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tv   Verruckt nach Meer  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 10:30pm-11:31pm CEST

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and the trick was doing something to your brain tomorrow today. in 60 minutes on the w. the secret lie behind these was the discover new adventures in the 360 degree the and explore the fascinating world heritage sites the he w world heritage 360. now the me ah, ah, i'm going to shoot, we're in corolla. for centuries, city has been famous for its marble, used by michelangelo and many other artists. but for some years, cora has been not only concerned with the quality of its marble. today,
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a real environmental disaster is happening here, perhaps one of the worst in europe. this is sandra manfredi, a rebel, and a whistleblower. and he's been raising awareness about troubles that the quarries for years. i guess i got, i got it. we managed to film illegal activities at this quarry here, and it was one of our biggest victory a lot on me, but it was bitter sweet because right afterwards, sort of out a loosened my car's wheels, and i could have died driving through the mountains. mm . i
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the legitimate one, the 2nd model is discovia. that last or the list are very everyone thinks the marble is being excavated for duty to make sculpture and art for the front. but it's actually made into powder or used to produce medicine, toothpaste or paper for each of god. it's now a mining area in from the start. and the tories aren't even genuine or as fascinating as they might have been before in the fall. so not everything has been devastated. it all and these blocks of marble concealed quite a bit. behind these fortresses of calcium gaped open wounds scars carved into a unique natural, parked the appoint out from trojans, forum to the pantheon in rome and the famous statues by michelangelo. and canada, all of it was torn from these marble things in tuscany
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the news until the 1980s corolla and it's white, gold experienced and economic and cultural boom. everywhere in the city, you could see artists and workshops. the marble was processed on site. 40 years later, this magic has disappeared. a modest sculpture festival attempts to prove the contrary . but even tourists only have a fleeting look around. the quarry owners want to convey the outdated image of cultivated artisans with a passion for sculpting marble. the reality today is that they reign over financial and property empires, or the, i'm and i,
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p z i. e vibe. michel angela would walk over here and pick the marbles that his sculptures in my more the p a, to the slaves. he chiseled many of his works from the local marble door a gap res, increased franco bar, a teeny is an expert and he owns the famous michelangelo quarry about 1000 meters up on this morning, his machines are cutting a new marble block straight from the cliff face thursday, he is the mountain and we saw the block house of it. why she found we start at the bottom and drill around beside. nice and straight. first thing that she,
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that when we use the diamond wire, saw to finish the can't get perfect. i'm in the wire, we use it, green water, cools it down, and the diamond cuts jamante, it used to take 20 days to remove a block, but now it's just 10 hours at most and sometimes even less. sometimes treasure is found, a vein of a pure marble due to its translucence stat, wario or star tears marble such as a high price. the question i've been, and this is a stat wario vane and that's ordinary marble. she missed. so it's not totally pure, but still a nice specimen value that you can use it to make marble flooring and many other things that's happened on the international market. there was
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a high demand from china and the gulf states marble for construction costs from 150 euros per ton, up to 3000 years, or even more, depending on its quality. not being mean after all, i already worked in these quarries as a young boy and i've done everything. she santos and i'm still here up to 67 years of work. most santa. actually more like 140 because we always work from dawn till dusk. she never unlike today where you go home after 8 hours or franco martini isn't interested in environmental protection. he sees these mountains as a gift from nature, an inexhaustible inheritance the like it's not an environmental. it's the opposite. it's wonderful and
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these quarries are like, feel the farming or imagination. nobody is destroying the mountains. for barre that'd be like saying you could drink up the ocean's awkward, and i don't think we can drink up all the ocean. it's the same here. my jerry will never be able to eat up all these mountains. the variable we do is make a little cut, the very just a little cut. you understand? we're not destroying them. mano, she manjens me. the landscape formed by the quarries, however, tells another story. sandra manfredi checks if a quarry has really been close down, or he exposes illegal practices. it's the only way he says to stop this
