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tv   Klosterkuche  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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lifestyle, you're 60 minutes. with a there. i'm david and this is climate change. briggs expect happiness in 3 books. this is the best for you. you'll get smarter for free. you book. unusual. oh, me the hello and welcome to equal africa. the environmental show go produced by mtv in uganda, tennessee. the area on the dw in germany. i am sandra 3, no do on that with me, or is this michael was chris in nigeria creased. how are you today?
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just fine. sandra, thank you so very much on the one. welcome to all of us out there. we have a lot in store for you today on today's program. so let's take a quick look what we have coming up with visit the company book in the foster. i'm just relying on the power of the sun in order to avoid the field. we meet the student from germany who is found to suffer the solution to be was all blue jeans. and we talk with pioneers in genetic engineering, we'll explain what to do when species die out. but 1st, let's hedge to rwanda. we know the plastic bags have been banned in kigali for several years, but they use this even criminal offense is not all or have the country going even further to reduce plastic in everyday life? well, not exactly feel very ideal for cycling is becoming more popular. let's see how
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plastic is being turned into a room, much area to make other things. the plastic in a country where the material is supposedly will be doing some of cooperative and so far as the phrase didn't foyce the plantation. rwanda is one of the 20 biggest few producers in the world. more than 18000 hector's. of it, an area twice as large as the city of paris. a spread across this last green hills that he have listed here is very valuable. but we don't plastic, it wouldn't be worth merely as much to fellowship you. whoa, whoa, whoa. is we need to simply bags and plastic covers. without them it becomes difficult to get the desired quality. because his sibling depend on moisture to grow, to get the necessary training. so much as you have to are the members of the
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4000 strong for creative use, more than 2000000 plastic tubes and other plastic materials that year. and the capital kigali, the government, which in a war against plastic the punishment for the production import and sale of single use plastics is now up to a year in jail. environmental agency rema recognizes that the journey to a future with l plastic will require a lot of creativity and have much of them as we move on. we actually had a ban when you have alternatives. when we still have to look for better, tentative. we are always flexible, better we put in place a framework of dealing with that to use of plastics and again to care for the other classes. one of the company is looking for an intelligent way to deal with excess plastic waste. they employ 11 teens that
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regularly travel the country collect in it. they use what they get primarily to make fun product. after all, t farmers are in the only one having difficulties finding the right to use for their seedlings. we talked with one environment. yeah. john. under we agreed on which type of plastic needed any cuts. that's the way we started making gotcha to be which is used in the ne, not story. we produce also plastic sitting then they've been manufacturing plastic materials for nurseries. but the point isn't just environmentally friendly production. once the process has started, it's meant to be sustainable. now, what do we do?
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we want to talk around. we know the where they are located. after using our product, we go back there and it would bring, but they use the plastic with and also we do the same. the same on the sun is from the us creative part of the cycle, the middle of the conditions during training courses. i insist and remind all of you that the plus 60 you are left with them after pointing to siblings are not meant for other uses. they must be returned also, whenever you see plastic, please don't leave it. there is a way to increase the productions from our farms to safeguard the environments from a young there, cool for ever been to our protection isn't just empty. talk. the cooperative has committed itself to the cause, pledge and donate whatever purchases to be recycled after use
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a deal that's been off. every farmer who gets the siblings. sure to return. plastics correspond in put a number of siblings each 2. therefore, will make sure that all truck can deliver back to her 2nd plant. that is also of benefit because the plant pays us for the amount delivered in the end its progress for the environment. more business for the cooperative. and another milestone on the road to wonder become in one of the very mentally clean as countries in africa. yes. created many for new st from use materials. this is what a secular economy could look like in the future. now with that in mind, our young student from gemini wondered what could be done with a 1000000 a by chance, applauding that i no longer wanted. and at least for blue, jean, it seems to have found an answer. list of the
