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to modern technology, and of course you should not forget to get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that d w dot com a michael or story. ready with numbers, women, especially a victim to sign and take part and send us your story chain only understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor and i was against you want to become a citizen in so migrant. your platform for reliable information the ship special taiwan. can humans keep up with the pace of technology? in taiwan, the german entrepreneur fee just gets me to tech savvy, started founders. and the monk who explains what,
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what his teachings have to say about modern technology. the me on the focus of electronic maintenance on this has been on on just a few of admin laval in there. so we see them yellow, right? we see a bike, dark green. okay. on this board it's going to be blue. also
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a try. so can get trucks, you feel the trucks. so this truck is this good news through? i think the guy, the truck. yeah. so this is a process where you are join, we've the thing for government. so this is coming from their cameras while they want to do is they want to know a couple of vehicles that cross in the different types. and they want to know how many people across the crowd. we've artificial intelligence, right? so, but when we build products that help to solve problems where people and re paying attention to videos, right, so this is for security and safety. so what we do is we use computers to flack, important events for the users and my fingers and everything. great. on here is
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so been norman goals, and i mean can fool is ever gotten a lager and the minute scene missed him. to fact one statistician harvey kaiten would have been pushing pushing him down to fit. but this honest, honestly, i was mentioning that the complexity of the whole because it doesn't follow on give me the most like a warning, but it's kind of your computer off in the lesson on this after the final of the death defendant of dotson kind of flows for wounds in the via, as mentioned by father the mate own them towards the dang. what direction? power the via hom can bid on the on the opposite about the the india convert. finish on the skip. i'm the caucus kids with fly fucked on the news on that. it was in the mail about and when alice's ultimately the young. so yeah,
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because with an adult they had put in seattle and too confusing to get a line come as via they're in this whole photo, they're going be online, they go, koji, sued. and how you, to me in the center, georgia. how be bought. ology, has the young men pay a k young lie? some idea then does it have a pen cinder handling the engine to me the yo he one who yo, she was a so g o he shin dale 5 and to the young. she nice the g.
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now to his, you shall know he, you were going to send to delaware to me that downfall this machine called the edge read is a kind of how does it take you can just put your finger into there on both sides, post size, no machine or the read curry, okay. x. okay. and you briefly mentioned that your work and science as well. for me and master, i would not necessarily connect with science nominee, right? yeah. you do technique and size isn't johnson to me just the 2 of
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them. yes. in on the detection cause we teach our member how to how do men detention before? dement meditation. we to test everybody's the how to read to the meditation we comparison 100 index. so very good. biggest. okay. 8585 in the us. the action you neurosis things very good that he want. anyone? wide hold your power. he energy i mean the total index is 997-9293. right.
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so you could eat in your gun shanks, hold on. okay. your show on the dowdy joseph on the do a could she says that she the ology don't you the whole wellness down the she said you to y'all. so can insult the photo he'll do. you can as the how can i go on and just change the scene without hurting she's and she's on his way around. i've done a travel channel with jason. what your financing will you minutes and i'll see you by boston, but when she told me it was him, that's what i'll do. if i can even stay on it,
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she's gonna be wishing to kinda and you've been kind of with the title them yet. want going to the title young, what she should read quite as well. i just wish i'm going sanjay going as soon wish. i'm job changing this emotion girl i joe time which i am sampled on on some good ones that come with it. she's a sample we were invited to join disable person's excise meeting and my friend victor were to kick soccer really. yeah. bought in and the for and victor no, he need to. they mall so killer soccer. he went to my earth soccer. she was
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the saw that a change, his behavior changed his and then while, while they've been key minion. sure. sure. you can only shifting on the we're sure they want to thing. yeah. okay. i left the machine. do the job. okay. yeah. mm hm. and it's not really the big come to try limit on this vague for evict of that and become policy as well as for me because i didn't know that i get transferred though i'm in the foster as