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carnage. wanted to sell my tv for someone directly since our group has taken action with it, all investigated quarries have been temporarily or permanently shut down money like this one here. so know what that makes for dozens of site on. we'll do the 3 and tween about $30.40. they provide me and they are deb line. it went to very apple one. how happened classified as an irreplaceable natural heritage. and each piece that's removed that is last forever . there are $3000.00 species of flowers and plants and the apple on out is why that's half of italy flora. and a few doesn't exist here exclusively. what plants bring up live and thrive in unique ecosystem, and are directly threatened by marble excavation, where you can go back to on the up one alps are home to tuscany,
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the biggest water reservoir. and the unique complex spends 150 kilometers of tunnels and caves. at the current pace, it's unclear what will become of this mountain range. central manfredi isn't the only one concerned in colorado. in 2014, a diverse collective emerged, including biologist, lawyers, and net workers. and some of them are meeting outside of town today. when i got back, she got my daughter known for its marble and art is just an open pit mine region. now they cut blocks from the mountains, break them down and send them abroad for processing in a low wage country. very, very, very, we're just that with terrible environmental damage to us getting older well, phi,
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the benefits of small minority all flows abroad. it's unacceptable and exceed that. this is good as the other broker, when you cut out a model, you destroy 95 percent of the mountains. it's insane. the business business is based on destruction. environmental on that having to go climb and among young people in massa and canada twice high as through like tuscany 3 times the time in italy over 3 blow, something's not right, because i couldn't was she could be only a $5000000.00 tons of marble or excavated for mountains every year and just $50000.00 tons of it. they used the sculptures. so it's totally absurd. just to go, what goes again today,
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only one 4th of corolla marble is excavated in blocks, while the rest is crushed into pebble and transported downstream to omnia, the global leader in this highly lucrative market. the marble is ground into a fine powder and sold in calcium carbonate, used to produce a variety of products like paper, putty, glue and toothpaste. swiss company discreetly established itself in the field in the early 1900 ninety's and has been continuously expanding its business with the powder critics claim on you violates legal limits. but in a region with high unemployment, hardly any one would dare defy the princes of corolla. the only politician willing to speak to us here is the regions environmental director. giacomo generally of the 5 star movement says it in no
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uncertain terms in recent years. politics, marble and justice have been a single swamp. pretty much every law has been violated. is switching to changing play as you can avoid or no, i'm 500 companies employing about 701 because exact model for my mom. i mean 2800 john use it in masa and cut on it. are linked directly or indirectly to the in the area in north of the needle to chantelle. so i'd like to turn over current generated by the whole factor, $8000000.00 euros a year or 2 in the state of these entrepreneurs. my pastor, norma, well that it gets increased bbt, maybe that's why it is so difficult for them to read it back time long. but if it came up in a poly titian supposed to come to terms with the audio superpower, economic power is concentrated in the hands of
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a few people that de dictate local politics. they wanna jody and going on. good luck with the took a look at it in franco barbara teese quarry. the marble block has finally been cut out from the mountain and now it has to be lowered down. ideally, in one piece. only now, is he getting an idea of its value? the the quarry owner doesn't like talking about his turnover, but he does reveal the price of this $30.00 ton block and i'll take a closer look at it, but it seems to be a high quality block. we won't know exactly until it's count the size, but this kind of block is worth about 50000 euros to blank. i mean, he cuts out several blocks like this one each day. and quarry owners enjoy
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a lot of extra leeway since they bring business and jobs. this sometimes results in poor safety standards. there have been 11 deaths in a little over 10 years. but at $3000.00 euros a month, the salaries are quite high for the region. and a significant portion is paid under the table. so when it comes to illegal drilling or waste in the mountains, no one complains. but the bar metal or a sledge made of water and marble dust seems to be directly responsible for polluting the rivers flowing down into the valley. say, my thought i can not. there are these people. how can they say the momento, la pollute the environment? charity is the thing, the marble pebbles are crushed and the company makes them into a powder again. and we sell the waste product to that company so they can make
