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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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the ah ah, this is the w news lie from berlin. surreal and terrifying german chancellor anglo manacles. whereas on a visit to flood ravaged villages, she pledges fast financial assistance, but those left homeless are worried. it may not come quickly enough. also coming up anger over right, rising cove with 19 cases in thailand, opponent say, the government has been too slow to act. they want the prime minister out and a new leader with a new plan. and in formula one must 1st stop and british from pre
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ends after a 1st lap collision with louis hamilton. the britain wins a controversial home victory as the rivalry itself. ah, i am pablo foliage. welcome to the program chancellor angler michael has been visiting parts of western germany have by the devastating flooding which has killed more than 150 people. the chancellor described the damage as surreal and terrifying but medical said germany can afford to deal with a disaster and she pledged rapid financial help for those who lost homes, livelihoods, and loved ones. the skies had cleared by the time angle. americans came to me to emergency crews and survivors in the small southwestern town of shoals, homes were torn apart when the swollen river swept through,
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leaving the town in ruins. as is a 2nd, it's shocking. the german language hardly has words to describe the devastation that has been wrong. but it is incredibly reassuring to see how people come together and help each other out. the solidarity they have, it does, but some residence angry that the clean up effort was delayed when parts of shields were cordoned off for the chancellor's visits. and we need hope, what good is merkel if she comes here and looks a few warm words and that's it. with their homes and businesses devastated other residents and worried the help they getting now weren't lost. they say they need long term assistance to rebuild within right now we are overwhelmed with help, but it's not just about now. it's also about later and help to rebuild. that's
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what's needed, not just help for the next 2 or 3 weeks. once the garbage is gone, everything's fine again. that's not how it works on their households that are not sufficiently ensured. and merkle has to see that while they wait for the promised financial hope for now, these families are relying on each other for comfort and reassurance. well, the famous norbert nor a burg ring race track has been turned into a disaster relief center dw correspondent kate martyr. has been down there today. hi kate. tell us what's happening where you are. so it is not just one, but 2 relief efforts happening here today. there's one which is the official relief effort and that contains both the military. so the one does that, as well as the fires of is the red cross and the technicians held back to another german voluntary lead relief organization. and then as you see behind me here,
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this is another relief organization happening in the same area which is being run just by volunteers. and it's quite an amazing operation which is just being put on by volunteers. here. they've come from all over the region to help and so have the donations been piling and, and this has been huge. organizations are around today. there are many people helping at this area behind me was food from volunteers helping they were folding the clothes. they were source in the clothes and not just clothes, but also food and prams and everything for young people to old people. and then they were sending them out to the villages in the region that need in need of assistance for items such as such is that the ones here and i asked some of the people, some of the volunteers why they came and a group told me they came because they couldn't just sit in the garden when they and enjoy the sun when they'd seen this huge tragedy on forward right on the doorstep. well, we've also seen the german army joining in pulling out cars from
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a flooded motorway. tell us more about the military's ro sir, this here as well, as i said, is a hate to you for the german military in the region to coordinate that relief effort. and they've been sending out special tank or swim recovery tank to try and recover some of these vehicles that was stuck in this merger weight. which was also hit hard by this mudslide and also from the flood waters. and today that has been seen, lots of large vehicles come in from the military. they've been driving back to you . we've seen a tank as being cranes. and everyone who's been volunteering here has been founded to see these vehicles running in because he, they're already seen in a military context. right. well, many people in the flood zone have called the government's response slow and not
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a question. how are the officials that responding to that that's a question. a i picked to an official from their fire brigade today, and the word he used was chaos. he said it's such a challenge to be able to coordinate all the different relief efforts from all the different really organizations. another official said that it was again, a logistical challenge because they're trying to coordinate with the bond is that the, the red cross and the volunteers. and just to try and pull all the various relief organizations in together at the same time, at such short notice because this was such a surprise, tragedy has really been a challenge here. alright, we'll leave it there. dw correspondent, kate martyr in the flood zone. thanks for your update. well, as we've heard, the german army has been involved in the rescue effort and keno populations. but in many areas, civilian volunteers are in the forefront of providing underground assistance, son,
