then very much in demand in one rather magical place on the outskirts of cape town. ah, the 2 vote love counselor, calling back in the school, opens its doors every saturday. my major
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a bit of juggling a bit of balloon swallowing. and all the classic magician tracks by teaches in a timber which he 1st came here as a student himself, 16 years ago. it teach me a lot of things that goes dodge best would have to start discipline to love myself or to, to, to respect other people are to work hard in life and to be honest as well. that's what he taught me. magic. so from here, yep. and her hand, you go up is gone, and then suddenly opened a hand slowly and then you put your hand behind on them. and then you roll the ball, roll the ball. so this from the side underneath here, the roll,
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the ball i among our 2 foot, he is one of approximately 200 students at the college of magic in cape town or group they once a week training and take 6 years old in many of them go on to work in theaters or as performers, the children's birthday parties and corporate events, legit it's mind blowing. that's why i love to win magic. i love to see propose, amazed by me. like i a banga to footy. most of the students come from the townships where poverty has been further exacerbated by the pandemic. he's an ambitious young man. he wants to be an engineer. magic is mainly a hobby, but it also teaches him useful life lessons. when it comes to minutes, you have to practice every day. also in if you need to be good. also magic. if you want to be good, you have to try again. try again that i had meeting the same team,
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then you'll find yourself good enough. his family probably won't be able to afford to pay for him to study engineering. he'll be graduating from the college of magic in a year and hopes he'll then start to make some money himself. oh yeah, i see the image you can de turned on now cause i don't that he can do magic i in cleanable bazzi is didn't. that was you can help us have a better life. some dental plan, no tindy cool, big again. i no longer has told me that hell guy us what we need when he starts to perform and get paid. the rest of us are unemployed. as the pun, gailey, we are going with the young the titian practices every day. he doesn't have juggling balls, so he uses potatoes instead. his teachers in a timber wood, he comes from google letter, another township. he says that magic helped him stay on the straight and narrow in
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these neighborhoods. it's all too easy to be led astray to see god that you are growing up doing to drugs and then they're doing bad stuff and then a feel bad, you know. and then you look at them and, and what affect your life? is it. thank god, you know, i'm still here today and then you look to some people to said no, no, no, no, no, i don't wanna be like, you know. so that's why we people like me, it was kept really is what i was getting this by younger kids so that they want for, for the same about the people for he performs at corporate events and for children in hospitals. but wherever he is, he always has a trick of his sleeve. almost double it then. well, this is 10 random rolled up board and pulls it again. and when i'm done, holding it will turn into 100 range. oh, i oh, his audience. awesome. can't believe their eyes a,
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it really is 100 ran a students from all sorts of social backgrounds take part in the 6 year training at the college of magic. it costs the equivalent of $350.00 euros. the year. sponsorships and grants are available to students who can't afford the fees. everybody hands up in the sky with offering us on the calendar for you. don't forget to set a magic word. oh, come, oh oh, there is no holy signs of life. now not all the students will go on to make a living as magicians, but still they will have learned many valuable lessons here. i. if you're juggling and drop the ball it's you must ben and pick up the board is a lesson
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a teaches you as well. ah, once once you're for the life, you have to pick up a soft and, and continue. because this is a still a long journey and also you cannot just give rob, so that's all listen ah, that's old from us at global 3000 this week. do you drop us a line with your feedback? you can reach us at global 3000 at d, w dot com and we are on facebook to d w global ideas. see you next time until then. take care. ah, ah, with
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we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corners. check hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to brood
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w travel off we go. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for, for the amount of cost is increasing every year for many in gonna working on landfill. this is the only way fairly holiday destinations drowning in plastic white wine and attic. at the core every year, europe exports over 1000000 tons of plastic with dinner and the other
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way. after all, the environment is into recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines vicious? no. jenica, maria. but on white it is, you know, i mean, nina monotonous incline. yes. why didn't guy up on kodak upon was that kosovo mom or dad to be cynical? mia ami seen us all over time, but i am his aunt. i didn't get money that i'm when it. ready is, you know, i mean nina monotonous incline you went and k uppercase, and among women, notice what am for concerning be sooner, but i'm with what in, what can i sit on up with this? you know, i mean in your minorities incline, you know, jenny can monique, i don't want me nobody alien and miss. he shook it. oh,
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okay. says he that he has it said i should. honest canada go on. he said, but i can't remember the name funding went up by mackenzie, cuz as he fell sas it. ah, this is eda, we news live from berlin, winter wave arm across 1st like wildfire around the world. germany is public health agency, reese's. the alarm top health advisors demand more radical steps from the government to curb bama crime. people are advised to reduce social contacts and avoid travel.
