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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2021 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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the news this is the w news coming to life from berlin. wall in tears bring hope and a helping hand to the towns in germany, devastated by the worst bloods in generations with emergency crews still dealing with life and death situations. the citizens are stepping in to fill the gaps. governments allegedly flying on journalists, activists, and lawyers, and investigation funds up to 50000 phone numbers may have been targeted with malware. plus most honorable fear for their safety as the country ditches
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nearly all correct. a virus restrictions very thing. everything that we bring through the freedom day for us to get those done. so for these committees, what was the okay. ah
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terry martin, good to have you with us. for days after torrential rains trigger deadly floods and western germany, survivors have now turned their focus toward the daunting task of rebuilding. but with emergency services still busy looking for bodies and securing vital infrastructure by the residents are left to seek help from volunteer sort go it alone, sun sausages and fear. it looks like a village fate, but it's not what it seems. this is just a great time for the volunteers organizing an arduous relief efforts. now that the flood water has subsided. solidarity is the one thing on everyone's mind right now and getting people who are being affected by the floods back on their feet as quickly as possible. people have traveled from nearby villages and further to get here to lend a helping hand with the clear road over the weekend, around 200 color and football from descended on the region and being distributed around the affected areas. they've been helping locals by rolling up their sleeves
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to clear deborah, from homes, restaurants and the ruins b. hall. cologne, found marco helped organize the effort. you can't leave people on their own. you just have to help. if it does happen to me that i'd want someone to help. so i think it's great that people are lending a hand around the generous responses stunned locals including the high address to she's had a business here for 12 years that i think there were so many people that you don't even know. i don't even know where they come from around here helping to clear up so much were willing to help. it's wonderful. comp. felt about george cook. despite all the volunteers, many people have been left wondering why there hasn't been no help from the authorities. yup. and all those at the top are trying to bring order to the chaos, but it's not really working. a lot of help is coming from volunteers and residents
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showing an awful lot of initiative. but you can't really say that people at the top a helping it really gets designed for all to come with so many areas overwhelmed by the floods rescue services say they're at breaking point. this is relative freely. i don't lloyd, it's pretty difficult to get help to everyone and we have to prioritize if we get a report that someone's still trapped in a building and people with watering the basement and pushed to the back of the queue on as much work to be done but many volunteers say they'll stick around long after this weekend. we'll go step out and buy a game. our boss is given monday and tuesday, so we can use the time to finish the job code on the support the local from a 100 on mentioned with many residents. still wondering how this disaster could have happened. that help would be much appreciated. was brianna correspond julie
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a sub delhi. now she's in our viola. that's one of the towns worst hit by the floods tell us. it's been 5 days since the flood waters inundated abala and the surrounding region. how are things looking on the ground there? now any news of the dozens of people reported missing. hello, devastation is just astounding. the streets are filled with debris. here here, for example, we have this massive pile of books. this used to be an antiquity store and now everything is completely destroyed. the ground floor of homes have been completely filled with water and mud. so residents have been trying to clean everything up. they has put all their furniture on the streets. and the problem here is that the streets are quite small, so it is difficult, for example, for big trucks or escalators to come in and take all these things out and bring them to the damp. so it is going to take a few days for the town to be cleaned up,
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but it's not just the loss of objects of things. it is also the loss of lives. number of the dead keeps rising up to 116 people that in only this region and the authorities expect more casualties to to emerge. chairs, so i'm going to mac came to the region there on sunday she, she visited and talk to residents. tell us more about what she said on that visit now. well, the chancellor took stock of the devastation that occurred in this region. she said the german language doesn't have any words that are able to describe the good devastation. she also said that she is very much aware that it is going to take a long time for the towns to be cleaned up and rebuilt. and she promised the population that the government is going to be there in the long term to try to support them. she thank the rescue crews and the many volunteers who came and show
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solidarity with the local residents and they're helping with the clean up. julia, thank you so much. that was julia from del, either in, on my lunch. you're watching the w news still, the cow, for instance, are, these are investigating the alleged war crimes of the syrian rebel group. jason w, spoke to survivors who say the group engaged in systematic torture and persecution . first let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today. the latest round of peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban. and doha, who ended without a breakthrough earlier taliban negotiators. so they are committed to a political 7 settlement to en decades. war in afghanistan. both sides agreed to continue talks next week. 12000000 people in australia is 2 largest cities are set to stay under covered 19 restrictions for at least the next 5 days. melbourne
