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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 9:00am-9:15am CET

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a dimension and illusion. about torn storms december 31st on d, w. ah ah, this is day w, news live from berlin authorities in europe, extend corona bars restrictions in the hope of limiting the spread of the army kron variant. the netherlands calls a snap christmas lockdown with pumps and non essential shops closed for business. london declares a major incident after it says dramatic rise in cases. they're also coming up. hong kong holds a vote under new election laws, but on my candidate,
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beijing considered to be patriots. are allowed to rom ah, i'm rebecca writ as welcome to the program. governments across europe are struggling to stem. the huge increase in koran vars cases due to the new ami kron variant. the netherlands is the 1st country in europe to reinstate a lockdown, which will last until at least mid january or non essential shops as well as restaurants, bars, cinemas, and theaters are closed as of sunday. meanwhile, the situation in the british capital london is also causing concern the cities mer there, declaring a major incident. health authorities there have reported the highest ever single daily tally of corona virus cases. and more than 26000 a city in crisis mode. lumniss being hit hard by the omi chron variant of the corona virus.
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it is already overtaken delta, as the dominant strain here, driving up infections and forcing them may of london to react hostile emissions are going up, but also stop absences. i got up by massive level, so i've taken the decision in consultation with our partners to declare a major incident today. the measure was last taken in january and allows local government to work more closely with emergency services. it's not just a capital that's in crisis for several days now. the u. k. has witnessed record case numbers in response of the government has stepped up its vaccination campaign over 3000 locations across england. what turn into makeshift vaccination centers on saturday the world health organization says omicron has already been detected in 89 countries. more and more are responding to the new threat novels. dutch prime
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minister mac wrote her on saturday, announced locked on that will limit gatherings over christmas and close shops, restaurants and cultural venues. shoppers rushed both em last minute perch this before the measures come into effect. lockdown or none. the w h o expects omicron to become dominant in the countries where it is taken. hold scientists, one the surgeon cases could further burden overstretch health systems and lead to staff shortages across many sectors. oh, don't have any correspondence. charlotte nelson pill is in london, charlotte more countries now bringing in travel restrictions to people traveling from the u. k. such as here in germany because of the alarming situation there. and it's also moving at an alarming pay is take us through the current situation there at the moment. becca, that's right. germany, the latest country to add the u. k to its list is high risk areas as of tonight. and you want to ride in germany from the u. k, will have the quarantine for 2 weeks, a respective vaccine status, bad looking,
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as you say, at this rise of on the kron cases in the u. k. the moment we know that crohn is now the dominant barian in both england and scotland london particularly badly hit as you heard in that report, there are major incident have been declared here. essentially, that means that official, the mayor of london can't guarantee the same level of service from emergency services from hospital as the public may like the maryland and pointing particularly to staff absences as a result of the spread of on chrome. now, a massive record 10000 cases were reported in the u. k. yes. today, all this new variant, the mayor of london saying that whole specializations, all ready, rising bay opt you percent this week alone. so a lot of concern here about what we were warned would be the tie, the wave of cases is that concerned translating into the government?
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doing anything to tackle this by confections. we're seeing strict think measures come in and elsewhere. what's happening in the u. k. all the different nations in the u. k. have different rules taking and as an example, hospitality is still open. pups and restaurants shops are still open as well. so compared to the number of places, there isn't as much as many which is restrictions is say, the netherlands, for example, bought new rules, wiring to juice, working from homes, advise mosque wearing is mandatory once again, the government wanting to focus on a boost to campaign and you had and that report that massively ramp topics bruce to campaign and a huge 50 percent of adults in the u. k. now have had that boost job not is expected to give the population a good level of immunity against the on the chrome variance. but there are, as you might expect, officials who, according to fall pinter restrictions some saying that and if the restrictions
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don't change, you could say, see thousands of hospitalizations a day, a good deal of concern reports as well. that there might be a lockdown being considered up to christmas. well, as you say, the government seems very divided on the restrictions and many of bar assumptions ministers. i've been revolting again, same one, even resigning over the issue. why is there so much conjecture in the government? yesterday afternoon, the bricks administer in paid to fight cove at the latest cupboard restrictions, one of several reasons for his resignation, saying he didn't like the direction the government was going at the moment. and this week, prime minister boris johnson saw the biggest rebellion of his premiere ships so far over one of those series of new rules that i mentioned that were introduced this week. the particular issue being, is there a requirement for people to show either a negative test or vaccine status to get into clubs or launch been used? there's a lot of upset about that. these lawmakers who are rebelling really do site civil
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liberties, freedoms many say that the u. k. was promised a irreversible freedoms. over the summer when freedom day was announced, they are very low to allow more restrictions coming in in the future. or i saw that thank you database that charlotte chelsea pill speaking to us from london while several governments in europe drastically tightening restrictions. they're also saying pushback is weekend, sol. protests against restrictions and a number of capitals, some resulting in clashes between protesters and police. oh, breach, bubbling over in germany. oh, i'm more than 11000 protesters flooded the streets of hamburg. that's opponents of tighter cobit measures came out across the country. oh, so so flying in london, these protesters say they've had enough room. 5000 of them marched against the
