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tv   Druckfrisch  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm CET

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seen full knows that we published full issues of it before we were arrested de, well, don't try to draw a title of this article is long live democracy, democracy c o services. he is the democracy movement in taiwan, force in and out of jail, or are the scifi as zach g ship that i saw 88 years of martial law meant that people had no democratic rights during that time. so lindsey damira, there was no freedom of expression to you. the press was controlled and sent it out . oddly, there was no freedom assembly or association me up and criticizing the government was forbidden. there woman, by the old people could do was listen right and debate on full day get say today young people argue with their parents who were loyal to china and urged their children to vote for candidates. he saved reunification portion that the young people refused because they belong here. taiwan is
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a free and democratic land residency eula, terrorism injury. what is this rift separating taiwanese youth from their parents? parents who long for the days when china and taiwan were one who approve of democracy when it works in their favor. under the nationalist chrome in tang dictatorship, taiwan experienced an economic miracle. it was the era of made in taiwan with double digit growth rates at the expense of workers who were mercilessly exploited . as taiwan boomed, the west profited because shown power. how many hours a day to people work here? no, my mom, these between 10 and 127 days a week, box man, never a day off of 3 days a month at most optimum from
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the early sixties to the early eighty's. taiwan exported goods all over the world as one of the 4 asian tiger economies. the population grew wealthier and indulged in the american way of life baseball. fly it as a beloved sport by and large in taiwan as the economy did well. so too did the people ah, well was i received told out, i think in order to protect our democracy, it was i said, we need to look at the history of taiwan stick tater ships of how it oppressed the citizens of a, died away. i some taiwanese believe the purpose of democracy is to achieve prosperity. and the final thoughts here are if that doesn't happen on campus,
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they would happily accept a dictatorship, odd meal weiss as but others understand that democracy means so much more than a young. it's free elections of freedom of expression, true and respect for human rights. not so good. this opposition is a generational issue. feel about a them that's hard you 3 times a year, j way. lin trembles 300 kilometers south from taipei to the west coast. city of tai none where he grew up. oh, i found all but in his yolanda didn't go to sleep. oh, he was raised in a conservative pro chinese family. he can't help but feel a little dread before each visit. a lively, often exhausting debate with his father is sure to come. yes,
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i did the all are, you are already 36. yeah. i can't do anything other than they out the fact look and try to convince you hope all younger, all of the jeez, hold of cool. i don't want your life to be as difficult as mine and your mother's joke any may hold a single good. oh, great grandfather insisted. it's always a dear clear of politics you all. or mindy heightens, do you get that marked or did other traits are? china wants to establish policies in taiwan in hong kong to the ship that benefit china does not necessarily us 40. there's no room for negotiation to the questions on poppy may, instead, china puts pressure on our government and on the wealthiest to force the whole society to obey children. the ginger jada to people are starting to get fed up with his coercion job and pushing back the napoleon. it's a chain reaction to those houses. egos. i'm so you only doesn't have cornelia who's with either handled a tight. yeah. but this democratization process costs money. a whole democracy
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requires a strong economy to work and your g. i'll do that. i don't what, how can we continue on this powerful, if the economy collapses? now cindy, having to her, you know, what can j wailin say to that? his father knows what life under a dictatorship is like, and yet still he would sacrifice individual liberties if it meant keeping his wallet full. he still moans a paradise that went away at the end of the 1980s, with the rise of democracy. j way. lin, meanwhile, prizes political transparency. it's a fundamental divide that's not easy to overcome or sins. also, it's a guy the caf ounce of all. she says why she all sang of little much else alive, life joy without the an open government and done requires 3 things. i mean, i ain't as of the functionality, jenkins. one word i as a citizens who are willing to get in fault, said i, law, invest their time,
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hence and engage uncle. yet for jojo's algola, you and thoughts had se though the 2 fishing. paget officials who will inform citizens about the government's work at work in a straightforward um, understandable way. oh davids, even though how yoga is hunter, it is on say, what attends it? says it on want high on and 3, it's all about z. holla, titian's, who will lay the legal groundwork. i teach so that there can be open debate being wife, i'm, you know, don't agile toronto tylenol. a titian's who are willing to take responsibility sac on what he, she may orthodox, although she thought radical transparency was a key component of the sunflower movement. and sy, in wins campaign. since the leader took office, she said to work implementing that vision.
