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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2021 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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a record extending a pretty strong pre victory, got the best there, crowd a whole grout is the bit people. this is the w news from berlin. you can find much more on a website on d, w dot com for the latest news and analysis as well as video. i mean, i'm homeless. thank you for watching the news . the millions of years before our time and they have been leading a secret life and have incredible abilities with ruth to see the world starts august,
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4th on dw ah, the game. so what was the city of gil? rhoda viruses? corona virus called and told at 19 me to we agreed to postpone her the or the game set. tokyo or 202221. she began to feel real when we wanted to come back from the training camp in turkey . we were among the latter to leave the country called the airlines sent us a message at night, telling us there would be no more flight departing from turkey as of 8 am the next day. when it hit us in the month of my training colleague center message to our what's that group? it hit me hard. that's a really hard pill to swallow. all you really do is train for 4 years. it's the
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highest goal and athlete can reach me. that gets him back to me personally, wouldn't become clear until the qualifications next spring. one thing web change like year old. limbic games the my highest goal is especially the upcoming games. ah, god is good. i didn't think athletes nominations would be nullified. i was surprised. he's the boss, but also happy because it gives me another shot and improving myself and i living my dream with the service
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linda, emily, because when you become an olympic champion, it takes a while to realize and understand what's happened. a lot of that takes place at home and not on site on these for this is it really is the main stage for support the support. so this year's decision was pretty huge and carries a lot of consequences from what is another reason why it's so important that they were postpone and not canceled and border mr. thomas didn't choose this downtime in his garden. he had been training for the olympic games for several years when the corona virus pandemic hit. the games have been postponed for a full year in spring, 2020. the top level sports world went into locked down around a week after,
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and we were in a sort of in between our mission to it was still okay to be on training ground. but let's say it was welcome to gradually, before retreated. if there were social distancing rules, and we move the training equipment from the hall to our home so that we could stay fit and none of us knew how long this would last time. everyone has had to begin training alone. and competitions have been canceled. discussions about whether or not the olympic games could take place began in march of 2020 we as a society, don't know what's coming our way with that. we don't know whether the games will take place as a big event, or if it be a dangerous event and reflection, why? this is a white emission feeling for walks has become a nation wide hobby. people are going outside and of course i am. if you can't
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travel anywhere, you explore what's outside your door to me. we had to train quite a lot and i just found out the games were it was a 50 train for nothing because that was your main goal. was really sad lesson. is that a whole bunch of money loans you flash is one of germany's top high jumpers. i was, it's off campus, but she still wasn't allowed into the training facilities. the up i'm, if i'm invited to me, you started training in the course because there were problems with the home and i went with her several times. it was outside which was still allowed
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one time, it's got the thing went down and i thought i figured out in the beginning we all thought it, okay. it would be too crappy weeks of 10 demick, but then it will get better. obviously, that's not what happened. it became clear that the corona virus wasn't just passing through. at this point, no one knows how long the pandemic will last. so fast, we have been finding ways to train a home. i 500 conferencing up. right, right leg to the right. a few weeks later, flashing or coach, we're allowed back on to the track. the flesh competed in the 2016 olympics. she came in 7th, many would be proud of that result. but not young flush died and we were both a little disappointed because 2 weeks earlier, she jumped 2 meters with 2 meters who could have one in real, right?
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ah, nothing. i just wanted to be alone. i was so disappointed. i didn't see tomorrow for anyone really in the tokyo games are young flashes last chance. she's in her early thirties. can the games or any competition before tokyo take place? of the uncertainty is really hard to bear at times and training for competitions which may or may not take place. and i just don't know which is pretty upsetting, which i'm going to think of. i believe we can say that the 1st phase of the pandemic is behind us. last week was restaurants and playgrounds have remained closed and now the capital slowly returning to normal life to the great relief of
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the 1st phase of the cobit pandemic is slowly coming to an end. and the likelihood of the olympic games taking place is gradually increasing. good cake, listen, there's no bigger dream for me things and i absolutely want to take part in hope. i make it sunday based on supply structure my whole life accordingly. my professional career comes 2nd to my career and i combine competitive sports with my study. ah, what alina floyd is here to stay at her desk, much more often than she would like during the corona pandemic. passion is the korean marshal aren't take one to go santa versus commercial. but i know the i was very nervous because i can remember how one of my teammates told me to do
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a loud battle cry intimidate my opponent, which i did stress me. and i can't remember how it all when. but i know i kicked my opponent in the head and she got a nose bleed to mine. and i looked at my mom and asked her what to do when the lady said good. and then i want to go on. it was a nice way to finish my 1st tournament. the postponement of the games has also had a positive side for like money. she didn't make it past the qualification tournaments when the games were postponed, those results were nullified. and now flight man is getting a 2nd chance disappear. so i'm very disciplined to make sure i have a good daily routine that my social life isn't too active for too late. and then i take time to recover and rest basically that my life has structure when they need that doesn't give us a spoke to her. she may be the underdog. get the next qualification tournament.