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also coming up malaysia recovers from its worst flooding in years. tens of thousands are displaced as the waters subside. anger swells at the government's response. plus, turning the tide, ethiopian government says its forces are moving in as rival to grain forces announced their retreat to grey demands a no fly zone to stop drone attacks. ah on layla. hi, thank you so much for joining us. germany is public health agency. the robert coff institute is calling for more radical steps against the arm across variant of the corona virus. experts see the country should impose, quote, maximum contact restrictions and curb travel effective immediately. but it's up to germany's political leaders to decide how to react their now meeting virtually to
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consider whether to taking restrictions. preparing for ami crone germany is rushing to get vaccine vista shots to its critical workers like these fire fighters in hamburg before the new cove at 19 variant becomes dominant. here daily cases have been sinking across the country. but experts warn that a massive army cron waive could arrive just after christmas is amber and they are less expensive. it's a rapid exponential increase. right? if you take the conservative estimate that cases double every 3 days or what scientists and britain are reporting every 2 days, and you only need a pocket calculator to see that that 6 you dream les fast in this is mandy mitchell . while vaccines are the 1st line of defense, germany's government is preparing new restrictions for as early as next week, even for the fully vaccinated like to so last night. by to that we will have further restrictions on private contacts. so we're well prepared for the spread of
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the new virus mutation all over europe. was them all her to cuba, novel falsified to what the new curbs will look like. is unclear. the government is discussing possible measures with the leaders of germany, states, if case numbers saw they could be tough, is global when these predict weather, if experts, predictions are confirmed and what we're seeing in neighboring countries continues be allied, and we can't rule out a general lockdown including everything from businesses to education, to private gatherings after yet mismatch reason. for starters, that a likely mean large new year's eve parties will be canceled. and those making fitness resolutions for 2022 might need to postpone hitting the gym until the army corn wave is over. want to bring in that it is chief political editor, mckayla, co, family killer. we understand that the germans, political leaders, are meeting virtually as we speak on how likely is it that they could possibly impose a national lockdown. and assa lockdown is very unlikely actually
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even what became known as a lockdown in germany was often and always more flexible than in neighboring countries. like france will britain for instance, at the same time, it is absolutely sure that there will be new tough measures. dots about a has a draft document here. and what we seen in that is that there will be no big and new year's celebrations, even amongst the vaccinated, and those who received the booster shots and it will be most likely a maximum of 10 people who are allowed to gather with children. not counting in under 14. now these appear to be details. 1 because against this backdrop, we've now seen a message come out like a tweet that was quite, quite an explosion into this whole thing of the whole call institute demanding effectively. and by saying a maximum as is that would be a lockdown beginning right now. and now the politicians need to figure out whether
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they will stick with their draft or double up on fresh measures taken. this is open tension here between the chief advisory institute on the politicians who would have to break the news to and fro, to a public that frankly, is tired of a pandemic. how much of a stress test is this for the new government? as you know, a was sworn in barely 2 weeks ago in terms of public trust. do people have faith in this government under chancellor shows that it is capable of tackling the surge? well, there is a high level of trust and also, and probably exactly because car lauterbach himself, a doctor, is the new health minister if anybody could have voted for him directly. most germans, that most likely would have done and, and, but what we also can see is that there will be no $100.00 days for this government
