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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2021 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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landlords, such as peter chattooga, offer the cheapest possible housing with no kitchen or running water and collect rent with violence if need be. they taken a lot of money and have the reputation for exploiting kenya's poorest got on. well, i've got 30 houses here and matter that i've been building them since i came here and i want to expand. my big goal is to have 40 houses. it's good to be a landlord when you're getting money from all these households. you can make a lot and expand faster than the income let's you build a lot of new houses dealt with now your business. but the housing market is not regulated here. tenants have to pay whatever the landlord demands. people share living space to make it affordable. an average $2.00 people live in a one room shack which costs the equivalent of $30.00 euros a month. peter chicka usually collects the rent himself on camera. he makes an
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effort to be friendly. m. hi, how are you? he got something for me gone la. sure, i'll fetch it. okay, if it doesn't i was your husband home. who? braga? no, he's not. there. no problem. when he gets in, tell him hello from me. we'll go. when tenants don't pay the rent on time, this landlord's hire gangs to collect it. gangs who can be quick to resort to violence. for about 10 euros. they'll strong arm the tenants or throw them out. almost lose my chair. and some night when i did is up in maryville, who is one of our landra crushing a bit on some on all incentives of them was bitten and was written up i myself have written on paper. looks is here you have to be
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done so than to who graduated. so to have that gosh, you must be tough so that they both soon see that a good job, elijah sunday, the bolivia, the had been tougher you out of there will you become. 6 6 agnes mu have visa has been living here in maternity for 18 years. now when you quit on other causes, i came to the slum of my tare, so my children could go to school. or there's no work for me right now. i used to get by and dain labor to pay the school fees on workers. the corona virus made things a lot harder, but there are no jobs any more in the class. i don't have money for food or rent. everything's become much harder because there hardly any chance is left to earn money. you know, which i sometimes i'm so stressed i get sick one old her plight is a common one here. life in the city can quickly become a trap. the informal economy as
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a strangle hold on the slum food, water, electricity, and rance all cost more than in the countryside. peter che, keeps meticulous records. those who pay get a receipt. those who don't can expect a visit from a street gang, grenada, ministry, her girl, who on the look at the young gangs know the locals here even better than the police . so when you're given a your door to do a go and are always willing to collect the rent will do an actual guardian. but if you go to the police, they'll ask you for a pile of money. first numbers, that means you, you end up paying more than the 6000 shillings the tenant owes you who are within an hour or 40 other this over the average. if some agnes knew heavy,
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she lived with her husband, children, and grandchildren. 8 people in a one room shack with no kitchen, bathroom or running water. if they can't pay the back rent soon, they could be out on the street. since the pandemic hid, a lot of people here can no longer pay their rent. so many of peter take his houses are standing empty, come, no, i haven't been able to contact the tenant of this place for 3 months in this apartment. the tenant has been out of work for 3 months so far. i can't get anything from him yet. allow this rent or moved out after not paying for 6 months because of the corona pandemic. lego, the place has been empty since then. enters. enters peter che got might be complaining,
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but he's doing very well compared to his tenants who faced extreme hardship. he's a man of 2 faces. he might leave the tenants alone for a few months, but then he'll send a gang around to settle, matters by force. meanwhile, the residence of maternity remain at the mercy of him and his fellow slum lords. escaping poverty can seem almost impossible. one way is through a good education and that doesn't necessarily mean a business or medical degree. deafness and imagination, for example, can be very useful. and then very much in demand in one rather magical place on the outskirts of cape town. ah, the 20 love counselor calling back in the school opens its doors every saturday
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with a bit of juggling a bit of balloon swallowing. and all the classic magician tracks by teaches an a 10th of which he 1st came here as a student himself, 16 years ago. it teach me a lot of things that goes dodge best would have to start discipline to love myself or to, to, to respect other people are to work hard in life and to be honest as well. that's what he thought me magic. so from here, yep. and her hand here we go. yup. is gone and then suddenly opened a hand slowly. and then you put your hand behind and on. and then you roll the ball, roll the ball. so, from the side underneath here, the roll the ball. i,
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a bunker to 40 is one of approximately 200 students at the college of magic in cape town, or they once a week training and take 6 years old. in many of them go on to work in theaters or as performers, the children's birthday parties and corporate events. legit it's mind blowing. that's why i love doing magic. i love to see propose, amazed by me. like i a banga to footy. most of the students come from the townships where poverty has been further exacerbated by the pandemic. he's an ambitious young man. he wants to be an engineer. magic is mainly a hobby, but it also teaches him useful life lessons. when it comes to minutes, you have to practice every day. also in if you need to be good. also magic. if you want to be good, you have to try again. try again that i had meeting the same team,
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then you'll find yourself good enough. his family probably won't be able to afford to pay for him to study engineering. he'll be graduating from the college of magic in a year and hopes he'll then start to make some money himself. oh, i see the image you can de turned on. now. course i can do that, he can do magic i in cleanable biopsies didn't that you can help us have a better life, some dental plan, no tindy cool, big again, i like longer has told me that how guy asked what we mean when he starts to perform and get paid. the rest of us are unemployed, has to pun, gailey. we are going with the young the titian practices every day. he doesn't have juggling balls, so he uses potatoes instead. his teachers in a timber wood, he comes from google letter, another township. he says that magic helped him stay on the straight and narrow in
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these neighborhoods. it's all too easy to be led astray to see god that you are growing up doing to drugs and then they're doing that stuff. and then if it bird you know, and then you look at them and, and what affect your life, is it, thank god, you know, i'm still here today and then you look to some people to said no, no, no, no, no, i don't wanna be like you know, so that's why we people like me was kept really is what i was getting this by younger kids. so they don't fall for the same about the people for he performs at corporate events and for children in hospitals. but wherever he is, he always has a trick of his sleeve. almost double it then. well, this is 10 rather they've been hold up boardington and polls the began. when i'm done holding it will turn into 100. ready? oh, i oh, his audience. awesome. can't believe their eyes a,
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it really is 100 ran a students from all sorts of social backgrounds take part in the 6 year training at the college of magic. it costs the equivalent of $350.00 euros a year. sponsorships and grants are available to students who can't afford the fees . everybody hands up in the sky with offering us on the calendar for you. don't forget to set a magic word. oh, come oh, oh, no, hold on. i. oh. not all. the students will go on to make a living as magicians, but still, they will have learned many valuable lessons here. i. if you're juggling and in a drop the ball, if you must then and pick up the board is a lesson
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a teaches you as well. ah, once once you're for the life, you have to pick up a soft and, and continue because this is a still a long journey and also you cannot just give up. so that's all listen, ah, that's old from us at global 3000 this week. do you drop us a line with your feedback? you can reach us at global 3000 at d, w dot com and we are on facebook to d w global ideas. see you next time until then. take care. ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, with who sharing the secrets of traditional construction with a new generation ah, what is impossible in big cities can be realized in rural areas.
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more and more families are offering for the traditional techniques to sustainable construction p to india. in 30 minutes on d, w o, with one out of 8 people who are suffering from hunger well full program is fighting hunger worldwide with join the fight. and then how many portion of love us her in the world right now?
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climate change, the very half the story. this is lifeline. the way from just one week, how much was going to really get we still have time to go and going all with his subscriber or more with people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families playing phone tag with people fleeing, screened around getting 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge.
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why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah . a way with
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