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latest round of concrete restrictions in the u. k. tier, the more transmissible on a cron barrington's force the government to tight restrictions. but scientists, a warning that even more must be done and fast. if the country wants to stop hospital admissions from sword, all of the meetings that we've attended in so far as the network is concerned with modeling is taking place. this message is clear that this looks like it's the calm before the storm. ah, it's a problem across europe. searching cases, obama crohn increased frustration that restrictions to combat it. in austria, several people protesting of vaccine mandate, were arrested after demonstrations gone increasingly out of control. thousands of protesters in france also took to the streets to express during grover vaccine, past being discussed by the government. if the bill passes,
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it will bar the unvaccinated from entering public establishments like bars and cafes. it was, lexi does say vaccine pass is a form of dictatorship, not a public health issue, but a political one. we have to realize we're in a system that is working more and more to reduce affraid. m o. d, beth d, ask governments across europe. get ready for an onslaught of armor crohn. they may also have to fight against frustration and wariness. that new restrictions can bring and has turned out some other stories making headlines around the world. the philippines disaster agency says the death tell from typhoid right, has risen to at least 80 people with officials warning many people remain missing. the storm swept across the country on friday, leaving a trail of destruction and forcing 300000 people to evacuate. has been called one of the most powerful storms to hit the philippines in recent years. thousands of people have protested in boss a loaner against
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a court ruling mandating 25 percent of school lessons be taught in spanish. demonstrate his site, it will threat the education system which has helped bring the local catalog language back into public use. after years of repression under the franco dictatorship poles have opened in hong kong 1st parliamentary elections since a crackdown on the pro democracy movement by beijing. observers are expecting a relatively low turn out as many hong kong residents say the process is neither fair nor democratic. it's the 1st legislative council elections since paging, imposed a sweeping national security law and refund to the electoral system. under the new rules, only candidates considered patriotic to china, can run any opposition. candidates have been silenced, jailed or have fled hong kong a territory laid a carry. lamb was one of the 1st to cost her vote. she denied that the government had set out any voter turnout rights, but i do have said very key
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a target for this general election of the legislative council. one is to ensure patriots administering hong kong. and i think that objective has been met through the design of the kennedy eligibility review committee database correspond, feet can't pay. the cong is covering those elections for us in hong kong. phoebe only so called patriots are allowed to run in this election. how does a candidate prove to the election committee? he or she is a patriot? yes. so monopole a new stretch hold has been set up under a new electro rules to screen candidates who are not deemed as patriotic according to official standards. so essentially, a new batting body had by hong kong senior officials will be in charge or is in charge of screening the candidates that every single on candidates who wants to run for the elections will be assessed by these panel to determine whether they're
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patriotic or not. according to the requirements laid out in the national security and the basic law. and other than that, kennedy is also to secure nomination. take us from a panel which a stack, 5th toe, beijing spec us. so are these kind of threat shows will essentially are lay bar to many of the po, democracy candidates to run for the election. according to many critics in a society, what avenue do pro democracy activists have left to show their opposition? while the on the election, they only a few activists from the opposition group are protested against on that you are the new elections. but are the majority of the opposition that goes, i have shown that indifference to the new like game rules that they are most of the major opposition parties didn't send any members to run for the election, which is very different from what they have done in the past and are like the
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turnout rate is at the core issue of these election that many see this as a reflection of the legitimacy and the representative nurse off the new infection act over the 1st few hours of the election layout around 10 percent of the algebra voters have cast that felt which is a slightly lower faker, compared to 2 attorneys, texting legislative action. and the government has done a lot to step up at those 2 are boost the turnout rate including sat, our polling stations at the border and or so on to our even the, all of our free rights for public transport to attract people to cast that vote and that government has also laid out new measures to deter people from protesting through our blank votes. and boy caught up the elections that at least 14 people have been arrested. according to the new rules of he b is the protocol kasey movement still alive, or has it been successfully squashed by the government?
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why the movement have been our last a suppressed. i'll say the in session off, the national security law on doses of the leading sector as are from the opposition camp, now been detained or jailed all white under the national security law. and also for audit charges relating to to $29000.00 antique government protest. so many of the leaders and out like absent from the cfo society, and we have seen many cfo groups, many important organizations out from now position cam, happening to spend it after the past year. so on, this is our, of course, the major blow today, possession movement, and the movement is now resorting to ada path outside the institution to continue the momentum, hopefully say the thank you. did any correspond feeding t v kong. speaking to us from hong kong in what is like a football, struggling glad, but we're hoping to slow their slide down the table at hoffen heim, but despite lading for most of the match, they could only manage a one or draw
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a 35th minute corner bounced to an unmarked, real envelope, who taps the ball home and put blood by her head. often hind responded by piling on the pressure and snatched a dramatic equalizer in stoppage time. thanks to kevin aqua graham as fast footwork in the box. got back. now go into the winter, bright on 5 game when the street you're watching date of the news that to update this out. we'll have more had lots boy at the top the next up. i'm rebecca with his thanks for watching. imagine so many portions of lodge us her now in the world climate change. very common story. this is my plastic wiggs from just one week how much work can really get.


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