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to prove itself. it got dropped right into right into the midst of an ever deepening covert crisis and appears that the on the cron variant will pose is already posing completely new challenges. this is a different dimension. this is a government that is forced to hit the ground running, or else public confidence will think very fast. all right, she political editor, mikaela christner reporting. thank you so much for now. we'll catch up with you later. let's tell you about the other developments in the pandemic. the use cove at 19 pass for travel is set to expire 9 months after vaccination, unless the holder has a booster shot. the new rule is due to come into force in february that use drug regulator says it's still unclear if existing vaccines need to be tweaked to better fight our micron road. turner says it could begin work on a new booster shots within weeks. and thailand is reinstating
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a mandatory hotel warranty for 4 visitors and growing concerns over the arm across variant is bringing up to speed with the other stories in the headlines right now. the turkish lira has made significant gains after present retro type air to one. launched a series of policies to prop up the ailing national currency. the government has promised to compensate lira denominated bank account holders for drops in the value of the currency, which has seen drastic losses in recent weeks. japan has executed 3 death row inmates, its 1st use of the death penalty in 2 years. the prisoners who were all convicted of multiple murders will put to death by hanging. there is widespread public support for capital punishment in japan, despite going criticism from human rights groups. a south african court has granted former president of jacob zoom on leave to appeal against
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a ruling that he must return to prison. he was released from jail early on medical parole to undergo surgery. mister zoom at serving a 15 month sentence for contempt of court after he refused to testify in a corruption inquiry. and the philippines are still reeling from the aftermath of last week's powerful typhoon. local officials are pleading for aid, japan and china, now they would send power generators, water, and food. i phone right, killed almost 375 people and displaced hundreds of thousands. and we stay in asia where malicious, recovering from devastating floods that swept the country last weekend. at least 14 people died and tens of thousands were displaced after some of the heaviest rainfall in years. malaysia's prime minister admitted the official response was too slow. just carefully lifted from her flooded home in blankets. rule love rescue as take of bed ridden elderly lady to safety by boat in malaysia's
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richest state slang, or one of the 8 states hit by floods, soldiers, and now helping with the relief operations. roads here are still under water, so stranded residents receive supplies, however they can. oh, but across the country, tens of thousands of bare compatriots are living and evacuation centers. oh, these are the worst floods in years and over the weekend. a months worth of rain fell in just a few days. and while the flood water slowly recedes, anger is surging. this petrol stations owner checks the fuel is still usable and isn't happy with the relief efforts. i'm disappointed with a politician with her memoir, while emma and members always are fit,
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are gone. they don't come during the time of disaster. they're down the gun, the dish. oh, this up good. the disasters about their u. s. b, you will not being warmed by the government that the, the where though will be that serious and, and of what we're all that serious as well. reactor the law, every day i'll have a house is like, not be everything gone. malaysia's prime minister is my al sabri, jacobo admitted that the government's coordination of the disaster response was inadequate. he has promised improvements, but parts of the country are still under water and weather forecasters. a warning of more rain and floods in the coming days is the of the us government says its forces are re taking territory after fighters from the to grind people's liberation front announced their retreat. the central government claims the withdrawal as a result of their recent military push against the rival forces to pay. leaders are
5:11 pm
now demanding a no fly zone and arms embargo to avoid retaliatory strikes. it has been a year long war with bloodshed on both sides. but could the tide now be turning in the war between ethiopian government forces and t great fighters? after the prime minister abbey ahmed went to the frontline himself to lead the army of new government forces. have made strategic gains in ethiopia, taking back dessie and comm bolt, sher in the north, and pushing the tea gray people's liberation front on to the back foot into the amara and afar regions where these satellite pictures show ethiopian forces. mustering this footage from t great tv appears to show how addis ababa might have gained the upper hand. drones strikes from weapons. some report say come from china, turkey and iran. however, it has been achieved. diplomat. see the withdrawal as a positive move. so in fact,
