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tv   Daniel Libeskind  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2021 4:03pm-4:31pm CET

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infection nights i eating daily record highs, pushing more and more parents to get their children jabbed to slow the spread of the virus. the danish government has announced that cinema theatres and concert halls will be closed. restaurant opening hours will also be restricted in neighboring germany. the health minister has raised the alarm alecia front and i'm, i'm assuming a massive fits wave. that's awesome. we have to prepare ourselves for a challenge and all that we have not yet faced in this formula in these are formed on the copper infection rates have been rising rapidly across germany to the easy spread of on the kron with sun rights soaring even higher as a result, the german government has now classified denmark and other countries, including france and norway as high risk areas. travelers will have to quarantine
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for 10 days upon arrival unless they have been vaccinated over covered from a corona, virus infection. chi cooper, schmidt's as a journalist and molecular biologist, he joins us from right here in belin l. okay. so our travel bands and restrictions really justified but i think we have to look at these 2 things separately. and there's a lot of uncertainty still about what exactly the impact of lama con will be. what we do know is that it spreads really, really fast, and that it is going to lead to a lot of infections. so that's the reason that for instance, in a country like germany where we still have a high number of you know, an immunized people. we need to be really careful. and that's the reason that restrictions are being put in place. and that seems to be the right call at the moment when it comes to travel restriction that is much more complicated. we do know that this virus is basically everywhere at this point. and you know,
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all you can do with travel restrictions really slow down the spread of virus to your country a little bit and a little bit of bread within the country. but i think we're probably past that point. so i think that we should really be concentrating on what we can do within our own borders to, to prepare for this way. ok. so let me ask you a question. as on many people's minds, basically that's only kron affects the vaccinated and vaccinated in the same way. again, you have to be really careful and look at, you know, different scenarios here. most of the data we have at the moment is for people who've been vaccinated, either with astrazeneca or with spies or maternal vaccine. and what we see there is that the protection from symptomatic infection, so from the mouth, disease let's say, is very, very low. if you had to shut the vessel danica, it's quite low. if you've had 2 shots of pfizer, and if you got a booster,
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it is much, much higher. but the most important thing, of course, at this point is the question, what happens with severe disease and the data there for the moment? i mean, we're still getting a care of picture, but i'm quite hopeful that the protection from severe disease, if you're vaccinated and goose is really high. and so there is a huge difference between people who've been vaccinated and boosters and people who are vaccinated as we entered the new wave with this very, which was still trying to understand better exactly quick one before you go. so what really needs to be done to prevent new variance appear in every couple of months? how can we break that cycle? well, it's a complicated question because the biggest thing we can do to reduce the variance emerging, of course, is to reduce the number of infections worldwide. as long as this virus replicates in hundreds of millions of people, you're always going to see a lot of mutations and then you have natural selection acting on this. and in the
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end, you might get very, instead of a team unity or have other advantages when it comes to trans miss ability. so okay, that's one thing that we can do right now. the hope of course, is that with new vaccines, we might be able to avoid infections and especially severe disease better. and in that case, at some point, maybe we can treat those virus as a lot of other viruses that we are infected with every year. that's the whole. ok. generalist and molecular biologist cai cooper. smith. thank you. let's now look at some more stories making headlines around a world. the philippines disaster agency says that that toll from type when right has risen to betty one. the storm also left massive destruction and it's an official see. many people are still missing. more than 300000 people, let their homes to escape the typhoon, which was one of the most powerful in recent years to strike the philippines. 3 workers had been killed in italy after
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a crane toppled over in the street. they were working on the platform of the queen when the accidental kid in the city of 2 and 2 passed by. well, so injured loses, receiving help from russia. and that's my grand stand off with poland pressure i send in long range bomb best to help petrol. the western borders of its ally says that the ocean military, the, you accuses minutes of engineering a crisis by bringing my grant to the polish border and telling them they could enter the from there. in the year 20 trapped minus have been rescued for me flooded coal mine in china's fancy province. 2 others were confirmed that the man had been trapped when nearly 2 days state media set about 400 rescue as had been reasoned o'clock to reach the minus a vote. as in city facing a stock choice when the vote in sunday's presidential run off. she has been considered one of latin america's most stable and wealthy nations. but it's been