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harmless powder. and now, and this powder from our cussing machines is supposed to be polluting the environment that could get it for a while. maybe it's the exact same powder. oh god. we store it in bags. it cannot easily escape the quarry. and then water runs through the bag. it has been filtered fi, so all the marble powder stays here. it doesn't go into the rivers and event. sandra manfredi is working with peano, some sony, a retired biologist, to check the foreigner in the center of corolla. they start by analyzing the water of a river, free of quarry, waste downwards with us, and we'll see if anything is living in this river. we'll filter the water and see what we find
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a good offer to filter into the current and you scratch off the rocks back. this should give us a rough idea as to how many species live in the river. when i look for me to see watson here is some cat is flying up the little green in there. right now we have a very rich ecosystem. yeah, that's right. so the only is that these counting about 20 different species, say i was, meaning the water quality, good, all very good on down. not bad, won't will the feel so you just head up stream along another river and continue their experiment. the
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rain flushes all quarry wastewater into the river bed. the if i think us, but i know hello miss. i was supposed to live buried under this marbles lodge. its unspeakable. no chair, no se, there's nothing left to live in this river from the list. they actually came all day when modern conveying equipment emerged here in the 70 list of i sort of started being used to direct them a metal into the rivers. if that was the beginning of the end, it's laura leesha. everything is covered in my metal. i guess if alicia it has it like when a landslide berries to buildings in a system, they're done. i've got this. are you got? it's a biological waste yet it does have to be the
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marble dust immediately settles, creating a hard impenetrable layer. so the mountain soil can no longer absorb the water when there's heavy rain and that's exactly what happened in 2014 terrible floods hit the city. torrance of water rushed down the mountains unhindered and caused the river to burst its banks. the quarries were immediately identified as the cause and it came in the wake of 2 previous ones in 2003 and in 2010. but this time, residents expressed their rage in front of the town hall. the. the absurd response of the mayor is at the time escalated their anger even further. the town hall does not feel responsible for the flooding. the
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familiar was escorted away under police protection residence, occupied the town hall for several weeks. the. the availability made on this before we for the 1st time the people felt responsible for the course. $70000.00, the car there, we paid for the full no one sold a connection. it for young people, take a look in the past to pay the waste from the chorus. i did a bit like sponges when it rang and limited the risk of sundays hourly. so today they are no longer protection. they are a danger facility. in any case, quarry owners like franco barbara theni, are digging in their heels, claiming industrial marble production has priority shown by the
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door that their shots are there. i started out with nothing. i was the poor guy in the world that also the rich, thanks to god. since i've always been healthy and motivated 35, no matter. nobody will ever take that away from me. nobody should know me. i thought it sure nobody will take that away from me. i thought i'll step right over the dead body and see if she comes down. like i said, whoever misses with my would bury him in the face with the obvious impotence of the authorities. sandra manfredi had no choice but to denounce the quarries, illegal practices, putting himself personally at risk meter, although one day someone loosens my cars,
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wheels i call the mechanical, and it immediately became clear, it was no accident. he prepared an expert appraisal and i filed charges for property damage, and i mean he survived the ordeal, but it could have been fatal. still, he persists, undeterred by fear or threats. on this evening, he is discussing a new campaign stemware, an exam on sheet other than that, we're planning a tour with my friend, our daughter, a director and environmental activists in police. and quarry is in the middle of a nature reserve. and we wants to protect the local flora and do money back to the my breast. we're heading off into the mountains here early in the morning that i know for stock, we'd like to fun and we're taking a back way through the lorazepam. so the workers don't see it when you throw in and
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we'll have a good view of what's going on in the quarry from up above me. my last name's janet the way the sun rises over the f one alps. sandro and l berto always leave early in the morning. they have been monitoring the quarry workers for years because of the found it's nice here. they are united by their love for nature and their fight to protect the afflicted mountains. alberto father and grandfather worked in the quarries themselves to day . he photographs the excesses of the industry with thank you or they don't see the environmental activist is set to testify
