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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2021 8:00am-8:31am CET

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ah, ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. all mc chrome becomes the dominant corona virus strain in the wes, people line up to get tested in washington. as authorities say the highly contagious new variant. now accounts for almost 3 quarters of all new infections. also in the program. leaders in germany are set to plot the countries next steps
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against that on the cross variant health officials warn that even double vaccinated or at high risk of infection. and poland draws up plans requiring doctors to report all pregnancies to the state activists. call it a further step to control women's bodies in a country where nearly all abortions are already bad. ah hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. the only cron corona by irish variance is spreading rapidly around the world. case numbers have exploded in many countries in the united states. all micron is now the dominant strain accounting for 73 percent of all infections. just a week ago the figure was 12 percent in new york city virus cases are surging just
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ahead of holiday season gatherings. oh 03. 0, one happy new year. this is just a test. new year's eve in time square has not come early, but the on the crown wave has hit the us sooner than many experts expected. nearby new yorkers lie enough to get tested with christmas just days away and cases surging. many are worried. definitely feels like that 1st wave of the pandemic without anxiety, all these long lines around the city, people getting tested, exams are getting cancel and for people in grad school like myself. so i kind of feel like that early part of that we didn't, we didn't really know what's happening. i think we've all been affected as a new yorker, we're trying to take every single precaution that we can um got dull, vax boosted regular testing. i am planning to travel for the holidays, but depending on the result of this test, i'll probably stay put in your back. americas took pandemic advisor. anthony found
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she though, had a hopeful message for those worried about the holidays. yeah, you can go the extra mile and get tested before you have a family gathering or a group get test the day before or the day of getting together, but vaccinated and boosted people. one of the family members of accident, it should feel very comfortable in getting together and enjoying a holiday meal or a holiday get together. i president joe biden plans to address the rapid rise in corona virus case as later on tuesday. but he's already made it clear with some of the blame lies for those who choose to remain and vaccinated. he'll issue a stark warning and make clear and vaccinate individuals will continue to drive hospitalizations and deaths. that is not trying to scare people or maybe it is trying to make clear to people in the country what the risks are here of not being vaccinated. despite the worsening situation in times square,
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some people was still in a festive mood bath. this might be the last time new yorkers see these lights in person. the mass still hasn't decided if new year's celebrations here. we'll go ahead and let's get more from peter chin hong. he is a professor of medicine at the university of california in san francisco. good to have you back with us. ah, tell us the doctor went wrong a week ago, omicron account for just 12 percent of us infections. now it's 73 percent. what does that tell you about the virus? it's tells us, terry, that this virus is speeding. ahead and forward like no other variance before. and if you think about 2 weeks ago, it was one percent. so it tells us really 2 things. first of all, that probably genomic sequencing lives, what the cases really are in the community. and secondly, once you get enough people infected in a community,
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it's like little kernan virus bombs going off the increases really exponential corona, virus bombs. what do you expect the situation to be like then 2 weeks from now in the u. s. i see continued spread. i think it started off in the east coast really because of a lot of contact with the u. k. and with southern african countries. there are direct lights from dr berg, for example, to new york, new jersey, d. c. it's not as prevalent maybe in california yet, although it's increasing authorizations are not that high compared to the east coast, but it's reading westward. so i see a big sweep. i see a potentially unprepared hospital systems for this deluge. texas has reported which believe to be the 1st known on chrome related death in the us. do we know yet whether on the chrome is more deadly than other variants?