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rocked by protest about economic inequality. polls suggest a neck and neck contest between 2 candidates who are being described as polar opposites. they couldn't be more different. one is far right, anti immigration politician jose antonio casa, the other. is gabriel bridge, a 35 year old former student leader with a passion for social justice. and they're going head to head in the battle to govern chile, offering different versions, and different hopes for the countries future me. low nika, i am the alternative candidate who will face down criminals and drug traffickers. and the only option that will put an end to terrorism. sure, killable that i think i thoroughly more annoying coming back. we have been entrusted to lead the fight for democracy, for inclusion, for justice, for the respect and dignity of all. it's
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a struggle that we welcome and there is room for every one in it. we love that oh, cast has taken a strong anti immigrant stance. tapping into the recurring theme as the country sees a steady stream of migrants from venezuela, haiti, and columbia. it's a divisive issue with some to lands attacking migrants near the border with peru. he has strong support from some quarters you're going to put in when they've got i hope that with cast as president, no more migrants will come in. that's what i hopeful. there are already too many migrants, it's already happened. burridge, on the other hand, embodies a desire to close the door and she lays past dictatorship by adopting a new constitution. ah, the w m. it's about constructing a chile that has just and dignified, that has pensions to seniors and health care that doesn't discriminate. that allows us to decentralize power. that the saddle again would be. it looked that he thought
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you the 2 candidates are now set for the run off and engaged in a struggle with different versions of the future. for one of latin america's most prosperous nations. a hamburg museum is displaying a true of looted african art works before handing them back to the rightful owners . the ban in bronzes were stolen from presents denija by british troops at the end of the 19th century before being housed in various european museums. it's beautiful art, but it has an ugly past one that germany's museums one to turn the page on. all these artifacts are regarded a secret in their land of origin. many are looted art brought to europe during colonial times. now hamburg is showcasing its nearly 200 but in bronzes one last time before returning them by come by these object. these objects were taken by
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force, so it's only right that they should be returned. now says i'm as a full collection to their place of origin. rickety stuff busiest, some tough to look in with. a delegation arrives at the museum from nigeria. the visitors are seeing many of the art works for the 1st time. well, it's emotional for me because this or not, or not it walks a lot for them. this are pieces, but actually touches on all aspects of their life, rented from ritual on religion, political, historical, a so many other things. visitors to museums often see a history that's been stolen, asked, exhibit points out. awareness of that injustice has been rising, including in germany, some $1200.00 and in bronze us can still be found in museums in berlin, leipzig, cologne, and bremen. what ended up here and how research on the pieces, origins,
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husky and, and you importance. he couldn't for needing of yet, you can trace each object who brought it here and what that person's relationship to it was damage that one had that the idea is to gradually of repatriate ard is proven to be a fluted origin, an act that benefits both sides then these it will be acted so it can, the return of these artifacts will have a big effect. it has huge symbolic value for all nigeria because it acknowledges the suffering was cost here. we also want to express that this is an act of reconciliation and justice being done for soon or is it may be a new era for cultural exchange. some of these objects might even returned to germany sometime in the future, but only as loans from their rightful owners in been the speaker football. legally this by in munich, b divorce berg for nail in the final game of the season's 1st half. and it was
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a special night for the top scorer, robert lemon dusky back to the final goal of the march in the dye. in minutes on what a goal was. the bullying in an unstoppable shot strike means of un dorski has broken good millis, half century old record of most bundis league, or goes in the calendar year with 43 anti milan have terminated christine erickson's contract because of the cardiac device he had fitted after collapsing. on the pitch during the european championships in summer that 29 year old matilda hasn't played since suffering. he cardiac a rest during denmark's game against midland at the euro's italian health regulations private him from playing with the device. but he could continue his career in another country now to some festive chair from peru as the round of the show christmas has come. early for these 2 animals, the capital of lima, giraffes, tigers, and lions were paid
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a visit by father christmas. and these criminals feasted on 1st. the wreaths recently relax, spoon a virus restrictions mean that breast test can return to watched as soon as activities you're watching. did of you news from berlin up next? doc film looks at the fall out on the bell in christmas market attack. 5 years ago, i made mike a junior banks are watching and they would asked us more coming up with the landscape a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. e, ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. a special look at