5:12 pm
if we do see a movement of to grand forces back into to t. great, that is something we would welcome. it's something we've called for. and we hope it opens i the door. i too, am i to broader diplomacy that lead follows an international effort to get negotiations in place amid questions about human rights abuses. our office continues to receive credit will reports of severe human rights violations and abuses by old pathis. the humanitarian impact of the conflict is increasingly dramatic. perhaps those violations might now abate and with the debris of war strewn across the country and civilians emerging from the crossway hopes, the piece on the ground beginning to develop. although despite their withdrawal, the t p i left could still have the capability to fight again. those forces now for you and american football, ledgent,
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tom brady has edged his name into the record books. once again. the 44 year old has been named to the pro bowl for a record setting. 15th time, i'm reading widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time when his 7th super bowl last season with the tampa bay buccaneers and his nfl season. reading leads the lead in passing and touched out a twist on the martial arts. brazilian jujitsu is gaining popularity in russia. what's the twist you ask? well, let's find out what happens when the mat is replaced by a car. just when you think you've seen it all along comes the worse 1st ever kashi to competition in russia. simply put, it's wrestling inside a car. does it? whatever sort of, um i wanted a car like that. i tried it out so to speak. i liked it a lot, but it would be a problem with another person inside the official to the woods mushing at the wood
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. motors matches consist of 2 rounds. the fire to start in the driver or passenger seats and switch in between. you get points for forcing your opponent into submission. i think the seat belt the steering wheel end the seats are all fair game. go feel the personal intent has an advantage. there are gaps between the seats under the steering wheel and so on. the personal top pushes and pushes and there isn't much oxygen in the car. so when you push someone with your knees and wait, the person at the bottom has a difficult time escaping total to pull them. but there's no escaping the attention while fans won't see cause it's too at the olympics any time soon. the sports unusual plain ground has attracted plenty of curiosity. oh, it wants to get every news. those are the top story that we are covering right now
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. germany's public health agency is calling for maximum and immediate contact restrictions in the country as, as a highly contagious, a variance of the corona sweeps over germany. political leaders are meeting right now to set out germany's response to the very end of a lot more on that in our next boards and but for now, stick with us. business is next and we'll be back up and help you out with that. he wants to know what makes the jam and he just in the gym. love and batting thing away from that. but i'm not going to have to was my own car and everyone with later holden, every single day. getting you ready to meet the german, then join me,
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right? just do it on d, w. i. we're interested in the global economy, our portfolio, d, w. business beyond here, the closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west, get us to but head with the w business beyond on you to a big tech meet big government. the e u is moving to rain intact. giant, but can it's long arm reached them at a verse also on the show, the all spas, yes. tuck event is due to return in person in january. but industry players are
5:17 pm
already expecting disruption and not the kind they like. and it's not all just reindeer games. when climate change is an existential threat. we take you to the arctic circle. this is the, the over your visit. i'm janelle dumas on. while gun. we began with europe's efforts to regulate big tech. the european commission is gearing up for official negotiations to start in january with you countries on major pieces of legislation . the digital markets act aimed to force more competition for tech giants like google, apple, and amazon with a list of do's and don'ts. on the other hand, the digital services act is focused on protecting consumers from illegal or harmful content. the principal being what's a legal offline shall be illegal online to. now that you hopes that these rules will apply in 2023, but the question is, where would that leave big tax?
