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tv   Homo Sovieticus  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2021 12:03pm-12:46pm CET

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seeking at over $70000.00 per day in late november and they've since dipped to around $50000.00 in recent days. i'll take a look at infection rates and other countries where omicron is also spreading rapidly. the u. k. has had its highest numbers ever with 800 people per 100000 infected over the last 7 days in the weekly rate. and denmark has risen even higher to more than a 1000. and the netherlands is below $600.00. germany's infection rate just over $300.00, but that is expected to rise quickly as we have such a range of measures are on the table here in germany, including limiting social contacts, even for those who are fully vaccinated or recovered from cove. at 19 preparing for alma chron, germany is rushing to get a vaccine booster shot to its critical workers, like these firefighters in hamburg before the new cove at 19 variant becomes dominant. here, while daily cases are sinking across the country, experts warn the dreaded wave could arrive just after christmas. amf and their
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smell is excellent and it's a rapid exponential increase. i talk with wonder if you take the conservative estimate that cases double every 3 days, or what scientists in britain are recording every 2 days. and if you only need a pocket calculator to see that that's extremely fast bonds in mitchell. while vaccines are the 1st line of defense, germany's government is preparing new restrictions for as early as next week, even for the fully vaccinated. like to send off not by to that we will have further restrictions on private contacts. so we're well prepared for the spread of the new virus mutation, all over europe has them all heard a huge, wild and novel pals fight it. what the new curves will look like is unclear. that still needs to be discussed with the leaders of germany states. but it seems everything is on the table. is global venza bush data for the if experts predictions are confirmed. and what we're seeing in neighboring countries continues
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gal, and we can't rule out a general lockdown, including everything from businesses to education, to private gatherings and yet, mismatch reason. for starters, that will likely mean canceled new year's eve parties. and those making fitness resolutions for 2022 might have to postpone hitting the gym until the arm across wave is over. so let's go now to our chief political correspondent, melinda crane in berlin. linda, so far we haven't seen a surge in new cases here in germany. is this the com before the omicron storm? that's certainly what it looks like. indeed, cases have been receding in comparison to the high levels that were reached in november. but essentially what we're seeing is the 4th wave largely caused by delta receding. but i'm a chron has already set foot in germany. a 5th wave is in the offing and fears are growing. that on the crime could in fact become the dominant variant here as soon as late january or early february, since as you know,
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it's far more infectious than previous variance. so a new expert panel, this advising the german government that recently came into office says that if the spread of omicron continues at the rate that's been, that's been going so far, a significant part of the population will fall sick. and experts say that ultimately could be in as many as $100000.00 new cases per day. and this expert group is also warning that there is a very high risk even for fully vaccinated people, as well as those who have recovered from coven 19. they're calling this a whole new dimension of the pandemic. and the german government is preparing new measures a to combat the next wave. what sort of restrictions are we looking at? when the authorities will be meeting today, federal and state authorities and the government has ruled out a strict lock down ahead of christmas. but with concern rising, that medical facilities could be overwhelmed and essential services interrupted.
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there is agreement to that new stricter measures are needed and these are likely to include according to a draft paper that, that the politicians will be discussing limits on private gatherings. 10 people at most, starting on tuesday, december 28th latest. and regardless of whether those gatherings are indoors or outdoors, guests at any gatherings must have been vaccinated, unvaccinated people can meet at most to other people. and here in berlin, for example, of beloved new year's destination bars and clubs will certainly be closed and large gatherings also prohibited. and despite the emergence of this new variance that we know spreads like wildfire, there is still a vocal minority against restrictions, isn't there? there? absolutely is, and in fact are on monday evening, about 17000 people and 20 cities protested against vaccine mandates and
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restrictions with nearly 10000 people attending an unauthorized event in ra, stuck in the eastern part of the country. and in fact, most of those demonstrations were in germany's east, and in that row stock protests, there were some scuffles between demonstrators and the police. and this, despite the fact that it's precisely in the eastern area of the country, that intensive care units are already stretched to the limits carry for and vaccinated cove. at patients. melinda, germany's new government was born in a just 2 weeks ago. this will be quite a stress test for chancellor schultz and the new health minister. absolutely it is . the new health minister does not have a lot of experience holding the reins of government. however, he is a very renowned epidemiologist in this country and he has made it clear that the country does need to brace not only for intensive care, beds being