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the money often come on funds and being unseat and that, i mean, i'm a little often come, this was done with most come for look, just confuse i'm of the time is a good 1st than just a lot of issues on the most. find them on the i think this is there were never to between interest more to be in your logic. yes . you just have to keep it up for a long time. i just can't stop by the name of it. i mean, that's the tailor was bottom. it was last name for lower as far as even if you're still active, none of that's yours. no, i just got him to make movies on that's what had emotional
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the acknowledge is part of what human uses to advance human race overall. i think in the end, even though you've got to kind of computers. but i think when, when computer get to a certain stage, you're sort events they are studying replacing more and more of what, what all by logical to built to do, right. we used to chop would not one machine shop would. so part of that is being replaced and eventually i think human even human brain eventually will be maybe a lot of it will be replaced by computers. they can do a lot of it until they get it. but like, yeah, you're comparing that and i think you're right on this. but on the other side, i would say nature is kind of striving for balance, right? so it's always kind of everything is in balance. and if human doesn't exist, everything will be involved. but human breaks about me
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if you look at the see if you imagine want to be like in like 50 years, let's see like, 15 years ago to probably be as much time to get to move in the fall, fibonacci technical and and it also has walked back and it lives on so much for chemo on and i kind of a few of the funds on seen and didn't like the out of the game on, on, doesn't designed for, on florida. and i think it is too, i'm for statement. the said also fund cupcakes, the muscles on either side and so on. nice. 5, take ngugi august amended highest and back. second wisdom to be limited on so on and has bethel slim,
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so laden ones cuz they mention the me we are really long renown for small will get one of the likes of michelangelo either to the door to the environmental disaster is unfolding here in the wars and in europe, they would all be joining the novel tories of kara next on d. w. what does daily live for use in europe like beyond the framework of political debate? how much to anti semitism in the conflict in the middle east effect their daily
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lives? film producer alice brown and publish eve cooler man. examined what it's like to be jewish. ah, what secrets lie behind b as was discover new adventures in 360 degree. the explore fascinating world heritage site the w world heritage $360.00. now the me ah. ah, i'm not going to shoot any say we're in colorado for centuries,
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the city has been famous for its marble, used by michelangelo and many other artists. but for some years, corolla has been not only concerned with the quality of its marble. today, a real environmental disaster is happening here, perhaps one of the worst in europe. this is sandra mon friday of rebel and a whistleblower. and he's been raising awareness about troubles at the quarries for years. we're going to, we managed to film illegal activities at this quarry here, and it was one of our biggest victory. but it was bitter sweet. because right afterwards, they loosened my car's wheels, and i could have died driving through the mountains. mm. i
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i didn't want to kill madeline. she got the list of the list of everyone thinks the marble as being excavated for duty to make sculpture and art for good. and i was a friend, but it's actually made into powder or used to produce medicine, toothpaste or paper for each or it's now a mining area or in from the 3rd. the stories aren't even genuine or as fascinating as they might have been before. in the fall, so not everything has been devastated. and these blocks of marvel concealed quite a bit. behind these fortresses of calcium gaped open wounds scars carved into a unique natural parked. the went out from treyjen forum to the pantheon in
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rome and the famous statues by michelangelo, uncontrollable, all of it was torn from these marble things in tuscany the use until the 1980s corolla and its white gold experienced and economic and cultural boom everywhere in the city, you could see artists and workshops, the marble was processed on site. 40 years later, this magic has disappeared. a modest sculpture festival attempts to prove the contrary, but even tourists only have a fleeting look around. the quarry owners want to convey the outdated image of cultivated artisans with a passion for sculpting marble. the reality today is that they reign over financial