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in a case about this very quarry. to date, the owner has managed to escape the consequences of his actions. but people out of this quarry has an unusual story. it was actually supposed to be shut down. but after an appeal to italy's top administrative court, he was allowed to open it again. when you come in to see him, but he has to stole his waist on the premises, which is highly unusual. cause i could come in for you can see the heaps of crushed marble from here to legally. he should actually be required to transport it down into the valley where the rest of
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the 2 men are searching for more evidence. this footage, taken a few months ago, clearly shows how the trucks are dumping waste in the middle of nature. but it's clear to sandra manfredi, why no one is penalizing them. mister, committed a bit. that owner of the quarry is a very well known, corrupt politician. though he could always wriggle out of it and put up thanks to his connection and continue to work. despite these violations on the deck, one the ship went out. since we've been working with cameras, it's hard to cover up the violation school and, and when you recognize film and report them, the authorities have to follow up on that was for at least act like they're doing their job. i feel that the fight a lot of water, me the
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why in my more been the marble, her shape the local identity here since roman times to be on iq roll material, a gift of nature, it can only be found. we should emphasize that when no one wants to close the quarrel, rather, they should become environmentally friendly and socially and economically benefit. because we have never had that. for me, i saw joe other than i said, we're coming change. it will only happen through a cultural revolution, the boss, and i said, this can all happen very quickly. if politicians and the population pull together
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that in and i did it, and i want the quarry owners are unlikely to accept this chain. i shifted on the or they will not give up, are relatively high standard of living just like that job to live on the side. there's no choice, you know, for 600 people can't keep on deciding the future of 150000 others. so on the news, the news
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the news the, the the, the end play next. the lead time is have long been a favorite to serious make the
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trip something to your brain tomorrow today. in 30 minutes on the w the. it's the classic among germany. 50 trip frankfurt was fighting contrast from the skyline to the old town and from the severn culture around the fighter called voice that i am eager to try to deny life in the district. ah 16 d w o was right in front of them. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the are the games that tokyo
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a 202021 thrown off course during the fine brown horse sport piero, i'm fired up and ready to count down during lockdown. why you go to tokyo starts july 19th on the w. these places in europe are smashing the record step into a ball, but sure is the treasure map for the modern globe. trotter's discovery. some of you have to record breaking into. and now also in book form me congress or millions of years before our time since then they've been leading a secret life and having credible ability. and if you think about it, it's impossible for humans to survive without the
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starts august 4th on d, w. o . ah, ah ah, this is the w news fly from berlin. surreal and terrifying german chancellor anglo americans, words on a visit to flood ravaged villages. she pledges fast financial assistance, but those that homeless are worried. it may not come quickly enough. also coming up much for stephens, british from pre ends after a 1st laugh collision with louis hamilton. the britain wins
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a controversial home victory as the rivalry itself. ah, i'm public foliage. welcome to the from chancellor angle america has been visiting parts of western germany have by the devastating flooding which has killed more than 150 people. the chancellor described damage as surreal and terrifying but medical said germany can afford to deal with it disaster and she pledged rapid financial help for those who lost homes, livelihoods, and loved ones. the skies had cleared by the time angle. americans came to meet emergency crews and survivors in the small south west in town of shoals. time were torn apart when the swollen river swept through, leaving the town in ruins. as a 2nd,
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it's shocking. the german language hardly has words to describe the devastation that has been wrong. but it is incredibly reassuring to see how people come together and help each other out. the solidarity they have but some residents are angry that the clean up effort was delayed when parts of shields were cordoned off for the chancellor's visits. and we need hope, what good is merkel if she comes here and looks a few warm words and that's it. with their homes and businesses devastated other residents worried the help they getting now weren't lost. they say they need long term assistance to rebuild. using the visor right now we are overwhelmed with help, but it's not just about now. it's also about later and help to rebuild. that's what's needed, not just hope for the next 2 or 3 weeks. once the garbage is gone,
