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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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i have a lot of different descriptions. i depends on who was asking a 77 percent in 60 minutes on d. w. please, places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you can record breaking sites on your back too. and now also in book form. mm hm. oh, hi there. i'm over it to myself. saxony, secret capital. at least that's what the people here like to call it. i'll be taking a trip back in time to see what germany's oldest casso used to be like. i'm also research for fine china, so i'll be visiting famous, my son, porcelain manufacture. and of course,
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are we checking out the highlight of this useful city near drayton along the way. so let's go with wild alex. truly majestic. i'm going to go and take a closer look. mm. surrounded by vineyards, the city of my son is home to just under 30000 people, even from afar, albert berg castle and the cathedral. catch your eye both sit on a hill high above the river elder. ah,
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i drive through the medieval gate house. ready for my 1st appointment. albert castle is a masterpiece of late gothic architecture. ah . hello contact the club. welcome to mason abra, export castle. in terms of history, this is the most significant place in the state of saxony. the story here began in the year 929, king henry, the 1st of germany, captured this hill and built a fortress. in the course of history, the building was developed further. you were standing in germany's 1st castle, built in 1471 by arnold fun vest fallen hopeful, annoy twin was trying to help me imagine what castle life was. light back then move him here shows me the hyster pat. it's an interactive tablet that allows me to step
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back into the 15th century with the help of augmented reality and historical reconstructions and 3 d life. with this magnificent room was once the banqueting hall in the banqueting hall was where the feasts were served. for she says, and where the royal household, 89 or the histo pad, recreate that we can see precisely who can know what the age is in of you. that's right. and in what order the various courses were eaten, it's all been researched. so you can see the various specialties of the time squirrel was a particular highlight, ice ruins. oh, why? oh, it helps them. i've never tried it. so i couldn't tell you many metre. we had upper floor to learn about another chapter in the castles history.
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augustus the strong elector of saxony, commissioned alchemist johan frederick. but come to create pure gold for it. cut didn't quite manage to do that. but he did help to invent what was known at the time as white gold european porcelain. and in 1710, the castle was transformed into europe's 1st porcelain manufacturer. wow, i can actually see exactly what it used to look like here in the manufacturer where they all worked for the next 153 years. albert spar castle was basically a factory, the production site of the famous mice and porcelain and val, why was the castle used to manufacture the porcelain is here we can see the outbreak spoke castle on top of the fortresses hill. it's location meant it could be ideally
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protected from the outside world, and there was a gape here where you could monitor who was coming into the factory. and there were these watch stations all to ensure that the formula for making porcelain was kept secret for as long as possible long it will belong. i explore a few more of the castle secrets traveling further back in time. and even take a selfie to see what you use to look like back in the day. allow me to introduce lady of the castle. hannah, on whom. oh, that was so interesting. i've never done a trip back in time like that before. the next part of my journey takes me through mason's old time. mason is famous for its long winding alleyways. much better explored by fit. i'm
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afraid you can't come with me. ah, to learn more about mason. i've arranged to meet a local target efforts. oscar has brought me a local pastry called a formal he missed the former war. the mice and farmers was invented when mice and began manufacturing porcelain augustus. the strong, who was the lecturer at the time, had opened the porcelain factory at albert's boat castle. this, but it was a bumpy start. the china produced wasn't very good big had. so he regularly sent messengers to my son from his residence and dressed and to check up on things at the factory and to bring back some pulls on the bench. they were supposed to ride straight back to dresden. but i'll go stores had no luck with his messengers. him after going to the factory, they'd end up to local tavern, and by the time they got back to dresden,
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they'd forgotten what they had to report. oh no, wonderful to learn more upward and the porcelain samples were broken. so all good to escape orders to the baker's gilded mice and to produce a pastry that was so light and fragile that it could only be brought home intact by someone who was sober law. however, please, and that's now my task to carry the mason famille around the city without breaking it. ah, ah, have you heard i heard that my son is known as saxony, secret, or historical capital? why is that of the fire? the thing was against that dates back a long way. in the 10th century, this was slavic territory on bomb. it was then conquered by the german king henry the 1st. and my son became the capital. as far as you can talk about a capital in those early days that lasted till about 1500. and then the government was moved to dressed. and what did you think you were playfully? ah, athos shows me the town hall,
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which dates back to the 15th century. the huge roof structure is divided into 5 stories. a building designed to impress these integrated seeks were once a popular place for locals to stop for chat. ah, to reach our next destination, we'll need to claim a lot of stacks. hopefully the formal will make it intact. ah, if i was to show me something up at special damask soft versus info. so here we are . this is the alphabet stone. i have a model come. it's a simple monogram, stone with the letters a, b, c, and d. but with a little imagination, you can find the entire alphabet. i can already see the h and my initials are h h ha. so that's perfect here. easy. i think ago i met with also find your
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partners, initials and their entwined with yours. you know all as well. i was alice. well, i'll keep that in mind with here. so thank you very much for the tour and the thermal is still intact. it's not wonderful you bank . thank you. have a lovely day of the same to you choose. so now i'm gonna what this to range from. oh, actually takes like, doesn't like to advertise. oh yeah. i can see why it's not really into the right to 50, but it was a fun experience. i still have a little time before my next appointment to explore the surrounding area and enjoy a quick snack. i am on my way to learn more about my sins,
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biggest star. but 1st to practicalities note, my little friend here need some juice, but i at least have enough energy to get me to my next destination. mm. the aliveness fed house. my son will tell me everything i want to know about my son porcelain. the museum has $33000.00 exhibits, but only a small portion can be displayed at a time. the exhibition is changed regularly. i knew hell shows me her favorite pieces and tells me about the early days of production. when german porcelain artists sought to emulate chinese masters, ah, i'm unsung. at 1st, they actually copied asian porcelain. i'd say literally one to one to practice and develop the necessary dexterity good. when damn, it must have all been new as a man. what exactly they were working was a new material all by and porcelain paste. as a bit of a diva, the diva they had to get a feel for it to find out what shapes were possible and how would behave when fired
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. and then you needed a glaze that also became an important step on the path to success for it. it took a few years for the artisans and mice and to develop their own european style. but soon, the signature of floral patterns began to emerge along with battle scenes and hunting motifs. oh, the porcelain gradually became more opulent. a breakthrough moment was vis snowball blossom design. to this day, each blossom is shaped by hand. one of the most successful designs is known as the blue onion. so the name is something of a misnomer. as will tell you that aren't actually onion. there melanie, you see here, onion, like melons, and a peach and every now and then a pomegranate one came on the top of the cannot. upson, why i knew is i now lazy mom because the artists to know what they were painting.
