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diversity, the make up your own mind with the w. for mines the. the news . this is the w news alive from berlin. surreal and terrifying japanese chancellor visits communities affected by floods and promises financial aid. but those left homeless worried may not come soon enough. also coming up for governments allegedly spying on gems as activists and lawyers and investigation and the case up to 50000 phone numbers may have been targeted with malware
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task england, dishes, nearly all the remaining current of ours restrictions is welcomed by party goers. but critics say the so called freedom day is putting lives actually ah, hello, i'm a 100 chances angler merkel has been visiting parts of west germany hit by devastating floods which kills more than 150 people. burkle described the damage as so real and terrifying that says germany can afford to deal with a disaster. she promise financial aid for those who have lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones. the skies were cleared by the time angle. americans came to me to emerge, see crews,
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and survivors in the small southwestern town of shoals. home were torn apart when the swollen river swept through, leaving the town in ruins, as just a 2nd. it's shocking. the german language hardly has words to describe the devastation that has been wrong. but it is incredibly reassuring to see how people come together and help each other out. the solidarity they have but some residents are angry that the clean up if it was delayed, when parts of shields were cord and off for the chancellors visits are off and we need hope. what good is merkel if she comes here and looks at that a few warm woods and that's it. with their homes and businesses devastated. other residents are worried, the help they getting now weren't lost. they say they need long term assistance to rebuild. within. right now we are overwhelmed with help,
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but it's not just about now. it's also about later and hope to rebuild. that's what's needed. not just hope for the next 2 or 3. wait. once the garbage is gone, everything's fine again. that's not how it was on their households that are not sufficiently ensured. and merkle has to say that while they wait for the promised financial hope for now, these families are relying on each other for comfort and reassurance. a relief effort is on the way to help the flood victims. he w kate martin sent this report from germany famous newburgh ring race track, which is now being used as a make shift 8 hub. i'm here at the number of green race track where this weekend and the european truck racing championships were set to be taking place, but these were cancelled due to the bad weather and instead the become the center
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for the huge relief operation. if you can see behind me, this is where the volunteers were working on this day. they were taking in donations from all over the country is not just being the volunteers or who have had an operation going on here. the pond is bad. the german military have also been staging that relief effort help from this place to. they've been sending out tongues and cranes as well as helicopter to reach some of those hardest hit areas where conventional transport isn't able to reach them. and i've seen today the tanks rolling back in and that's been quite shocking fight to see because obviously that usually use in a kind of military setting. i have asked how long the relief efforts here are going to go on and the volunteers will be back tomorrow. and they said, for as long as it takes until they aren't needed anymore. phones owned by journalists, human rights activists and politicians have been targeted by governments using and israeli, produced by software. according to an investigation, the phone,
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malware called pegasus can be used to secretly activate the microphones, record calls and extract photos and messages. the program is being linked to the murder of saudi jonas, democracy g. his smartphone was the target of a sophisticated spying operation in 2019 the hungarian investigative reporter sandwich. bonnie was spied on for months with pegasus software, according to a forensic analysis of his device. and his own government may have been behind it. they can access all my emails. my calendars, my, for those my we d o, they could even turn on my, my microphone and camera. pegasus can be installed without the victim doing anything, usually by an invisible message. one upon your colleagues was also under surveillance, according to an investigation by an international team of journalists, coordinated by the nonprofit group forbid and stories. several media organizations
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in germany took part. they analyze records that included more than 50000 phone numbers, possible spying targets, apparently entered by customers of the israeli software developer. and so they included human rights activists, government critics, and journalists we thought, find some people, some human rights activists. one day decided to go in the street and mexico to protest, and then the next day they were on the lease pegasus apparently also played a role in the killing of saudi journalists, jamal, cuz shock g turkeys, chief investigator was on the list of potential targets. the spirals also linked to cash. oh, jeez v on same these rarely firm. and so and says pegasus was only deployed against terrorists and criminals and says it would and collaboration if the spyware was misused, the company denies any connection, took a showcase murder several japan. you doesn't know the extent of the damage to his sources. when asked about it, surveillance, the hungarian government set it followed all laws. laura,
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this enjoined by have undue gall. he's the chairman of the international commission on cybersecurity, though at the supreme court of india, he speaks to us from new delhi. so what more do we know about this pegasus software? and what would be the purpose of governments who want to use the service? the purpose of god once clearly is to continue to concentrate power in the hands of nation states. and therefore they go ahead and use these kinds of technology tools which held them to surveil and their own will to intercept and their own convenience. and to potentially target all those people, which the government believes could potentially be having an impact upon the government like duties. so initially, the stool, the pegasus soften, was meant only to be used in the context of the fight against terrorism and cyber crime. but to date become the de facto of kind of
