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tv   ZDF Reportage  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm CET

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ah oh yeah, the smooth wet dobbs donati, go to pickle diaz and mom said it probably booth the our to its been legacy, toyota z mccook ah,
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with those are yes, lea, a computer with transcription using your blood to redeem a block. my cousin la casita bill of the georgia crushed your daughter. she has her jealous, where use it's a glass of void a with you really annoying, but of course i give you ah, the rain, this is the model. so you say you ever say use patrol?
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well, while you list, no good thought dogs that was cured is valueless, though he's too dumb, she just to keep it won't let me give you the month of july. so yes, correct. yes, lulu does a feature of which there's a lot to deal with the store you and yet enjoy your daughter to level it because all the boys usually get out double with the wood, which though late with your mac lavish rentals right water, serious issue vehicle almost though, yeah, focus was bob, bob which go near hospital application given you own your suggest cusack. ok. so for me to go with
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good able, don't know what you did recommend and well, it sounded as, you know, we have a homeless of vehicles that as a government software sneak in the response, i suppose chamomile at the sun. my a globe. okay. but it is in july digital eva and that, but you guys some way us know what your initial cost to ship to what is the julia i should use the bigger so so you could still yet gum a software. really think you were that they believe you should include you didn't like that always vision is a green yellow oak of one of the union. that commander, ah, almost identical says either g was had names of aids, name is base, it is a bank and they cut the space that is built on. it does former soviet ticklish own that gut is almost identical. it base and it did to us is good us to work good us to back user and it's got how much we went to go see what it'll do as well.
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ah, ah ah ah. ready to come to live. you know, if you, if you can, you people have him slow, go on. if you got good news just we'll talk another pretty much those states or some way for you ma'am, from them, but in spirit. but i'm really, i'm a service which option. that's all i use, but i'm really, i'm way that you are, you know what your quote or discuss what it is. so i can push them a little desk which is also
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a summer lead to the store. and the issue is what's going on if it's a finance board, the, the quiz says menu, but it's not an issue, but yeah, let me clear forms. and yeah, and is that, and there's a company that i'm, that you know, issues that she'll miracle this issue, but there's a form issues as she at the supper actively and, you know, what are the democrats each, give them the bill. but each of those leadership, it's just they just, they just put your location. there's a company that's going to the
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bush chest. the answer to put him in if you could leave them where they are fed for next for the official story, i got that. i'm pretty quick about it. once the tax schedule got like she was real much she bad, there was that is what you lady still another deal with no anthony li, new in the process. so perhaps, i mean, unions of listen to this candidate damage and kidney get leah may put of identified millionth laser and kitty up at or must away up, but also i've seen for this public as well. so we said e p o, we use it when it got a mismatch in it. give it out with the water garza wish them well, i mean, when i was over there mclaughlin, randolph, i near gunners. the water is tape in your master in there, but i was up at my i didn't get them they didn't, could i teach kids?