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extended its locked down despite only 16 new cases being reported on monday. 98 new cases were recorded in sydney, which has ended, entered it's 4th week of lockdown. tokyo court sentenced the us special forces veteran to 2 years in prison and his son to 20 months for helping former renault. nissan. mitsubishi, chairman carlos gone clean. japan goen was facing charges of financial misconduct. the remains a fugitive in 11. on the 2nd, the governments around the world are targeting the phones of journalists and human rights activists using a spyware called pegasus. this is according to an investigation by more than a dozen news outlets, but the intrusion goes far beyond wiretapping. the pegasus malware allows intelligence agencies to secretly activate the microphones and cameras of their targets phones, turning them into 24 hour surveillance devices. his smartphone was the target of
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a sophisticated spying operation in 2019 the hungarian investigative reporter sandwich. bonnie was spied on for months with pegasus software, according to a forensic analysis of his device and his own government may have been behind it. they could record as all my emails. my calendars, my for those might with the oh, they could even turn on my, my microphone and camera tag. it's this can be installed without the victim, doing anything usually by an invisible message. one upon your colleagues was also under surveillance, according to an investigation by an international team of journalists. coordinated by the nonprofit group forbid and stories. several media organizations in germany took part. they analyze records that included more than 50000 phone numbers, possible spying targets, apparently entered by customers of the israeli software developer. and so they
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included human rights activists, government critics, and journalists we thought, find some people, some human rights activists. one day decided to go in district and mexico to protest, and then the next day they were on the list packets. this apparently also played a role in the killing of saudi journalists. tamaqua shock g turkeys chief investigator was on the list of potential targets. the spyware was also linked ticket showcase v on same these rarely firm. and so and says, pegasus was only deployed against terrace and criminals and says it would end collaboration if the spyware was misused. the company denies any connection, took a showcase murder, supple japan. you doesn't know the extent of the damage to his sources. when asked about his surveillance, the hungarian government set it followed all laws. well, england has lifted nearly all of its remaining credit virus restrictions as part of what's being dubbed freedom day ha,
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nightclubs across the country have moved back to life for the 1st time in 17 months . indoor been used to now run at full capacity and face masks will bit longer be legally mandated, but not everyone is happy about relaxing rules, especially with cobra. 19 cases, surgeon, i'm going to quite depressing actually. and i think most people in my situation, due to some today's freedom day to very dolphin freedom couldn't feel further away . breezy is considered clinically extremely vulnerable, heightening her risk if she catches curve at 19. she says she feels abandoned by the decision slipped restrictions in england like a very angry, actually very angry after everything that we bring through. it's not freedom day for us. it's fair day. how going to be freedom for, for those of us who've been shouldering, if we have to go back to square one and become home, it's again, rosie isn't alone in viewing today with alarm. cases are already at the highest
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level since january, and by the government's own estimates. lifting the rules could see the rocket to record 100000 to day. the prime minister boris johnson is backing his decision to repeat the rules pointing in part to the you case, high vaccination rate. johnson who's spending freedom day and installation after his health minister tested positive, said the public needs to be cautious. but if not now, then when, if we don't do it now, then we'll be up in the office the week most when the virus has the advantage of, of the cold weather will lose the precious fall breaks that we get with the school holidays. we do not go oscar, so when will we ever do? it says, this is the right moment. this is about ending government in place restrictions and allowing the public to make the choices. so the 1st time since the start of the pandemic, people will be able to decide how many others they want to meet, whether they follow social distance in guidelines,
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or whether they choose to wear mosque cases rising sharply. there are many who see this as a gamble. earlier this month, over $1200.00 scientists and medic funds letter branding freedom day, dangerous and premature. they fail climbing hospitalizations. the risk to there is not yet double vaccinated and of exposing a population to long coded. i can't even express how it more than unethical. i think this is leaving on there. if not, let her talk to dp good as sony is, the risk could also extend beyond the okay, maybe the strategy that the way it has been warned even by on scientist advisors may very well lead to a new emerging that is more likely to escape vaccines which would not only put our own response back by 7 months that have huge global impact dangerous experiments. well, calculated risk. either way, it's a risk. rosie says she can't afford. she's cancelled precious visits to see family