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everything's fine again. that's not how it works on their households that are not sufficiently ensured. and merkle has to say that while they wait for the promised financial hope for now, these families are relying on each other for comfort and reassurance. well, the famous norbert nor a burg ring race track has been turned into a disaster relief center dw correspondent kate martyr. has been down there today. hi kate. tell us what's happening where you are. so it is not just one to relief efforts happening here today. there's one which is the official relief effort and that contains both the military. so the bond does that, as well as the fires of is the red cross and the technician is health back to another german voluntary relief organization. and then as you see behind me here, this is another relief organization happening in the same area which is being run
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just by volunteers. and it's quite an amazing operation which is just being put on by volunteers. here. they've come from all over the region to help and so have the donations been piling and, and this has been huge. organizations are around today. there are many people helping this area behind me with food from volunteers helping. they were forwarding the clothes, they were sourcing the clothes and not just clothes, but also food and prams and everything for young people to old people. and then they were sending them out to villages in the region that need in need of assistance for items such as such is that the ones here and i asked some of the people, some of the volunteers why they came and a group told me they came because they couldn't just sit in that garden when they and enjoy the sun when they've seen this huge tragedy on forward right on their doorstep. well, we've also seen the german army joining in putting our cars from flooded motorway.
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tell us more about the military's ro so this here as well as i said, is a hate to you for the german military in the region to coordinate that relief effort. and they've been sending out special tanks or swim recovery tanks to try and recover some of the vehicles that was in this merger weight, which was also hit hard by this much slide and also from the flood waters. and today that has been seen, lots of large vehicles come in from the military. they've been driving back to you . we've seen a tank bed in cranes. and everyone who's been volunteering here has been quite as founded to see these vehicles running in because they're already seen in a military context. right. well, many people in the flood zone have called the government's response slow and not a question. how are the officials that responding to that
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that's a question. a i picked to an official from their 5 or day to day and the way he used was chaos. he said it's such a challenge to be able to coordinate what the different relief efforts from all the different really, organizations. another official said that it was again, a logistical challenge because they're all trying to coordinate with the bonded the red cross and the volunteers. and just to try and pull all these various relief organizations in together at the same time as such short notice because this was such a surprise. tragedy has really been a challenge here. all right, we'll leave it there. dw correspondent, kate martyr in the flood zone. thanks for your update. well, as we've heard, the german army has been involved in the rescue effort and clean up operations, but in many areas, civilian volunteers are in the forefront of providing on the ground assistance son, sausages unfair. it looks like a village fate,
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but it's not what it seems. this is just a great time for the volunteers organizing an arduous relief efforts. now that the flood water has subsided. solidarity is the one thing on everyone's mind right now and getting people who are being affected by the floods back on their feet as quickly as possible. people have traveled from nearby villages and further to get here to lend a helping hand with the clair up over the weekend, around $200.00 color and football fans descended on the region and distributed around the affected areas. they've been helping locals by rolling up their sleeves to clear deborah, from homes restaurant and the ruined b hall. cologne, found marco helped organize the effort. you can't leave people on their own. you just have to help. if it didn't happen to me, then i'd want someone to help. so i think it's great that people are lending a hand around the generous responses stunned locals including this high address to
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she's had a business here for 12 years that i think there were so many people out there that you don't even know. i don't even know where they come from. they're out here helping to clear up. so much were willing to help. it's wonderful. come talk about children. despite all the volunteers, many people have been left wondering why there hasn't been no help from the authorities. yup. and all those at the top are trying to bring order to the chaos, but it's not really working. a lot of help is coming from volunteers and residents showing an awful lot of initiative. but you can't really say that people at the top a helping it's really, it's an old with so many areas overwhelmed by the floods rescue services say they're at breaking point. this is relative freely. i don't lloyd.