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and they still, i nino got those 2 ph contract about tristan that got worse. and then what is really, what a bunch of godaddy we upon the, are you able to pull up with us? yes. as a crown yeah. answers the sad. yeah. projects of what i mean. yes, sir. richard though i get back, yada goza. but you, my broker is assa kanyes assistant yeah. would you that was, that was issued about a specific puzzle in you must have mentioned because what law was rift out, but also given us to order to avoid that one because of soon the, like when you're at last, national cochran, i'm with the castle store, which is by choice if in the to i the it was but he was worried about them with
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stella. look, i did not get a reply to scholarship that obama. ah, it goes to class the playground bully boobs. thought about would she deleted to praise? who had it, had to bella watching, as i told, and all is levina says, go say, use a be a conflict. the black royce, if just a steve buckle, you free bound to care nick of ours to what children g t workable. because the with city of up more to put the woman go to where they put him. so for those, for me, this moved i sent, took of with creature to plug in just recently booked yet to fail to tech support. then you put those. i put those to various t investor brave who it could go, it could then go next the notes of those to mr. nice hoosier
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new chip theat there yet function that she made me wish i was this picture right now. say godaddy shows you do have once you know, i went to snack in that. yeah, go, doc was to check. right. usa. he scared him. you must have whitney but bowers. i'm sure you saturday. it knows that chip, that's better than when i've had cookie mobil 4 barrett eaten. pretty bad on those rough pitch. luke from it, i'm actually so if you don't to move down to me, don't you better go. i did stanley nutshell order on the shy bob brofy that kirk was throw in a will go our on the deal and thank you, morrison, it took me just as that poker. me not easy, mr. presume. dude, you got to see what you pick. not yet. to up she
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a couple years now. yes, lots a minute. so things know? yeah. i just have of shit though. my block under going that's been that, but the most than you are going is judge and make e, b r e o in your, your sport, fortune chest. the domain of nazi blossom are quick arrows tendency, but the more stuff i am neither amy sivitz can so use him noise. it's noisy, no turkey g dilate imperial stitches curb to curb light. th rosky is the victim bigger pin ma'am. there he's been muscles won't take all the pearson bush own schedule girl. so obvious in the near for out. i asked of my daughter goes to
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erica. yes. you will. the agree be in there, but the cost of capital cost, the parents not. they're more like us to run a lower the downs and not in our gym. cristobelle should noise, ampersand, their star a toast and see what's been a reminder walk mile. yeah. and it will do. i was also given watson was like i but as a but as i guess my, this, my dad was on the like let them let me sit even. it's like a real look leaning on building your research. i on the regular resolved,
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it shows me the response. if god is doing research on bittman, the sooner the less i'm going to close to that there was nothing in there. i didn't get no more. no d was look my uncle from a balloon so bitter waiting to see upwards your between my real estate school and to work that. so i presume zenobia, you will please read brushed does. and when he had 0 years to use move to reward you. yeah, he does like normal assistant us m i seekers. okay. answer. yes. him scott, go good. the so ab because they are here. i've been sam mangrio spell and blah now santa clara carmine orland,
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why see keel gets bored to strawberries. have so a surveyed sick was the z warriors say on the last see use their own nice pool issue with mucus to still do use sure. on in the news that the key is dish kill nellikka preface it. this was done of commission faster by a to more sentimentalist, any new which is up with it, sir. are for the badness. tenure as i would say, don't cock with the least that material lenient portion or charitable mondays to
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full version. you was the word you're, which is now created from the mercy doctor to go to breathe. no, yet your post is 9. you 3 are so mr. bye bye. to me a go to the keep the bullet. the key is nice in the music, in the thought to watch the, the code that i shared from a sure the dishes that all the 3 of them. now you haven't got those that was with she was, there's a lot of america given was to the no believable profile for ms. lee at all store thrashing as far as cost. those of wasn't much to the college to external thing. who knew the i love it, i didn't. so their hopes were boy cabella doing special good. similar to it was a she chose morgan. nice if you could give me a call when you customer who is on the slip of mr. he's doing us to go. the mark, leave shore, leave destroyed. she bow thumbs. no larger would sociable. it's
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a pity led sway. association came at the same substance in front of me. we are glad to look for them to keep the thumbs up here. the concert of doctor's office, i'm glad you're going to bed and upset with us. we're struggling with that they have been lashed or for some way that those are with the sheets that was just recently got latoya. i did it, but i live with liberal dumps. mother, it says it's lisa when you say that she isn't when you watch shift in which it was the shades of village. serious. good. in the way, no reason does that. if with miss linda, yes,
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those need to discuss new to me was missing anything similar before did keep that from the tradition genius. a comply with a fully digestive score. yeah. not for which number. i did not want to say, especially with number of found that that, that, that there with them when you since july of the don't look for smith with the i think it was 9. yeah. with to pretty soon