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. as she in the world wait to see whether the gamble pays off. now for the 1st time since the syrian conflict erupt is more than a decade ago, a western countries looking into atrocities committed by rebel groups. frances official war crimes unit confirmed to d w that it is investigating jason i was law me once considered the strongest armed opposition group in syria. the w investigative unit spoke to several witnesses who say they suffered abuse and torture at the hands of the hard line islamists. the this is how hotline islamist group jealous la portrays itself brave rebel fighting the regime for free. and just theory and shop owner libya says that's all lies. the group was only fighting for power. they shot him in the face in an assassination attempt. he says,
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and later imprisoned him for being an arrival rather group in his home town quota. as the warning should done, while they tortured me in many different way, they wanted me to confess anything that i was homosexual working with ices or the regime or was selling drugs. it didn't matter what they brought in for teenagers to beat me continuously. so i wouldn't be able to sleep, they beat me non stop until i collapsed and started to hallucinate for hotel with video from after the resume we took the region show, the small says right to be spent more than 2 years in isolation. was that of all they have the heart of a prison network they, he and others told us about the slam health and torture. hundreds of people, opponents and civilian so like or nothing. there is no difference between the presence of jason alice and the prisons of the regime. it's the same torture,
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the same mis treatment. it's all the same. after the w's investigative team spoke to several witnesses who told us similar accounts. they said jealous lamb went after political opponents activist ready, and religious minorities in the city of r drive. the rabbit group worked with other jihadists to capture hundreds of christians and divides the later put them in cages and use the prisoners as human shields against us. hops forces the sciences abuses the international community for years. embrace change and slam as the strongest on position force on the ground . the political leader even let the opposition delegation to you and sanction talks on syria. j slam told the w, it denied the human rights abuses, but for the 1st time, a french court is investigating the group. it was this international team of
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lawyers which filed the criminal complaint. the allegations include torture, executions, and the use of child soldiers. it is time to say out loud that the syrian population has also been victims of other groups who pretended to be fighting for the revolution, but to who also turned against the population. they hope the court will issue charges in the coming month. their biggest challenge now is to find more witnesses and convince them to testify was many, are still in theory. some even in territory controlled by jason, is not official. the syrian regime and they had to slam, still have a lot of power and influence and capacity to intimidate and threaten the victims and the witnesses. so this really is a major concern for us because any prosecution, successful prosecution will also have to rely on this kind of testimonial evidence
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now into teeth rather pre be, isn't afraid, he would like nothing more than to testify in court. j. shirley flam. he says ruined his life just like the a saturday jean and he wants to see them held accountable for what they did. if you want to watch t w's investigation into the abduction of syria and human rights, icon rose on side to net and the role of j. c. l is please check d. w 's documentary channel on youtube. now police in thailand's capital, her fired rubber bullets and tear gas. protestors define covert 19 restrictions. the measures include stay at home orders and nighttime curfews with infections heading record highs. demonstrators are calling for new leadership. the dinning frustrations, spill onto the streets of bangkok. the
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guys, i understand the situation isn't getting any better, but we are not happy about the measures imposed. i mean it's like the government only wanted everything to come to a standstill, but isn't trying to fix anything. protesters march the prime minister's office, demanding his resignation. they say the government has been to flow and tackling the buyers and fail to secure enough vaccine doses that up on the government has managed the pandemic poorly. we are here to change things. we want the government to see how hard life has been for us. so we'll open that, you may have my highlander space in your worst cove at 19 wave, registering daily case records, as hospitals buckle under the pressure. moores are also overwhelmed and we had a lot of cobit 19 victims whose relatives are still important team, which means they can't collect their bodies for the bodies and the more just keep
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piling up every day. i highly transmissible alpha delta variance are all ready widespread, and only $1.20 times it's fully vaccinated. the government is being forced to put more curfews in place and to suspend most domestic site. protest. you are angry and say it's too little too late. they want a new leader with a plan to reopen cities and bring the economy back to life. south africa, meanwhile, is reeling from the violence and unrest that gripped the country last week. protests triggered by the jailing of the ex president jacob zoom, turned into a wave of ramp and looting and arson in the countries to most populous provinces, squatting and swan. because, hulu, no time, it's the worst violence the country has seen since it gained independence. the w christine was visited, one of the worst effected areas in south africa,
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is commercial capital johannesburg were walking into what used to be to here are the hardware store. in the township of alexandra looters planted the shop, leaving nothing for him to salvage. i see that you're going to be what lisa lisa really, i put this book, one bank only to book this book. i don't have money i made again. alexandra saw some of the worst of the violence in helping few businesses here were said as looters rated, which is bang groceries, clothing and appliance jobs. even doctors surgeries. after clearing the shells, the raiders safe fires, leaving the building. i guess it's not because of, you know, if you got people, some of them are hungry. some i just noticed between hungry, not all of them. some of 100. some old,
