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tv   Kochen mit Martina Moritz  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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the ah, this is the w news ally from berlin. so real and terrifying german chancellor angle medical's words on a visit to flood ravaged villages. she pleasures fast financial assistance and says germany, but still more to tackle climate change. also coming up, jumping the gun at the cannes film festival committee. hearing president's spike lee get ahead of himself announcing the winner of the festivals top on the palm door. ah and a warm welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm michael. ok,
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chancellor angler medical has been visiting parts of western germany hit by the flooding which has killed at least 156 people. the chancellor described the damage is real and terrifying. she pledged rapid help from the government and said germany must do more to tackle climate change. the disaster area spans more than a 100 kilometers near the border with the netherlands in belgium, where the district of our violet was the worst hit. medical inspected the damage in the small town of shore. the swollen river swept away houses and left debris piled high in the streets. the chancellor also met with survivors and emergency workers. she praised the resilience shown by residence as this effect. it's shocking. the german language hardly has words to describe the devastation that has been wrought, but it's incredibly reassuring to see how people come together and help each other
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. the solidarity that they had dw reported julius l delhi is on the ground in the town of shore, which chancellor michel has been visiting. julie, this is a significant visit by the chancellor towns. people are suffering if not morning. and here comes medical and what might very well be her last crisis related visit as chancellor how or residence reacting to medical visit? well, some people were glad that she came. they said it was important for the chance. so the leader of the country to show her solidarity with the people here effected and the support of the government in this very critical situation. others were more skeptical. they said that because of her visits and having to close off a lot of roads, it was hard for volunteers and rescued vehicles to come here and help with the clean up. and they also said that it made it look like for them like a photo opportunity in the election campaign. and it didn't really mean that the
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government was really supporting the people here. is there anything truly that the chancellor could have said to ease their pain? one thing residents here have told me is that they want to see support in the long term. they don't want the immediate aftermath of the tragedy to be the only moment where they see the government's presence. and mac has did say that she is aware that this is going to be a long struggle to bring the towns back to what they were. so this is something positive i would imagine for the residents. definitely a concrete pledges in terms of money would help. people here wants to know with certainty that economic health is going to come here. and that would be something that would bring some relief. we've mentioned, of course, that the medical was shocked at the damage calling it terrifying. describe how bad it is there. well, it is hard to believe one's eyes while walking through the town of shewn here
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behind me. i walked through the town early this morning. there was nobody around and only destruction around me. some houses have been completely swept away. some have been gutted on the ground floor. there is nothing less there. there is the breeze strewn all over the town. some roads have even been destroyed. there is almost nothing left and in some parts, and it is really, really tragic situation here. you know, i imagine some of our viewers have been seeing these images. i just can't imagine this happening where they live, how we're residents coping ensure obviously many people here are tired. it's been a few days now that they've been left without a home. family members have died and they have been working hard to try to clean up as much as they can. they're also distraught, but there is a sense of strong solidarity here. people are very grateful for the help they are
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getting from volunteers and rescuers. and there is a strong sense of community to try to make things better as quickly as possible. you talk about the clean up effort that's been under way. who exactly is lending a hand in addition to some of those volunteers is a government providing the help that's needed. what we've seen here today, a lot of different institutions. we have the army helping the fire department, the a catastrophe protection service. but it has taken a while for a lot of these authorities to get to these towns. people here have told me that until yesterday they didn't really see a strong presence from, from the state and rescue workers. and instead, a lot of volunteers, normal citizens came from all across the country, brought their own tractors their own tools to try and help out as much as they could as cliche as it sounds. julia, it certainly does look like
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a war zone there. and i'm curious what the town was like before this davis was a very charming town with many old houses and surrounded by beautiful nature, the river and forests. and just now a lot was going on right after the corona virus pandemic. we saw a family that had recently taken over a new city and was excited to see business booming again. and this, this new tragedy is really dramatic. and it's, it compounds what the town had already gone through before. picturesque west germantown reduced to rubble, julia delhi, in the germantown fooled many thanks. as always. i'm drawing now by our political corresponded, manuel sheds, emma, along with inspecting the damage angler. medical was also examining the implications of this disaster for government policy. what exactly was the message
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after the trip, while she really made sure that people who weren't effective knew what message the government had. and this is a message that says that the government is going to be there for the people short term and long term. that's what she said. she also did address climate change and maybe we could hear what she had to say about how it affect it. influence what happened man can also, i know you cannot draw conclusions from one incident, but the sum of all the adverse weather events that we are seeing and the impact that they're having suggest clearly, if you believe the science and as you know, i do believe the science that this is linked to climate change. the theme of when we need to speed up the fight against climate change. by m a anglo medical there with a very clear perspective on climate change. a, she only has 2 more months left in office. how does her message compare with what