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we don't know that for sure, cherry, but in many cases this 1st death that's confirmed to arman cronin us is a metaphor of what's that come. this was an unvaccinated individual who was previously exposed naturally, but because of unvaccinated and on boosted it kind of confirmed our predict greatest prediction and fears. very serious c l. death. if not vaccinated, he got re general and these monoclonal antibodies are no good against on red cross . these particular types we need others that are less available in the us for them to work. how well is the u. s prepared for what's coming? well, i think we're not as prepared as we should be. i think this took the biden administration by surprise. it came out of left field almost. and i think that in all
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senses, testing has been seriously under provide, in a hospital by seas are breaking point regionally. national guard is being called out . i think probably the greatest potential casualty is not the physical beds. it's the, you know, psychological state of american people at this point. we wanted to have a christmas, why we can go to theater and see friends and family and all of a sudden this is that greatest right person. thank you very much for talking with us. that was talked to peter chin hong, talking to us from san francisco. thanks so much, terry bell, world health organization is calling on people to cancel some of their holiday plans to help contain the rapid spread of the army. kron variant w h o. director general tedra a gibber. yes. so said there is no clear evidence that only crohn is more contagious than any other version of the virus so far. and he warned that holiday
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festivities would in many places lead to increase cases and more deaths. all of us are seek off this bundle. all of us want to spend time with friends and family, but uneven cancel is better than life cancelled. it's better to conceal now and celebrate later than to celebrate to now and grieve later. let's take a look. some other developments in the pandemic. new zealand has postpone opening its borders. amid concerns of the oma cron variant quarantine free travel is now possible for new zealanders. only from the end of february onwards. in australia, infection rates have surged with the state of news of south wales reporting 3000 new cases on tuesday alone. but the australian government has been reluctant to impose new restrictions. european union, meanwhile, has approved the use of the nova backs vaccine,
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and people age 18 and older european medicines agencies said data shows the vaccine has an advocacy of around 90 percent. so while germany's leaders har meeting to day to plot this country's response to the omicron variant, new cases have eased off recently, but experts are warning the next wave of infections could be the biggest yet. new corona, virus infections in germany, rose in the autumn peaking at over $70000.00 per day in late november, and have since dipped to around $50000.00 in recent days. well, here's a look at infection rates in other countries. we're ami kron is now dominant. the u . k. has hit its highest numbers ever with 800 people per 100000 infected. over the last 7 days, the weekly rate in denmark has risen even higher to more than a 1000. the netherlands is below $600.00. germany's infection rate is just over $300.00, but as we said, that is expected to rise quickly. a range of measures are on the table in germany,
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including limiting social contacts, even for those who are doubly vaccinated or recovered from cobit 90. preparing for all micron germany is rushing to get a vaccine booster shot to its critical workers like these firefighters and hamburg before the new cove. at 19 variant becomes dominant here, while daily cases are sinking across the country. experts more in the dreaded wave could arrive just after christmas. emphasis, national is excellent and it's a rapid exponential increase. i talked about if you take the conservative estimate that cases double every 3 days, or what scientists in britain are reporting every 2 days. and if you only need a pocket calculator to see that that's extremely fast bonds in mitchell. while vaccines are the 1st line of defense, germany's government is preparing new restrictions for as early as next week, even for the fully vaccinated. like just enough not bind to that we will have
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further restrictions on private contacts. so we're well prepared for the spread of the new virus mutation, all over europe has them all hers a huge wild and novel house fight it. what the new curves will look like is unclear . that still needs to be discussed with the leaders of germany states. but it seems, everything is on the table is global when the speech dated by the if experts predictions are confirmed. and what we're seeing in neighboring countries continues gal and we can't rule out a general lockdown, including everything from businesses to education, to private gatherings. and yet, mismatch reason. for starters, that will likely mean cancelled new year's eve parties. and those making fitness resolutions for 2022 might have to postpone hitting the gym until the arm across wave is over. or for more on, on a college, talked out to high o z. he's a research fellow at the likeness institute for prevention, research, and epidemiology. thanks for being with us, professor. say, when are you expecting?