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a stretch to capacity, but also for potential interruptions to essential services, like fire brigades, water, electricity, as people fall ill, so certainly a very drastic need for emergency planning going forward. and the government getting a somewhat late start on that. and a crane thanks. as always for your reporting in the united states, oma cron is now the dominant variant by far accounting for 73 percent of all infections. just a week ago, the figure was 12 percent in new york virus cases are surging just ahead of holiday season gatherings. oh 03. 0, one happy new year. this is just a test. new year's eve in time square has not come early bought the or microwave has hit the u. s. sooner than many experts expected. nearby new yorkers lie enough
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to get tested with christmas, just days away and case a surgeon. many are worried. definitely feels like that 1st wave of the panoramic without anxiety, all these long lines around the city, people getting tested on exams or getting cancel and for people in grad school like myself. so i kind of feel like that early part of that with them. we didn't really know what's happening, but i think we've all been affected as a new yorker. we're trying to take every single promotion that we can um got dull vax boosted regular testing. i am planning to travel for the holidays, but depending on the result of this test, i'll probably stay put in your back. america's talk. pandemic advisor anthony found she though, had a hopeful message for those worried about the holidays. yeah, you can go the extra mile and get tested before you have a family gathering or a group go test the day before or the day of getting together,
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but vaccinated and boosted people. one of the family members of accident, it should feel very comfortable in getting together and enjoying a holiday meal or a holiday. get together president joe biden plans to address the rapid rise in corona virus case as later on tuesday. but he's already made it clear with some of the blame lies for those who choose to remain and vaccinated. he'll issue a stark warning and make clear and vaccinate individuals will continue to drive hospitalizations and deaths. that is not trying to scare people or maybe it is trying to make clear to people in the country what the risks are here of not being vaccinated. despite the worsening situation in times square, some people were still in a festive mood bath. this might be the last time new yorkers see these lights in person. the mass still hasn't decided if new year's celebrations here. we'll go ahead. earlier we spoke with the professor peter and hong from the university of california, san francisco,
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and he explained how oma cron cases in the united states have skyrocketed within a week. this virus is speeding ahead and forward like no other variance before. and if you think about 2 weeks ago, it was one percent. so it tells us really 2 things. first of all, that probably gentlemen, sequencing lags what the cases really are in the community. and secondly, once you get enough people infected in a community, it's like little current, a virus bombs going off. the increase is really exponential. it started off in the east coast really because of a lot of contact with the u. k. and with southern african countries, there are direct lights from dr. burg, for example, to new york, new jersey, d. c. it's not as prevalent maybe in california yet, although it's increasing authorizations are not that high compared to the east coast, but it's spreading westward. so i see a big sweep, i see a potentially unprepared hospital systems for this deluge. and how,
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let's take a look at some other developments in this. pandemic thailand is reinstating mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors. only concerns over the home icon variance visitors will now have to undergo a hotel quarantine which ranges between $7.10 days. also, new zealand has postponed opening its borders. quarantine for travel is now possible for new zealanders only from the end of february onwards. foreign visitors are currently not allowed in to the south pacific nation. and in australia, infection rates have surged with the state of new south wales reporting 3000 new cases on tuesday alone. but the australian government has been reluctant to impose new restrictions. we can bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making headlines around the world's the aftermath of last week's powerful typhoon in the philippines was still being felt on tuesday, as local officials pleaded for aid. japan and china announced they would send power
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generators, water, and food. although the philippines government still hasn't appealed for international help, typhoon ry killed at least 375 people and over 50 others remain missing. lasers prime minister is male sabra jacobi has admitted that the official response to it's flooding was slow. the government face criticism from opposition politicians after at least 14 people died during torrential rains last weekend. rescuers are still bringing people from flooded areas to safety. tens of thousands are now living in emergency shelters. japan has executed prisoners for the 1st time in 2 years. the 3 and mates were put to death at the tokyo detention house and had been convicted of multiple murders. there is wide support for capital punishment among people in japan, despite criticism from human rights groups and an ethiopia the