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these fruits were common in asia, but unknown in saxony at the time she was joy. and oh, okay, so what's the typical mice in today? nice and what's typical is that the work is done by hand, especially the painting, regardless of the actual design in even sport shoes are painted by hand here in 2020 these adidas speakers with porcelain overlays sold at auction for a $126000.00 us dollars, ah, now i want to see what goes on behind the scenes. so it's time to go to the factory night. her starts in the archive of molds. it boosts around 700000 plastered molds, and some are nearly 300 years old. it's the largest and oldest collection of its kind worldwide. practically, every piece of porcelain and mason's long history can be reproduced to precision thanks to be small. today, the method used to make porcelain is no longer
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a state secret. one of the key ingredients is kaylin. a white clay minerals this comes from the manufacturer is own mine, located nearby, and then goes through a purification process. enlarge that. before the final porcelain paste is ready to be used at 1st has to be dried up to 6 months. the factory has countless different workstations, each with its own particular porcelain specialty, around $450.00 people work at the manufactory, which now belongs to the state of saxony. i'm amazed by just how many pairs of hands have worked on each individual piece of porcelain. the crossed blue swords of mice and are one of the oldest trademarks in
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the world. the creative hearts of a manufactory is them mice. natalie. this is where designer lena hensley works. hello, i'm so what's your role here? it's been design and i'm a designer at the my sonata li, live and leave the department for product development. i to a moment right now what i'm working on a new design, cold, giant bloom. it's a very expressive and colorful design inspired by a vase. either this giant blue vase is a limited edition. it's only made to order and costs almost $50000.00 euros.
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laina has spent about a year and a half working on the new plural designed which is also available on cuts plates and saucers for a much lower price among other sources, she draws inspiration from classic mason motifs dammon on glove. there's an unbelievable wealth of material from which we can and should draw because it's what defines my son, but it's cultural heritage if you like, which we are continuing and developing and isn't it my snotty all the designers here are young, so our involvement automatically transforms this heritage, have our designs are created for today's customers who have certain tastes and wishes of missouri and on boarding and for the home.
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i show you ho also works at the my snap. she's designed a series of vases, the farms of which echoed the landscapes and wild lifetime, an untucked car. ah, she studied product design in shanghai and has been working. and my son since 2016 and talks car is her 1st series. yeah, the fall, my inspiration for the antarctica serious the i find that the shape of a penguins body and their silhouette and profile is very sweet and so neatly this week and again was just a rough sketch where i imagined a whole family of penguins. oh yes, i can see. exactly. so you have daddy penguin mummy penguins, baby penguin and a brother as well. and he grew up in china, you know,
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come back to mine and that's still influences my ideas. for example, these fish mouth vases were inspired by chinese artifacts to what i'd like is to add a modern touch on a new design language with a symmetrical shape or are soft and organic forms by organic cell phone. when developing an idea, the porcelain designer always begins by making a clay motto. ah, today i can join in an attempt to malls, my own small penguin vod. joe, you shows me how it's done. she says she loves working with her hands. ah,
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what do you think i have pro? considering it's your 1st penguin of us. i think it's very good. it's a bit of a mind even fatter in i wonder what it's like to live and work in my son. if you grew up on the other side of the world to find out more, i'm meeting a woman who lives here all the way from australia. she works in a local wine shop. hey. yeah. right. yeah, i'm hannah and i think he asked me and she has lived in sex me for 6 years. so you moved here for love. exactly. what's the story there? well, the stories i in germany in, in australia, i had a restaurant and a go from my son actually arrived there and asked me for
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a job and it ended up being a really beautiful friendship. and i ended up marrying her best friend. wow, that's such a romantic story. very much so. but the story is that we met in austria inside said well, okay, and we've known each other for yeah, right. well what are we going to do now? so you picked up and you move your whole life. jeremy, knowing this guy for 4 day, casey, it's crazy and, and i'll be worth it to any. did you guys get married straight away? and i took a couple of years because my son is on that spontaneous. well, i mean, i have to cross continent for him to marry me. have you felt like you settled in your nicely? absolutely. yeah. you bet. a good life you're, you're yeah, i really do think so. that was easy to do because people in my son
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a just really welcoming and then they really down to earth and quite, quite humble and also hard work and you know, all those things that use that that's just nice fits and well. yeah. yeah. so can we go in? yes, i really looks beautiful and here. thank you. have a particular way that you can recommend i do actually it's the go to reasoning. i'm . it is a great friday that we only go here. oh wow. i mean, but i have to try and trying it here is qualified consultant for wines and facts me so she knows her stuff to have her parents were originally from germany, but emigrated to australia when she was 5. it's amazing. her destiny has brought her back to germany as a next step she plans to also work as a tour guide and my son. very unique.
