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a closer look at legendary hotels today and focuses on the vocal advise in geneva. and you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website, e, w dot com and on our social media accounts on public alias for me. and the rest of the d. w team. take care as he's feeling the goal was right in front of them. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo with 2020. of course during the qualifying round, these for sports heroes. down during lockdown starts july 19th on d. w. ah. ah
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ah, the history of the illustrious movers, osh hotel, is dotted with tragedy. more than a century ago, an emperor died in this luxury establishment. she was staying incognita, signing the guest book under a false name. nevertheless, everyone knew who she was, 50 empress elizabeth of austria. oh, on september the 10th $1898.00, she was stabbed in geneva and murder was an christ named luigi to channing. me. he
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smiled. he was led away by authorities. sissy was brought back to the bill, revise when she died in the arms of the hotel. now who can finish nick evello this tragic event left its mark on our hotels history to my grandmother finding who was 24 then and newly married and welcome the impression was to at least even in her lifetime. she was already such a mythical figure of legend to some people as machines adrift. i imagine how emotional it must have been to go from hosting this extraordinary woman . she to being at her side in her final moments that i serve you with y'all. she did, she did not sit down in mobile impress. elizabeth
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was no stranger to this tranquil city. ah, i see a dove. it says cc the loved spending time on the shores of lake geneva. it's an exceptional place for the excuse she loved hiking in the mountains, which was very unusual for a person of her rank. all that fateful september day began like any of a stroll. some shopping, nothing special. just before she died, she reportedly asked what happened to me? so she came for just 24 hours. on this issue, leaf and orchard had invited her to lunch. she'd been a guest at the boulevard many times before noon, but this was just a short visit. she dropped off her luggage and hurried off to lunch parcels on
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a she. then she shopped and ate some ice cream. she loved ice cream more today glass, and i don't have a loss. she sees memory is kept alive in the holes, she wants walked showcase displays. the emphasis brought us the drops of blood have faded in the fabric with time. oh, so the mac and fish drop off. it is tragic loss, left an imprint on our hotel and the history was brought to light again. in the postwar period, when mariska made his legendary films about cc him, this is my sister's and i all watched them. of course we immersed ourselves in the story knowing the end in took place in our house, fema, offer it on not missile. or, you know, it was quite traumatic for us as children to watch these films that the whole world
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was talking about with the knowledge that the end happened here in our hotel could far at the bottom is the bow revised has been owned by the maya family. for 5 generations, hotels past and present a closely intertwined thong. stuck out. this is a theater. sometimes the players, lighthearted. a comedy. other times it's tragic. a drama. it's a place that's full of life. going to when the hotel was founded in the mid 19th century. there wasn't the same competition that exists today. if you migrate grandfather opened a house that respected the needs of an aristocratic clientele of secluded kind of world liberalism with key on delicate and y'all to touches up just see and be seen . that's what 1900 century guessing came to do here among their peers. while i pull
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a pair of them, the, the reception area is modern and vibrant. teeming with activity is hotel, may pay homage to its past, but it's not stuck in it. the middle semi and i said, we want to be a family house with sol randall's room is we all really enjoy working in a house with such a rich history level, but we also must move into the future with modern technology. for example, if it isn't in the month or something our guests needs have evolved over the years and we have to adapt to them. but as to when you, when you sell just show us that we also have to stay curio and observe what the competition is. doing so before we conclude this commitment caused
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by the hidden from the guests labyrinth star for the revised work swiftly to produce the sophisticated touches the hotel is known for the me now they give the hotel a soul if you will use all the morning, keep help to fill out the splendid rooms, our guest is really appreciate the flowers, if you know clear fixture with just under 100 rooms and sweeps double revised, manages to offer
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a feeling of intimacy to guess. since the very start, celebrities have been drawn to the hotel charm. the neighbour, there's 2 different hall to sell this level. the stars are all different, but those who stay at the both of us embrace its values and that means discretion. un prieto poor. they come to hide away so that privacy is respected. the booby vase is not a stage. it's a place to live. you and it's protect it and your kid. type. what is your the luxury suites. look out of a lake geneva, with its landmark. she had built a fountain that pumps water, 140 meters high. the ball is fits,
