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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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julie, this is a significant visit by the chancellor towns. people are suffering if not morning. and here comes medical on what my very well be. her last crisis related visit as chancellor. how or residents reacting to medical visits and, and medicals words? well, some residents were skeptical, 1st and foremost because a lot of roads had to be shot when the chancellor arrived. and they thought that was hindering the arrival of volunteers and equipment to help the rescue efforts and the clean up efforts here. and also many were skeptical because they thought it was just a photo opportunity for the cameras during an election campaign. others were more happy to see or hear. they thought it was an important sign to give support and show solidarity for the people here. and what everyone has told me is that they want to be the support. and also last in the long term, is there anything the chancellor could have said to ease the pain of residence in
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that district? women i spoke to earlier today said that the amount of funds and money that has been promised until now doesn't seem like enough to her. and so maybe if the chancellor were to soon say what kind of money we were talking about here, people would maybe feel a little calmer and reassured that destruction is so big that it will take months. it's not yours to rebuild. and the cost is going to be enormous. a lot of people have their homes, not insured for such an event because they thought it would never happen. so they want to hear that help is on its way truly. every time we look and screens, there is yet another image of devastation on the streets there. and this tireless work that people are doing to try to dig themselves out of this. how are people doing there today, especially given the fact that there are still many unaccounted for people are
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obviously tired because they've been at it for a few days by now. they're also distraught. they, some people have lost everything. some people have lost their family members and friends, so it is tough, but there is hope. people are very grateful for all the help that has come here from volunteers from all over the area from different parts of germany. people have brought their own equipment, their own tractors to come and help. so despite the difficulties people here are really, really grateful for all the supports. truly south delhi in the german town of shore . thank you. i'm joined now by our political correspondent emmanuel shares. and we just heard from the chancellor would you make of her speech? while i was very moving enough, so we saw angela america walking through the street. so what used to be the tree?
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so she'll just before see address the population and she looked visibly moved. she was really shocked by what she was saying, and that is what really transpired from that speech. there's a lot of empathy, dad. there's also a lot of reassurance that people wouldn't be left alone. she promised that the government, the federal government would give financial support to the people affected. also, she talked to several times during her visit to talk to rescue or to talk to people affect you. so she was very much where she is expected to be assa jim and just being aware of the kweisi happen and you know, it's 4 days after the floods happen. usually younger america would react much quicker. but you know, there's 2 months left before the next elections and the focus has very much shifted from her reactions to that of the candidate to succession. of course,
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we should mention the transfer was prior to this visiting the united states on her last visit. there you mention economic support, the economic impact will be significant. was the government specific enough in terms of what they're pledging regarding that support. you know, the damage will probably be counted in the billions if it's too early to assess it right now. but based on flows that happened in the previous year in germany, these will be counted into billions, finest minutes. the last charles already promised an initial package of 300000000 euros to have those effected. but this is going to be a disaster and economy disaster for the people affected in the region. you know, shops, for example, they have been close for over a year because of the make and, you know, and they, i just thought to reopen and know that natural disaster he's coming to affect them
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. so they will be very much expecting not only the federal state, but also the regional states to have them to overcome this new pike. the conservative front runner for chancellor arman last it was caught laughing frankly, while the german president frank volter sty meyer was giving a speech about the floods. can you tell us about what exactly happened and what kind of impact this is likely to have? yes, emma president talking about the time i was extending his condolences to people affected and he was saying just heartbreaking, this whole situation is an in the background you had. i mean not sure who the state premier of no sign was father. so one of the west effected region was called laughing. he was most likely not laughing about the situation. and the problem is that he's the frontrunner candidate for the conservative in the next election. so he wants to govern the country and such a grave. our as such a song, but our he was caught laughing on camera,