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her potential successors are saying? yes, i thought important because she's not going to be there to implement the changes she's been advocating for in that message. and you know, the from trying to a candidate for the conservative. i mean, it also happens to be the mid, the fed premier of no one was folly and one of the worst affected regions by florida. and he also said that germany needed to accelerate, you know, in terms of reforms in terms, in terms of addressing climate change. but he has a very poor track record of addressing those questions in he's region. he no, it's fine with find out. so this crisis, this environmental quizes that we are seeing unfolding, and those are all the consequences that we have for the people in the regions. they could have an impact, could very much have an impact on the election. and especially, especially on, i mean it was the favorite candidate open to now,
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but his response so far hasn't been quite, hasn't been quite you know, positive you know, you know, those optics are hard to fight against. you know, i'm really curious about something have these floods elevated the issue of climate change as the primary campaign issue, heading into the september federal elections each. when they did a traded climate change really took centers phase in those elections. of course climate change was already in the program of candidates, but for example, in the conservative program, it's not really addressed with concrete measures. you know, it's one has to address it, but there's no concrete elements us to how it's going to be false. then degrees, you know, they were when their candidate and the book was announced as a candidate they were to to maybe be able to win the election. then there were a few missteps in the campaign. there were revelations of plagiarism of also in c,
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v, and then they were trailing behind 10 points behind the conservative. but you know what just happened this crisis, environmental crisis could change. everything is w political correspondent and manual shares. thanks so much for the while. some german towns begin to assess the damage and clean up others are being hit by new flooding in saxony. near the border with the czech republic, roads in rail lines are closed further south at the dream and austrian frontier flooding and heavy rains are causing serious damage. in the town of hotline, a flash flood has swept through the streets. people have been warned to stay out of sellers in basements. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. tens of thousands of muslims have begun the harsh pilgrimage in mecca. they circled the top of a stone structure that is the most sacred in israel,
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and the annual event in saudi arabia has been scaled back for the 2nd year. due to the pandemic, british prime minister boys johnson is self isolating after contract with the minister who tested positive for corona virus. the government is easing nearly all pandemic restrictions in england. johnson phase criticism for saying he would continue to work while undergoing daily testing and lots of other countries. the ruins of a japanese elementary school destroyed by the 2011 earthquake and su nami have been open to the public. the memorial site includes the museum, the disaster killed 80 for teachers and students at the school in the north eastern city of issue in market q, shelf african soccer players have become the 1st athletes inside tokyo, 20 twenty's olympic village to test positive for cobra. 19 a video analyst with the soccer squad also tested positive as the head coach of
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south africa as 7 aside rugby team, which is based in another city. meanwhile, 6 british athletes and 2 staff members are in isolation. after being identified as close contacts of a person who had tested positive for cobra united. the can film festivals, glitzy closing ceremony is normally a tense affair. as the world waits to find out which movie has won the top award. but this year jury president spike, we jumped the gun and the night started with dis miscommunication. it began with a slip up. the jury president spike li nearly announced that early but was stopped in the nick of time. tom went to the room to tom julia to co, new. it's only the 2nd time in the history of the festival that
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a woman receives the award provoke it is radical, and shocking to me. the main character alexia has a titanium plate implanted in her head after a serious car accident as a child. in spite of this, she loves cause quite literally and brutally kills anyone who gets too close to her . she meets a fireman. he loves her like a father. at the same time, her body goes through a drastic change film critics or hailing it as a film that breaks boundaries. but the shocks a more than just shape through the mas. i'd like to think the jury for acknowledging with this prize that the world needs more diversity and thank you for letting the monitor in him as he was used to listen to him. this 74th season of the festival took place under unusual
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conditions. last year it was cancelled entirely to the pandemic this year. locals, tourists, and loves of cinema, were able to enjoy its return with the obligatory mouse and pcr test. it was actually pretty normal. oh, new williams. you're able to forget about cozen for a little while here. well, daniel, you last year was difficult for everyone. you can breathe a sigh of relief. festival go is agree. it was with few exceptions. i can without many highlights or big stars, but cinema is back on the red carpet and back in people's life. you're watching the w news from berlin, coming up next. our new magazine, her about women in asia, looks at the meaning of marriage. and don't forget, you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com. a michael look for me in the entire news team here in lyn. thanks
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for watching. this is g w. the news the we're all set to go beyond the citizenship. we're all in as we take on the we're all about stories that matter to the police and the following. you fire made some mines. imagine how many portions of lands turned out in the world. climate conference stores, this is much less the way from just one week. how much work can really get when