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ami kron to become dominant in germany. good morning. we are a little bit behind, i guess it won't take that long. i mean, it probably will be sometime early or later mid january that will have only con, really as a dominant bear with us. here are the restrictions that germany has in place now, sufficient to deal with this new very well and say the current or section that we have right now, i actually get to was built a very and still so i mean we're looking all towards and you were restrictions coming up this, the discussions today are going on and the ministers will sit together and decide on wall of probably rhonda ball doors directly off to christmas. the expectation that especially in meeting people and contacts will be will be reduced. probably a larger meeting, larger gatherings will probably be the rules will change again,
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and i'm wondering with restrooms and all that and possibly close again. what are your biggest concerns about all may kron when it does become the dominant variant? here in germany? yeah, i mean we, we heard it's pretty, very fast. it will lead to a wave of new and diseases definitely. and is what i love in the hospitals. that's the one. that's the one problem. so we already have a stressed infrastructure just about to no coping with delta as it is. but there will be more of that and even probably bigger numbers in the hospital. but then there's also no discussion of all you know that this is just the con infection we're really affect, you know, critical services. it's in the firefighters and police and all that. so this is really something new. we haven't discussed this so far and this is another term that's up on the agenda. really know what about the hospitals? the health care system in germany is prepared for this it's it's,
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it's really a problem. ok situation. we have a good hospital system. we have a, b, r i c, u, and trust infrastructure. but it's, it's been stressed civilian all through the delta and we had to transport patients from one place to the other and so on. and this is only delta. so now we're the only come i will. ready even stress this, this more and, and, and really especially the staff in the hospital. and that's the main issue we have . but the staff is simply, you know, very much under pressure and there are a few of them, no less the last it higher. z a at the left unsaid stupor. prevention research and epidemiology. thank you very much for talking with she is let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today . in ethiopia, the t grab people's liberation front says it will withdrawal from several regions
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that had captured in recent months, saying it was a step toward peace. but the ethiopian government dismissed the announcement saying it's a cover up for recent military setbacks that ethiopia has been fighting a civil war for over a year. that has killed tens of thousands, one of egypt leading pro democracy activists has been jailed for 5 years on charges of spreading fake news. abdel fatah has already served a 5 year sentence for taking part in unauthorized protests. rights groups describe the trial as a sham us said. it was disappointed by the verdict. former us president donald trump was heckled at an event when he declared he had received a coven 19 booster shot, he dismissed the hecklers as a very tiny group. while on stage with conservative talk show host bill o'reilly in dallas. yes, i got it. okay. so troops in the philippines have been racing to deliver aid to regions devastated by super typhoon right. at least 375 people were killed in
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hundreds more injured. when the massive storm hit last week, half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes. red cross is launched, an emergency appeal. many survivors are desperate. i am hungry, have mercy. that's what's written on this man's shine as he tries to flag down help surrounding him. a fallen power lines, a mangled mass in the carnage. survivors of super typhoon rye have been left and begging for food and water. oh, but what is the liam for? but what is really important during this situation is water and food. the people are under stress and they need water. well, oh, they are so thirsty, loanable, begun. oh no, i hope we can fix the supply. and then it will give you
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the president, rodrigo der tirty, has promised about 36000000 euros in funds to help with the recovery from samuel mago. but reaching the people who need help is no easy fate. many areas are still struggling with down communication lines. power outages and blocked roads the anger and desperation a palpable people here feel abandoned and began to linen guy. well, they should've at least given us one fire truck for water, but there is none. none right now. no one showed up. i don't know where the politicians and election candidates are double in the. let's see what happens when election time comes around. when they come here next, they'll see that they'll be hurt by what the people he will say, except that lemme bonus him was helping them about. so brussel at the monotony.
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wonderful. the red cross has appealed to the international community for 19000000 years to help victims of the disaster. but with scientists warning that climate change is making typhoons like this deadlier, that amount of money may just be a drop in the ocean. l to poland, which has one of the strictest abortion laws in europe. banning the procedure in all but a few cases. now the government wants to go even further by creating a legal register for all. busy pregnancies t w's. alexander phenomena report still on an issue that often pits individual women against hospitals and the police. claudia, coastal 26 years old entrepreneur. earlier this year she decided to and an unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills. she ordered on the internet for one looked
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with ala. i went to a hospital just to confirm that i am not pregnant anymore. oh, i was. but once they are, i was brutally examined though on the doctor didn't providing any medical information. instead, she scared me saying the state prosecutor needed to know that she would report me to the authorities about this war. she's on that. those washing despite poland sneered. total ban on abortion. women who terminate pregnancies cannot be prosecuted under polish law. that however, didn't prevent the police from interrogating her. a claudia coast oak tells me, oh sam, up. he says look what we asked and they wanted to know how the pills were delivered out what the package looked like. so i'm open, i had to give them the names of all my friends who knew i had an abortion. not no idea what that was for help. also. last year, a court ruled that abortion in poland is only permitted in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother's life is threatened, thousands took to the streets in protest with the intact until $911.00 dos come
