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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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for amanda, we are here in a very special place where people who have shaped the world have stayed as guests of new social policy with all the heads of the state politicians and people who participated in the great geneva conferences, the edition. i have an end of course, eleanor roosevelt, an unforgettable personality for geneva, with whom she was in charge of a commission to draft the universal declaration of human rights. and she did it here on charlotte commission on hartner ask yar it is the fundamental document of the united nations like a guiding star. so the more for them on the nationals you need to see really to all it's all you know, go off the cities, hotels in the united nation. so the very special relationship during state visits, hotel serve as the link between back room politics and official announcements. it's the point between private conversations and world phase, the like a disgrace,
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unofficial part to the u. n. o the most momentous, international conference, the post war era, turned the eyes of the world in summer. or the plan was with capital of geneva, the gleaming palace of nations, the big for america, england, france, and russia met to seek an end to a decade of cold war. adding to sylvia delegation were bring there, but got him and communist party chief cross, jeff, displaying russia as plan policy of friendship. bruce jeff called will gone back for camera. man, though, nominally how ranked by the premier bruce just appeared very much. the boss, president eisenhower accompanied by a secretary of state dollars to exchange complete military information with the russians in a dramatic personal appeal. but the plan was rejected. bible gannon and the president war time friend general golf, had left me britain's aiden and french premier for support of the daring american
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proposal. it was in this hall at the united nations that the so called big form. it was also here the geneva conference in 1954. was it a new chapter? was session motion for viet nam, and it's where the geneva records on a kenneth ben was signed in 1988 the palace of nations in geneva houses the european headquarters of the un. how does the history of the united nations overlap with the hotel over the shallow new shack maya wants to know more about the jewish 1st lady eleanor roosevelt stay in his family's hotel. he has an appointment with the head congress of the united nations library.
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committed the proposal that the caching will protect in new york is the committee to prepare the declaration of human rights in the 1st met exclusively in new york on this. and then in december 1947, the committee came to geneva to approve the text with eleanor roosevelt has its chairperson, you don't do the oven, the text. that's right. clear, we have the photograph that shows eleanor roosevelt in the holding the universal declaration of human rights was bent on where he could. kennedy kissed, who chose her chair. if you don't put it to man, us president harry truman asked her to help formulate the declaration of human rights. some of the male delegates were not pleased at 1st. they gave
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was that because she was a woman, she was an activist, right? yes. there were many different committees, us president harry truman gave her a job on a committee, dealing with social issues. there was more of a representative job, a token gesture in that and then also putting what guns for her to who couldn't do that if it does come about with the influx of refugees after world war 2, social issues suddenly became local, appear on the guy's murder, eleanor roosevelt took on the task with a lot of careers and she was appointed the chair of the commission on human rights to claim support. i just a moment you come to a local machine that some commission members complained about the pace. she was
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determined to finish within the given time, but he didn't he didn't on it. don't know kind of funny and, and did he gave one delegate? i think from indonesia complaint, he said human rights are not respected by the commission on human rights. because she made the delegates were control 7 piano or some of the reason i'd like to know what happened at the boulevard back then because she stayed there whenever she visited. you can surely there were private meetings in the hotels then as there are now. and i know like which was to yes, a lot happens that these informal meetings this week to be revised is the perfect place for such private or even secret meetings. guests can have the choice of several spacious rooms. but what happens when state guests arrive at the hotel?
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he took quite 15 with the top officials and the protection of confidentiality is potentially compromised. that's when tact is crucial. because last, traditionally this a few years ago, i received the former secretary general of the united nations copy of your and they had the same time, we had a delegation here from a country that was not necessarily supposed to be directly associated with the secretary general at harvard on behalf of the united nations for protocol asked me to let the secretary general in through the back entrance or good morning jeff, it's up to you least happy horror. of course, i had the red carpet rolled out between the dumpsters. i said to him, i'm sorry to receive you amid the dumpsters, but he just said, don't worry. it happens all the time in new york trip. of course we want to. we are
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about $12000.00. you in meetings are held each year in geneva much and what that means in terms of the number of guests, the city, the you in place, an important economic role for geneva. as event discretion says hoteliers shock, maya is essential beside the palace of nations is apart. it's close to the public for security reasons. the so called catchy and that soon with its many international organizations forms a city within the city of new units on this tonight. but to me, the silver geneva became an international city in 1920, with the establishment of the league of nations and new train station. and the airport were built to the various institutions and non governmental organizations
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emerged, such as pacifist or feminist associations, which today form their own international ecosystem. the populace fusions when it's sometimes like the people here are living on 2 different planets within one city. but in recent years and more effort has been made to integrate these organizations into the daily life of geneva, typically is going to just what the national end on it could you give. the united nations employs around 10000 people in geneva, but add in the n g o z and international organizations, and that number increases at least 3 fold. the hotels naturally benefit from this dynamic in the course, most of international politics and secret meetings. journalists prefer to meet their sources in hotels that are known for their discretion. stay safe places. how depressed will be as is one such journalist born in new york,