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one champion of transparency is, audrey tang, she's trans and post gender, describing her pronouns and gender as what ever named one of the world's 20 most influential people in digital government. she has been reinventing the nature of politics in her role as ty, once digital minister, since 2016 as additional minister is 1st to show that a government is not a black box. and so what i'm trying to show here is that if we can have to curry a public service, have more direct conversation with people in a more effective way. they can also sympathize with the people more. so the government can trust the citizens more. and whether the government trust this is as more by being more transparent and accountable, some citizens will want to participate because whatever they offer, they can see how it's translated into real policy.
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i only film because you film and people who view the work that we do as a much more balanced idea because behind a traditional camera, the person holding the camera is invisible to the audience. so what i'm trying to do is to restore the balance to the people and see both sides of the camera. and then it makes sure as people can feel density can also be you or they may. that means of include more people potentially into this conversation. on this evening, the minister headed to an interview on the night night show
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a satirical political talk show that launched on youtube in 2018 stand up comedian and host bryan thing attracted record audience numbers and a young fan base. politicians often clamored for an invitation on the weekly shows, the something of a political phenomenon. millions of view is tuned in to watch the sarcastic, sharp tongued host. but this was the 1st time he'd had the chance to welcome audrey tang onto the program. the movie, who did your state without government consent? still hold up after you became a minister when there was, it doesn't mean there's no government. right. was it was there is very much a government. it just doesn't have the power to govern all the does that mean there's no hierarchy? you're precisely your and that works to, you know, it's
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a ready reality. i don't give or take orders. and the key means that no one seems lute power, rather, power is highly decentralizing. those who equate anarchy with having no government, make the mistake of believing that no one word that's a misnomer. so we need to be precise that if i face how i get it, a lot of the things that she does is really on golf. she puts everything on her agenda online. it's kind of like truman, the movie and it because the idea is to, for the government to be open, like an open government, everyone can see and scrutinize what the government is doing. and it's these kind of ideas that's really making innovations. and it's almost like in the top yeah. what,
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what tolkien government would look like in many talk shows the agenda is set by the comedian facilitator and the host to enter guest. right. but this opens up the agenda, setting power to everybody in the audience. not only can they discover what other people in the audience are interested in, but they can do so and like each other's questions without interrupting our conversation. i me welcome to the night night, sho, get today. so come katy equations at the age of 8. they started a company at 16 and retired at $33.00. i shall give a warm welcome to tie one's youngest minister, audrey tangle. ah,
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the drill is the same as always. audrey tank maintains balanced by making her own recording a condition to her, appearing on the talk show. the ground rules are clear, no editing, full transparency. so how can young people make their voices heard? she said, sounds that she wants to sell more, that young people take part in policies for their generation. the better signature . it's the best means for full transparency. your way that's because you'll see when citizens are not involved in political decision making, they discussed politics usage of it. hello either. if instead we set up digital platforms for participators, citizen centric politics,
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people can help shape things. what does that build strategy? that's only for dar enjoyable kind of visual, gave it out for audrey tang ah, audrey tongue and the sunflower movement have made a marked difference. young tech savvy activists have mobilized to scrutinize the work of government institutions. every statement is verified, regardless of which political party made it. this is what a real revolution looks like in a place where at one time, even taking an interest in politics was dangerous. valuable as the whole lazar did or during the sunflower movement, i was working on my doctoral thesis and the us on january the the and following the events on tv every night. so have you, my family advised me,