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it's pretty difficult to get help to everyone and we have to prioritize if we get a report that someone's still trapped in a building and people with watering the basement end up being pushed to the back of the queue on as much what to be done. but many volunteers say they'll stick around long after this weekend or the chef on the fire game. our boss has given us monday and tuesday, so we can use the time to finish the job. we support the local from our owners. mentioned to me with many residents, still wondering how this disaster could have happened. that help would be much appreciated. right, well let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. hopes arising for a break through and peace talks on. i've got to stand the afghan government and the taliban terra group, say they want to speed up negotiations. the out here network is reporting progress in the talks in guitar. a fuel tanker explosion and western canyon has killed at
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least 13 people and injured dozens more. police, a victims were siphoning fuel from the overturned tanker after it was in a crush with a milk truck. heavy smoke from raging wildfires as covered the russian city of the codes and another 50 other siberian communities. the airport was temporarily closed . authorities are advising residents to stay home and not open windows. they blame the fires on unusually high temperatures. now, an international investigation has uncovered evidence of highly invasive spyware being used against journalists, human rights activists, and opposition. politicians and israeli program called pegasus is being linked to the murder of saudi journalist, sham out shogi. another target is a prominent report are critical of hungary right when government his smartphone was the target of a sophisticated spying operation in 2019 the hungarian investigative reporter
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sandwich. bonnie was spied on for months with pegasus software, according to a forensic analysis of his device. and his own government may have been behind it. they could have access all my emails, my calendars, my for those my windows, they could even turn on my, my microphone and camera. pegasus can be installed without the victim doing anything, usually by an invisible message. one upon his colleagues was also under surveillance, according to an investigation by an international team of journalists, coordinated by the nonprofit group forbid, in stories. several media organizations in germany took part. they analyze records that included more than 50000 phone numbers, possible spying targets, apparently entered by customers of the israeli software developer. and so they included human rights activists, government critics, and journalists we thought some people, some human rights activists, one day decided to go in district and mexico to protest. and then the next day they
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were on the list. pegasus apparently also played a role in the killing of saudi journalists, jamal because shock g turkeys chief investigator was on the list of potential targets. the spirals also linked took a shower gc on same the israeli firm. and so, and says pegasus was only deployed against terrorists and criminals and says it would end collaboration if the spyware was misused. the company denies any connection, took a showcase murder several japan. you doesn't know the extent of the damage to his sources. when asked about it, surveillance, the hungarian government set it followed all laws in cycling today poca char poet char has one be $100.00 and a tour de france after a safe and steady ride on sundays. 21st stage. the 22 euros. the venial. so specially defended his title to become the youngest cyclist to secure back to back winds. and he was helped by some vintage racing in the alpine stages. belgian
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cyclists found fun at one the final stage which finished at paris is showing that he is a to deny britton's mark cavendish from setting a new record of $35.00 stage winds. will lose hamilton has won the british chrome pre after a thrilling race in front of a $140000.00 fans of silver stone. the britain sealed a record extending 8th when on home turf. but there was controversy after a crash between hamilton and main title, rival max 1st stop and left the red bull driver in hospital leading the driver's standings and looking to turn the street on an increasingly unsure looking lewis hamilton max for stop and started on pole in silver then, but he didn't even complete a lap. the rivals collated as the entered cops corner, and the impact pitched pushed up into a spin that saw him late to take him to the hospital for precautionary tests. despite the sporting applause as he was helped from his car,
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read bill where incense calling hamilton's move. dangerous, desperate and unacceptable. hamilton received a 10 2nd penalty when the race restarted, but cheered on by a packed and raucous home, crowed the britain, hunted, don't race leader shout claire. and eventually, over, hold him with 2 lamps to go. as the merced ranks of locals hailed a record extending a pretty strong pre victory. the best best crowd, a home crowd is the best thing. but when we go to the beginning, the day 33 points off the pace. hamilton is no, only 8 behind, pushed up and but the next few races of an invigorating season will show who this controversial when was fired up more the britain for stuff and,
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and his thieving red bill team. you're watching the w news from berlin coming up next reporter. and we're looking for answers to the question who kidnapped human rights activists. rather than say to me that in syria. and of course, don't forget that you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website, the w dot com. and of course you can follow up on our social media account. i'm pablo 40. the as for me and the rest of the interview team. thanks for watching. take care. ah ah, i'm just kidding. i had an endo to meet you. i'm not allowed to see you any more. we will send you back. are you familiar with these lions? what's your story. ready women,
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especially victims of violent part and send us your story chain. always understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor and again, you want to become city into migrants, your platform for reliable information. i the me, her dream was for a democratic and just theory or my name is human right from the law. oh, as a lawyer, she documented the atrocities of the syrian more that made her enemy on all sides.