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to grind people's liberation front, the t p l f says it will withdraw from several regions it had captured in the last few months. the withdrawal could mark a turning point and a possible step towards a ceasefire. after 13 months of brutal war, the eeoc and government says the t p. a lapse announcement is a cover up tactic for its recent military setbacks. ethiopia has been engaged in a civil war for over a year, has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions. well, both sides in this conflict have been accused of atrocities with reports of rape and gender based violence being used against girls as young as sex. that you feel keen human rights commission has launched an investigation. and there commissioner for women's and children's rights is mascara, and guess it who joins me now from i disobey bye. thank you so much for taking the time to come onto the show. what have your investigations found? thank you very much, claire and as non to a many we have and launch it
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a joint investigation with the un office of the high commissioner in their covering in the early days off the conflict which already disclosed different forms of gender based violence including sexual violence like rape, sexual assault, enslavement, pregnancy on in the like. i committed against our women and girls but also our worker, their investigations in other parts of the country that are affected by the conflict such as the i'm horror, region and are, are old. so it shows a similar findings and warning patterns all gender beats violence being committed by different practicing wolves in the conflict i what are the effects of such a gender based violence as so we have seen break
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as, as one of the prominent forms of gender based whiteness but also as i've said in different forms of sexual assault forces, pregnancy enslavement, and also be beyond the section of finance that i have noted. we have seen also the gender impacts of other violations. for example, how much the lack of access to basic services have affected particularly and disproportionately women and girls are from access to sexual report active? hell's too old? so i access to different support for survivors of gender based whiteness because of destruction, of different forms of infrastructure that were in place. and so our reports in e and our investigation has a given particular attention to these gender dimension of the conflict throughout the different pieces. and recently,
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also following the withdrawn with the to p and it forces we are gaining more access to parts. zachary oak height and we are deploying an investigation mission that would be in the probing into also the gender dimensions of the conflict and the one i think so few more about that as well. if i may just jump in because it's not just the tpl off that is preventing access, we know the government has been barring at journalists and other external observers from certain areas of the country. how can your commission, or indeed any international team of investigators. i actually guarantee impartiality under these conditions it is indeed a very important question and personalities. unimportant elements of human rights investigation. and as you can imagine, it's difficult to guarantee 100 percent in personality when you work in a very politically polarized context. but i mean, what we can speak off is about our working method and how based we try. we
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try our base by employing a very qualified investigation team that is trained. we're trained on method for human rights investigations and we are using also internationally accepted human rights investigation methodology. and we are from time to time also reflecting on our working makers and also our our teams engagement in, in december instigation. so yes, we hear critics from different par parties about our work, and it's natural to have questions about the possibility of such forces and we acknowledge and we understand but we do our based also to employ. we do appreciate your work and into this important talk. if we are gonna have to leave the interview there, i'm afraid, but my guess is commissioner for women and children's rights at the independent if
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you can human rights commission, thanks so much again for coming on the show you to poland now which has one of the strictest abortion laws in europe. it bands the procedure in all, but just a few cases. now the government wants to go even further by creating a legal register of all pregnancies, t w's alexandra phone, numbe, and reports on an issue that often pits individual women against hospitals and the police. claudio castillo 26 years old entrepreneur. earlier this year she decided to and an unwanted pregnancy, using abortion pills. she ordered on the internet for one looked with ala. i went to a hospital just to confirm that i am not pregnant anymore. all tell us, but once they are, i was brutally examined, though on the doctor didn't providing any medical information. instead she scared me saying the state prosecutor needed to know that she would report me to the authorities of others. washy, jonathan's washing despite pool and sneer,
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total ban on abortion, women who terminate pregnancies cannot be prosecuted under polish law. that however, didn't prevent the police from interrogating her. a claudia coast oak tells me, oh sam, up. he says, look what me after him. they wanted to know how the pills were delivered out what the package looked like. so i'm open. i had to give them the names of all my friends who knew i had an abortion. not no idea what that was for help. also. last year, a court ruled that abortion in poland is only permitted in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother's life is threatened, thousands took to the streets in protest with the intact until $911.00 dos come with. one of them is the reproductive rights activists says that the results of the new law amounts to torture is found on the horse. it means that polish women are forced to carry pregnancy with fetuses that have no rain that have no call if they are in distance outside of their body. we have legal har hart failures. it's just