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piles and piles of used. last ends up in the trash that bothered dutch design student 10 funded lewis. so together with the charities and you know that miss you and he set up a used clothing depos textiles of sold for 2 to 4 years per kilo. it's also fun to do a came up with the idea for his new blue jeans. he has the dental shredded and processes it in his workshop. when mixed with was her the father's bond to form a soft fleece with the passion is embroider rise onto the fleece which strengthens the fabrics and eliminates the need to pay. but when i started to cut down the genes, so small parts and stuff like that, it was very important to me that i focus on the concepts and ideas of circle economy that everything is regenerative. when the need denham is moistened,
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the excess that can seem to be plucked off these leftovers. i added to the next batch of please do it has received an award and various grants now as part of an e u innovation program, he's working on the sustainable died and process prototype so that you can get down to designing most likely economy fashion. and how about you? if you are also doing your best, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweak the hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories, hers, and maybe when these fonts one out, they can be turned into installation to. it's a great idea to keep things out of don't thought i'm very impressed. crease and the
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idea is also becoming increasingly important when dealing with many invest. some of these plans on being used are construction teams and i think processed into fish food for in our case you invented, turn it into a delicacy in restaurant equal africa, takes you to another in europe to no way holding a trap in from the ocean bed. do it height, varga had only set it out a day before at a depth of 180 meters. but one day was enough for the tour guide to almost fill the cage with king crabs, a delicacy all over the world. yet the crustaceans also oppose a growing ecological threat. jump in the water, you're good for the crux we have krebs ret ever you are. these are no to catch. we need only from the, from the back. 1570 major harvesting king crabs has brought
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unheard of prosperity to norway's economically constrained far north. it's even enrich the remote fishing village, a bigger ness, so destitute in 1989 the residence, put it up for sale and an advert young people. then we're moving away because there was no work. now, the village has been revived, posting bed and breakfast, and even a beast ro all thanks to the king. crab fisherman leif england, was among the 1st to discover the non native species off the soviet researches had released them into the barents sea and the 1950. but england was unaware of that when he found the monster crab and his nets, one day called me. so they will,
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the 1st crabs we call the $10.00 to $12.00 kilos. completely by surprise. get that for carbon. so even as a craps hadn't turned, we wouldn't have any fish processing in town now. we bought nor any fishing boats, or at most 2 or 3. but today we have 16 boats sized and bought the explosive spread of the king crap as a boon to the fisherman. but environmentalists and scientists are alarmed. the voracious predators are being spotted further and further south. they are expected to reach the scottish coast soon and can even adapt to the war, mediterranean waters, all the reset of the key wherever these crabs become established. sometimes they have devastating effects on the marine life on the sea bed, stored in the ve, the all, some species like mussels and starfish have disappeared completely on their own
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that i have on the king. crab is also known as the monster crab. it has no natural enemy and poses a threat to every other living thing on the sea bed. so fisheries authorities have made the quotas generous. we seem to have the right to catch 10 crabs for our own. use a free person pay $1.00 crab is worth $900.00 kronen, or 90 euro's right and out of pocket long. tasha multiplied by 10 and you know for a 1000 euros, you're reaching a luxury delicacy for free. what kind of fargo services? gas after only a short time in the kitchen, can otherwise be had only in europe and asia as finance restaurants. in norway, words over 2000 tons of king crowd all around the world annually. while environmental concerns about invasive species continue, the tourist saver,
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it's spicy meat and the norwegian authorities hope the high fishing quotas will help keep its population under control. keeping nature's healthy balance is not easy. often there isn't too much of one think and to lead to over another. this thought and t is the case. we've been nearly extinct northern white rhino today, the only 2 of them left off and both females know people are feverishly looking for ways to save these species from extinction. for german, aren't italian fantasy. an edition blonde could be the greatest success for their careers. the future of an entire species is suspended here in liquid nitrogen, cool, 2 minus 196 degrees. the contents of these containers at the lots. it's institute for zeal and wildlife research in berlin will determine whether or not the northern white rhino will become extinct. we did an old high collection where the