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i just want the truth and i want to know what happened to resign and my friends in 2013 resign site unit was kidnapped along with 3 colleagues, my unidentified assailant. induction was the turning point in the soon as we've dw investigative unit, dealt deep into the case. we spoke of dozens of witnesses, analyze satellite imagery and comes through interrogation records to show that not only did the assad regime target activists but a rebel group did to news our search begins in paris. we meet nadeem hoody. oh,
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who we lead to? there is a program at human rights watch when the uprising against the assad regime began in 2011 created and she was in close contact with verizon, who was organizing protests across syria. she became a key source. she had the sort of softness, almost frailty to her when you met her at the beginning and you're like how she's doing this very dangerous job. and then as soon as you spoke to her, you immediately discovered the sort of steely courage and principles. the assad regime launched brutal cracked against the protesters and arrested corps of opposition. figures was done and forced into hiding, but she continued to speak out while underground, not even over 100000 or harsh. th are the big 3 of the international community can ever
11:19 pm
defeat the people who have the ream and say in the future. in 2013 resign fled aside tight grip and damascus for neighboring duma. the town was under the control of various arms opposition groups. together they fought assad, but often each other to the hard line militia group, j, islam increasingly had the upper hand. the duma was the last place resigned with the allies. the search for clues brings us to turkey. and is temple we meet with a close friend and colleague of resign? he fled with her to duma. osama the sar, it tells us it was pure luck, but he was not kidnapped with her. he had just left their office only a few minutes before the abduction. to this day,
11:20 pm
he wondered whether he could have done more to find his friend. the arrival in duma, he said, was not easy. particularly due to the armed opposition group, jayce lam side over there. they felt threatened by we were in the field of human rights and we documented human rights abuses. we wanted promote democracy and human rights. now women change alice dance. when they told them i read it, but the activists were not deterred. they continued to push for a flourishing civil society. the resign also began investigating harrowing claims against the hard line militia that at the pained and tortured civilians in its prison. i remember that she insisted on visiting the detention facilities that were run by jason and she would go,
11:21 pm
i mean if anyone who knew resign, she could be insistent, you know, she just really knew no fear. after resigns life was threatened. armed men shot in the air outside her office and left a threatening letter on her doorstep. leave duma in 3 days or i will kill you. the phrase was repeated 5 times. do the investigation is only through our sources and syria. we identify the author of the threat letter to be in a statement we obtained exclusively. he speaks about how a j, a slum associate instructed him to threaten with on. and what one to me told me that this girl is an agent. could have brought us to court on charges, so i told him if she was an agent and working against the country, why don't you do something? why don't you kidnap her? are you afraid of her? he said, no, we are not afraid of her. we will bring her down,
11:22 pm
but now we want to threaten her. when the dean hoodie learned about the threats he urged, resolved to leave duma. she was worried for her safety. i mean, there's just, she responded the next day saying, i am not going to move. we did not do a revolution lose 1000 the solve so that such monsters can come and repeat the same in just history. nice people need to be held to account just like the regime. and december 9th, 2013 armed men stormed her office late at night. they kidnapped was on along with her husband hummadi, human rights activists, samira and lawyer levine, hummadi. the latter was on the phone with his brother. when the kidnappers arrived, when a man or non, while they were talking about his brother,
11:23 pm
heard loud noise. and someone shouted in the classical arab making believe to be enemies of god called or nauseum replied, i will come down another and this is not by us above my head. then the line went dead. who by the summer shows us photos from the crime scene drawers are ransacked, and files and computers taken. this will soon lead us to the 1st clue. one of the stolen computers can be traced to an ip address used by jason alice lam. back they were, they were late and there were other leads. he tells us, but no one would earnestly perceive them. and none of the other armed rebel groups would come to aid the activists. man, they didn't do anything. ok, was scared of a confrontation with jason alice. the kidnapping of who has from me, announced the moment where the higher the arm of the sort