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a method or software that's used by government for what ideal boxes of surveillance during sort of meeting all potential political, journalistic and business targets. now could be legal consequences for governments . we're using this malware in order to fly on john, this and activists. there could be long legal damage occasions that ultimately depends upon the kind of national laws that are the existing and the international level. there is a policy vacuum because there's no international cyber law, cyber security law place. hence, we have to fall back upon national once under this victim national laws or national cyber laws. most of the national cyber laws have got certain provisions, but then into intersection or monitoring of information. but that kind of activities can only be done under certain limited specified circumstances,
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invariably, on the dressed of sublimity, security or integrity of the concerned country, altering the nations with other nations, public order, decency, or morality. now clearly, these kinds of grounds are pretty broad and can be interpreted in any kind of circumstances. but the way this peg, this is kind of why it has been functioning. unfortunately, it's not going to come within the ambit of large number of national cyber laws. so consequently, they'll be kind of a legal policy vacuum in which this pretty live incident will have to be viewed. we don't expect much legal headway as we go forward because it is the time legal. same books are not appropriately amended. so as to address these down b, l d 's, we will unfortunately be nowhere. so how should individuals be protecting themselves and protecting their personal data going forward? we have to be very clear. we must not only have cyber security as of the lives in delegation, but more significantly,
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we must learn to have an element of distrust and mistrust on any kind of information. let's not go ahead and respond to any miss scott. let's not go ahead and download any kind of an app without reading it's dumb the conditions or without even looking at what's the customer, the viewport, getting to the next, not title, save our sensitive data, are confidential data on our devices which are connected to the internet let's learn to clean out effective devices and have a property give me tools so that the stresses can potentially be wiped off. also, it's a good idea to have your devices appropriately protected by firewalls and adequate anti virus programs. but please understand these are all basic kind of the questions that you can take. technology is far ahead. therefore it's always a good idea to keep your microphone switched off to keep your cameras covered. so that in the human, you're becoming a victim of this kind of spy with tags. you could end up losing the minimum. but
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ultimately that's the new gun reality. we will have to now live in this world. i haven't developed thank you very much indeed for your in science and apologies there for that technical glitch. right. at the end of that interview, let's take a look at the stories that he had lines around the world. a fuel tanker explosion in west kenya has killed at least 13 people and injured dozens more police. a victims were collecting fuel from the overturned petrol tanka collided with a chunk of addition. nita said, nana ticket sky has arrived in washington dc to meet with us officials and also members of the diaspora. she was forced to flee bella ruth, off the country's 2020 presidential elections, which was widely regarded as ranked online. some places round of peace talks between the afghan government and the tongue of on and doha, have ended without
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a breakthrough. earlier on negotiate to said they are committed to a political settlement to end the decades of war. and that comes on both sides agreed to continue. next week, england has shifted nearly all of its remaining current of virus restrictions as part of what's being done a freedom day. night clubs across the country have roared back to life for the 1st time in 17 months into then you can now run at full capacity and face loss will no longer be legally mandated, but not everyone is happy about relaxing these rules, especially with cove at $900.00 cases on the right. i'm from the quite depressing actually. and i think most people in my situation, due to some today is freedom day to very dolphin freedom couldn't feel further away . breezy is considered clinically extremely vulnerable, heightening her risk if she catches curve at 19. she says she feels abandoned by the decision flipped restrictions in england. like a very angry, actually,
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very angry after everything that we bring through. it's not freedom day for us. it's fear day. how going to be freedom 1st, for those of to being children, if we have to go back to square one and become home it again, rosie isn't alone in viewing today with alarm cases already at the highest level since january, and by the government's own estimates, lifting the rules could see the rocket to record 100000 to day. the prime minister bars johnson's backing, his decision to re pump the rules, pointing in part to the you case high vaccination rate. johnson who's spending freedom, diane isolation, after his health minister tested positive, said the public needs to be cautious, but asked if not now, then when, if we don't do it now, then we'll be up in the, the awesome the winter months when the virus has the advantage of the, of the cold weather will lose the precious fall break that we get with the school
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holidays. we do not the law school sells. when will we ever do? it says this is the right moment. this is about ending government in place restrictions and allowing the public to make the right choices. for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic, people will be able to decide how many others they want to meet. whether they follow social distance in guidelines or whether they choose to wear mosque cases rising sharply, there are many to see this as a gamble. earlier this month, over $1200.00 scientists and medic find the letter branding freedom day, dangerous and premature. they fear climbing hospitalizations. the risk to there is not yet double vaccinated, and of exposing a population to long cobit, i can't even express how a more than unethical. i think this is leading all through that. let's talk to dp good as sony is, the risks could also extend beyond the, okay, maybe the strategies are the way it has been warned. even by on such as advisors may very well lead to a new emerging that is more likely to escape vaccines,
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which would not only put our own public response back by 7 months, but have huge global impacts. dangerous experiments. well, calculated risk. either way, it's a risk, rosie says she can't afford. she's cancelled precious visits to see family. as she in the world wait to see whether the gamble pays off. and fortune dw news live from berlin. i'll see you soon. take care bye bye. ah ah. in language courses, the video and audio anytime anywhere the d w b i
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