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impossible to describe how it feels like to be able to enroll into date. as of january, the government also plans to introduce a centralized register where pregnancies and miscarriages are reported. prochoice activists fear this data base could be used to cause legal problems for women who use abortion pills or find other ways to and to pregnancy, pos shit or shapes key is the gynecologist in which he says the concerns about the register are justified as the data is available anyway, but he also says he is fed up with the issue being politicized in poland. if shirley bush with her, we, as doctors would like to be left alone by politicians, we want them to start using us for their purposes or both sides of doing it. pure cheryl, chef ski fears they're restrictive abortion rules in poland. will have floss, think consequences, place could be the boy for those children,
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there are women with who now are afraid to get pregnant. so she is a job. they think, what am i going to do when i find out my thetis has an illness or gene damage your school. so that's why they decide not to get pregnant at all. so that is the lack of mothers against every natal examinations because they fear the results above a wrinkle. but the debate in poland continues with pro life activists demanding father restrictions and criminal charges against people selling abortion pills. the activists who sell the pills or any money on that, and this is what we want to stop, we want to stop this business of ah, business of deaf who could say claudia could still cannot come to terms with what's going on in poland. she's hoping for a political change soon, otherwise she says she is going to leave the country. earlier i spoke with as is on a job and she worked for a non profit organization called her church basha,
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which is this women to cross the border and get an abortion here in germany. they asked her whether she thinks that the recent pro choice protest i have been taking place across the country are indeed having an impact on government decision making . let's take a listen to what she had to say. well we as feminist activists are supporting people in access to our portion, see that each and every change again translates not only into more people having abortions, but more people learning about options and access to a person. and also protecting d m t, abortion legislation. so we see also how the reception or public perception of the, of abortion changes and how more and more people actually become more pro abortion in the context. which also translates into more people learning about, about their, their rights and, and their options. and just 3 weeks ago on the 1st of december,
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the parliament actually debated further law that criminalized abortion even more. and this was rejected even by the ruling parties of the parties. so we expect that this is to extend a response to the promise that swept for the streets of or so. but this registry of pregnancy is actually looks like a burden to the anti choice organizations. so they reject that the law farther criminalizing abortion. but now they are giving this, this new law, which actually also can be considered gender by violence and a means of surveillance pregnancy. just before we go here in europe, weather forecasters aren't offering much hope of a white christmas for most parts of the continent. temperatures are still cold enough to live in the census of those who are brave enough to go for winter swim. and switzerland thousands took part in a traditional pre christmas dip in frigid waters. oh baby,
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it's cold outside, but for some in geneva, that means it's time for a swim. the brave bared their skin in record numbers at this year's christmas cup. after last year's event was cancelled due to the pandemic. over 3000 signed up for a chance at glory and frozen toes to certain moral, gone, manifest. this is certainly the biggest winters swimming event in the world. i saw the phenomenon of getting together and releasing your joy with the cold water takes us away from all our problems. to the polar emma to challenge begins with a splash from a bucket. while it may look sadistic helps the swimmers bodies prepare for the coming shock. once they've taken the plunge, the contestants have to swim 100 meters, while some are playing to win for others, the reward is a feeling of relief when it's all over. so what did you insurable for the 1st 10 seconds, but afterwards you feel really good. why are you doing this?
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uh huh. because we're having fun or soil for the smile afterwards. exactly. with a smile afterwards. well. oh maybe that explains the record attendance permission once again to do something out of the ordinary. ah, i'm cold just watching them at your news update at this hour. if you wanted to stay with us, you can catch and then boom is like a soccer shout kick off coming up next parking lot more news. news is we can visit our website at g, w dot com. i'm clarity in berlin from nixon here. thanks so much for watching. ah, ah, ah ah
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ah. with a pulse he's the beginning of
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a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture information is dw and d w made for mines. ah fantastic. yeah, beautiful. and christine, so culture, a remote island off the horn of africa. an unusual part of human, i'm touched by the civil war, discovered by just a few tourists. the forgotten paradise. so cool. so 60 minutes on d. w. a.