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she's an investigative reporter, covering environmental issues, corruption and money laundering. she reports the scene in and out 0 among other publications. the international fame of geneva comes from i guess 2 elements that are sometimes in opposition with each other. on the one hand, you have of course, the u. n. the world health organization, the international labor association, the international red cross, of course, that space here. on the other hand, you have the banking sector, which is also very well known internationally. the problem is right now with the stories of money laundering and corruption that have been linked so closely to the banking sector. here they
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have brought the limelight international, limelight to themselves. unwillingly the such scandals have damage. geneva reputation. can the cities good name be restored? i think geneva is really trying to surpass some of the negative aspects of this image that project internationally. there's a certain hope that with the new international exchange of data and in what concerns the banking sector, that any of us so well known for that all these stories that have to lead its
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path will path. i think it's trying as much as possible to maintain geneva as an international center of negotiation of humanitarian issues. so that is where the hope lies that all that these bricks, conservative lots together. and that that would be how people see geneva in the future. for decades, geneva has attracted not only enterprising reporters and serious journalists, but also copyright. see from all over the world important meetings that taking place under the roof of the boulevard all the time
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for hotel years, jeff, my, it's all about shielding and protecting continuously remaining, absolutely invisible. when it comes to navigating political interests, financial ties, and image problems. my aunt is a seasoned expert, clear holder producer, the hospital, the role of a hotel da is to remain totally neutral. and we are, after all, in a political environment that is neutral, going to makes it cheaper. but as far as the economy is concerned, it's different. we defend in open geneva genevas, that can also play a social role to do this, it needs to prosperity, obviously not at all costs, but the city needs to be prosperous. the garage has also seen hard times at the outbreak of the sycamore war, this was hotel, plunged into crisis. visitors stayed away. the pages of the guest
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book remained blank. plus reset their be eager to ease order. switzerland was an isolated country. wedged between the blocks of the north and the south, the east and the west, the progress of it was on the border of the free zone. so people stopped visiting or coming up the parties of the bulls, the vice, like most hotels, closed down semi private film footage from august and september 19. 69 shows troops in paris and normandy, the start of world war 2. the camera also captured late. geneva seemingly untouched by the war that the swiss were not truly unscathed. put you back was a very difficult time. my parents and uncles,
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my grandparents lived outside the city and only occasionally came to era. votel opened the windows and check for any flooding. fiona, so of course it was a time that shaped my parents and grandparents and i'm now play a lot after that. a new generation came in, my business is reopened and many tourists came to discover geneva. and i just was why they wanted a new life, a different life. so geneva picked up quickly after the war mark that i go. so you can use your i spent all my thursdays in this place when i was a teenager because my father received the wind deliveries on thursdays winds from
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bo gone ya or bordeaux. i used to help him open the crate, said we tell you, my job was to use a ruler and make sure that the bottles were aligned perfectly. that's not even a 2 millimeter difference was allowed to be met the day. with a lot more, my father didn't allow the wine cellar manager to help himself directly from the wine racks. soccer louis literally completed the 1st shock because here it keep picking the ticket ticket track had a card with the name of the wine, the origin, the vintage, the quantity, and the purchase price of what he wrote, the purchase price backwards so that nobody else knew what he paid for them, we couldn't drive it in. when i said to maintain an overview, looky attached these cards like i spent my childhood cutting them out,
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which he then placed on the raft or force or they could be the home just don't, could be met the pressure because you a especially when they're on the most valuable bottles. what does that one? i mean, you mean the need from 79? no sundays. not so. sound isn't us from 1. 900. 79. what beautiful bottles do you know the oldest bottle we have taken? it's not a wine, but a con. yeah. laughing shop on the kayak from 18. $20.00. the polio just missed that one. we still have a few bottles of it. my parents bought it at an auction a long time ago. tunnel lee bu. sidney store the the good wines come with a long history that the previous had some of the a or even his predecessor contributed towards like a temple of wine bottles lie here with their dust and history. the work of
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a summary a is to continue the history, which goes hand in hand with that of the hotel, south bell julia list on the list to all the missile. know i bring my knowledge and the wines that i like or discover. but i will always respect the tradition of the bordeaux and borg on the lines that bone and bosh surely love. i hope these bottles will always remain here for the sake of legacy and future some of the for the future. so the good
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news even isn't establishment as carefully managed to spool revise. there are some things that a hotel owners simply cannot control or prevent like, what happened here just service 2 years ago this german journalist played a prominent role in the series of events. in october 1987, he discovered the former state premier officially holstein. is the bashful dead in the bath tub? sebastian can our social graph him the image appeared in the magazine,
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stern provoking something of a scandal in germany. the school of john on to interview so the bo revolve is an ideal place for interviews. nice. so shits, even if the hotel management doesn't always appreciate the political interviews are conducted on their primacy. on marcia history, you can create a good atmosphere, especially in luxury hotels, where the guest feels comfortable and can open up a business hoses the. so how did the scandal happen? son? sebastian canal had travelled from, handled to geneva in the hope is conducting an interview with the former journalist, a premier she had been accused of organizing a smear campaign against a political opponent. the journalist was hoping to make sure in the bomb. oh