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but this doesn't worry her when i'm doing this, i've always had to like my way through. i've always had many competitors, and i just fought my way through the books. once i'm there, i'm going to do what i've always done and fight. just invite i thought i didn't do that in the number of vastly to make it there is so small compared to how many come eat in the sport and on. but i want to be one of the ones who do me. 2 2 alexandra, and although is a german at a sensor for her too. there have been some positive sides to corona.
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ah, yes, i haven't been going to tournaments as much. so i've had more time with my family to me and haven't realized how much i meant than the submissions. if i'm before i would only stephen easterel christmas and making my sisters in between 1st and these last months we saw each other alone. and that's been great to me. i felt and all i used to be a pentax lead. she only started fencing at age 21. and since then the sport has become an integral part of her life. and then some time on some days from when i wake up, when i go to bed and always thinking about fencing because you can't take anything for granted and must keep developing. you can't rest on your past victory. the
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$1.01 bronze at the european championships, but she wants more going to tokyo to take part in the olympic games. would be a dream come true thing. young, i was 10 years old when i 1st saw the games on the park, but they just hooked me. and that fascination has never left me since it's a huge voting event with so many disciplines in one place i'm and help performance is the biggest event there. it's a most discipline, that's pretty much what i can give and i want to be part of it on the in addition to her, a limbic dream and all was focusing on one other project close to her heart. she co founded the kenya fencing federation in her father's homeland vanish coming up. i'm going to find a good one. i was in kenya with my family,
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all met friends that i don't forget often you defend what exactly is that with the white outfit? 10 thing wasn't very common. many people didn't even know what it is when i thought it would be a good place to build something, get involved and help out as me for efforts to bring fencing to life in kenya are starting to bear fruit. the capital. now has a successful fencing school, we only really tries everything up. i do like whenever she is able to and she sends money to her team in kenya. some of these also sent us gear or stuff. we keep it back there. i didn't really mean we are very grateful to her for everything. so the school isn't in boston who is to
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go to town to some people. and when i realized when i had a senses, it's some whole change to let me choose odessa, twitter which stopped us monday. it's exactly what i was hoping for to provide kids and teens access the fencing. it doesn't have to be super professional. building. the structure is the ready grades and as of last year, with part of the international fencing federation. and that was a big that i couldn't be happier and never before had so many new corona's virus infections been reported to the world health organization within 24 hours. admitted numbers are also rising quickly in
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europe just before summer vacations and travel abroad. and thousands of scientists are now working on more than 150 vaccines, but none it's approved for use. so just how close always ineffective corona virus, texting me the almost we're starting to feel the effects of his pare down training regimen and the lack of competition. the me, yesterday when i got up i was really sore, which normally wouldn't be great for competitions in summer. but right now it's happening quite often and feels like the beginning of my training in the winter. it's just taking a bit longer than normal despite the restrictions he's trying to make the most of
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the 2020 summer even though at this point, he doesn't know when he'll be able to put all of his training to use have an abilene you want to atlanta had my trainer would also like to know whether the games are taking place in his work out is now also a test of patients in the summer of 2020, the infection numbers did go down. but in 2021 at b. d. b, ologist are still issuing warnings. it might be a 2nd wave in europe. if we don't know, honestly, i think it all depends on vaccine. however, then nobody knew how far away and effective vaccine would be. there was one bright spot for 2 muscular though he and his partner had just had their 1st child to me suppose any cross check out or me personally, it's a stroke of fate that this happens. now. i will have sticks as an athlete. you are rarely home for longer than 3 weeks at a time longer sticks. how was it?