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he promptly apologize. but germans were quite irritated and shocked by his reaction to the video. within hours had been viewed by more than a 1000000 people on social goodness. it's a political corresponding manner which has thanks so much manual. while some german towns begin to assess the damage and clean up others further south are being hit by new flooding in the south. the state of saxony near the border to the czech republic, roach and whale lines are closed due to rising waters. further south at the german austria border. flooding and heavy rains are causing serious damage. in the town of highline, a flash flood has swept through the streets. people living there had already been warned to be careful, and avoid going into sellers and basements. let's now take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world at this hour
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. at least 25 people have been killed in landslides, triggered by monsoon range and gone by in one area. several houses were crushed by a glass wall, but would you say more people could be trapped under mud and debris building collapses are common during india's monsoon season. gunfire st. fans and players scrambling for cover during a baseball game in washington, d. c. se shots were exchanged between 2 cars outside, leaving 3 interview investigators or questioning to people who walked into a local hospital with gunshot wounds. amanda new york has been arrested for attempted kidnapping after surveillance video showed him snatching a boy and throwing him into a car. the child's mother was able to pull him out through the window. the boy was not hurt. the afghan government and taliban insurgents are holding more peace talks
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in cat or fighting is intensifying across afghanistan. but a key border crossing with pakistan that was taken over by the taliban terror group has now reopened hundreds of people headed into afghanistan through the spin bolduc sherman border point on saturday summer afghans living in pakistan who want to rejoin their families for the muslim festival of ead alada next week, pockets on close to crossing on wednesday after the taliban captured the african side. now they are letting limited numbers of travelers through again, people are coming the other way to the afghans and pakistani returning home. were standing at the board of searching people, allowing them to link with checking voted documents. on friday, there was heavy fighting. as afghan government troops tried to retake the border town from the taliban, they didn't succeed. said that there were bodies of afghan government forces and
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civilians lying burnt on the side of the road. checkpoints were burned down. the taliban, we're moving around in afghan forces vehicles for you. they're going to the turbine border crossings, provide a rich source of revenue. the group of those who taken other checkpoints with neighboring countries in the north and west in land lock more torn afghan us down the crossings are lifeline. essential is brought in from pakistan and in the other direction. afghan good to transported to the world. here it's been bolduc. the taliban flag flying on the left hand side of the border pockets done this no longer seems to be any great obstacle. well, the cannes film festivals, glitzy closing ceremony, is normally attention affair. as the world waits to find out which movie has won the top award, but this year jury president spike li jumped the gun and the night started with
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this miscommunication. it began with a slip up. jury president spitefully nearly announced that early, but was stopped in the nick of time. may i please his tom door went to the film to tom, but julia do corner. it's me, the 2nd time in the history of the festival that a woman receives the award provoke it is radical, and shocking to me. the main character, alexia has a titanium plate implanted in her head after a serious car accident. as a child. in spite of this, she loves cause quite literally and brutally kills anyone who gets too close to her . she meets a fireman. he loves her like a father. at the same time, her body goes through
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a drastic change film critics or hailing it as a film that breaks boundaries. but the shocks a more than just cheap through the monsieur. i'd like to thank the jury for acknowledging with this prize that the world needs more diversity and thank you for letting the monitor in. it was you to do the civil couldn't move this 74. the phase of the festival took place under unusual conditions. last year it was cancelled entirely due to the pandemic. this year, locals, tourists, and loves of cinema, were able to enjoy its return. it was the obligatory mouse and pcr test. it was actually pretty normal. only on your able to forget about coven, for a little while. he said you last year was difficult for everyone. you can breathe a sigh of relief. festival go as agree. it was with few exceptions,
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a can without many highlights or big stuff. but cinema is back on the red carpet and back in people's life. coming up next, our magazine sports lie, featuring the rocky road to the tokyo olympics. don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. that's the w dot com. i'm michael. ok. thanks for watching you watching the news news with the earth. millions of years before our time since then they've been meeting