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sausages, and fear. it looks like a village fate, but it's not what it seems. this is just a bright time for the volunteers organizing an arduous relief effort. now that the flood water has subsided solely darcy is the one thing on everyone's minds. hit right now in getting people who are being affected by the floods back on their feet as quickly as possible. people have traveled from name by villages and further to get here to lend a helping hand with a clear up over the weekend around 200 color and football fan, descended on the region and have been distributed around the affected areas. they've been helping locals by rolling up their sleeves to clear deborah, from homes restaurants and the ruined b hall. cologne, found marco helped organize the effort. and i love. you can't leave people on their own. you just to help. if it does happen to me that i'd want someone to help. so i think it's great that people are lending a hand,
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goes around the generous responses stunned locals, including this high address a. she's had a business here for 12 years, but i think there were so many people out there that you don't even know. i don't even know where they come from, around here helping to clear up so much were willing to help. it's wonderful. comp felt short about children despite all the volunteers, many people have been left wondering why there hasn't been more help from the authorities. yup. and all those at the top are trying to bring order to the chaos, but it's not really working. a lot of help is coming from volunteers and residents showing an open loss of initiative. but you can't really say that people at the top of helping really get on all become with so many areas overwhelmed by the floods rescue services, say they're at breaking point. this is relative freely. i don't lloyd,
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it's pretty difficult to get help to everyone. and we have to prioritize if we get a report that someone still trapped in a building and people with watering the basement, they end up being pushed to the back of the queue on as much work to be done. but many volunteers say they'll stick around long after this weekend was a chef on fire game. our boss is given as monday and tuesday, so we can use the time to finish the job code on the support the local from a 100 on mentioned with many residents still wondering how this disaster could have happened. that help will be much appreciated. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. hopes are fading for our writing for a breakthrough in peace talks on i've got on the afghan government on the taliban terror group say they want to reach a settlement. the al jazeera network is reporting progress in the negotiations in
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guitar. a fuel tanker explosion in western kenya has killed at least 13 people and the injured dozens more police. a victims were siphoning fuel from the overturned tanker after it was in a crush with a milk truck. heavy smoke from raging wildfires as covered the russian city of your coast and around 50 other siberian communities. the airport was temporarily coast authorities are advising residents to stay home and not open windows. they blame the fires on unusually high temperatures. police in the time capital, bangkok, half fired rubber bullets and tear gas demonstrators defined covered 19 restrictions . tough lockdown measures include state home orders and nighttime. curfews infections are running at record highs and nerves are fraying as protesters, coal for new leadership. the denique frustrations
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spill onto the street of bangkok, the maple i understand the situation isn't getting any better. well, we are not happy about the measures imposed. i mean it's like the government only wanted everything to come to a standstill, but isn't trying to fix anything. protesters march the prime minister's office, demanding his resignation. they say the government has been too slow and tackling the buyers and fail to secure enough vaccine doses from the government has managed the pandemic poorly. we are here to change things. we want the government to see how hard life has been for us that they need to have made how much thailand is facing a commerce cove at 900 wave, registering daily case records, as hospitals buckle under the pressure. morg are also overwhelmed and
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we had a lot of cobit 19 victims whose relatives are still important team, which means they can't collect their bodies for the bodies, and the more just keep piling up every day. i highly transmissible alpha delta variance are all ready widespread, and only $1.20 times is fully vaccinated. the government is being forced to put more curfews in place and to suspend most domestic slight that protest you are angry and say is too little too late. they want a new leader with a plan to reopen cities and bring the me back to life the in cycling today. pogue char has one the 100 and 8th tour de france after a safe and steady ride on sunday's 21st stage. the 22 year old civilian successfully defended his title to become the youngest cyclist to secure back to
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back winds, and he was helped by some vintage racing in the alpine stages. belgian cyclists filed at fun at one the final stage which finished at pirates. is shawn's uneasy to deny britain's mark cavendish from setting a new record of 35 stage wins. there was, hamilton, has won the british crime pri, after a thrilling race in front of 140000 fines. its silver stone. the britain sealed a record extending 8th when on home turf. but there was a controversy after a crash between hamilton and main type, the rival marks for stop and left the red bull driver in hospital leaving the driver standing and looking to turn the street on an increasingly unsure looking lewis hamilton mac switched up and started on poland syllabus then, but he didn't even complete a lap. the rivals collated as the entered cops corner and the impact pitched 1st step into a spin that saw him later taken to the hospital for precautionary tests. despite