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keep your nose out of politics and, and you get a good degree and don't be taken in by them yesterday and got the movement was centered around utmost parliamentary transparency and freedom from the chinese choke hold gentlemen and the haitian oftentimes only though, despite all, if it's to distance itself from its chinese neighbour, taiwan has been shut out of nato and other international organizations for the past 5 decades. it's an isolated land held captive by its own history. b, o. even the world's major democracies have turned their backs on taiwan despite it having the attributes of a sovereign state. taiwan maintains diplomatic relations with only about 15 small estates, including the vatican. we can try to understand the reason why they don't want to
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recognize st. i want officially, oh there's ah, a always a document are in the process of recognition of the p r c. are saudi gl representative representing china. and there was hoping that the china is a big market for them to do business with. so, you know, a few years ago we still experienced difficulties in trying to expand our relations with federal democracies because they think that they don't want to off in china. the chinese president, she jin ping is not the root cause of time, one's diplomatic isolation. it's the result of the tug of war between chiang kai shek and mount c tomb over the one legitimate china. taiwan fate was decided at the united nations headquarters on october 25th, 1971. at the end of a historic and she multi with session communist china was recognized as the sole
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legitimate representative to the u. n. was it possible for there to be 2? china's side by side in this assembly, certainly not for the 2 arch rivals mowing chiang kai shek. china is one and indivisible, in view of the frenzy irregular manner that has been exceeded in this all. there are they that the gang of repub, diana, has now decided lot to take part to any further proceedings of this, jonathan taiwan was expelled from the un and hasn't returned since the one china policy shattered jenkins shanks, dreams of conquest, and any hope of returning home since then, the 2 lands have faced off across the street wielding intimidation and propaganda. ah,
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kitchen buffy lot would you did walk? you moss: oh, parallel, diffuse this low gog godaddy, blah. i'm trying to smell his own going militaristic tensions. the conflict has so far, similar at a show of force did the taiwanese have another choice. power bay julian hook or the taiwan was thrown out of the united nations. this is most regrettable funds, but the blame lies with chiang. kai shanks had dogwoods, many nations offered taiwan membership alongside the people's republic and they built ogle ah, the under the condition that it relinquished its claim to sole representation william will say. but unfortunately, chung chi shanks refused thumbs to the junky as the ju ju ada. this decision sealed the fate of taiwan the people to day leave and breathed the consequences.
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i'm not sure whether there will be a political recognition of what diplomatic recognition in the future. but i think the political tramp is dear, that the political relations, or, ah, diplomatic relations between taiwan and the european countries or federal democracies are getting better and better. and we can certainly hope that one day taiwan will be recognized by all the federal democracies as a member of democracy or the taiwan is a member, a state that is a ah, on the equal footing us other democracies. beyond these diplomatic complications, life goes on here on the beautiful island but just outside this picture, perfect backdrop, a serious threat is looking in july 2019 taiwan purchased
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u as weapons including tanks and missiles for 2000000000 dollars, who tried to avoid a potential conflict in between the 2 size, either in our, our languages, statements or in our actions will try to avoid war. and unfortunately, tiwana slogan is so close to china and they being a heavy, all kinds of propagandist untie one. and therefore, we are concerned that thought a war might break out, not because of taiwan, but because china wants to resolve its own domestic problems, the ongoing threat divides to population and shapes its everyday life. you're either full or again, china. here there is no middle ground ah
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ah. * musician sim yang has made up his mind. ah, he wields his music as a political weapon. his band fully ex, sings in time when ease the language that chiang kai shek suppressed and replaced with man darin. it's a real affront to beijing. ah . c. o, it's anton wardrobe, gonzalez mentioned. we definitely feel china's wrath o'neill now injuries. alas, for example boards. i had a major music festival in 2015 a bundle in the caching vol. when the host spotted our name in the envelope with
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the award winners say to get the live broadcast suddenly cuts angie, they say. so hawaii janice's law, rugle. oh, so we are in danger. says hot. if more and more artists are willing to compromise with china for financial reasons, share the sandwiches than it's our democracy. that's in danger. just at 3 domains was always the coil garza, ohio. she gentle taiwan french. it's evident to young people that taiwan is more than just the name of land or an island. either idaho, faint, above all, it stands to democracy. it can be a muddle for the whole world. is it no more wonder what i say or do? and i think nothing can be done to stop this trade, that judah take a cheese but publicly taking pride in one's taiwanese origins can mean some unpleasant consequences. that's what happened to