5:18 pm
big plants are reporter daniel winter steps into facebook's matter, verse for announcer. it's a wonderful, magical experience. here i can live my true self business and pleasure. this is the matter verse. at least that's matters vision for the future. the company formerly known as facebook, had a rocky ride in 2021, because this bold new plan help it faced the future. it's been missing at the end of october c, e o. mark zuckerberg gave you is a taste of the met, averse a virtual world to live, work, and play. and at the same time, announcing a rebranding day, our company is now met a big commitment to the grand vision. however, critics called the dumping of the name facebook, a distraction, the company and the plague, the scandals and the brentley paper was increasingly associated with privacy
5:19 pm
breaches, disinformation, the trump insurrection. and that's the main reason why the company changed their name. that came off to explosive accusations from whistleblower francis houghton, who claimed facebook knew of harm that was causing vulnerable users and that it didn't take enough action to intervene. telling d w. facebook was too focused on english language content, moderation. mark zuckerberg has said engagement based ranking is dangerous because people are drawn to extreme content. but don't worry a, i will say less. the problem is that strategy requires us to build those systems over and over and over again. each language for the platform to be safe. and right now facebook is not doing that. but is it even possible for facebook to properly moderate posts by 2900000000 monthly active users? perhaps matter has just become too large owning dominant social platforms, not just facebook, but what's up and instagram to would be really want
5:20 pm
a members to be dominated by the very same private companies that already dominate the internet today. and i think the answer for democratic society should be definitely not. but those are the key questions that we need to be talking about. questions of power, questions of who controls these spaces? and only in the 2nd step can we talk about what does it even mean to live in a metaphor? the real question to always be is that the future we want. if the company formerly known as facebook can control the effect it's already having on the real world, how can we trust it to least a bold new virtual one? indeed, we're now joined by christie plaids and, and bon. let's start with that christie. is there an answer to other facebook could be trusted with a virtual universe? well, i think we should emphasize the fact that a, this universe wouldn't be built or controlled by facebook or meta as they're now
5:21 pm
called a mark. soccer berg said him this himself in the re brand that the met averse would be a collaborative project involving many players. now that being said, of course, the spree brand ties this company very strongly to this new initiative in a very aggressive way. and yeah, there was actually really a lot of pushback against this move after after zuckerberg announced this as we just heard facebook, facebook or formerly facebook. now meta has been really played by scandals for years, but especially this year and the whistleblower francis house actually call for him to step down and really allow facebook or meta, pardon me to move on from the sort of assorted history they've had right now. we saw many founders of these major big tech companies stepping down this year, also recent years. we, you know, amazon, twitter, microsoft zuckerberg is really the main founder still leading his company and out, based on his company's track record. there's not a lot of reason to think it won't be the same going forward with them at
5:22 pm
a verse. so bit of a last man standing vive there. now at the top of the show, christy, we talked about e laws in the making. how could you regulation shape, tech players in europe? right, well this regulation has been moving along was surprising. the surprising speed was really just announced just a little over a year ago. and we're already of, as you said, going to be heading into official negotiations in january, so much quicker than people had expected. what we're seeing in the, in the drafts of these laws are, for example, a rules that would limit how these companies can use user data, for example, to leverage for advertising revenue. that would be a major blow to zuckerberg, a company's business model. and we're also seeing discussions of, of financial penalties as high as 10 percent of these companies, global turner annual turnover. so this is an amount that is really enough to make, make them finally pay attention. they've gotten used to sort of getting away with breaking the rules in the past, and if this law passes that way,
5:23 pm
that could change things. so you're talking about major blows to the business. what does this mean about the feasibility of enforcement? right, well the rules themselves and how they would be enforced us still needs to be hashed out by the players involved in, in passing this legislation. but some the elements were seeing as i would, there would be not only a list of rules for these companies to follow, but they would also allow the laws would also allow for the european commission to carry out investigations. shouldn't think it's necessary. there have also been calls to include legislation that would protect whistleblowers like hogan, of course, insiders are often the ones with the real information about the, about the dirt that's going on behind the scenes. and that will also be seeing some discussions about how a, what is the responsibility of the commission and what is the responsibility of the individual countries in terms of carrying out the these laws. so, but that all remains to be seen. christie plaid said not with dirt,