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gosh, i didn't appear. so the journalist entities room the next day without commission. so it'll help don't to log on on. so i'm a show off, isn't fool was dimly lit would have been there was a single shoe in the hallway on. so there was a corridor that led to the bearings, and there were other things lying about as such as pajamas some sweets of this new book by john paul, was surprisingly enough, open to a certain story that deals with suicide. and this was all the documents i was interested in, were lying there, as if prepared for a journalist visit and how that went. and i wasn't sure how i should document them so much. so i took the papers to my photographer and do blood post and had told him to wait outside the room and let me know when mister basha returned when he was supposed to keep a lookout and warned me all skin awesome, swim on my way out. i knocked on the bathroom door. i opened the door and saw the bathroom mirror. there was a lifeless body in the bath tub and leap was covered under looked on the
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floor. he was calling was clear to me then that something terrible had happened. and miss stan reporter found partial dead in his bathroom in the bus estimate or early report suspect the politicians shut himself up. journaling found him in the bath tub and his head above the water. apart from his shoes, basha was fully clothed. serious this on a couple of assets on a sunday shows come on. that was 1987. and these things can happen. they can happen anywhere anytime in the horse is just our roles. this to deal with this as a public place where children are born, a place full of life. people are born here married here and they die here, or c, mutton, that life and a hotel is about life. in terms of following
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the german politicians, death, journalists and photographers camped out for weeks in front of the hotel entrance. inside the boot of ours swiss and german criminal investigators tried to determine whether it was suicide, a murder or a natural death. how did the hotel deal with the aftermath, with the signature discretion? the room number 317 simply no longer exists. here we go to menus with frogs ravioli, salmon, lustre, so fog and 2 orders of venison, just like so many cookie is the head shift to revise. like his predecessor, he has a mission,
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stop the restaurant shovel to open 50 years ago to the outside world. before then, it was exclusively for the hotel guests. the products come from the lake and the mountains, seasonal and regional headed separately for the june of cooperate it when they go, when you're young, you chase after the stars point in the michelle at star city. that's just incredible for a chef is supposed to be famous genius in feel, but as you get older, you realize that the most important thing is to please your guest, the trees, to be attentive and killing the fair. if you prioritize the customer looked, you know, the stars will follow on their own was the bottom that you learned that at the age of 50,
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she's going to be taken from the for mine, deb cetera, et collision for me. a table has to feel friendly. that's important. on the tablet, it has to look beautiful and inviting to assess rice. you should feel at home to a table set like this invites you to sit down and have a meal. di me. appetizer for 2 frog legs in better. deep fried set with garlic. milk, firm, speech sauce and fresh basil. it's a classic dish here. saturday
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when we jump black. these are the frogs. a dish i developed a good 15 years ago. it's on the menu every day, feeling really many guess come for the frogs or the burgers ready? yet. we even have fast food. you know, hotel, you have to do it all. the borrower's eyes opened more than a 150 years ago. how does it present tradition still keep up with the times when the national accounts and she then we're fortunate to have a very loyal clientele who have been coming here for many years this year. some of the level, of course we try to take care of these customers as well as their children or even
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grandchildren will want things done differently and all have different demands. feel more nissan us to adapt to this new to the hotel manager, the florist, the head of reception. they all share the same philosophy. this house has a soul because they give it one charge and it will show us the proper lamps. you got to leave out a form of each generation has its own way of expressing itself, even if we all maintain the same fundamental values. my father, for example, was a man who enjoyed good food. he opened the house to get strong to me into a modern world, which was a world of business, but we don't see one year due to recent period of the when he took over the bully vash. he catered to a new generation that came to geneva for conferences and seminars that had nothing to do with the find society of the bell park is something where it's going to put
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it up. i also had to further develop the house you felt shows and the more geneva connects with the world, the more secure the future. it's hard, that's obvious. actually. so how will the coming generations, the 5th of the 6 and change things, 40 years from now? that's what i'd like to know. i can see jimmy national ball to handle some of them . some of our me to revise. each generation has had a hand in writing. the hotels history can be politics. to celebrity encounters the owners of navigated every twist and turn with signatures with discretion, and they're ready to greet. what chapter comes next? ah
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ah we are a lot renowned, twice tomorrow. we'll get to the likes of nickel angelo. my daughter today environmental disaster is unfolding here in the wars and in europe. they would all be joining the novel stories of kara 30 minutes on d. w. ah,
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me the in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear job to make sure of the 1st time jones on the planet by 20 model, each member state supported and some persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of our host of god when the game, diplomatic poker, cedric power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the time. it starts august 5th on d w. the
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news . this is the w news live from berlin. surreal and the terrifying german chancellor anglo manacles. whereas on a visit to flood ravaged villages, she pledges fast, financial assistance. but those left homeless are worried. it may not come quickly enough. also coming up. anger over. right, rising coven, 1900 cases in thailand. opponent say the government has been too slow to act. they want the prime minister out and a new leader with a new plan. and in formula, one must 1st.


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