11:24 pm
of armed uprising dominated to this day. hardline rebel group denies that they couldn't after resign. we searched for former members of jayce lawn who now live in turkey. in the process, we establish contact with the men who investigated the kidnapping on their behalf. he is willing to meet with us, but would only do feel on condition of anonymity. if i investigated the kidnapping on behalf of j, obviously, i think they wanted to clear themselves. but as i gathered more and more evidence that implicated them, they suddenly started threatening me. and so i had to flee. he said that many witnesses were threatened and even murdered by the group, and that j. alice lum, helped the main suspect flea after he was detained. he is convinced they are guilty . i'm 100 percent sure that all the slot is responsible for the kidnapping.
11:25 pm
but the most important clue, the testimony of a young woman she had met resigned in a prison run by the rebel group only a few months after the kidnapping minnow regions. we had heard the name of sunday to know what they once brought her to an utter. again, i do want to know she refused, so they beat her and she fainted. they asked us to bring her back into her cell and when she woke up with no, i saw her green eyes and she was tall and slim, weedy when i have it like in the family, a couple of them did. back in berlin, we find another witness who also saw resign in j salami to present it to her mother . look at the home. we investigate both accounts using satellite imagery. they show that resign was held on the premises of a repurposed agricultural facility in the center of duma, the so called l talbert. prison is controlled by only one group jayce. so i really think that if we had to syria to confront the islamic militia with our findings,
11:26 pm
spokesman, hands about actor is willing to speak to us without conditions. she denies any involvement in the kidnapping, and instead blaine's the assad regime and other g hottest groups. we meet him in northern syria, where remains active in his office. we confront him with the testimonies of our witnesses who saw rezani my tunic in their prison. his answer is short. they are all liars. he claims that they never had any of the activists in their custody. couldn't many day a malicious lamp, a little lever claim. jason, on his long as responsible, arose on site to needs. this appearance is not being in marshall rather, and they're taking a political dana to acute jason, others lot of jani, lisa,
11:27 pm
people who make sudden claims to be do not want to reveal the truth more unveiled perpetrator. and then i had of it is a political client, the accused of his mom of kidnapping and activists and civilian and with me. and i will not sure when i would have meanwhile, french authorities are also investigating j. c. l. islam for alleged war crimes and have even arrested a senior member of the group. in paris, we meet with theory and human rights lawyer, muslim doris together with lawyer came on the top. they have filed criminal charges for their findings implicate the rebel group. the only problem is proving it in a court of law in regime. and jay said he slams still have a lot of power or an influence and capacity to intimidate and threaten the victims and the witnesses. so this really is a major concern for us because any prosecution,
11:28 pm
successful prosecution will also have to rely on this kind of testimonial evidence, day and night. the work to track down other witnesses include, the hope of the court will soon issue an indictment in a case that is no longer fully about resign. so tune as disappearance, but also about torture. summary executions and the use of child soldiers. it is time to, to say out loud that the syrian population has also been victims of other groups who pretended to be fighting for the revolution, but to who also turned against the population. this was what was alerting about. and this was why maybe she died and we think that it's also as a heritage to her and to the many others who had the courage to say this, that is very important. so continue the me
11:29 pm
i the, the and play next long been the favorite to serious make something to your brain tomorrow today on dw the, at the classic among germany, 50 trip frankfurt was fighting contract from the skyline to the old cell and from the every culture around the spiders called every voice that i am eager to try to the night life in the district.
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