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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 3:00pm-3:04pm CEST

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the news . this is b w. news line from berlin angle and medical meet survivors in flood ravaged areas of germany. the chancellor inspects the devastation on the ground and describes the damage as real and terrifying. will go like a correspondent after scene. also coming up, jumping the gun at the cannes film festival. wait, wait, wait. sure. president spike we get ahead of himself announcing the winner of the festivals top on it will reveal which film receive the palm door. ah.
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i'm michael ok. welcome to the program. transform angle, a medical has been visiting parts of the western of western germany hit by the flooding, which has killed at least 156 people. the chancellor spoke in one of the villages devastated by the flood waters. she described the damage is real and terrifying. she warned rebuilding would be a long and difficult operation and pledged rapid help from the government. the disaster area in germany spans more than a 100 kilometers near the border with the netherlands and belgium, where the district of our viola was the worst head. medical has visited the small town of sure where she examined the extent of the damage there. the swollen river in the town swept away houses and left debris, piled high in the streets. the chancellor also met with survivors and emergency
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workers. here is what she said just a short while ago. we want to help you rebuild what you want for the village of shows and for all of the other villages that has been impacted on so that you can create what you want. thankfully, in germany, we are living in a prosperous country. germany is a strong country and we will counteract the natural disaster in the short term, but also in the medium term. and in the long term, we'll be ensuring that we focus our policy making more on climate protection that we have in recent soon. this is clearly very necessary. d. w reported julia how delhi is on the ground for us in the town of shoals, which chancellor miracle has been visiting. julie, this is significant visit by the chancellor towns. people are suffering if not morning. and here comes medical on what my very well be her last crisis related
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visit as chancellor. how or residents reacting to medical visits and, and medical words? well, some residents were skeptical, 1st and foremost because a lot of roads had to be shot when the chancellor arrived. and they thought that was hindering the arrival of volunteers and equipment to help the rescue efforts and the cleanup efforts here. and also many were skeptical because they thought it was just a photo opportunity for the cameras during an election campaign. others were more happy to see or hear. they thought it was an important sign to give support and show solidarity for the people here. and what everyone has told me is that they want to see this support. and also last in the long term is there anything the chancellor could have said to ease the pain of residence in that district? woman i spoke to earlier today said that.


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