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ah. the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. v ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country loan from above. starts december 27th on d. w. how can drones both cheap and versatile at volunteer research? both on the show we had to japan where new and old technologies are being used to make stunning replications of art. but we begin with
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a close up look at the james web space telescope scientists, and have great hopes for it to discover the unlucky ah, well come to to morrow to day. the science show on d, w 321 . and what dawn? well, the facial discovery with the hubble space telescope window on the universe, just over 30 years ago, travel space telescope was launched into orbit. it's been sending back stunning images from the depth of space ever since. thousands of publications have been written based on his observations, but with advancing age becomes advancing new technology and thus hubble is due to be replaced by the james web space telescope. soon after the launch has been delayed several times in the past. one of the most expensive scientific endeavors
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is now ready to go. oh humanities, new i and the sky succeeds the renowned hubble space telescope hobbles, e possible discoveries were only possible because astronauts could reach out to install a new instrumentation. hubble is positioned only 500 kilometers above the earth. the new james wham telescope, however, will be beyond human reach. it will remain in the earth shadow, some one and a half 1000000 kilometers away. tracking the planets orbit around the sun. the base of the satellite telescope will permanently face sun words, a sun shade, the size of a tennis court will stretch across its supply unit. it will shield the telescope and it's instruments from light pollution. with the wind telescope, 6 and a half meter mirror dwarfs hovels reflector, it's made up of 18,
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hexagonal segments coated with a thin layer of vaporized gold. which reflects in for red light especially well. the mirrors body is made of beryllium, a light white metal which holds its form even an extreme cold, hard to believe. but it took only 48 grams of gold to coat all its segments. remote controlled actuators are mounted on the back of each segment. the small motors can pivot and turn them in 6 directions. to take really clear photographs, the segments will be adjusted exactly once the telescope is out in space. the main mirror collects light and reflects it onto a smaller mirror which focuses it via 2 more to the telescopes, measuring instruments, probing the universe is mysteries. the universe is constantly expanding.
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and the further other galaxies are away from us, the faster they're receding. as the objects move away from us, the wave lengths of the light emitted by these distant objects shift towards the red. so web is especially well suited to capture the longer and for red wavelengths . it will be able to look much further into the past than hubble. capturing images of the universe is 1st, stars and galaxies. it's in for read, i will be able to penetrate dense clouds of dust, to see what's hidden behind them. mm. astronomers are expecting to gain totally new insights into the creation of stars and planets within our own solar system. when will investigate the remnants of its ancient past, the icy bodies plowing their way through the costs most far beyond the planets. but for blanched off the huge james web telescope will have to be folded together like
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a piece of luggage. james webb, the fool, manasseh chief, is said to have discriminated against homosexual people in the workplace. science has signed a petition to change the telescopes name, but nasa says the allegations are unproven, so the telescope still bears the name james web. black holes are among the most fascinating phenomena in the universe. these gigantic objects test the limits of human imagination, research into them as by german astrophysicist time hot again. so for instance, was recognized with a nobel prize in physics in 2020 but there are still many mysteries surrounding black holes. we meet an astrophysicist who wants to explore black holes using the james web space, telescope, dominica, violette, select will be among the 1st to conduct research using the new j is web space
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telescope. her team is one of 13 that have been chosen to begin work as soon as it's up and running them. and i'll hang assessment, asking me to vegas when i start to really delve into astronomy and realized that what we see with our naked eye when we look up at the starry sky, is only minute part of what is actually there. it does something to you. i'm done with i'm guns and i still get goosebumps when i think about it. ag message gens out any metabolic data. the astrophysicist is interested in super massive black holes embedded at the center of large galaxies. as they devour the material around them, they blast out powerful radiation winds. she says, these winds can promote or prevent the formation of stars in a galaxy. the link between
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black holes and the evolution of galaxies is one of the key questions in modern day astrophysics. the lenses my get i who laughed over the course on test when you think about the size of a super massive black hole deluxe he and the size of the galaxy that host it, that the difference is huge. and normed with us when they spend it's like comparing a one cent coin smith with the moon aspect light and taught them and yet during their act of growth these, these super massive black horse are able to exert such an enormous influence on their galaxy. just how they do that is what she wants to understand. after all, we to live in a galaxy the milky way already as a child. dominica violence. aleck began to wonder where the edge of the universe lies