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harvest, 14 always height, i thought the highest number we ever got from the vinyl. and we were extremely happy about the outcome. and on the christmas eve to ember thresholds. and so is that really at another 2 and blew us to all of the existing c embers? all of her jetta conservancy and kenya, an international team of researchers, led by veterinarian thomas to the plant, connected immature eggs from 5 to one of the last 2 remaining northern white rhinos in december saw to and the gene are females. the last male sedans died in 2018. greystone in the sanctuary commemorates him. his spear was preserved. this has allowed researches to create embryos. a crucial step says chairs gully of the oven tab,
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biotechnology laboratory incremental. where the ex, with fertilized with saddam sperm we know that we can make the a says a method to go down every 3 or 4 months. and we know we can put in the same. but as a list of the embryos are now waiting to be transferred to a surrogate mother. the reason his plan to use southern was dryness subspecies with about 800000 animals, still surviving. nadine and far you can no longer carry the embrace themselves because of their age. but they oh, really grazing together with a possible surrogate mother. taylor is southern white rhino female. the centuries ranges can't wave after years of fearing for the species survival. that is, i didn't have a home, but actually used in the near future. we might be having some baby northern way channels, which is what you hoping for. the researchers are doing everything they can ensure
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that the 1st northern was trying to cough can be born in as little as 3 years. that would be a start to building up a larger population and bringing the animals back from the brink of extinction. hopefully it will keep scores but something else that they may just find a bit crazy because because i really inoculating feet. what does that really mean in the area to the horse flung feed before planting? it's what see these micro organ it can help plan survive, drive can be used in the fight against the past on initiative in ghana is now trying to call these farmers. eco friendly miss o. here in the north west insights of gunner farmers mainly cultivate soybeans. adelia who is out in the fields to
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care for her full hector's of land 4 years ago for the look at parts and a training session for sustainable agriculture. since then, her crops yield and the prophet having creak. monday, in addition to the bombing has recently established a 2nd business. she sells traditional textile in the communities around her village, glenda. and i used to have a 2 or $3.00 per acre, sees i started using the knock lines. it's 7 to 8 bus but not so long to learn how to inoculate feeds during a training session conducted by the local company green e f. today the farmers engine, jodi cool. also taking part the method is simple like the seeds of dead together with water and sugar before dried. it will be here but added bacteria
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keep pass away. each cow p. c must be moist once dried, the knuckles to seeds must be sewn at precise distances to one another. thanks to this method, the farmers no longer have to use chemical pesticides. more than 500 farmers have been trained by the company so far. mohammad, the cheaper came up with the idea for the training sessions. he actually studied business, but soon switch track the cultural philosophy. his team instruct the farmers and how to run the farms in more sustainable ways. such as by using the plan remains a compost or bio cold. the fan's of cannot plants, for example, i especially well suited to enriching depleted soils for this order briquettes. and then we also have produced bio job, which is very good soil. previous property like fire water holding capacity and
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addition and total pollution sales are contaminated with have you made me on like mercury, you can use that to him. you did stop. the farmers can even test the makeup of soil if needed. the samples that then sent to the company's own lab. although the training sessions for the small scale, farmers are free. the sold analysis cost between $1.30 euros depending on what exactly is being tested. so farmers, it's worth it because they learn exactly what this soil needs. we have to prevent the use of effective valid for preventing the legion of some of the essence is what that would be. and then run off into whatever the course impulse gene says. so software, what are all of the mosse and i don't live in terms says having his soil tested pharma just show conlan really uses specializes anymore. before the analysis he
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found exclusively soybeans. but now that's changed. probably is going to have in the 3 years ago when i started it self tested with andrea. if i produce nice as they recommended to me and then my results doubled. i got 70 bucks more from my ass. i always got fund day food, and this has helped me to be able to acquire from tractor which is helping my production just you can learn expanded from small to medium scale agriculture. so dealing it to isn't quite there yet, but she's well on her way. and you, technology is, can sometimes help the environment, therefore on healthier. so why shouldn't we use them? and this also applies to the energy supply, bought, you know, more about this piece. sure, sondra, one example is book enough. also the country has difficulty meeting it. let's see,