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and property empires. or in the over i, p, z or yvonne mission. angelo would walk over here and pick the model for his sculptures and in my more the creator the slaves and fucked up the john. he chiseled many of his works from the local marble daughter gap. asia increased john franco butter teenie is an expert and he owns the famous michelangelo quarry about 1000 meters up on this morning. his machines are cutting a new marble block straight from the cliff face thursday morning and he is the mountain guy. and we don't the block house of
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a why she found we stopped at the bottom and drill around beside. nice and straight . first thing that she, that when we use the diamond wire, sought to finish the can't get her. if you come in, this is the wire, we use a green water, cools it down, and the diamond cuts jamante, it used to take 20 days to remove a block, but now it's just 10 hours at most and sometimes even less. sometimes pressure is found a vein of a pure marble due to its translucence stat, wario or star tears marble such as a high price written i've been at the debt, worry a vain and dance ordinary marble. she missed. so it's not totally pure, but still
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a nice specimen body that you can use it to make marble flooring and many other things that's happened on the international market. there is a high demand from china and the gulf states marble for construction costs from 150 euros per ton, up to 3000 years, or even more, depending on its quality, not being a factor and mean. i already worked in these quarries as a young boy and i've done everything from santa and i'm still here off the 67 years of work. notice i'm actually more like 140 because we always worked from dawn till dusk. she never unlike today where you go home after 8 hours to organ. franco martini isn't interested in environmental protection. he sees these mountains as a gift from nature,
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an inexhaustible inheritance. the. no. it's not an environmental disaster. it's the opposite. it's wonderful. what's the value of these quarries like feel the farming or imagination? nobody's destroying the mountain? stuff for barry. that'd be like saying you could drink up the ocean. i don't think we can drink up all the ocean fish. it's the same here. my jerry will never be able to eat up all these mountains. the variable we do is make a little cut, the very just a little card. you understand. we're not destroying them. my know she mind me the landscape formed by the quarries however, tells another story. sandro manfredi checks
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if a quarry has really been close down or he exposes illegal practices. it's the only way he says to stop this carnage. laquanda shall my tv for someone directly since our group has taken action with linda, all investigated quarries have been temporarily or permanently shut down money like this one here. so know what that makes for dozens of site on the to 3 tween about $30.40. they provide, you mean the idea of wine it went to very appleone happened classified as an irreplaceable natural heritage. and each piece that's removed is last forever. there are $3000.00 species of flowers and plants and the apple on out is one that's half of italy flora. and a few doesn't exist here exclusively because what plants bring up live and thrive
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in unique ecosystem and are directly threatened by marble excavation, where mysteries can go back to on the up one alps are home to tuscany, the biggest water reservoir. and the unique complex spends 150 kilometers of tunnels and caves at the current pace, it's unclear what will become of this mountain range. central manfredi isn't the only one concerned in colorado. in 2014, a diverse collective emerged, including biologist, lawyers, and net workers. and some of them are meeting outside of town today, when i say that she's been murdered, are known for its marble and art is just an open pit mine region. now they cut blocks from the mountains, break them down and send them abroad for processing in
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a low wage country annoyed various bands and witches with terrible environmental damage. dusky old, well fi, the benefits are small. minority all flows abroad. it's unacceptable. say good instead of the roku, when you cut out a marble, you destroy 95 percent of the mountain. it's insane. the business business is based on destruction. environment on that unemployment among young people in massa and canada. twice the high, it's through lat tuscany 3 times the time in italy, overall. 3 low, something's not right because i couldn't watch them. she could be only a $5000000.00 tons of marble or excavated from the mountains every year. and just 50000 tons of se, used the sculptures. so it's totally absurd. pseudo what goes
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again today, only one 4th of corolla marble is excavated in blocks, while the rest is crushed into pebbles and transported downstream to the global leader in this highly lucrative market. the marble is ground into a fine powder and sold as calcium carbonate, used to produce a variety of products like paper, putty, glue and toothpaste. swiss company discreetly established itself in the field in the early $900.00 ninety's and has been continuously expanding its business with the powder critics claim omeo violates legal limits. but in a region with high unemployment, hardly any one would dare defy the princes of corolla.