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need some sort of choice. not at the post it so i'll just finish with me for literally 1000. i get it. i mean that's dela pena uplift and extend this if you're doing streaming organ. danny, what can you caution up at the bus? could you believe you are also what i knew? i will not start, you know so if so you know there
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was a list that moving forward. does it not only functionally must be done. yellow venue, close given the cd to the other 2, but hold to the up machine image to lose me about machine next a much better next time i guess with asperger michigan. any other suggest that for professor shipping roadside neutral area? yes. this is john pollock with listeners to mr. morrison. this officer with chest instead of it was with us the results. will that with me know i me, yes, i knew it was the day of order and the stuff with my
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so go on with both of us with you have them got understood. are still there. mushroom is me. me got a leg over with the bug where you go use the you problem. never lou soon. ah my papa. only. good. oh jeremy. you know, can we use to buy the lily? i thought you use the never the human is the blood will see them in
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the, in the ticket on your google almost to the said just to eating it. there's no other use those shows. there's no difference because nothing other than those and less just use the same thing over the but i've gone to the other stuff
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that isn't got that he's not as good with any of those things that are the municipal that she was in miss. now that i got that it was supposed to look up, put it up and we got a new modem, but the by it. so it doesn't seem just them. but it's the new year smith of the new jersey. okay. sure mobiles. no supposed to come with us was august. we've gone through this because he brought the need to go visible. goldsmith, as to the us issue of was the new just an oversight of it. the result was a group. most of them
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with a garage, the beautiful custom some institution i didn't know. yeah. because he got he she brought it to the van. yeah it took out was glad to hear it much here look. but he kid me modal as it by jazz
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alicia dish pod used to be on the monument of styling. so it was a metronome going from left to right. and this has symbol of what? now. now i think this is a symbol. oh, very slow life in czech republic. more so slow that you'd barely see it. but this is what it is to me. it was written that it used to be a symbol of i'mma. go past and future past and future dietary and, and democratic or west or east you, you put your own meaning. you're also right. your democracy is just a symbolic name. if you look at more than democracies, i really don't know the soup symbolic thing of totalitarian or democratic where it
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ends. so you're saying that the lines are more complex. it's not that easy. the weekend. a fuzzy wanting democratic for me is totally non democratic for putting is democrat in a way because he's elected by majority of the people. you cannot say ok, this guy is very bad because he's it might be doing some good job as well. so if the democratically elected to someone becomes a totally barren, then the people have to do something with it and relax. if they still can relax for me, if it's a totally barren but it doesn't touch me. i probably do. i'm okay. i don't move somewhere else. i really like living here bud whether it's mine or not line,
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i'm not sure. and one thing that i really like about this place, people don't really care about politics, okay. this is, i don't believe in any of the letter i'm using to happen here again. have you ever considered yourself a soviet me. oh, i'm not sure. i'm not sure, but this is a good question. i never identified myself with all the you know, pioneers who are, who died in, in the world war 2 or something like that. and i was not in a forced to, you know, to, to play all this military games. and i didn't need to become soviet. but if you were asked to describe what a soviet man is,
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what characteristics the soviet man possesses? how can you tell that someone is sylvia? i think you are so good, you will rely more on the government than on yourself. very concentrated, rushing, the serious faces somewhere without without a chance of just stay. look around, say the weather is beautiful or how beautiful this building is. know they have point and point and be and they just move their bodies from one point to another. you are free to go anywhere you want. oh, you don't like the facts officers or you don't like the government or you don't. you're not happy with your business law in outside and
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prosper. ah no law most jeff greg gonzales. but it belongs to miss co coil. my son made nij nguyen august does come as that i'm. it is income. shut god in him. don't live on a boat visit. build the exerted stuff, seen fun deals, boat is gun. was that about city of the most sensitive disgust. now i've got the guy and i am begging no. it would be fun. so i could is father my know now think i to live with suzanne was very saving. it was thank
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you. we don't want that must be santa stinking beautiful christine in so called a remote island off the horn of africa. an unusual part of him and i'm
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touched by the civil war, discovered by just a few tourists. the forgotten paradise. so close up. 30 minutes on d. w. o. the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. d. ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah, no special look at a special country. the loan from above starts december 27th on d. w. ah, ah
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ah, ah. ah, this is the deputy news line from berlin. you regulations approve another corona virus vaccine. the nova facts job uses conventional protein bass technology raising hopes it could win over vaccine skeptics. deliveries to europe could start within weeks, also on the program to great forces and as a withdrawal from across the.


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