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yes. oh so nice to just sit in a nice wine garden. i relax. you know i was him. my son's a small enough am to always feel safe and for it to feel like hope, a homely environment. but it's big enough that you never board. although she sees the german, whether it did take some getting used to. even just in january i went to open the wine shop and there was no, you know, all in front of my door and i was just like, what do i do now? you know, i've not had that or the 1st time i had to like, scratch my window free. you know, somebody yeah. yeah. i was like, oh i'm the one i do now and what is the future look like then? are you, do you think you'll stay here? oh, i think we will. yeah, yeah. we've got so much to see and do yet, and i just feel like really got to place now where we need to be as trail always be
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home as well. both countries are amazing and i'm so grateful to have both. that's great. it sounds like you've really built yourself a wonderful life here with i'm film i thing a great photograph to remind me of my time here in my and for that i meet eric franka. he's an instagram who lives near mason. he loves nature and architecture, and regularly posts, photos of his travels and discoveries. he likes to go off the beaten track to find places that not everyone knows about. with the for, from john i border camera about 5 years ago. what i'd always been into gadgets and
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had done a lot filming, and tried at different things. and because i've always loved landscapes, i started with that. i was done. i went to saxon switzerland near here, where i also made new friends my. we started a group called the sexily explorers, and now we meet every week with our preference her martha vision, little as a member of the group. eric often posts beautiful photos of his home state of saxony, fullness miss jennifer fever, adam, and there's a nice perspective here with the flowers in front of you. i always say it helps to have something good in the foreground. i'll show you the see you have these nice red flowers with the leaves in the foreground and in the motif behind him. all that had been and i'd like to try, can you show me young and all has mature of info. okay. phone birth can all do a wide angle. yeah. exactly. of. i'm go
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a bit closer to the flowers. a bit lower go so. yep. you got it mentioned like that you have a nice focal point in the foreground. good. ah, very nice. looks good. for cut off, so where are we heading now? it will go down the river elbow where we have a good view of album expo castle. it sounds great. the river bank and my son is the most popular spot for taking photos of germany's oldest castle. ah, it looks particularly dramatic to day with the cloudy sky. and i can't let it go with i said joyce selfie 1st with nice. thanks
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a lot. you're welcome. just another to come back again later this evening when the lights are on at sunset. yes, that's definitely worth it on. another tit for me. perfect. i'll do that. enjoy. thank you. i follow eric's advice that same evening. doesn't lick beautiful. oh before i leave my son, i want to climb the tower of the frozen kit yet or church of our lady have even been given the key. mm. another $193.00 steps to climb. oh, good luck and she'll r a. terry lun is of course made of mice,
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any porcelain. what else would you expect? incidentally, my son has applied for recognition as a unesco world heritage site. best of luck to them with that mason was a city. there's so much history here yet. it also feels very much alive over all a great experience the next day. ah. 6 ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, with who female power on the 77 percent. courageous with creative with athletic with speaker ladies yeah. as
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a lot of description. i think it depends on the was asking a 77 percent in 30 minutes. on d. w. berlin, december 2016. the berlin christmas market attack a shot, the german capital. the authorities say a nissan re acted alone with a mistake or a lie. investigations have shown henri was in touch with an international islamist network, with his victims demand answers in 75 minutes on d, w. ah ah, or an eternity time. it can be measured precisely. and yet
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each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type, type of phenomena. a dimension and illusion. about time starts december 31st on d, w. they breathe. ah, they have body and soul. the houses that dental leaders can't construct far more than just building. ah, you have to be radical. that's a radical mean. go back to the roof. he is the son of jewish holocaust survivors. how lucky that i was able to build to just present berlin is architecture, is a celebration of democracy and i well building the biggest thing in the
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world is the spirit of an architect motions. she does tend to start december 18th on d, w. ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, travel between france and the u. k. grinds to any a halt. crowds lined up to board the last trains and fairies across the channel. i had over midnight that night, only sensual genies allowed on the new roofs aimed at the slow into spread over me crunch. also coming up.


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