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the only politician willing to speak to us here is the regions environmental director jack moore, generally of the 5 star movement says it in no uncertain terms in recent years. politics, marble and justice have been a single swamp. pretty much every law has been violated. switching to change the play as it can award or no, i'm 500 companies employing about 700 workers exact model for my mom's level. that means 2800 jobs in masa and cut on a link directly or indirectly to the in the area in north of the needle to enter the dodge of turnover current generated by the whole 8000000 euros a year or 2 door in the spring or these entrepreneurs, my pastor, norma, well, that he gets, it could be maybe that's why it is so difficult for them to respect are just
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starting off and politicians were supposed to come to terms with the audio superpower. economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few people that de dictate local policy on it already and on gala political in franklin, barbara teese quarry. the marble block has finally been cut out from the mountain and now it has to be lowered down. ideally in one piece only now is he getting an idea of its value the the quarry owner doesn't like talking about his turnover, but he does reveal the price of this $30.00 ton block breakdown. i'll take a closer look at it, but it seems to be a high quality block. we won't know exactly until it's come to size,
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but this kind of block is worth about $50000.00 euros to bank. i mean, he cuts out several blocks like this one each day. and quarry owners enjoy a lot of extra leeway since they bring business and jobs. this sometimes results in poor safety standards. there have been 11 deaths in a little over 10 years years. but at $3000.00 euros a month, the salaries are quite high for the region, and a significant portion is paid under the table. so when it comes to illegal drilling or waste in the mountains, no one complains. but the bar metal, the a smudge made of water and marble dust seems to be directly responsible for polluting the rivers flowing down into the valley. se, i'm, i thought i can agree, not the artist. how can they say the momento, la pollutes environment. change is the thing,
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the marble pebbles are crushed and the company makes them into a powder. and we sell the waste product to the company, so they can make harmless powder. i know we have to now and this powder from our cutting machines is supposed to be polluting the environment that could get it for, you know, maybe an idea. it's the exact same powder. we store it in bags, it cannot easily escape the quarry. and then water runs through the bag and it's been filtered fee, so all the marble powder stays here. it doesn't go into the rivers and event. sandra manfredi is working with penal san sony, a retired biologist, to check the foreigner in the center of cora. they start by analyzing the water of a river, free of quarry, waste downwards,
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and see if anything is living in this river. we'll filter the water and see what we find off with the filter into the current and you scratch off the rocks. they should give us a rough idea as to how many species live in the river or see what's in class. there is some cat is fine. there's a little green in there, right? but most of what we have a very rich ecosystem here, density of vacancy one is that these counting about 20 different species say i was meaning the water quality good or very good on down. not bad, won't do the seal. so
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you just head up stream along another river and continue their experiment. the rain flushes all quarry wastewater into the river bed. the f. i think us, but i don't know. molly allows you to call miss. are they supposed to live buried under this marbles? lunch? it's unspeakable. no chair, no say there's nothing left to live in this river from the task list actually came on. when modern conveying equipment emerged here in the seventy's and started being used to direct them a metal into the rivers. if that was the beginning of the n shit or for me and everything is covered in my case if alicia has it like when a landslide buries the buildings in a system,
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they have sat down. i've got the sorry, it's a biological waste. left him as the marble dust immediately settles, creating a hard impenetrable layer. so the mounted soil can no longer absorb the water when there's heavy rain and that's exactly what happened in 2014 terrible floods hit the city. torrance of water rushed down the mountains unhindered and caused the river to burst its banks. the quarries were immediately identified as the cause and it came in the wake of 2 previous ones in 2003 and in 2010. but this time, residents expressed their rage in front of the town hall. the, the absurd response of the mayor is at the time escalated their anger even further . the town hall does not feel responsible for the flooding.