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a special country. he ran from above. starts december 27th on d, w. ah. ah, i just was, this was a terrorist attack shot. it was a failure of the state and the state doesn't came stopped is, does he guy, dana? no, not the scandals don't stop coming even still today, so we'll be amazed. we don't think we'll ever know what really happened was vicki. why and how it was possible for this attack, take place from fin, couldn't law preparation to wage holy war in germany a lot, but that a little hard work. this footage was filmed in the cell phone of the future terrorist chinese ian honest, i'm make it up as a rare look inside an islamist mosque in berlin and men known to places security
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threats, celebrated themselves and their ideology, fantasizing about killing in the name of god, with an old while and his amory a self proclaimed preacher was preparing to commit the worst islamist terrorist attack in germany's history. ah, on the evening of december, the 19th 2016. and as i'm re drive a truck into visitors of the christmas market in a berlin square known as bright shod plats next to the kaiser wilhelm memorial church. 13 people died. more than a 100 people suffered injuries, some very serious with minutes after the crime, the perpetrator was seen raising his index,
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finger in the air in a g. had his gesture, as if he and his supporters were invincible. ah, the uh, worcester, one um, who knew about i'm raised crime, who may have supported or protected him back if there are other perpetrators or accomplices if i get, we will bring them to justice. so i had just seen in june 2021 survivors of the attack as well as relatives that the victims met in berlin to show solidarity. nearly 5 years after the terrorist attack german politicians were preparing to draw a line under the affair. the next morning, a parliamentary investigative committee would present its final report. i left but the people here, i said it wouldn't bring closure there, carries you as
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a fair granite of nothing at all has been resolved. one thing on the contrary, there's always something new and it's being censored, it makes me really sad of a girl. yeah. how with either hm denied. none of us believe we'll learn the truth yet because the intelligence agencies aren't actually interested in disclosing the information. even though they're obligated to disclose everything to a parliamentary investigative committee is open. so i simply withhold information under the banner of secrecy. ha robertson in for swiping in with an employee. we have to live with the consequences, with the fact that they didn't do their job. the government vowed to say this and to do that. and as far as i'm concerned, they still haven't lived up to those promises fine old this hoyt in the study. i also disappointed in chancellor merkle. yes, but he the victims of being re traumatized again and again. survivors and relatives of preparing a lawsuit against the state. because even after 5 years,
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there are problems with aid for victims, with a disclosure of mistakes by security agencies. and with the wider investigation into how the attack came about, authorities quickly determined that the terrorist was working alone, a conclusion that was probably also an attempt to explain why they hadn't sufficiently monitored andres networks. and why they didn't stop him in time. 4 days after the attack on us army was shot dead by police in italy, effectively ending a criminal case against him. but country to what police and intelligent services of claimed i'll research suggests that armory was not alone. wolfe, he was instead part of the international terrorist network of the so called islamic state or ins, with connections to the would be caliphate center of power in syria. or
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for the 1st time, an investigation by general public broadcast at a r d has uncovered a photo of a suspected mastermind of the christmas market attack apple barrack ali lackey, otherwise known as ali, has seen as ease head of a secret ice unit focused on terrorist attacks abroad early on in the investigation intelligence services and germany's criminal place received an explosive tip out of abu dhabi on the morning of may is even 2016 just 12 days after the attack. an intelligence agent confidentially reported a, quote, tit about the person ordering the burden christmas market attack from what was described as a highly reliable, intelligent souls. the eyes command who ordered the attack was said to be a bull alba,
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on iraqi who wiggly travelled between turkey and syria. over the days and weeks that followed the information became more solid and was deemed reliable by agency. experts fed riley as his came to light the approximately 45 year old man was described as having a full bead and organized as the activity of ins in chimney. for weeks, police and intelligent services had reliable indications that germany's worst islamist terrorist attack had been ordered by somebody. and yet their response was to search the internet for the man without any concrete results. later, a parliamentary inquiry would examine the security authorities, mistakes, and emissions. benjamin sasa, lawmakers from the free democratic party, asked about the tip off, but the intelligence official in charge described, delayed as trivial,
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and not have any value. the investigative committee was not convinced. in the fall of 2020, an official admitted that federal police had not investigated it much further. my hot, stronger man, we'd already taken notes that this tip was probably not handled with. the necessary care is certainly not by germany's intelligence service, but not by the federal police. i done, i ended up at the end of questioning, after some back and forth, i asked him whether it was right to say that the intelligence had pete it out on the and the witness said, yes, that's correct. like all right. we decided to follow the trailed piece it out for german authorities. this is the kurdish part of iraq. the kurds were instrumental in defeating ice militarily, albeit at great cost. i always kept this science on the terrorist organizations intelligence service. we learned that the man gemini,