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with. one of them is the reproductive rights activists says that the results of the new law amounts to torture is found on the horse. it means that polish women are forced to carry pregnancy with fetuses that have no rain that have no call if they are in distance outside of their body. we have lethal har hart failures. it's just impossible to describe how it feels like to be a woman enroll into date. as of january, the government also plans to introduce a centralized register we're pregnancies and miscarriages are reported. pro choice activists fear this data base could be used to cause legal problems for women who use abortion pills or find other ways to and to pregnancy, pos shit or shapes key is the gynecologist in which he says the concerns about the register are and justified. as the data is available anyway, but he also says he is fed up with the issue being politicized in poland. if jerry
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bush with her, we, as doctors would like to be left alone by politicians, we want them to stop using us for their purposes or both sides of doing it. piet, shit, or chef ski fears they're restrictive. abortion rules in poland will have floss, think consequences, place could be the boys who they shows. there are women with who now are afraid to get pregnant, which is a job they think. what am i going to do when i find out my thetis has an illness or gene damage your school? so that's why they decide not to get pregnant at all. says that the vehicle with mothers against your prenatal examinations because they fear the results above even equal. but the debate in poland continues with pro life activists demanding father restrictions and criminal charges against people selling abortion pills. the activists who sell the pills or any money on that, and this is what we want to stop, we want to stop this business of ah,
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business of deaf. you could say claudia could still cannot come to terms with what's going on in poland. she's hoping for a political change soon, otherwise she says she is going to leave the country or from orland crossover to our correspondent michael in a quarter panel cut in war, saw by glenna, i understand polish lawmakers are working on further measures related to pregnancies and abortion tell us what's in the pipeline. well, the governmental entity establishes central registering, including the information about pregnancy, which is as the is say, just you know, to provide the best medical care for instance, in cases of emergency. but, you know, it became a source of as suspicion of course, and as since the abortion and abortion low in poland become as such, a disputed aaliyah. and what i want to say is, you know, maybe in other times and other countries dead would not be such
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a big topic as it became no one holland. when of course there was a lot of inconvenience. so what for the magician is being plans, rights activists in poland have staged multiple street protests against a ta for abortion. laws. have these protests had any impact on lawmakers whole? i don't think so. indeed, because there has been so many decision made in our last months in poland and by the ruling party law, injustice, and there have been a lot of trotters in civil cases. and they didn't all induce, changed decisions of the government. but a, just to be precisely, you know, there has been even an idea to tighten the law, which we have now and colon. and the ruling party was as and the majority of the parliament against it. still. and it also shows that they might maybe not be any farther step in the abortion law itself. so where do you think things will go from
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here in poland? abortion debate given that the country already does have very restrictive laws in place. he is, it's hard to imagine that it could be even more restrict at the does not know i abortion is just legal as it will set in the report in 2 cases, rape incest, or i'm the threatened health of the mother. and so this is already a very restrictive things, and of course there is a debate going on and mancha doctors and hospitals, their house, b, r o z, a hospital and eastern part, and of poland at which m declared good. doctors are hesitating. i'll serve some steps because they are afraid of what might happened to them. so there is the deep debate going on in this country and we never know how it ends, because the society is very strongly divided. also, in that case,
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employed by galena. thank you very much. that was d w. my clinic foot telecom in warsaw. well, weather forecasters here in europe aren't offering much hope of a white christmas for most parts of the continent, but temperatures are still cold enough to live in the senses of those brave enough to go for a winter swim in switzerland. thousands took part in a traditional pre christmas dip in waters of 7 degrees celsius or $44.00 degrees fahrenheit. oh, baby, it's cold outside, but for some in geneva, that means it's time for a swim. the brave bared their skin in record numbers at this year's christmas cup after last year's event was cancelled due to the pandemic over 3000 signed up for a chance at glory and frozen toes to certain moral at reagan manifest. this is certainly the biggest winters swimming event in the world. i saw the phenomenon of
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getting together and releasing your joy. the cold water takes us away from all our problems to the polar emma to challenge begins with a splash from a bucket. while it may look sadistic helps the swimmers bodies prepare for the coming shock. once they've taken the plunge, the contestants have to swim 100 meters, while some are playing to win for others, the reward is a feeling of relief when it's all over. so what did you, ex, wearable for the 1st 10 seconds, but afterwards you feel really good. why are you doing this for her? because we're having fun or soil for the smile afterwards. exactly, with a smile afterwards. well, maybe that explains the record attendance permission once again to do something out of the ordinary. you're watching dw news. just remind over the top story we're following for you today. the only crawled corona virus barrier has been spreading rapidly in the us. authorities say it's now the dominant strain
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accounting for almost 3 quarters of all new infections. a week ago it was just 12 percent coming up next year on the w. r. put us legal soccer show, kick off. of course, you can always get all the latest news information anytime you want on our website . that's d w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching with ah, with
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