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a secret life and have incredible abilities. the fascinating potential for facing the great challenges of our time. if you think about it, if it's impossible for humans to survive without will roots think the world starts august, 4th on dw, in the the the, the june 28th was
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a faithful day for tomorrow school. and his dreams of further olympic glory. i'm able to make it to the olympics this year gave me to respond to saying that it's been a tough decision on a training injury from april may is just not allowing me to go without any risk of bigger injury issues and health issues for the future. so much looking forward to so much more and in the sport i love so much 40 days before the mens olympic javelin event begins on august 7th. thomas lula has already lost, defeated by his own body, a bitter moment for the defending olympic champion from 2016 or 17 injuries upon parcel of competitive sport. i can look back on 10 or even 15,
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really helping you. if you include my youth career, he's going to be grateful for that or so. now this difficult situation is something i have to accept. the feeling as it gets to them wants to tokyo games were postponed. he withdrew from the 2020 season using the time out to prepare and work on his technique. ah, those preparations went well over winter and spring this year, both back home and the east and german city of yanna. and at a training camp in turkey. then his back problems surfaced, throwing his plans into disarranged. i'm going to come out of this is about facing yourself. how do you see your sport and his role in your life? a few of these and how much risk? unreasonable risk, are you prepared to take to be at the olympics? and i don't mean winning. i mean, just taking part has equal mid june times the team uniform king sessions for
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tokyo, a big day for any athletes, and a sign that the big goal is now seemingly within reach for us, we'll ask it was additional motivation to give 100 percent. probably by the middle aspect was important for me because i know how it affected me in 2016 believe i had goose bumps there to the end of the moment where you feel of the rush and the dream and see if the taking i'm in the effect i do have my body under control, but ultimately, despite that mental push, andy or huge motivation i got backing out, was the right decision. and now i'm still glad i've reached that decision. me says if i didn't get off for my the locals young flights this day has been
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a long time coming. it's been almost 2 years since last competitive, high jump events. and now she needs to rediscover her rhythm. the pandemic has to be athletes, plans upside down. i was moving on. this will be looking back. it was challenging and negative time also had just been for weeks training outdoors in the far as i have been, a lot of things preventing me from training properly on it. so i'm happy that things are gradually looking up. it's may 23rd with 2 months to go until the olympics should begin. time is running out the last few slides to build up the right form and crucially clear the requisite heights to qualify for tokyo. 5 years ago in rio, she cleared one meter 90 grief,
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finishing in 7th place to have fun in the call. i do have the olympics in the back of my mind and i'm focusing on the competitions between then and now. the gym and championships are 2 weeks away and i also have a number of other me to jump one me 9 to 2, which is the qualifying height. and then we'll be almost completely focused on the whole focus. and my last young fly seems to be in good form at the meet in may. but then at the all important olympics qualifying height of one meter 92, she fails. not once, but on all 3 attempts. it's a huge setback. she and her coach thomas kish analyzed mistakes, while the competition is still going. the assistant problems with her achilles tendon have full set to also her run up. now mother was has to convert her higher approach speeds into hight ah, the small,
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the crucial factors that will decide whether that bar stays up me. this guns come from really tough because i don't even know myself where i currently stand. but i'm sure i'll go from 184 to 188, but that might be my limit on income. say shop is maybe i'll reach the to meet her mom or higher. my level assume flies still have quite a bit of work to do if she's to reach her 2nd olympics. the full fencer alexander. and although the dream of making the podium in tokyo was over in april, she thrusted in parried her way through to the final at the last qualifiers in madrid, only to then come 2nd. but only the winner going to tokyo, and dolo was initially heartbroken,
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helped me in 2 weeks from fence and i didn't train at all and it's enough. i'll use the time to visit family and friends, which was a massively important goal. they've been an amazing support getting hired. she's now back in her daily routine training again, but also comfortable talking about missing out on the olympics. so what all those years of preparation for nothing it was never in vain. so that's not how i view it at all. if i still aim to compete on the big stage european and will championships, continent time, i saw shocking, but i wanted to get back into the top 10 of the world rankings. and we had to look at the top 10 i previously was there for yeah, yeah. and i believe i can get back and keep on picking up metals. medina and tyler know the is also determined to keep passive,