5:24 pm
but with reporting. thank you very much. thanks. the consumer electronics show is one of the world's biggest technology events, and it's opening its doors again in las vegas and early january that many companies will not participate. and it's not just because of pandemic restrictions. these, sorry friends, well, long the highlights at the last public consumer electronics show in 2020, where visit us flock to see the latest tech gadgets thought up by companies beacon small. but this year, many will skip the event among them google h t c, and soon us the organize a say the global chip shortage rather than the corona virus pandemic is keeping some exhibit us away. not only the chip shortest but their whole distribution and changes in my use, i think probably produce more cancellations of exhibitors than anything out on the new recovery. at this point we've heard from users and ers are not participating
5:25 pm
because they just can't get their product. they can't answer prototypes together, things like that. and that's definitely been an issue demand. ha, simi conduct us in everything from game consoles, to tablets and webcams, has exceeded the ability of chip make us to quickly increase production capacity. the entire auto industry has also been impacted severely there. busy is based on research, we've done in the industry a sense that it's not going to be solved quickly. it. so i think people are more optimistic 6 months ago when we did our 1st at a research than they were 6 months later. so it's, it's an overhang for the industry. at the last in person c, s, and 2020. more than 4400 companies participated in las vegas. this time, the numbers down to around half of that few of visitors are also expected to show
5:26 pm
up at the, for the event that set to open on january 5th. now to some of the other global business stories making use. turkey has launched a package of measures aimed at countering the drastic decline in the value of the lira including protecting people's deposits against losses from future exchange rate fluctuations. the lear has recovered after government help was announced. the international monetary fund has extended debt service relief for $25.00 low income countries. the final trends of an almost $1000000000.00 debt relief program went to mostly american countries, as well as hey, tina paul and some central asian nations to help them cope with a pandemic. now a days to go until christmas santa might be somewhere out there worrying about how to deliver all the presents with his team of reindeer. meanwhile, in fin lender, just north of the arctic circle, real reindeer herders are struggling with much bigger problems. climate change, friends, they're very livelihood. when an or lila and just the corral,
5:27 pm
her reindeer are getting excited. that's because only that brings food, hey, or tweaks of ivy. they don't like it as much as lighten, but they it helps them to survive. the reindeer need, the extra help for years winter has brought more rain. when rain falls on snow, it freezes, locking in like in and other plants, the animals are unable to smell the food or dig for it and warm or winter's aren't the only problem. oh so somers are getting ah, warmer and reindeer is not very good handling heat and it can not sweat so ah, it very easily overheat and leaf might go hot summers might kill allows of rain to add a climate summit in glasgow this past november, walt leaders agreed to fight climate change and keep global warming under one and
5:28 pm
a half degrees. but that doesn't reflect the situation north of the arctic circle. the knowles, essentially the temperatures, those going faster is not like the $1.00 is, or it would be that threshold there shouldn't be or crossed by. i mean, here we're going to go beyond that. i mean, there are some projections that they even talk about 3 degrees. there would mean incredibly tough conditions for reindeer, who are still an important part of the economy in finland. they are kept for their meat and milk, but their fur hides and even the ant or send holes are also used usually for clothes and tools, but hurting the animals in warmer conditions as expensive. you'll guarantee the economic profitability behind there so much. because you have to put a lot of money in there compared to normal situation that the radio it leaves out there in the way though finding it on
5:29 pm
a whitening it own fault. and you have the keep it the or not people use they call they are where they have the economic profitability. they'll get they living. but for some her nurse that's all so optimism. i'm hopeful bit reindeer hurting because we have lasted so far and think we have a good future future in head office, but the use needs to be more active politically. that's her shell. thanks for watching. ah. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word, polish pinnacle rico is in germany to learn german. why not learn with simple online, on your mobile and free to shop. d w e learning course,
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nikos vague. german made easy. how long does it last awe or an eternity time? it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type type a phenomenon, a dimension and illusion. about time starts december 31st on d, w. ah, ah, if it had been years aisha coming up today, helping of honest on without helping got holler, bob davie agencies are desperate for cash and resources to about your monitoring catastrophe. but how can that get her on the frozen funds and international sanctions on the polar bond? all.


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