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pop start shouts, who you in 2016. after she held the taiwanese flag in her hand on a south korean reality show, the chinese manufacturer a huawei terminated all advertising contracts with the musician, despite public apologies. oh, hello. my message goes out to all of you. so there is only one china china untie one. our one was i am proud to be chinese for my actions damaged my company and hurt people in taiwan and china. i deeply regret it, but i asked feel forgiveness held that i am very sorry, but she not was yet. oh, it's on the chen, tacos, chinese,
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and taiwanese may belong to the same ethnic group that we had 2 fundamentally different countries, the younger, but i wish we could establish the kind of relationship one has between distant relative, so good neighbors, your father, ah, the strained interactions between these distant relatives can play out here at the foot of the famous tie. pay one o one skyscraper. at one time the tallest building in the world, it still attracts hundreds of thousands of chinese tourists each year. but tensions can run high on the square. the idealists of ty, ones, revolutionary army, great chinese visitors with provocative political banners. ah,
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are you from china? what do you think? china, i'd say gentlemen, how can you tell from your dialect and clothing? is all. why are you filming us? it's normal. are you afraid? ah, yes, i am what you are afraid because you are chinese and you have to be careful about what you say. you're under the influence of evil forces. i'm taiwanese and i'm not afraid. why do you think we demand our independence? it's, it's great to live in a free democracy well, but as over to him, that may very well be, it doesn't. and this is a very sensitive topic for someone from china will go. if i don't watch what i say, i could land in jail. i can't speak openly, did i take care? bye bye with guys. warm china now though it's a little higher as the saying goes, well yeah, he who has no worries make some talk. i can't, i was worry, is the lack of social discourse between the political left and right. does it here? politics revolves exclusively around the question of reunification versus
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independence weight as if that were our only concerns. it's walk on your that's what she fun should that don't, china is behaving like a wild lion. she almost is. i think i where i shall della of him. she on to this will for the sake of will, he's the lion should be tang shorda. said that the peaceful animals of the world can come together. one caught up. this is all you guy, projects i t and ah, this is a day more and more time when these want to preach the social gap between generations . so it is along with the, with
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all of this is all, so when i spoke taiwanese as a child, i was punished for it. i didn't understand why it all was one of those today. 30 years later, i'm happy that taiwanese culture is back and respected. i love them, don't taiwan and china have always been to different thing. nurses going to be to go she me off of that. she all totally cheaper with my parents made the same birthday wish. every year they hope to live, to see ty, ones, official, independence. my father died. my mother is still alive. it is up to us to keep this hope a life from generation to generation. oh. how can this young democracy, born bailey, 30 years ago after the fall of a nationalist dictatorship sustain itself, the long run? can taiwan withstand the permanent pressure from beijing?
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ah, the history of taiwan confirms a phrase pinned by the french historian, alexey to talk been amongst democratic nations. each new generation is a new people with a china likes it or not. ah, ah, yes, ah
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yes, i be to and i are taking you on an adventure. hello. i typed destination culture with hannah. huh. rich and nice. saxony, secret capital. what this so much history here yet it also feels very much alive
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and also research for fine china. so i'll be visiting famous my think porcelain manufacture. let's go destination culture in 30 minutes on the w o. to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's big? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people. we shit light on
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the opaque world. who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to whistle opaque world starts january 5th on d w a ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin authorities in europe extend current virus restrictions to try and limits the spread of the only kind of variance the netherlands calls the snob chris must lock down with tops and non essential shops close for business. also coming up hong kong holds evo.


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