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placed unsuccessfully searched the internet for who one suspected of ordering. the christmas market attack was known to rocky security authorities. i s terrorist army barrack was at the top of the rocky wanted list. this is the headquarters of the governing patriotic union of kurdistan. senior party member. saudi armed mid piera is preparing for an interview with kurdish television. he's an internationally respected foreign policy expert who fostered good relations with german military on the ground. oh he confirmed some explosive facts. his information about abra, exactly matched that from the german intelligent source. thinking barava to the christmas market attack. oh oh, what up? the couldn't dan, in a word we can say that abu baran was one of the top organizers of terrorist acts
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abroad, especially in germany, france and britain doing gun. so germany was included, right? included, you mean, he was a top terrorism planner for germany. i found a top terrorism planner for europe as a whole, but especially for germany, britain, france, and frank. we found food, the leads in the kurdish region of syria. this is an internment camp for captured ice fighters among the imprisoned members of the terrorist group. we found ob, barajas full, my deputy, a turkish man named alias i. dean. as part of ios is intelligence om, he's responsible for tax at kill dozens of people, such as here in turkey. he claims to have for food, i deem was careful not to incriminate himself in the christmas market attack. but
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he confirmed ob ibarra played a central role in planning terrorist acts in europe. as the right hand man of senior leader, up mohammed al agnoni. according to i, dean, a barbara and iraqi is the man behind the mosque. directly at a non his side mazda of mama 1009. if up non, he wanted to send someone to germany or france, for example, or other lock. he was asked whether he thought the person be trusted, a kid or the on the youth of wood, but the explosions in 2014 and early 2015 were all organized under the supervision of abu, but our oligarchy and rocca will not topic that's a fact. we bought out our can and western intelligence services, know it as well as i do to get your video on what the list of products i will note when and i will yoletta and nani, the terry strips chief strategist was killed in the u. s. military drone strike 4 months before the attack in berlin,
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his deputy algebra olive anarchy allegedly responsible for directing the christmas market attack was also hit by an a strike at the end of 2016, at least, according to his former accompanies america by them on that day i was in a rock of asleep and i heard another explosion. again. an announcement came over the radio saying nobody should move because it was still too dangerous truck. the colleague next me eventually picked up a phone or confound oligarchy, had been killed by an air strike that the later the strike was confirmed. little shogun, the kurdish authorities believe adora is still alive and could still be working behind the scenes for the terrorist group. they continue to search for him, of anal repaid luda, here with google, as whether he's in europe or here, but dash, he's wanted as a major figure in the islamic state, terrorist group didn't give man fee outcomes as the man in charge of foreign
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activities go. he certainly dangerous hit drive point day saying don't. and he's also of key interest to germany. sure, sure. from there i think it's important for our co operation that we find out where he is is and better yet put him on trial in forget it. back in germany, we asked prosecutors whether they're investigating adult are out, but they didn't want to say our findings alarm to low make up. been humans thraso. yeah, under his i does all. it's also about securing germany against future attacks. if not, if it's possible. but masterminds of the berlin christmas market attack are still alive and at large and integrated into the structure of ins. then that's a danger to germany. security alice. so it's not only in the interest of victims and survivors in terms of bringing the perpetrators to justice. it's also vital for
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us, for germany that such people be tracked down with her mentioned awesome for candidates . all german investigators were previously wound about avalera following the 2015 attacks in paris, which left a 130 people dead over the year before the christmas market. attack in berlin, adult barrows name came up internally as a likely plan of the paris attacks. meanwhile, german police plant additional security measures and the code would galaxy then um, yvonne and oceans is the name was known to german security authorities awesome movie. and what's more disconcerting is the fact that at some point they stopped really paying attention to it, as the witness explains during our inquiry wise all thus, yet, that's why i expect the federal prosecutor to carry out follow up investigations and actually traced this lead to determine whether this man is still alive and whether he actually ordered the attack on the bride, shide plots,
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christmas markets on flock patch had lots of talk, a game hunt whom would could, has done assist german police after. absolutely, we'd help of course, shoot these schools that have trained terrorists are still active in europe in over there, a threat to europe. i guess i feel they're certainly a threat to europe too because they have no chance of a normal life here in their villages and provinces in iraq need if they want to survive. and the only thing left for them to do is leave the country forbid. you believe so it's possible the terrorist network continues to be a jane chem ah, may. e z? great. in 20. 17 burnham unveiled a memorial at the start of the attack, but it provides little comfort to the survivors and victims relatives.


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