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the sporting applause, as he was helped from his car, read bill where incense calling hamilton's move dangerous, desperate and unacceptable. hamilton received a 10 2nd penalty when the race restarted, but cheered on by a pipe and rook his home crowed. the britain hunted, don't race leader sharla clair and eventually over, hold him with 2 lamps to go. as the mass rang of locals hailed a record, extending a british, drawn pre victory. the best crowd a home crowd is a bit in the beginning, the day 33 points off the pace. hamilton is no, only 8 behind pushed up and but the next few races of an invigorating season will
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show who this controversial. when was fired up more, the britain are for stuff and, and his see the red bill team here watching the w news from berlin, coming up next to our magazine sports life, the rocky road to the tokyo olympics, part 4. and don't forget, you can all you can keep up. did i know the latest news? the information around the clock on our website and our social media accounts for the rest of the team take care season up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program online d w dot com highlight how does the virus spread? why do we panic by? and when will all of this? just 3 of the topics that we've covered in
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a weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other and find topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find us at ww dot com, forward slash science. the the the the me june 28th was a faithful day for tomorrow school and his dreams of further olympic glory. i wont
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be able to make it to the olympics this year. gave me goosebumps saying that it's been a tough decision on a training injury from april may is just not allowing me to go without any risk of bigger injury issues of health issues for the future. so much looking forward to so much more and in the sport i love so much 40 days before the mens olympic javelin event begins on august 7th. thomas lula has already lost, defeated by his own body, a base, a moment for the defending olympic champion from 2016 or the injuries that part and parcel of competitive sport. i can look back on 10 or even 15 really healthy use if you include my youth, korea, he's got to be grateful for that or so. now this difficult situation is something i have to accept feeling as it gets to you wants to tokyo games where
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postponed, he withdrew from the 2020 season using the timeouts to prepare and work on his technique. news and those preparations went well over winter and spring this year, both back home and the east and german city of yanna and at a training camp in turkey. then his back problems surfaced, throwing his plans into disarray because of it is about facing yourself. how do you see your sport and, and his role in your life? a few of these and how much riskier, unreasonable risks are you prepared to take to be at the olympics. and other mean winning? i mean, just taking part has equal mid june times the team uniform fitting session for tokyo, a big day for any athletes, and a sign that the big goal is now seemingly within reach. for us we'll ask,
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it was additional motivation to give 100 percent of the middle aspect was important for me because i know how it affected me in 2006 i had goose bumps there to the moment where you feel the rush and the dream is taking, i'm in effect i do have my body under control, but ultimately, despite that mental push empty or huge motivation, i got backing out was the right decision. and now i'm still glad i reach that decision. me says if i need to get, i don't get my locals young flies this day has been a long time coming. it's been almost 2 years since i love competitive high jump events. and now she needs to rediscover her rhythm. the panoramic has to be
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athletes, plans upside down the middle and looking back. it was a challenging and negative time also had just been for weeks training outdoors and the far as i have been a lot of things preventing me from training properly on it. so i'm happy that things are gradually looking office. it's may 23rd with 2 months ago until the olympics should begin. time is running out some of the last few flies to build up the right form and crucially clear the requisite heights to qualify for tokyo. 5 years ago in rio's he cleared one meter 93, finishing in 7th place. how can i do the olympics in the back of my mind and i'm focusing on the competitions
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between then and now we see those from the determined championships are 2 weeks away and i also have a number of other me 80 jump one meter 92, which is the qualifying height, and then we'll be almost completely focused on the whole. and my last young flies seems to be in good form, meet in may. but then at the all important olympics qualifying height of one meter 92, she fails. not once, but on all 3 attempts. it's a huge setback. see, and her coast time kiss, analyze i mistakes while the competition is still going. persistent problems with her achilles tendon have full set to also her run up. now many laws has to convert her higher approach speed into height. ah, the small, the crucial factors that will decide whether that stays up.
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ah, this is guns come from 8 am really tough because i don't even know myself where i currently stand image. but i'm sure i'll go from 184 to 188, but that might be my limit income. maybe i'll reach the to meet him on or higher level. assume slides still have quite a bit of work to do if she's to reach her 2nd olympics. the full fencer alexander and all of the dream of making the podium in tokyo was over in april. she thrusted and buried her way through to the final at the last qualifies in madrid, only to then come 2nd. but only the winner going to tokyo in dolo was initially heartbroken. it helped me, it's highlighted 2 weeks off from fence and i didn't train at all. it's enough.