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so it was really nice to be home longer now as a new dad for it also helped me get through all the vague planning cancellation and restrictions and see if i can make a home if she's going to take advantage of her 2nd opportunity to qualify. molina, flight money also has to stay in good form and show them concert. i'm going to german coach will decide whom she takes, but it's up to me to grow as an athlete, get better and work on details that could end up being deciding factor into it. also in other words, anything is possible. you never know what's going to happen. just like in this current situation. there's always stuff you didn't expect, but you have to keep open. ah
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i me. the tech window fighter has wanted to show her skills to the national coach. but this hasn't been possible because of corona ah, because you can uncertainty of not knowing is proving to be difficult. for family, especially her mother helps her cope and gives her the support she need enough. maki. no, no good. right. you know, while the warner who comes in the hall and myself was, was forgive because i still live at home. she's there for everything and can tell
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what's going on down on. so she always find the right way to get through to me to help and support me for me. my family is super important to me or give me a lot of support. soft. i don't see them that often. so when i'm home, we try to use the time. even if that just means having dinner together and enjoying some family time for media. the me at long last the tick wonder national team is meeting for the 1st time in months. oh, but instead of the all important flight training, only individual training sessions are allowed this morning.
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and then the worst case scenario, one of my teammates had tested positive for covey 19 everything had to be stopped slash and so it wasn't a surprise that the course was canceled. it's a shame because we had a lot of good training partners here. and team training is different to always training at home. because here we can compete with the best in germany. so it's a shame, but we have to accept it now. once again, like mine isn't able to compete. it's another setback in her fight for an olympic spot. what about her health? a? it's like one also been infected with the virus. feed me it's me. she had,
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unfortunately, i didn't get to show them everything in these 3 days. so now i don't know when i'll go home and see how the corona test turns out. and if everything is good, and i'll continue training as normal, like germany passed close to the master spike in cold, at 19 cases, which more than fix enough 1000 new infections in a 24 hour period. second wave is crashing over europe and intensive care capacity is close to breaking point in germany and rapidly rising corano virus infections that prompted action from the authorities. the. * okay, okay, now quietly, do you know what the money loan
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your flesh is studying to become a teacher the she's doing her internship at a primary school inch to normally it would last for 6 months. but due to corona, her full internship will only be 6 weeks long. me . oh, i got to them because i like working with children and they see how quickly they develop, learn the things, and apply them. just with helping children find from putting to go on their way. i think that's the best thing one can do is then i would say on the highest the money loans had a difficult time herself when she was in school. we went
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a whole lot on i used to be bullied because of my skin color and had to change school. that's not easy for a small child or for adult vox doesn't just apply to kids. but in general, it's not nice for anyone. for parents live 2 hours south of stood, got her father's on the caribbean with martinique. ah, i talked a policy. i didn't know what was happening to my daughter back then. she didn't tell me. i don't know why of her great started dropping life and that's when she said she would like to switch school rather than repeat the year and start with the wall and non, before i even
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use that because i didn't talk about being bullied. i think it wasn't because i was ashamed and it was just an uncomfortable topic for me and i didn't want to bother my mother with it. over the side of i, i think or, and i was friend or 11, wasn't that i didn't trust her, and i was just that i wanted to work and figure it out for myself, which is difficult at 10 or 11 package the moon and numbers on the right, again, another lockdown is looming. we have a one, a, b, c, and sometimes even in case things change in the competitions are planned, but it's still unclear, especially in the hall where people can't socially distance. and there are many athlete. and how can anyone in
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the athletes are working on jumping power and technique, the empty stadium, their training and reflects the wider situation, which at this point is already been going on for far too long. as unfortunately this year's a bit uncertainty. but a lot of people are preparing for competitions that will get cancelled at the last minute. you are also working towards being fit enough for the competition by training properly. so when all of that was not happening, it's pretty tough to deal with. 6 6 6 germany is bracing for a bunch of walk down there to begin is the coming day. so will be a long drawn from the 16th of december. that's what will happen to planned international sporting event. will they now be cancelled? because despite the latest lockdown,
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alexandra dollar was on her way to her 1st competition in 9 months. because it was an incredible feeling, somehow, also nerve wracking may have to go through whether i had packed everything several times. i normally do that on a water line that much was a long time ago, but man, me something up tonight. normally at the tournaments around $100.00 competitors or a bit more today, which is obviously an awful lot, but we get to complete and that's a catch. so it's a step in the right direction and they told me to follow is among the favorites. and like fish but right now, finishing in 1st place isn't her priority. she said, i'm coming and i just wanted to get back into my competition routine and get all my rituals back in the cars on myself. i'm going to match and stuff