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we still have time to go. i'm doing all in the additional faith townhouse phase home in my attention. if you'll just look at the show that be my has i have tried that but i'm not that typical. busy because that someone's gonna go as it was the
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me i was a very cute baby, but what? 10 years old, i found out that $10.00 a week would get me a lot of food in the school canteen and i just, you know, i fell enough the food, me. my mom, what always tell me, dad, i as pretty as my sister. because i am fat, but she said it in such a way like you but not so much, you know, someone you not so pretty high. yeah. then you're not even you know, if you're not pretty, at least you know how to get married. i go, i'm 47 years old and i'm a single mom, as you know, as a stand up comedian and then from malaysia
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in asia. this is the stereotype of beauty. you know, you has to be all you have to be open said i, your skin had to the appeal all was by, you know, and it also depends on what's in at the moment and you know, for myself, i don't think i'll fit into any beauty, papa is true, i think i would like to speak for myself that i'm my own. i know me someone who has south according to my personality in the in
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the ball. this is a good day to get to me except to lose the night and the sun has to be exterminated. you achieve this. she has to work on her. no, on her it started. do you from her course? did she get mad do? did it men and women in fact, teach them as humans, in fact, which was the my name is 9 years old and i look at merchandising manager who actually did some other programs because a lot of the country which they are for them to have to for somebody's behind
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themselves and they're going through a lot of pressure and the depression, the hard to see a lot of them. some it's suicide. the ah, oh i try to deal with this situation professionally. i try do a higher margin average. the thing like an average of them into bucket or not so skinny, like their wages adventure like an average part of the data sometimes like i should not. anyway, that's the only way to have the news
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play to feel. so what you can go to what you consulting john. i think that's true. i have to go. ok. good. second home for the day that he can about this is on calm what we did a phase how the juice you the warehouse on time. not the size, which is the what is that the actual if you don't which is it not pushing them, be yelled. don't go to the scene that would be in the head.
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now this is visual image to home. no one else and home want you to choose. the whole thing was, it was really is it is, is home on the me by the fact that there is a stand, a famous screen and this thing is being for more carried by where they show that this ones are fair and she's of, i'm very successful she's the one who get the best husband she, she's the one who gets all the inviting creams are very confident because in guns, which was also spectra is also a yard element scheme.
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and that is very harmful in the i think they should give a message. good thing, the more important thing is, you know, the, you have to look in order to be the best that you just should be. you should be, you're guessing you should stop them beat him because it's not the the in malaysia, if you're talking about the entertainment of film industry as a class size woman, you will always always be, cause to either be the step mother. the bt lazy was okay, that's how you know those really the
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if you want to get that room, honestly what you need to do is just produce your own stuff. so the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire. the, the then, you know, a few. when you do it good and we come off stage, the ration that you get is almost like how people will look at you when you, when a beauty competition like a miss malaysia mix. well miss universe, i don't. why did we give me the energy bag laughter? it's almost like a graph. the invoice
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say hi, see to calls and that comes the choice can have policy, whole put a whole. so you just need the whole way to get that quantity victory. the goal of the oh and you had some count that you would have to help her out whole. i will fast. his me don't that that you know says find me and i or that i seen the road we all are going else on. it says that i owe
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home or down the so really hopeful, nice those i'm for every day. this is our society education doesn't change in the if men or if men stop imposing these norms on women, it would be a lot easier to start to live in there. so if this happens, you know, everything will change their training. so this is what i hope that helps you sound good. how to go. hi. be
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a new one to pass on to buy some pounds of things. it's hard to say the penny. oh you don't play. yeah. yeah. the sense to do it that way. will that will help you with this? and so this test over as even though it's never going to be fuzzy because no matter how much money you have and no matter how much plastic surgery and go to always find something wrong.
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and i think the only weakest enjoy yourself. and once you enjoy us, any scenario, you had the 805 k t ages shod that up comedian as people were still by, you're going to feel the news. the news africa laughed to, nor do white miners in the world are grieving here in kenya. but waste,
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who is this lady? this is your last chance to reproduce. so behave scientists are trying to seem to be and they have a lot of ideas about how to do it. for the next d, w. player culture. hi hair. the super food dilation, dial icon, the letter lifestyle euro is 60 minutes with a there and david and this is climate change, brings it back. happiness in 3 books. this is the best for
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you. you'll get smarter for free. you book unusual. oh, me the hello and welcome to equal africa, the environment to show go produced by mtv in uganda. shannon see the area on the dw in germany. i am sondra torino do on that with me.


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