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rising to disenchanted landscape with the lake and the ups you need it's a full size. geneva is a cross roads. the mountains cut us off, but the plains are open as far as the i can see. people have to travel to geneva because the lake is an obstacle. now, even if you want to travel from the north to the south, you have to cross the lake. should like an upstart, you can only do that by a geneva for sure professor most vision, i'm heading south to italy or in the other direction over the saint bernard pass. have to look for the new like for the past. geneva is also a crossroads of thought, and we saw where great thinkers develop their theories that jones junk who so this is also part of our history set. since it's reflected in the character of the people here. they welcome the whole world yourself to more to learn
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a little bit from everyone and yet remain themselves still. there may fiscal member mem geneva gene, if again, if she never said, how would you like? it's considered the most cosmo policy in city in switzerland, located in the french speaking part of the country. geneva is the 2nd largest city in switzerland after zurich, 2 characteristics of geneva, discretion and consistency. the words of a $900.00 sixty's observe a sound almost timeless. me begin searched at the old town of geneva plain, but rich, the secret millionaires live here in geneva. poverty is a vice, and a person who's bankrupt is a godless sinner, outcast, ostracized, the times may be changing,
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but not in geneva. michigan goods. geneva is where the french reformer june. calvin developed his beliefs. there is still echoes of the strict protestant doctrine of calvinism here today supposed to be false and used to you. this is a calvinism that is not religious, but a calvinism of thought. in the spirit of reform law and justice bhaskar, if he doesn't, most the people of geneva can practise this because they live in a prosperous world. from where the city is not all that extravagant. geneva is built on rigor and straightforwardness. we don't show off. we are discrete on the disk, on multiple ah geneva, 150 years ago. my, his grandparents left their homes in germany. his great grandmother came from hanover, his great grandfather, who sway via opening their own hotel in geneva would be an adventure.
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and always in the doctor's office on psych, patrick, personal time for to get it by the next he didn't need to in the hotel opened in 1865. there was no central heating, electricity, or running water. each room was equipped with a fireplace and the staff carried wood upstairs and ashes back down again. it was a lot of work to it. you know, in fact you can receive all of this is a bill for heating material. thank you. do work for ya, pool or pushes. he'll, we have 100 kilos of beechwood for heating and a ton of coke. cook coke at that time was not, will be called cocaine today. it was fuel actually cold us, that i put of dirt, which was formed into cold briquettes or blocks for me only get beyond all did, would at albertine and shaun check my. the founders into pricing spirits
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still permeates the hotel. serving is inspiration. innovation was on the couples minds from the start. where was the largest dining room in the city? and the 1st elevator the bo revise. of course. the hotels foyer from 1900. no, it hasn't neo classical look. the de cool is elegant and lavish. the illustrious gifts came in droves, actors, designer, ben was loyal guest the decades. the marcia of piano artist, john cook tool, w 7. that is roger moore, from the french president, sharp goal greeted by a young shock,
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maya and the sisters. the princesses and princes politicians and heads of face the household guest book, filled with the signatures of the american act. burt lancaster wrote one spoon stolen. if all could talk, each floor of the garage would have stories to tell, especially at the very top, where the hotels most exclusive suite is tucked away. it was here that eleanor roosevelt, the widow of us, president franklin, d. roosevelt changed the course of history. the year was 1947, and the former 1st lady stayed in the sweet while drafting a major paper for the united nations. this she, those are you except your le, who do this and ask for amanda. we are here in
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a very special place where people who have shaped the world have status guess this new social policy with all the heads of state politicians and people who participated in the great geneva conferences after the edition. i have an end of course, eleanor roosevelt, an unforgettable personality for geneva, whose she was in charge of a commission to draft the universal declaration of human rights. and she did it here on charlotte. michelle won't get hot enough. this is the fundamental document of the united nations, like a guiding star. so took him off to the national genie says he really to our, it's our do not go far the cities, hotels in the united nation. so the very special relationship during state visit hotel, the link between back room politics and official announcements. it's subpoint between private conversations.


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