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me use the long interruption is showing its effect. dolo is struggling to find her rhythm. the, the qualifying for the olympics was already a huge challenge for athletes. and it's becoming even bigger under pandemic conditions. still after the many months of uncertainty, days like this are a good way to feel
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a sense of progress towards something closer to normal format activities and feed need events like these to give feedback on the training we've to repair for what lies ahead even for the so every events like this is part of the preparation for continue until april, based on a player. and so we still have a lot of time here site and we're using it to prepare for that. i can even come in . that's the answer is still far from being in our best form. it's a tough blow, especially with the upcoming, all important qualifying tournament for the olympics. me so things aren't going as she'd hoped me to mention things to the off as i am pretty upset right now. i expect a lot for myself. right now i'm hoping to win national tournament. and in general,
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what i'm heading to a tournament, i want to win everybody over the years. i've learned to deal with failure a bit better and focus on what i need to work on, on the my train to help me with that. and i will say ok, that wasn't very good. now we know where we're at, and we'll work on that. at this point, we don't know whether we'll get to prepare. a world veneration says that will be preparatory international. it's one of many cuts. and at this point, no one knows what will actually happen because the convert you're in like fish dollar is only competing against other germans at the qualifying tournament in april, she will also likely face international sensors, which will be even more challenging. molina,
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5 months corona test has come back negative but the lack of competitions is taking its toll on her life at the gym as lonely during locked down then some disappointing news. ah, once again, she did not make it onto the olympic squadron with no competition to fight him, she was unable to make use of her 2nd chance. might have been at the national coach called me and told me that the 2 previous nominees were re nominated. meaning i won't be there by then. i'll only be there of someone dropped by my side. this was yet another punch because it got to but you just have to head yourself. new goal is to keep looking forward and keep going. me so it's not so easy and sometimes you do ask yourself, is it worth continuing now?
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but you have to shift your perspective. i have another chance a terrorist and i want to make use of my body in. 3 2 germany has recorded more than 50000 corona virus deaths since it started the next. that number that has written shrugged over recent weeks. even at infection, figures are finally declining by didn't or not the big some games. and, you know, foreign fans will be allowed in the country due to the road of iris pandemic. a fishing rod instead of a javelin, thomas were la mrs. competing for let's say the last one or the practice competition last year. they called it a competition, but it was training, but other than that, it was after the world. 119 at the moment. things are scheduled to kick off again in may for la, but nothing is certain. during the pandemic. the athletes now know that
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international spectators will not be allowed at the tokyo games. the news has made it even harder to stay motivated. i want to go down. i me personally, one thing that makes it all the more difficult is the fact that it looks like we'll be in the stadium without spectators. i mean with through and i love the sport with all of its emotion with it. and with an audience that supports the athletes and gives us extra power if you will notice they're absent away, things currently are unshaken. in the meantime, the 1st vaccines were making their way to germany, but only a few been vaccinated. everyone wants one, including top level athletes. vaccination is discussed a lot. it's a highly political and topical social issue. as an athlete, i'm in no position to say that i should be prioritize if we do want to practice our
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profession. but many others say that to i don't think it would send the right message to society if we athletes were to shout that we should be the 1st to be vaccinated. because me, the olympics are an event for athletes from around the world to compete. but at this point, they and other major sporting events are above all health risk. the estimates of so room, whole planning and social distance thing would keep them safe. but now 7 german competitors have constructed the virus i thought in your sporting venues are becoming hot. so bad news for the olympic games in tokyo was one wish, then you can always originally i think we were around 11 lead us. several of us tested positive and ruin at the championship one. but after that there were 5 of us
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. and then eventually the fact that some tested positive when they came back is surprising, and also disappointing due to an injury, my horse was not at the european championship, but now she is finally able to settle in the training camp. i don't really liberating. also because we really were at home, most of the time for training and one i'm up here. we can train in the sun and enjoy the weather. it's nice to see something different, the changes theory. and that was really helpful for, ah, the, with the athlete see being in the pie, my as a privilege. but it's one that comes with strict social distancing requirements. if the german team has been in effect sealed off with almost no contact to the outside
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world, the, the olympic games are drawing ever closer like corona is still casting a cloud over tokyo of times that a question on the one hand stuff. i'm extremely happy that they're taking place a lot and that i can take part. but. 9 on the other hand, drange lab because everything is still go on, and of course we know that there will be no for peter's level. a lot of the other circumstances are unclear. so i wonder with coming, but i am happy to help stops in the in just a few days. it will be time for the qualifying tournament for alexandra and dolo spin 2nd, i think i'm in a very good position because i've been training very regularly. i feel and shape.