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i'll use the time to visit family and friends, which was a massively important goal. they've been an amazing support hired. she's now back in her daily routine training again, but also comfortable talking about missing out on the olympics. so what all those years, the preparation for nothing was on stuff. it was never in vain. that's not how i view it at all. if i still aim to compete on the big stage as your opinion and will championship continent time, i suppose shocking. but i want to get back into the top 10 of the world rankings. and we had to look at the top 10. i previously was there for yeah, yeah, and i believe i can get back and keep on picking up metals. medina, and i know the thomas is also determined to keep passes. now unable to defend his limpid javelin title, he's having to adapt his daily schedule. not a problem for the 29 year old. even if the supporting aspect of his life remains
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prominence. i'm not being lazy, hoping things will get better. we're investing a lot of time into sorting out those back issues as soon as possible. right now, how long that will take, we're going to do it in a sensible and sustainable way, which will mean having patience to protect your games. do remain an issue for tall muscular. he knows the problems associated with an event of this magnitude during a pandemic, especially now with athletes competing an empty stadiums. the majority of people in japan were opposed to the games taking place. as one of the athletes representatives in the world atlantics association. he has his colleagues in mind that i know as an olympic champion, regardless of whether your just day or end up taking a metal hunt. it opens up a new chapter in your life. when you helped me go back in in rio,
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i was unable to take the time to appreciate it, which i'm now experiencing with this injury. i'm confused about how everyone competing takes that time to process that they're feeling a huge drain. yeah, tomas will at least have more time now to focus on another passion of his than he normally would when getting across the globe for javelin competitions. he's a big nature lover and has a sizable garden back home. attending to all the plants and animals provides a welcome relief from the stress and strain of being a world class athletes. i'm down and on the other hand, you're always busy every hour of the day, there's always something to do and work on in the garden chickens and quails here and in the summer, a colony of these to take your love of been for the best ones. come on,
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but thomasville are also has sporting challenges to look forward to the 2020 to well championships and the next the lympics. oh oh, i was 2024 is also the new big goal for madeline. in february she learn, she would not be making the gym and take one team for tokyo as me. so i actually have to deal with every day and i do wonder whether it's worth carrying on . i just need a different perspective most than unruly size a little shipple harris is another opportunity one that i want to grant my name. if things weren't bad enough after missing out on the olympics. madeline float mom then also called the corona virus. but after recovering and making a cautious return to training, she took part in the german championships in june and finished 3rd and her weight loss high jumped on my really was young flies will be the only one of the 4
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athletes we've been following to compete in tokyo and she'll soon be heading to has some, a residence, the olympic village, who's the bus on august 7th. it's crunch time when the women's high jump competition gets the way they always been. yeah. it's been a 5 year wait. and finally, it's over just a couple of weeks from now, we'll be flying that the 1st training can be before the real deal. my. my goal is to at least make it to the final and then just give my best way to treat my little film flush failed to reach the olympics. qualifying height of one meter 92 about 190 jumped makes her 2nd best german high jump this year. which means she does get tickets to tokyo after all, i was really optimistic about getting a slot. and after i got the email i was 100 percent. sure. they said i'm stuck. it
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was a matter of relief. that's another big occasion is the fitting session for olympic uniform. the german teams collection comprises some $88.00 items from jackets, trousers, and choose to bags, rucksacks caps and some glasses one. take thea, and you put them on and think this is me in the weeks to come from. do you feel part of a team? and i something as germans will then be privileged to way together. as i had my ceiling flies will be among the 434 german olympians. and mike just reached new heights in tokyo. mm. we
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are a lot renowned, twice mar, we'll get one of the likes of michelangelo. my other daughter today environmental disaster is unfolding here in the wars and in europe. they would all be joining the novel tories of kara on dw, the d and play next. have long been the favorite to serious make the trip something to your brain tomorrow today in 60 minutes on d. w. the secret lie behind these was the
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. the explore fascinating world heritage site. the w world. heritage 360 now with a very, i'm not going to shoot any say we're in colorado for centuries, most city has been famous for it's marble, used by michelangelo and many other artists. but for some years, cora has been not only.


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