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needs schools and medical centers in rural areas, especially hot heat. a few years ago or europe in union report highlighted the centralization and the more tenable energy mix as possible solution. and now things in the west african countries seem to be moving in that direction. the. this is a key to this little reliable and doesn't require much maintenance. all might be that phase 2000 euro investment was money. well, for he money family, he had to set up for a very long time to be able to afford the sample lock or how you might, i installed the solar panels several years ago. now we have live television set fridge, so we can drink called what fuel is video. since we never know when we will be hooked up for we tend to say and call it and call you a some,
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a lot. only 15 percent of the population. i links to the national electricity so people buy, so instead they can now be found at small shop under the streets, lights, and media roads, also solar power nowadays. here in one of the countries in africa and local business, the company has set up a plan to use the solar system. it is defined in with africa, their manufacturing equipment and component of the solar system at input from you to the government wave input duty reduction. a good man is the very latest and it is very complex and enables us to make high quality products. the fun as we make are basically the same as the model that have been satisfied in germany. it's as much of the manufacturing is open lated, but some are done by 170 people,
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one at the last, well over women. this one does have to before that, do that kind of manually to create them or do the same has to be boxed enough with sun high temperature. it can be $45.00 degrees in the sometimes it is where we test the panels. when upon it comes out of the machine, we check all the salt and see if there are any cracks anywhere. if everything is ok, we where the strings in this house to give out. finally, we attach a serial number to prevent counterfeiting the company has taught at some point in supply chain into these a lot of competition. and the market in with us is specially some companies in
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energy. and not only that on the market, but neighboring countries to let into put and so, so that i mean a civil production line. and this is where we saw the finished good afternoon, the clothes from power to some last to buy out when we produce a 200 finals id on the equivalent of 20 to 80 megawatts annually. the company's main customer is the government which came to boost this year renewable in the national energy mix. it was due to, due to the input of that done and the use of the city and minimize it by the energy ministry launch the backups really program. and i do see is implemented in went to citizen as well as small and medium enterprises
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device still a plan of by providing them interest free loan improvement since we started the program in 2018 more than 4000 companies. and people have benefited from it because the person discipline, i should shift from generating electricity, which was the fuel. the government is promoting that with renewed vigor is planning to build 16 leg over the next couple of years to provide green energy to enter. if you need, before we have reached the end of this technology park that each of offered up as you've seen. there are so many innovations that can help us protect the environment and enhance our lives. what's the now? the time has come for me to say good bye. i'm christie lens, fine, you know from lagos, nigeria, by greece. i look forward to seeing you again next week and a good bite. all of you,
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our view as of there. but to be sure to tune in next time for more amazing stories here on equal africa until then it is a good buy for me, sandra, to interview in complex the me, the me, the the news, the news, the news,
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the news, the news, the lawyer high culture, high hair, super, super food dilation style like on the lead owes
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lifestyle europe this year will be in 30 minutes. w ah, was was right in front of it. they were all for this one moment. we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game said tokyo with 2020 were 21 from of course during the qualifying round not least for sports. he rose. it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready count down during walk down. those go to tokyo, july 19th on dw. are you ready to get all
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world starts august, 4th, on dw, in the news . this is the w use lie from berlin. surreal and terrifying german chancellor anglo medical's words on a visit to flood ravaged villages. she pledges fast financial assistance and says, germany must do more to tackle climate change. also going up, jumping the gun at the cannes film festival. please wait, please. jury president spike lee gets ahead of themselves announcing the winner of
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the festivals, top honor the palm dog.


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