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i'm not injured. yes, i'm fired. and i just want to finally start off. i hope i can maintain my fitness level until then or maybe an improvement by me ah. 20 tournament that will be one when the whole the rest of basically the same category they didn't make. and usually there's a when a podium the top can all positions you can name and be proud of either come to me in the qualifying tournament. it's all or nothing. will that be sense or make it to the games? eat the name was yes, i mean, knowledge and you, we have the alexander on the loan number 25 and the world ranking me off to a good start. she makes it to the semi finals, the me, she's competing against
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a woman from bellows and the german wins. there it is. the 15th touch by and dolo, which has to cure her entry into the final finish . i was due to my normal natural after season. usually i have had a world cup and a 10 month season before arriving of the european will championship. it was all but we did our best in the current situation. a lot. the finale starts dolo is up against all in our creve itsco. i strong competitor from the ukraine, the decisive match
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the attack and the when and the winning cry from the ukranian who has just secured her ticket to tokyo because of the hipaa, some in one. 0 no, i didn't win the tournament and of course i'm sad and a bit disappointed how long off and i'm not disappointed with my buddy because i know what i've achieved in these 2 years. the quantification legalize that happens . now when my family and my friends give me so much support can apply and i had a nephew for almost 2 years now. i'm, well, i have 2 grand parents to live and in the mid 18 years. of course, the big games mean and not to me. i'm succeeding means a lot to me. but having a healthy family is it now spends or generation? i think things like that is more important. $150.00 goes ah.
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ah, just because i know i'm not the know average on the time one of the best in the world and it wasn't enough this time on it. but the fact is only 3 people from all of your forget to get a hair among the absolute best in the world. so i guess i'll have to be among the absolute, absolute, absolute best in the world for paris. and then i'll make it so hard on. 2 the countdown has a big deal and to explain has started this journey through japan here in focus really usually marks the moment the public excitements over the games picks up by this time around. the situation is different. hop on japan is experiencing its 4th corona virus way. not in the vast majority here are for cancelling the games out of fear of new mass infection the, especially as i understand that some of the enthusiasm is gone for us athletes,
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the biggest possible achievement. and i think it's important for us now and for sports in general. my house, you don't flush is finally taking part in a competition. the pandemic still isn't over, so there will be no life spectators. this is doug with feel really good, really to finally be allowed to compete after 2 years. i finished i felt a bit sluggish today. i can't really say why only job 3 hours home to railing in. but somehow i still thought as if i were tired and my legs aren't fit enough yet to jump any higher. ah, but she manages to jump 1.88 meters and wins me
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a good showing that she know she can do better. the long forced interruption have disrupted her routine, feel of it for me. but i still have many competitions ahead of me. i need to retain to be ready for the olympic games because not just physically, but psychologically. but i feel certain that i can reach a good height that i'm not just getting to 1.8 in order leaders to know that i can jump over 1.9 or 2 letters. if i give up my all and everything lines up even then it's possible. in spite of the numerous setbacks, the olympics are now slowly becoming a reality. even if many athletes still don't know exactly where they stand in germany at the end of may 2021. the corona numbers are steadily decreasing while the number of vaccinated people is finally increasing. among athletes as well.
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almost like now has a sites firmly set on the olympic games. but what will the event be like this year will not. what's unfair? didn't have a 100 percent fair competition before the pandemic, and you still won't have one after the ban. demik has brutally widened the social gap even further. often. those who have equipment or who were able to keep training despite lockdown positions, have a small advantage. countries that had no restrictions at all have an even bigger advantage on for type even after months of uncertainty, things still remain unclear. but the olympic dream lives on me . remember she went to the games as an olympic winner is very special on the i'm still going with the aim to when i
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was for athletes. it's hugely significant event and i hope that the atmosphere will be good on the athlete. i hope it will be unforgettable. ah ah ah ah, yes, the eco india in a secluded valley in the himalayan mountains. many people still live without electricity. hydro electric power is meant to solve the energy problem. but these clean power plants are just going local agriculture and the population is starting
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to fight back to india next on dw, in good shape, the healing power may. so what can i do? and how does it work? we will chat in natural healing methods. talk who are in and reset. recommend healthy advocacy from the have god and under that, he's good in 30 minutes on the w. o. o news. nico germany, to pinnacle when learn with him i w e learning course. critical fake.
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how does the virus spread? why the repairman and when will all this 3 of the topics that we covered, and i weekly radio, if you would like any more information on the corona virus or any other final topics, you should really check out. our podcast is wherever you get your podcast. you can also find us at ww dot com or flash science ah, this is, these are the news and these are top stories. german chancellor anglo merkel has been visiting villages, devastated by severe flooding. at least 156 people died. merkle says she is horrified by the real devastation and germany must do more to tackle climate change . she met with survivors and emergency workers and it's promising government 8
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his round of peace talks between the afghan government and.


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