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the familiar was escorted away under police protection residence, occupied the town hall for several weeks. the, the rule of putting it on this for the 1st time, the people felt responsible for the chorus of $70000.00, the car we paid for the full no one sold a connection. if you could take a look in the past, paying the waste from the chorus, i did a bit like sponges when it rained for a limited. the risk of saudi is today. they are no longer protection. they are a danger. if i do these in any case,
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corey owners like franco bar, a teeny, are digging in their heels, claiming industrial marble production has priority. shut the door. so tarzan, i started out with nothing. i was the poor guy in the world and also the rich, thanks to god. since i've always been healthy and motivated normally i thought nobody will ever take that away from me. nobody should know me. i thought it sure nobody will take that away from me. i thought i'll step right over the dead body from across see if she can. like i said, whoever misses with my word, barry, he got in the face with the obvious impotence of the authorities. sandra manfredi had no choice
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but to denounce the corey's illegal practices. putting himself personally at risk it all one day, someone loosens my cars, wheels i called a mechanical and it immediately became clear, it was no accident. he prepared an expert appraisal and i filed charges for property damage, and i mean he survived the ordeal, but it could have been fatal. still, he persists, undeterred by fear or threats. on this evening, he is discussing a new campaign so one of them is and on sheet. when we're planning a tour with my friends out there, daughter, a director and environmental activists generally stop on a quarry is in the middle of a nature reserve. and we wants to protect the local flora,
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dumont bacteria breast. we're heading off into the mountains here early in the morning that i know for stuff like fun. and we're taking a back way through the laura's. and so the workers don't see anyone that you throw in, but we'll have a good view of what's going on in the quarry from a box spring c, m. and the way the sun rises over the up one alps. sandro and alberto always leave early in the morning. they have been monitoring the quarry workers for years because of the town or someone. it's nice here. they are united by their love for nature and their fight to protect the afflicted mountains. alberto father and grandfather worked in the quarries themselves to day
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. he photographs the excesses of the industry with thank you where they don't see the environmental activist is sent to testify in a case about this very quarry. to date, the owner has managed to escape the consequences of his actions. but this quarry has an unusual story. it was actually supposed to be shut down. but after an appeal to isa least top administrative court, he was allowed to open it again. to come in to him, but he has to stole his waist on the premises, which is highly unusual. okay, and of course i assume finances for you can see the heaps of crushed marble from here to legally. he should actually be required to transport it down into the valley if he saw the rest of
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the 2 men are searching for more evidence. this footage, taken a few months ago, clearly shows how the trucks are dumping waste in the middle of nature. but it's clear to sandra manfredi, why no one is penalizing them without even study owner of the quarry. as a very well known, corrupt politician, though he could always wriggle out of it, thanks to his connections and continue to work by these violations. the one to ship from each other. since we've been working with cameras, it's hard to cover up the violation in the school and. and when you recognize film and report them, the authorities have to follow up on them for at least act like they're doing their
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job, feel that you fight a lot of water. i use why in my only mean 3 been the marble, her shape the local identity here since roman times on iq raw materials, a gift of nature can only be found. we should emphasize that when no one wants to close, the quarry has to be tested, rather they should become environmentally friendly and socially and economically benefit. because we have never had that formula. but he took with me, i saw joe russell, dan. so i said we're coming change, it will only happen through
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a cultural revolution fee for so nice. this can all happen very quickly if politicians and the population pull together that in and i did it and i want to, the quarry owners are unlikely to accept this chain. i shifted on. we've gone beyond, they will not give up our relatively high standard of living, just like that job. but there's no choice for 600 people can't keep on deciding the future of 150000 others. so on the news, the news
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from the the daily life for jews in europe like beyond the framework of political debate. how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effects their daily life,
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film producer, alice brown and publish eve cooler man. examined what it's like being jewish. ah ah, the news was right in front of them. they were all for this one moment. suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or when the game central here were 20. 2421. thrown off course during the qualifying round. not least for sports. he rose, actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready to help down
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doing walk down the lucky go to tokyo. starts july 19 d w. how does the virus spread? why do we panic by and when will all this 3 of the topics that we covered and i weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the corona virus or any other signed copy, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find a w dot com, forward slash science. let me know as a congress, that earth millions of years before our time since then they've been leading a secret life and have incredible abilities. fascinating,
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potential for facing the great challenges of our time. if you think about it, it's impossible for humans to survive without the will roots say the world starts august, 4th on dw the news . this is the w news line from berlin, real and terrifying german chancellor angle and medical words on a visit to flood ravaged villages. she pledges fast financial assistance and said
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germany, price do more to tackle climate change. also coming up the present day for the u. k . britain gets ready to celebrate the end of nearly all social distance.


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