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and what's beyond it. ah, because she never got a satisfactory answer. she decided to study physics and specialize in astronomy. ah, as an i fos as f, whatever about us as my valet kava perfect, i'm just so happy to have the privilege of studying the universe as my profession. when you basil from tuckahoe, and that i get to discover the secrets of the universe. hi mrs. only rosalind franklin, soaking. and soon thanks to the james web telescope, she'll be able to study galaxies that are far, far away. ones that even with the hubble telescope only appear as ducks in space. the new telescope will provide a much clearer view of these objects. the light from those distant worlds has taken more than 12000000000 years to reach us. so it dates back to a time when black holes were gobbling up huge amounts of material and blasting out powerful radiation winds. the data should reveal what effect that had on the
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galaxies around them. does van dappled i and isn't it the data won't just be 2 dimensional. so, and a picture cut out from a larger image, but 3 dimensional anonymous and so going on. so in other words, there's a spectrum hiding behind each and every pixel on that 2 dimensional image is that's my day off mama and spectum, fresh decked. those spectra will show how much gas is contained in these distant galaxies. how fast that gas is moving, and even in what direction it's moving. vullez select says that data will allow us to better understand how galaxies are formed. a filter, we'll like this one is also installed in the camera that you use to study those far away galaxies. it was developed here at the mox plant institute for astronomy. as the launch date approaches, the sense of anticipation is rising. the launch of the james web telescope was
12:40 pm
initially planned for 2007, but was repeatedly postponed. now, dominican violet select can't wait for the arrival of the 1st data ins. ofen, diana, we have a certain responsibility to convince the public and the astronomical community of the james web telescopes quality with the data which we will obtain aft dabbled, and from eons on fast. therefore, we'll have to be well prepared. owned them, as military cbo doth hobble guidance on both of the big telescopes so called wings were folded so they can fit into the launch vehicle. there's never been a satellite with so many moving parts, able take 2 weeks to get everything unfolded and in its right position. in that time, nothing can go wrong. 6 months after the launch date, the new telescope should finally be ready to begin studying the secrets of the universe are
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and now let's change perspective and view things from above with drones. these devices have many uses, like for instance, observing volcanoes. the global drone market has been steadily taking off and the growth promises to keep soaring in the future. ah, science puts drones to good use with collecting environmental data. we meet researchers working these flying laboratories, a disused airfield in northern germany. far away from residential areas, roads and rail tracks, an ideal proving ground for scientists from brownish bikes. technical university. they're testing drones with
12:42 pm
a maximum take off weight of 26 kilograms. extensive aerospace safety zones are mandatory for airborne equipment of the size. to day 3 different systems will be taking to the skies of fixed wing drone and to multi copters. the 1st is called mass spar. it's a flying laboratory. as this is hostile for nato and mister snake of phone shots juggled from, isn't industry dia shots doped miss dotson unhinged fozzy misty stopped sooner? look, da da, coastal whose particular range dog would soon um. push watched over miss bar will be deployed alongside auto bonds and the like. it can be programmed to autonomously fly over a different checkpoints and varying altitudes transmitting air quality data in real time fire radio. the branch
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my team are also supporting other research projects with their monitoring drones. in 20172 of them joined the polish down research vessel and the arctic. one of their tasks was monitoring the distribution of the greenhouse gas methane in the polar region. there kwan copped or collected air samples up to an altitude of a 1000 meters to day as mess far returns after a short flight. the team are preparing their 2nd drone. it's a fixed wing model called ala dena it records meteorological data. might temperature, humidity, and wind as well as aerosols, like fine particulate matter liquid atom, the congregation numbers are, can premiums as tim and as if i'm on a board and muscle and my phone become punishment. resahi red old my dad was here to those we. she doesn't ever answer them puts us if we did, we need somebody vote unless, unless you applied them to couldn't of us from aust, mom, so she beavis dixon. allah dina's job is to collect data for fundamental meteorological
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research. the data is essential and the battle against climate change, but also as tool to improve, weather forecasting, take off and landing are remotely controlled, but once airborne, ala, deena flies autonomously. this drone will soon be circling above berlin, 50 meters above ground. over berlin, it will be measuring how much the opening of the new berlin brandenburg airport has increased pollution levels. but right now it's going to land and make way for a drone, which has a totally different task called arrow inspect it sport. so $100.00 megapixel camera under its fuselage. arrow inspect, we'll scan the all berlin brandenburg, airport buildings. it's batteries only last for 40 minutes, but that's long enough for it to fly. 35 meters above the old buildings and take
12:45 pm
pictures from directly overhead. every 90 centimeters, it takes a high definition picture. the resulting photo jigsaw is then transformed by a computer into a 3 d model. even though the camera only takes overhead pictures of the buildings, they're still precise enough for scientists to gauge the pitch of the corrugated sheet roofs down to the last millimeter. it isn't void is could cite of us this building shows what we can do stuff. if you had to map this roof accurately for a construction inspection, so you can take these measurements and monitor over the long term, how the building changes in how a deforming of upside. but we'll both be far enough to chicago to be fulfilled. to say that probably doesn't matter as far as this room goes, live alone. but when you're looking at the rail tracks for large cranes and also for trains and then you want to be certain they don't warm and for deform with time . estes's mission for fall and that they don't ship with their position, dusty tops. and if they do that you notice it in time. vaughn would i cited.


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