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now unable to defend his limping javelin title. he's having to adapt his daily schedule, not a problem for the 29 year old. even if the supporting aspect of his life remains prominence. i'm not being lazy, hoping, and things will get better. we're investing a lot of time in sorting out those back issues as soon as possible. right now, how long that will take us and we want to do it in a sensible and sustainable way, which will mean having patients to type in the type of games do remain an issue for thomas. when he knows the problems associated with an event of this magnitude during a pandemic, especially now with athletes competing an empty stadiums. the majority of people in japan were opposed to the games taking place. as one of the athletes representatives in the world atlantics association. he has his colleagues in mind, if i knew i know as an olympic champion,
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regardless of whether your just day or end up taking a metal hunt, it opens up a new chapter in your life. when you help me go back to in, in rio, i was unable to take the time to appreciate it, which i'm now experiencing with this injury. i'm confused about everyone competing takes that time to process that they're feeling a huge dream. yeah. tomas will or does at least have more time now to focus on another passion of his than he normally would when getting across the globe for javelin competitions. he's a big nature lover and has a sizable gotten back home sending to all the plants and animals provides a welcome relief from the stress and strain of being a world class athletes down. and on the other hand, you're always busy. every hour of the day there's always something to do and work
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on in the garden, chickens and quails here. and in the summer, a colony of these to take your love of been for the best ones come on. but thomas will also has sporting challenges to look forward to the 2020 to well championships and the next olympics oh, i was 20. $24.00 is also the new big goal for madeleine fall from up in february, she learn, she would not be making the gym and take one team for tokyo as me. so i actually have to deal with every day and i do wonder whether it's worth carrying on . i just need a different perspective most than i'm louis supposed to call me. and she has another opportunity, one that i want to grant on him. if things weren't bad enough, after missing out on the olympics, madeline float mom then also called the corona virus. but after recovering and
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making a cautious return to training, she took part in the german championships in june and finished the 3rd and her weight class high jump marita was young flies will be the only one of the full athletes we've been following to compete in tokyo and she'll soon, beheadings, who has some residence, the olympic village, who's the boss on august 7th? it's trench time. when the women's high jump competition, just the way we've been. yeah. it's been a 5 year wait. and finally, it's over just a couple of weeks from now. we'll be flying. the 1st train in town for the real deal. lensky, this is my goal, is to at least make it to the final and then just give my best my, the local field flush failed to reach the olympics, qualifying height of one meter 92, about 190 jump makes her the 2nd best german. hi, jump this year, which means she had ticket this. ok after all said that on i was
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really optimistic about getting a slot. and after i got the email, i was 100 percent. sure. they said i'm stuck. it was a mess of relief. another big occasion is the fishing session for olympic uniform in the gym and teams. collection comprises some 88 items from jackets, trousers, and choose to buys rucksacks caps and sunglasses. one take thea and you put them on and think this is me and the weeks to come and know from do you feel part of a team and i something as germans will then be privileged to work together as my young flies will be among the 434 german olympians and mike just reached new heights in tokyo.
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me politics for culture, an interview with monica federal commission and the culture and the media by how he handled the challenges posed by the panoramic. it's not always that to fight so that the creative sex and we also get the attention that the child is she evaluated 2nd term in office as much? i'm very passionate about what i do aren't 21 very. i'm like we are really, really long renown twice. my mom will get one of the likes of me either at school today like an environmental disaster is unfolding here is not the worst in europe. they would all be joining the model. stories of kara
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in 60 minutes on d w. they want to know what they mean. love banding thing away. i'm not going to have my own car. everyone with later holden every day. getting a you ready to meet the job and then join me. rachel? do it on the w. me and now we're meeting the women who champion culture and the german government. we simply had to communicate this in all the debates they taught their most we really had to scream at the top of our lungs. the me to call on you. of course, in this context,
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debates about colonialism are bound to arise. i think it was a lot.


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