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some of them are looted. alexandria is home to some of that because most under privileged people. their policy has been listened by the cove at 19 pandemic. pushing them to desperation. police are now on a mission to recover some of the plunder. so where are the sites where part of the recovery operation is taking place? that is for police officers confiscating some of the items that would looted. and if you look behind the had the sort of looks like a refuse, it looks like a garbage area. but it's believe that some of the stuff that was listed was actually hidden in places like this. and if you can see that car behind be some of the things that have been recovered a couch, i see a refrigerator, what looks to be a mattress at the back, the these all things that the police are now going to take. this is split age of little ranch, 2nd job, let me more information. police stood helpless as people young and old grabbed anything they could carry. it's the worst violence and lawlessness south africa has
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seen since the end of the parties 27 years. it has shocked the whole country. more than 200 people died, most requested sam p, as they need from me. while the bridge was treated by the jailing of the president, it was sealed by the end and frustration of the point. now communities are left to pick up the pieces in a strong show off on the various local already like a little we residence or painting of the met lucy anymore. my heart was broken guys, this is lashawn, this is up i'm of a table. this is where my brothers, it's a work, you know, so now what's, what's gonna happen with their job from there? do you think that's happening here? that's why i'm here to to show that because that's the thing that the us is not right, right after that, you know, sondra smith is left counting his losses. he doesn't know what to do or where to go
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from here. 25000 soldiers have been deployed into, to take your provinces. and while the situation has come down for now, their presence here is a reminder that the unrest could even clear up again. for so an american tennis tar cocoa gulf has pulled out of the tokyo olympics after testing positive for cobit 19. the 17 year old was said to become the youngest olympic tennis player in 2 decades and world number 25. so she was disappointed to miss out on her dream of representing the u. s. at the games. other sports stars including roger federer and serena williams have already announced their decision to skip the event. lou louis hamilton has won the british grand prix after a thrilling race in front of 840000 pounds at silver stone. the prison sealed record extending 8th when on home turf. but there was controversy after
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a crash between hamilton and main title. rival max 1st toppa left the red bull driver in hospital leaving the driver's standings and looking to turn the street on an increasingly unsure looking lewis hamilton mac switched up and started on poland . syllabus then, but he didn't even complete a lap. the rivals collated as the entered cops corner, and the impact pitched pushed up and into a spin that saw him later take him to the hospital for precautionary tests. despite the sporting applause, as he was helped from his car, red bill where incense calling hamilton's move dangerous, desperate and unacceptable. hamilton received a 10 2nd penalty when the race restarted, but cheered on by a pipe and rook his home crowed. the britain hunted, don't race leader sharla clair and eventually over,
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hold him with 2 lamps to go as the most ranks of locals hailed a record extending a pretty strong pre victory. the bad crowd, a home crowd is a bit. thank you. people. when we got to beginning the day, $33.00 points off the pace, hamilton is no, only 8 behind, pushed up and but the next few races of an invigorating season will show who this controversial. when was fired up more, the britain are for stuff and, and his seething red bill team. just reminder, the top story we're following for you this our chance i'm going to, michael has described the damage suffered in floods in germany as surreal and terrifying for making a visit to effective areas. she promised financial aid for those who lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones in the disaster. this is
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d w. news coming to you from berlin up next its business with ben luhan. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching the news . the news . the news. news. news, news, news,
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news. the news and then for sky dollars. an important documents was justice in this very sweet edition was found dead in room 374, revised in geneva. the stage of human tragedy. i'm political injury in our theories
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. legendary hotel on w. oh, how does the virus spread? why do we haven't? and when will all this? just 3 of the topics that we covered in a weekly radio project. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other science topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find the game w dot com board science m, as in so many post her now in the world right now. the climate. if any of the story this is much less the waste from just one week. how much was really
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get we still have time to go. i'm doing all this flex to subscribe. it's more like the a bad case of the nerves. investors are a g, about england, reopening the spread of the delta corona, virus. variance shakes confidence in economic growth. they the infections surgeon, asia, europe, and the u. s. stay cation the solar juice, covert but local, say, stay away. we take a look at how a rush on cornwall is pricing. some home buyers and holiday makers out of the market. and german company shows how, investing millions of euros in your.


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